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Look at these scum pigfucks looting people's water.
Retweeted by Moeka 🍎If any protestors were arrested tonight in Los Angeles and need help, please DM me. I am not a criminal attorney bu…
Retweeted by Moeka 🍎person who cant read japanese: wow, based japan never seems to talk about politics
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Retweeted by Moeka 🍎 @LexeeArt same I'm guessing they have some sorta block chain setupTweeted about this earlier. If you only follow Japanese twitter and news for art and game stuff, that’s fine, but d…
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everything up to the last ep was kidna a snorefest tbh it's an ok trash show if you get around the student relatio…"In front of Shibuya Police Station right now. This is a protest against the unjust assault of a Kurdish person by…
Retweeted by Moeka 🍎Be. An. Ally! Here is an example on how to do it properly! Streamer: @DrLupo
Retweeted by Moeka 🍎Just because you aren’t political does not mean you cannot stand up for what is right. Streamers, I’m sure there ar…
Retweeted by Moeka 🍎📓32 Days Until the Beginning of the End📓 Got any plans for the weekend? How about a giveaway? 🎁 Follow this account…
Retweeted by Moeka 🍎Ep. 1 - mY MAAAAAAAAAAaaAAAAn PogChampStarting Domestic Girlfriend with Kevin poggers @Thomas75779345 I personally redid lines since I had a much better understanding of the character I played, which y… @killerjeZter Yeah it’s pretty crazy tbh
Shaun King is not in communication with our members. DO NOT give money to him to support on the ground organizing.…
Retweeted by Moeka 🍎Disgusting. He was violently restrained with a knee on his neck. The cop repeatedly heard the man saying he couldn’…
Retweeted by Moeka 🍎 @tressiemcphd And legally it's bs - it was just thrown in there to try and take the heat off the cop. If you intent…
Retweeted by Moeka 🍎How much time do you have? 😂 1/
Retweeted by Moeka 🍎 @CeeCeeVA I find myself singing it every other day 😂 @Octopimp h-happy bwirth of days miwster owto 🥳🍰 @SojiroYT I think it’s in good hands honestly but I agree that WIT had their own flare and charm that I love @SojiroYT It’s definitely more closer to the manga style nowA black reporter from CNN was arrested while legally covering the protests in Minneapolis. A white reporter also on…
Retweeted by Moeka 🍎Minnesota police arrest CNN reporter and camera crew as they report from protests in Minneapolis…
Retweeted by Moeka 🍎I can’t believe what I just witnessed. @OmarJimenez and his entire @CNN crew was just arrested on live tv in Minnea…
Retweeted by Moeka 🍎to everyone protesting: DO NOT WEAR CONTACT LENSES. wear glasses BUT DO NOT WEAR CONTACT LENSES. based on my experi…
Retweeted by Moeka 🍎 @lycheelatte I will always hold a grudge against this game because I got to the final boss and after losing it corr…
@Reinforce this is why you never start with 0 @CEscalanteMusic 1 and 12 as I play LoL @korewahentai binch add meI'm a part of minecraft royalty 😂
Let's watch a rocket launch #LaunchAmerica
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This week's episode is now available on Spotify and iTunes and will be up on YouTube soon! We talked Black Butler c…
Retweeted by Moeka 🍎Ok today I’m doing subbing and then working on more 3D stuff for days I don’t want to be on camera 😂 @bestgirlyazy @lyrimia Like if it’s so easy and you know how make the drink at home you dimwit @bestgirlyazy @lyrimia I also like that baristas chimed in to say that no tip is worth the anxiety of customer gett… @ArnBjornss ok i allow 🐶 @DrawnActor riiIIIIIGHT INTO THE BANANA BREAD @Veggie_blt There are standing/height adjustable desk in the year 2020 sir 😒 @Veggie_blt no only rise >:9 @killerjeZter you...aren't wrongGamers rise up of you may have noticed our demo announcement trailer. We worked really hard on it and its heart warming to se…
