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@JillCWeir @GarrettRWang If you're going to name him after Harry Kim, think about ensign. Just don't promote him an…
@Chameleon777771 @3DTruth @GarrettRWang @robertdmcneill There can be offensive scenes/jokes. Its a show full of sus…
@msj00b @GarrettRWang 🤣 no lol. It was played by an actor named James Wong III. He also has dimples when he smiles, which Garrett doesn't. @Brad_In_YYC I have. Not sure if Garrett has. @MeganElise0_0 This is the shirt that I owned lol
Retweeted by Megan EliseAlso! He had the same shirt that Jeff Goldblum wore in the beginning of this movie.Watching Independence Day with @GarrettRWang and he admitted that when he saw this movie in the theater he thought…
@AmyReneeHaines Oh she loved it. I'm hoping to take her next year when it comes to our city. @AmyReneeHaines I love it. I saw it in Chicago. This was Kealy's first time watching it.
2020 @YesIAmBatman 😍Free our brothers, sisters and siblings! ✊🏾
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@brinkse007 I just found that outTry out the 3D Canada Day Virtual Fireworks. #OCanadaYYC | #yyc | @CdnHeritage
Retweeted by Megan Elise @tireddad4321 I didn't get one. Except for some shiny weddles on community day.
@MichelleBitabit Watch it. I still have your scarf @ellegant26 Yeah it's been years for me too. @ellegant26 Those are so good. I was thinking about those the other day.The United States has bought up virtually all the stocks for the next three months of #remdesivir, leaving none for…
Retweeted by Megan Elise @TInderbiscuit @MMariaGiversen That's amazing @AlbaAndroid Nope @CamilleCalvet @RobotFriesen So true! @KaciusMaximus So true @MrsSammy2 The one I get does have soy in it. But I've seen recipes for rice paper soyless bacon if you were willin… @AvalynAphorisms Allsorts. Soooo good. @lola827 I knew we were not sister in laws for a reason. @KaciusMaximus Oooooo whaaatt! @StrngLilPlanet Hmmm I may have to try that @it1retired1 Is that the one that has the slogan, same ingredients, same awful taste...or something like that.
@hkarabetsos2958 💓 @SANZ_Mag_Tga Noooooo. I must though. @HenInAHat1 @Elphabelle Your dad is a smart man @StrngLilPlanet I have never tried this. @it1retired1 Awe. Sorry for your loss @Malissa_Longo @CDanAbbott @MrsSammy2 My daughter is obsessed with bacon. I can't have it, but I don't mind vegan bacon. @Timothy_Panngam @mafnoor No wonder we get along. @YesIAmBatman Allsorts? @floobish Yes! @OGGhett0, I am that one and probably only person on this planet that likes black licorice. @wesoutwest I loved the N64. You could probably answer this for me. What was the Mario game where you could jump of… @YesIAmBatman We did. Kealy actually took majority of them.This dude is either very brave, or very stupid....beavers can be so aggressive. this. It will take a while. But I promise you will cry at the end. Not just at the tale itself. But at the…
Retweeted by Megan Elise @Zewindyyc So handsome🥰 I love how you can clearly see that one person is breaking a distracted driving rule. But w… @Crackmacs Or! When you eat their for the first time and it is amazing and after you have craved it for weeks and o… photos up in our store 🥰😍 you @StarTrek for letting me tell my story. A story so personal that this is really the only medium in which…
Retweeted by Megan EliseMinneapolis restaurateur Rashad West, the owner of Dragon Wok, released surveillance camera footage from outside hi…
Retweeted by Megan Elise @YesIAmBatman 🤣 @Malissa_Longo Now I remember 🤣 we had to keep asking for more.
@Malissa_Longo This is one of my favorite memories. I can't even remember what we had for dinner that night. I beli… @JohnBur26735716 Right now, I wish 🤣 @sdamadeo 🤣 @DavidBirney I have to get on first. I realized my switch has not been charged. @OGGhett0 Nice. I haven't had much down time with the move to do any buying of fun stuff lol. @OGGhett0 I held off as long as I could.Do I did it. I caved...I purchased Animal Crossing.....I know, I'm behind on times. @rashiduzzaman82 Whats the veg thing? @larissapcosplay 🤣 @GarrettRWang @robertdmcneill No, Harry Kim on the other hand....
@Zewindyyc Finally. The things I've received. @Crackmacs @JDfromCJAY @wesoutwest @westhecanuckRespect dat hustle. The 12-year-old was born without quad muscles so he will need a custom bicycle with some modi…
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@CDanAbbott Like who does that? I love how you can hear the interviewer get annoyed. Trying to defend her 94 year o… @JohnBur26735716 100% as well. But I am referencing the video I posted. @mafnoor That's amazingThis! #BlackLivesMatter
@JDfromCJAY Or could you create your own virtual cardboard cutouts of attendees? Like what happened at Borussia Park soccer stadium.I’ve been called a nigger more times than I can count while playing videogames online. In solidarity with those se…
Retweeted by Megan EliseForgot to post this! Part 2 of my interview with Garrett Wang & Robert Duncan McNeill of @TheDeltaFlyers podcast an…
Retweeted by Megan EliseI had no idea that @robertdmcneill was originally going to star in School Ties, and grateful to @GarrettRWang for a…
Retweeted by Megan Elise @larissapcosplay 😮 well then, technically it wasn't cheating? @YesIAmBatman 🤣 @YesIAmBatman You're a good person, karma will be against that person. @YesIAmBatman So true. And it shouldn't matter what the reason is.
@YesIAmBatman Sucks for him for being a horrible human being. @YesIAmBatman @MichaelKeaton Honestly the best!
@shark_o_saurus 🤣 the funny thing is, the other day I was going to make a similar post and be like, "look 5th chat…
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Last June 17 I was given one year to live. I should have lost the ability to walk, talk, eat and breathe. Instead,…
Retweeted by Megan Elise @JamesSnark @secyatlaw @GarrettRWang 🤣 best be Alberta Beef @LongBoxMemory It is a great way to release stress @utleo13 @GarrettRWang 🤣 I'm never going to live that down @JessiBinnix @shark_o_saurus @sdamadeo @GarrettRWang 🤣 that makes me feel better @JessiBinnix Also, why the hell was I not following you on here. Shame on me. @JessiBinnix Good! @SANZ_Mag_Tga I've been planning for 2 years to fly back this Dec for my birthday....doesn't look like that will happen :( @sdamadeo @shark_o_saurus @GarrettRWang Ummmm bedroom has not been touched. Clothes are all over the bed and I've b… @MorganBinnix Exactly. I walk the dogs daily and there are gyms and stops along the why not hatch eggs and battle lol. @jraincock That would be amazing @SANZ_Mag_Tga 🥰 I miss NZ @jraincock I'll let him know though. My plan is to get him to join again