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@thejessmyers I need a store called Forever Back Pain. @BlendoGames Dat airlock texture @BooDooPerson Oops, that's the anti-life equation. My bad. @BooDooPerson @jimtoepel Either way we all lose.So puzzled that schools can't regulate if students wear a mask but can measure shirt hems, adjudicate whether a top…
Retweeted by Eric C. @beardswin @Apple HAHAHAHA @jtoresson I know that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell and what a glaive guisarme is but not how to change the oil in my car. @lmichet No one should have to work with the amount of wealth we generate through automation. No one should go hung… @iamBrandonTV My D&D character: - funny - intelligent - skilled - high charisma - accomplishes goals Me: *vaguely gestures at self* @jtoresson I learned this from tabletop role-playing games.I don't believe in God but I'm pretty sure Betsy DeVos is the Antichrist. @jtoresson @nsuttner It's the only civilized way to eat popcorn. @AmazonChique appointment cancelled. I figured it would happen with the re-lockdown. They only let one person in the shop… @MildlyReal Yeah, I'm better about it ever since, one time as we were bringing groceries into the house, C said "Holy shit.""DAT FUCKING GUY" had me rollingI am dying... @alex_navarro Shit. I was really looking forward to this one... @reindeerbee 🧡💛💚💙💜🤎 @lilynishita Yo this was a wild ride. @real_longfellow @RageoftheMage I like this respectful shit. @ObiCynKenobi Ooof. Mine's "The Monkees" minus Mike Nesmith.
@theFordon @heathermg @whiskey_cats I bought it ages ago for running the Game Show I created at Gamesville, since w… @JMASpecht I am, of course, 100% willing to hear people out and change my understanding. It's definitely not set in stone. @JMASpecht So, while I think Mongolia seems pretty awesome right now, I'm not really a fan of them 800 years ago or so. @JMASpecht The Mongol Army, at the time, was one of the most feared and powerful in the world. Kublai Khan effectiv… @JMASpecht Well, the historical event they are portraying in the game is the invasion of the island of Tsushima by… @RageoftheMage NOICEI just backed Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall on @Kickstarter @immagigi @MrJamesMarion That's a good one but I'm partial to this one: Doom-scrolling. Constantly refreshing and reading horrible, terrible news. Time to call it quits for my sanity… definitely feels like Orange County doesn't give a shit about its kids and teachers and parents and grandparents… @levarburton 2020 better let the world keep Mr. Stewart (and everyone in that picture)!! @Bombadiliest The GOP falls into the ocean? Universal Healthcare happens? Billionaires donate all their money to bu… @Bombadiliest I have no room to think about that at the moment.How about these predators that are finally getting called out? Can't they just expire?Why can't some of these GOP fuckheads get this 2020 treatment?? I think McConnell has outstayed his welcome for...h… @S_Delone It just fucking takes and takes and takes. @grantimahara <3 @failnaut I loved how everyone was silly, good natured, and having a great time. I loved how it all ended up being… give us something good, 2020. @failnaut I'm fucking broken, man. Grant was my favorite. @failnaut :( @SanatanaMishra Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck :(Holy shit! :( :( :( @THR Holy shit what??
Mmm. Yes. I can get behind this. @ripwaterdog @jessewente @Freeyourmindkid But, personally? I can't believe I'm even answering this but, IMO, a Kany… @ripwaterdog @jessewente @Freeyourmindkid I'd like to clarify this statement: I do not have the same life experienc… peaceful protester in Portland needed surgery after his skull was fractured by a rubber bullet. Local officials…
Retweeted by Eric C. @ripwaterdog @jessewente @Freeyourmindkid I do not have enough spoons to comment on that one. @jessewente @Freeyourmindkid I can't even fathom how this is up for debate. I am no Biden fan but a piece of shit o… know I'm speaking into the void here, but when metal songs go from minor key into major, it gives me chills. Two… the new @pallbearerdoom album. Going for the limited blood-splatter vinyl. Missed out on aqua, so that's… @ConciergeBoston @universalhub @CityOfBoston @BostonBTD @EdforBoston @StreetsBoston @bostonbikeunion @marty_walsh anyway, that's a nice "Fuck you" to start my day. Time to go to work.I know it's not a big deal for some, but setting it up in the first place was decently hard. And I don't like the t… great way to start a therapy consult is to never give me the link to the call and then, after unsuccessfully tryi…
I, too, enjoy not realizing what time it is and going to bed at 3:30am and getting up at 7:30am to try and help with the toddler.Assholes still have fireworks, huh? @olde_fortran 9% drink always seems like the BEST idea! @tomgara @pretorhunter @_chloi It falls into that middle area of just "bad." Which ain't good. @_chloi @pretorhunter We talkin' Manos, Hand of Fate bad? @glassbottommeg I haven't kept up with the manga - just whatever's airing on Hulu. Good to know! @dirtbagboyfren @ADHD_Alien But you're not SAD. Just, you know, constantly upset. @glassbottommeg There's a character who can create objects through her skin. So she wears very little. There's ano… @ADHD_Alien @dirtbagboyfren Which one is the one that makes you feel like you're just constantly failing at everything? @glassbottommeg ALWAYS GOTTA HAVE THE PERV CHARACTER or similar. I was watching My Hero Academia and there are pro… @glassbottommeg It's a problem I have with anime in general nowadays. I used to super be into it but... @failnaut I'll be owo, dancing you know it babyOh, my god.
Retweeted by Eric C. @taisansoldier @angryasianman I think we should all just tweet FUCK DONALD TRUMP at that asshole.Aww man... @TimOfLegend Oh look, a Best Of All Time collection. @xychelsea 🧡💜💛 @mikeBithell Holy crap.
Homeward Bound 2 Homeward 2 Bound Homeward Bound: Tokyo Drift Homeward & Bound Homeward Five Homeward & Bound 6 Bou…
Retweeted by Eric C. @robmkenny @thejessmyers I beat the first one. The second is huge. I've tried to beat it twice but was never in the right mind for it. @loganbonner @frequentbeef @Yes_I_Like_Pie I had hoped it would be this gif and I'm not disappointed @loganbonner @frequentbeef @Yes_I_Like_Pie Stole your car, huh? @thejessmyers How are turn-based RPGs reviled? They're the best! Play some old ones like SSI's Gold Box series or t… @grrlaction I'm so sorry. That's horrible! 🧡 @MsMinotaur We can Zoom hi-five. I'll just mail you a hand. @athenahollow HAIL NO @ObiCynKenobi Woah! Takes me back! Is that the disk with Dr. Sbaitso? @grrlaction Of course 🧡 @MildlyReal Right? I'd say I have it easier in SoCal since there are so many 3rd and 4th gen Asians here but I thin… an ABC (or any Asian ethnicity) is a constant reminder that I'll never be considered American enough nor Chin… @RageoftheMage 😲 @loganbonner For serious? The OG Xbox One! It already looked like a damn VCR. @GilaRPGs Haha, I didn't want to say anything :) @GilaRPGs I found Score via the Ennie nominations! Read the description and basically said "Welp. This is DEFINITEL… more for the collection. @ExaltedFuneral @GilaRPGs wood paneling on your game console. Community shower is complete!!!! Not only will it provide regular showers for homeless residents but the grey w…
Retweeted by Eric C. @ObiCynKenobi I was reading your tweet when Tweetdeck refreshed and I read: "What you feel is what you are and wha…