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Everyone loves an underdog story which is why everyone will love this week's episode of The Greatest about sports'…
Retweeted by Megan Gailey💗🏆the people have spoken🏆💗 Lexapro (generic 😇) is on back order!? Who is making it? Victoria’s Secret swim collection!?I know they’re both protests but it’s weird we have to use the same term to describe people begging the government…
Retweeted by Megan Gailey @AmySilverberg @Christy_Coffey @blairsocci I’ve heard. I was trying to blame it on the pandemic. @AmySilverberg @Christy_Coffey Someone in my house doesn’t love the tiny bald twins but I accept your challenge!Please refer to me as Meganza from here on out. @theeclarkjones 💗💗💗Below Deck being so against drugs really does ruin my post-Quarantine plans.
Thanks for the Rivers/Colts preview @justin_halpern! It was utterly gutting and (I'm sure) 100% accurate! @CJToledano and @megangailey marry in Palm Springs
Retweeted by Megan Gailey @LindsaysFace It’s all of us Lindsay!This was so fun! I know there’s no winners for picking good fights but our fights were great! @raesanni My dad loves Bridget Moynahan but I don’t even know if he knows.Damn. @DickBain was a great funny ass dude who always had a smile and a hug for me. RIP homeboy.
Retweeted by Megan GaileyI had supermarket tres leches last night and dominos tonight if you’re looking for delicious sad food suggestions.I’m sad so many people I love are hurting. This week has felt especially hard. I’m sending love and the hope that y…
Richard Bain. i’m heartbroken.
Retweeted by Megan Gailey @blairsocci Oh a husband who can cook!? Dream big girl!
@sarahtiana How did Frank’s Red Hot already get in on the action!?? @JoeyDevine @CJToledano @CJToledano You gotta understand, the bread melted around the meatballs. I never could have predicted that! @anylaurie16 Ok. I’m gonna set my sights on tricking the blonde religious influencers then! @anylaurie16 I could be very convincing undercover! @NotAlexis I appreciate that. I think they’re a very close knit family that has a lot of love. Maybe he could be the Knicks Reggie! @NotAlexis I might be on an edible but I watched a lot of Ball in the Family and I think they’re a more normal fami… @CJToledano @Palumbros Calm down combo ball. @Palumbros @CJToledano your expertise is needed! @Palumbros I LOVE WHEN MENUS SAY “WET”!
@tasty_magic I have not but it sounds insane? @dave_schilling, 11, 12!!! @poregan That was always my dream and now that you mention it I have no idea what it even means.I made sure to add “I’d go with my brother”. Just to drive it home.Just told my husband I didn’t want to go on The Amazing Race with him. He didn’t ask. I’ve also never seen the show… @JuliaLouisOlson OMG HAHAHAHA
I’m calling this my wedding Deadline article! @heykmenz @TheCut @CJToledano This photo is spot onFor this week's @TheCut wedding, I chatted with @megangailey and @CJToledano and learned that comedians' weddings a…
Retweeted by Megan GaileyTo be clear, I puked the bed the night we got engaged, not married! @alex3nglish Sometimes I do “3-4pm is best for me!” just to spice things up!Professional email: Let me know if any of these times work... Me: They do. @milesofgray @annahossnieh Happy happy cutie!
@morninggloria I love her and her wardrobe!We have to hold @fedex accountable for not protecting or standing by their black employees. The USPS offers overnig…
Retweeted by Megan GaileyQuarantine day #69: just cried at a blonde family getting a pool on Property Brothers. @AmySilverberg Small Jugs support Big Jugs!
@ayoedebiri my husband’s friends are mad at him because he LIKES a White Sox hat.I made a movie about the perfect basketball... EVOLUTION: A LOVE STORY
Retweeted by Megan Gailey @luisadieznuts I fled 4 and a half years ago. I'm bet I'm in big trouble! @juliashiplett @AmySilverberg @anylaurie16 Read the pilot!? There’s 2 whole seasons Amy!!! @AlisonLeiby I thought you meant the backs of our feet and I was like yeah light these puppies up!Trigger warning: I like doing zoom shows
My Plans 2020
Retweeted by Megan Gailey @brookswheelan Probably reminded her too much of her own family tree! @JayJurden I was hoping this was the one from Indiana!HAHAHA @joekilgallon is so Irish, he doesn't even know how drunk I look in this photo! @STEEEZUSCHRIST We bring the heat (bananas)! @ScottAgness I can’t stop reading her name as Marvin Harrison. @Passthadutch042 It says: 🌴Clyde🌴 @kmasterman You better check that wikifeet score before you come for these pretty toes!Today’s quarantine look is very Mom from The Florida Project. EP OF 🏆 THE GREATEST 🏆 Creator of @DropTheMicTNT, writer, host @JensenKarp joins us to talk *GREATEST POST-PLA…
Retweeted by Megan GaileySo excited to have @JensenKarp (“Kanye West Owes Me $300” + @dropthemic creator) on to discuss The Greatest Post Pl… love to fall asleep reading! (And then wake up horrified when I drop the Kindle on my face!)I just signed a petition to stand with Breonna Taylor. You should too:
@blairsocci @amymiller @sethvthem @UnWellSpoken I hope she’s living on Geist having a nice, boat life.I guarantee my mom knows someone who knows this bitch though.I don’t know this bitch but all y’all funny!
I’ve started waving at Dominos delivery people like they’re neighbors I know. @rook_mister Eyebrows are sisters, not twins!
Buzz is struggling too. a Toy Story Zoom birthday party for our niece. Gotta admit, Jessie is pretty hungover!❤️❤️Jerry’s Famous Deli❤️❤️I miss bowling
@Mets the🍎 in the outfield! @adammamawala @CJToledano We are tennis players!!! @jadefucius It really is 😳😳😳If @CJToledano does better than me, there will be HELL to pay! (This is for a charity but ultimately for me!) @lazersaurus That means A LOT to me! @GlitterCheese “I’m gonna move on for political reasons” 😂😂😂😂😂 @roller_chad I love that! We’re making extra butter popcorn over here! @jordyfox Your kids and I have similar tastes! @JuliaLouisOlson @morninggloria + @AlyssaMastro44 We really understand the pulse of the nation.’s are open!Happy Scoob! day! If your family really wants to see Scoob! but $20 to rent it is gonna be tough to swing right now… housewife shading another housewife’s house is one of my favorite housewives options. @morninggloria That detail took me a long to figure out so I was happy for a lot of it! @nitzbluv Happy birthday!!! I’m so glad it’s such a beautiful day!This is a maze at Halloween Horror Nights. @JakeHead_ @CJToledano How bout I elbow your head!?? @joshgondelman @CJToledano I AM LONZO @CJToledano Oh no. People are gonna roast how ugly my shot is.
Have only talked about the @Colts/@Pacers on 17 of 17 episodes. with headbands and poses🤷‍♀️