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@VelvetiqueG It's still on my feed, so it was definitely not just you if it is the same post, so no worries!For those that aren't familiar, going back a bit, most of these gigs expect you to record, mixing, and editing othe… someone trying to get into the business really wants the job for credit or who the hell knows and is willin… my mower makes $20 per lawn on my neighborhood and they're done in 10 mins per lawn. There are tons of side jo… these gigs and make $15/day, overall you are making far less than a part time job. It's not that hard to underst…"10 minute video script" gigs take much longer than 10 minutes to record! Especially if you are a beginner. You hav… get that people's situations differ and if you have no other way of making money, we all get that you have accept… saw someone's frustrations about someone telling newer VA's not to take low ass paying VO gigs because of not kno… @KestinTheVoice @Novias56069992 @_Aphmau_ @JasonBravura @binoftrash1 was supposed to be a short stream but ended up playing seven and a half hours of league lmao @pokelawls Pog time to sell the uncensored version on OF @JesseCox I woke up at 6am. I want a refund 😞
Comeback stream!😳 week we are reading ½ Prince chapters 1-17! @MegaMoeka is very excited to jump back into one of her childhood…
Retweeted by Moeka 🍎We are going live soon to discuss Black Butler chapters 1-19 with @dexbonus @MegaMoeka @HappiLeeErin Come hang ou…
Retweeted by Moeka 🍎 @RedMinus All the people thinking they’re smart and understand but actually are missing the entire point Like so Brody can see @WaltYaMart I love your art, I will never tire of it 😭🙏 @SheeGee i dont know why he wants to be known for his sheer ignorance lmao
Some enjoy one, a few or all aspects of whatever field they are going into it's not that fucking hard to understand… it's almost like costume design, tailoring/seamstresses, and prop designing are all different from one another… @LilyPichu If you ever need someone to group up with just hmu! 💪😎
Oh no I just to their running but my eyes won’t stay open even though I want to keep reading 😭These two emotional babies 😭😭😭😭Lmao sorry Giselle time to put on the thinking gogglesTIME TO RECLAIM AND FIGURE OUT THIS HOUSE'S MYSTERY I think I just love the idea of the house itself rather than… @kevinpenkin Happy birthday Kevin! I can't wait to hear all the great music you'll bring in the coming year 🥳Michel very pretty and handsome....pp stonks up in a saintly manner 🥲I think this arc was my least favorite so far more for personal reasons with experiences But specific character bo… @Ven_Bright >:[MARIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAlkjfdslkjfds ok the storytelling to me is so blatantly predictable please nOOOOOOOO White Haired Girl stop for the…
the framing of Door 2 though was😙👌I think I'm too well read and think of similar scenarios that I can call what's going to happen after a few scenes,… feel this VN is calling me out for my must protect my sweet fair-haired boy habit lmao how many doors are in this VN 🤔 @Ven_Bright IM JOINING really digging the tone and look of the VNI FUCKING KNEW IT I KNOW MY GIRLS TOO WELLLIKE SUPER PRETTY the whole aesthetic is my shit Fatamoru and man the music and art is very pretty (for friends who wanted my reactions, this is the thread for that 😂) @tamameow that is very fair, bless you for doing this for me 😔🙏 @nashirasauce Yeah idk why they’re even playing it at that age, but a bunch of the 13yr olds that find their way to… @JoshGrilli when I have money I want you to make my overlays, this looks so good😭🙏
"The sky is closer in the city above, right? Kinda scary, but the flowers might like it...maybe."🌼 Cosplayer: Me (…
Retweeted by Moeka 🍎 @RedBardIsCool I have another friend who really loves this series, so maybe I'll jump into it first while I scope out otoge series 👀Watching My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom has further made me want to jump back into otome VN'… @punctuationdash only the best for Boys and Dreams Club @Alphena_PLS oh looks like you can also get an online copy through JAST's site 👀 @Alphena_PLS It will be coming to steam in 5 days! My copy is a physical copy that got here like 2-3 days ago @MegaMoeka also dont play it all in one sitting unless you wanna die
Retweeted by Moeka 🍎For me Totono far outshines DDLC by miles. So if you want a similar game with a more fleshed out cast that is small… shit we ran through Totono / You and Me and Her: A Love Story with the boys and it is a solid experience. Feel… love this MC holy shit he goes IN Best way put from someone in the group is“ this guy is us combined when we all… EROGE HOLY SHIT THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANTED. WE ARE SWEATING HOLY FUCK
“Hold on there’s no sound effects for these zappies, hold on one sec *shakes water bottle aggressively*”