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Kawaii babe, VA, streamer & cosplayer. Yoko Taro's ikkitousen. I like occasional NSFW. 🇺🇸🇲🇽 VA of #KawaiiChan & Sasha for #Aphmau, #SmashBits #StoneHalation

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Friendly PSA for podcasters: If you liked the voice acting we provided, it's appreciated if you credit us somewhere…
Retweeted by Moeka 🔜 BlizzCon @2dDey Have a safe trip back home 💖 @Cynic_BR truly real gamer moment right there
@sachieTV LOL great job, proud of you @dd3odraws Take your time!! Super important honestly, would much rather see this than forcing yourself through all your work 💖 @ehloanna instagram boyfriends are the best kind 🥺🙏Welcome back to civilian life, Runner. Let’s all punch the ceiling in celebration.
Retweeted by Moeka 🔜 BlizzConWe’re live for our 24 hour charity stream! It’s all about N64 and Pizza 🍕
Retweeted by Moeka 🔜 BlizzCon @Lobsterkun_ Yeaaaaah who would have thought when the country’s government and outside countries kept your country… @ItsMeMollyO @PlayOverwatch DM sent 💖 @RoB_KTA Especially when some of them follow me on social media lmao Like I would be more understanding if I didn’… @DrawnActor IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW WOW Yeah that’s my current issue is just my family so heavily internalizing thi… @RoB_KTA Exactly !!! I just wish my family would understand this and stop pestering me about “hey your hundreds of…’ll add in more on one of the culture aspects: basically the area my family is from heavily believes in witches an… @LouTalksAnime Everything is better now; just local Moeka reee’s into the online void type of morning thanks to a stress dreamall just some sort of laziness. If I ever have kids I hope I never fuck them up this badly.Like I love my family but they stress me the fuck out about this and then get frustrated that I never want to do an…“FEAR ALL STRANGERS THEY WILL STEAL YOU AND KILL YOU NEVER TALK TO THEEEEeeeeeeM” Add on how women are also taught…’s completely fucked imo. Which is why I like newer methods of teaching kids about “tricky people” and teaching t… gender + culture + parents way of going about it. While I agree that children need to be taught the dangers of… shortish version and more specifically: the older I’ve gotten the more I realize I’ve always been anxious around… love my background but hate how sometimes certain cultural aspects is basically: haha yeah it’s normal to create… @TheUberphish @JesseCox Because they’ve never fully disclosed their findings about it, there’s lots of factors that… @TheUberphish @JesseCox Just as it sounds, some people don’t get video updates YouTube put out the bell notificatio… @dodgercoffee @dexbonus Oh no this is actually a flavor I’ve been trying to find and try 😭💖🙏 @HappiLeeErin @LouTalksAnime Late but happy birthday Lou 💖please no more dilfs, each season more and more come out pepehands
Hamburger Country
Retweeted by Moeka 🔜 BlizzCon @Slasher @AOC @marcorubio @RonWyden I think it's more to drive home the point that blizzard themselves put out a ha… @dumbfrickindani heck yeah hit me up any time 💖Joaquin Phoenix: all I have are negative thoughts Me: *just shoving handfuls if buttered popcorn into my mouth* fuuuuck maybe IM the joker
Retweeted by Moeka 🔜 BlizzCon @JayHairston You can always check out the official resale site, usually plenty on there. Usually cheaper though if… @SilentMrDave Thanks! A little oil and butter goes a long way with some black pepper and salt 💪 Also drying the st… @jakeow I’m glad you can appreciate've hit the magic number so here's a giveaway! All you have to do is retweet this post and be a follower and you…
Retweeted by Moeka 🔜 BlizzCon @tamameow I'm not worthy!!!! Your cooking is always so yummy I don't think I can compare TwT @tamameow !!! This is so cute 😭💖They gave me a new cork board from work bc they were gonna throw it away... hello
Retweeted by Moeka 🔜 BlizzCon @nashirasauce @Flane416 @noelyui This is so fucking cute ;jlkfds;lkfds;jlkMe going to bed knowing I wasn’t cursed with the cilantro tasting like soap gene
Retweeted by Moeka 🔜 BlizzConOk next time, slightly more butter. Still delicious for a quick meal and leftovers for tacos tomorrow 😳 @notthatguyrev Originally like $14, sold at a discount of $10 that day and then another $4 discount 😚👌 @notthatguyrev I’ve befriended the local butcher at the grocery store I shop at where they basically discount some… @notthatguyrev Oh I don’t doubt it, but for $6 I can’t complain cause it’s going to be delicious 😭🤤 @notthatguyrev I was raised on angus 😳It’s too dark to use the grill so we out here 😳 @LaurMoor You are invited to have a bite 💖 @Cynic_BR In Kevin’s stomach 😔👌On today’s cooking thread: 😚👌 @DEEsidia I really enjoyed this game, so I hope you end up having fun with it! @2dDey @FrankHowley 💙 F's in chat for Frank 😔
@sachieTV oh in that case just give him a pitcher of margaritas :) @sachieTV LMAO IS HE OK???? @noelyui THANK YOU CHINAMI 😭💖 @RoB_KTA we in the process of working on that 💪😔 @JesseCox I LOVE THIS, bless you for this 😭💕do yall have that one mutual or person u follow that u really like but u dont even know them by name youre just lik…
Retweeted by Moeka 🔜 BlizzCon @Outlaws @ggHarsha Congrats Harsha!! Now this is a gamer moment(2/2) 👀 Lurkers, don't worry – we see you! We will still include viewers who are watching, but may not be chatting…
Retweeted by Moeka 🔜 BlizzCon
Sunbathing cuties 🍊 💖 this is never going to end blizzcon is going to be so sick
Retweeted by Moeka 🔜 BlizzCon#ファイアーエムブレム風花雪月 #DimitriAlexandreBlaiddyd #FireEmblemThreeHouses #FE3H
Retweeted by Moeka 🔜 BlizzCon> quickly throws Blizzard under the bus for cancelling the event > completely ignores OW's launch > offers full r…
Retweeted by Moeka 🔜 BlizzCon @SheeGee Oh this reminds me I gotta make some time to read some more of this😭 @TroubleTruck Everyday, I eat them for breakfast*puts on gamer skin* Now THIS is epic @JetSetJamerson @NutterButter And with that: please @rocco_botte Can’t wait to hear Rocco Botte exclusive music @JetSetJamerson I wish nutter butter slid into my DMs 😔 @yyyazy @G0ffThew it's ok we still love you @G0ffThew @yyyazy LMAO YAZY HOLY SHIT @AznTwerkTeam @bflat_minor Its so fucking infuriating and you’d think they’d prepare more especially for the VIP meet and greet o… I sure do love scalpers @SojiroYT Yeah!! I was gonna repost with link but forgot thanks to cute animals lmao fdjlk;fds;lkjf @FCTFCTN Damn, whatever team you go to I look forward to it! 💪 @SebastianToddVA Blessed @SpencerWan @magazine_pash This is gorgeous Spencer 😭💖 @DEEsidia sometimes you just gotta flex on gamers dee @Cynic_BR I don't know what you mean, the man thought he could get away with just getting the dress smh Had to sh… how could I forget, don't accept anything less than you deserve @monsterprom As a Sag, very much so. This is so cute 😭💖Get yourself a man that sets you up right for blizzcon! @jackieaina
Retweeted by Moeka 🔜 BlizzCon @bananzers lmAO these tweets have me howling @riotgames Holy shit all looks great 😳
@ChrisWehkamp @EmilyJFajardo Looks great! @Tilo_irl Who? I only see east @Tilo_irl Who? @xHaz_1 No it’s called healthy snacking smh Gamers wouldn’t understand @xHaz_1 🤔if I want butter I usually put it on afterwards.I made one of those food videos
Retweeted by Moeka 🔜 BlizzCon @UberShouts @DriftwoodAsh hell yeah @punctuationdash I'm glad I can make it in the fx movie business. Hollywood my email is megamoeka (at) gmail dot comFinale. 2 coming over @shizu0_any @DrawnActor Well when a man loves goats....his brain disintegrates from all the shields @DrawnActor I’m like 3 years late but he said fuck goats....oh wait...