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Writer. Historian. Author of "The Three-Cornered War" (Scribner):… she/her/hers. Kickass author photo by @sharonaphoto

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@TitaChico1 @TobiasCarroll @vol1brooklyn This is heartbreaking and lovely, Tita. Thank you for sharing it with us! ❤️ @BCM89292 Yes. @theodorasutton This is definitely a US conversation. The original tweets were about all of the publications you… @JeaniOBrien @MoniqueURoc Oh, I see. Sorry - I thought you were arguing that we need to place people everywhere in… @JeaniOBrien @MoniqueURoc And so PhD programs need to fully fund *all* of their students-and if they cannot, they h… @JeaniOBrien @MoniqueURoc If there were a realistic chance of more placements I would be on board. But to provide a… @KassieLNelson Impressive! @sirachsingers This is definitely true - and that’s why grad students should start exploring options early on re: w…
@leeanna_keith I hope it is helpful! Sometimes my unsolicited advice is welcome, and sometimes not. 😝 @leeanna_keith @OSINTwannabe Thanks so much for sharing this! Folks need to know about all the options available. F… @WelbornTiger SMH @kerri_clement I'm so happy to hear this! @MoniqueURoc Agreed. And they must fully fund the students they do admit. @michaelleza There's certainly an organizational overhaul that needs to happen in academia. I'm not sure that even… @DoctorLindy That's fantastic! @OSINTwannabe Another would be to hire on as an in-house researcher for an organization. The best place to look for… @OSINTwannabe Well, one avenue would be to become a freelance researcher. Charge by the hour, go to the archives (w… @Christorical @llmunro ^ yes please @profwernimont Yes! It makes for a marvelous reveal at the end! @akiltykramer I’m glad it’s helpful! And happy to chat about this with you any time. 🥰 @KevinIsHistory You start with the innie on top and work your way down! This is the way. @r_swanson1 @lindstorian Blunt honesty is one of my favorite modes! 😝 I’m glad that you find it useful! @skarp0 Ah, that old chestnut! Yes - the museum / public history job market is just as competitive, and requires ad… true. But, more & more I think advice re post-PhD job hunts elides the reality that PhDs competing for jobs in…
Retweeted by Dr. Megan Kate Nelson is the co-host now 🍾 @ColdWarScience From the top down! This is the way. @llmunro It's so hard for most folks to get to that point, because most PhD programs are so focused on just the one… @lindstorian ... including faculty advisors. @craigbrucesmith Yes, I realize. But this is serious advice. @imemjae62 @craigbrucesmith That's fantastic! @llmunro Yes! Absolutely. @lindstorian It takes a serious shift in thinking to consider these opportunities as Plan As - but I think everyone needs to. @craigbrucesmith Not really helpful.Investigate the kinds of work you could do in those fields. Also think about what you like to do outside of acade… grad students and PhDs on the job market, re: the recent tweets (wee thread): The academic job market is a shit… @jtracypower Holy moly. How long does that take you? @profwernimont Top down, baby! This is the way. @jsench I still plug it all in at the bottom, tho. I just start with the innie at the top. @KirstenW305 The bottom *and* the top? You are blowing my mind. @Grodzins Now you are *really* freaking me out. @jeremyneely This is the way. @thatsaltytexan That’s a whole different style altogether!I have been reliably informed that there are some people out there who string their tree lights from the bottom up.… @plainy OMG
@katisjewell 😍😍A lively conversation with Brian Luskey about his book Men is Cheap. The war for Free labor was not as free as you…
Retweeted by Dr. Megan Kate Nelson is the co-host now 🍾 @LoraKey12 I bet - knowing how much the creators of this show venerate George Lucas and the whole Star Wars world -… delighted about making this list! Off the Beaten Path is one of my favorite #Colorado bookstores.… @Jamaicanhist #lifegoals @hangryhistorian Just re-visited so I could LOL again. @Adita_Ferrer I am here to report that a breakfast of two eggs on top of mashed potatoes *and* stuffing is 👌🏻 @mkirschenbaum This is one of the reasons I think we should start calling peer review what it actually is: developm… @LoraKey12 He will always be Baby Yoda to me. @hangryhistorian OMG I can’t stop laughing
@danishchair Speaking of the pie ... mmmmm. #snacktime @BlkGrlBrilliant I need an "at first" and an "and then" option! I started going gray at 22 and dyed my hair until I… @Adita_Ferrer Oooooh. I have not, but I will tomorrow!Because apparent crimes against humanity don't take a vacation.
Retweeted by Dr. Megan Kate Nelson is the co-host now 🍾 @HannahPalsa This is great to think about and decide this now! - you can now direct your energies toward this career goal... @madiaz2 It is so lovely! What a great idea.Usually I declare the post-Thanksgiving pie breakfast The Best. But I just put two eggs on leftover mashed potatoe… @ruth_squillace The link is in the thread! @profgabrielle Oh no. Sending all the healing thoughts. @amykohout @pashulman Oooooh @LWavghist The Bee’s Knees recipe works beautifully with both tequila and mezcal. They are both underrated cocktail… @LWavghist How do you feel about tequila or mezcal? @HistoryCounts A classic!
@USofDisaster @pashulman Whoa. @pashulman We’ve been doing this particular menu for 15 years now so we have it down. And it is very, very tasty. @BrooksDSimpson Your light looks like a jaunty hat. Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁🦃 @pashulman The spread. @amykohout @pashulman Glorious. @_jonathansjones I am shocked. Shocked! @HistoryCounts El Oro is a delightful version. @MarkSV Let me just say that a few years back I peeled potatoes after 1 or 2 cocktails and it ... did not go well. @HistoryCounts Yes! It is the gin version of The Gold Rush. @bencarp Very nice! @T_J_Gonzalez Gorgeous! @Jamaicanhist It is sooooo good. If you like that flavor combo, I highly recommend. @Jamaicanhist Damn @KaminskiTheresa By “it” I mean Thanksgiving. Damn you, Bee’s Knees! @KaminskiTheresa You too! It’s weird, but I hope it is good in its own way for you and yours! @jackiantonovich Well, that’s disappointing. @NatashaBeckKin1 Yes please!The knife handling is over, so the cocktail quaffing begins. The Bee’s Knees (Thanksgiving Edition) 2 oz gin 1 o… @jeremyneely OMG it is so good. The perfect pie, IMO. @jeremyneely Nice! Apple? @vmayefski Link now posted in the thread! @_m_miles Nope - and I can say that with 100% certainty. I am not an expert baker. @_m_miles That is *extremely* fancy. @gmpetrick @RANedostup @DevinFitzger Thank you for sharing these details! @floydarmando Link to the recipe is now in the thread! @school_tales Link now in the thread! @MrSidetable @akiltykramer @amykohout Well, technically there are 3 pie flavors and 5 pies total: pumpkin (2), ap… @profblmkelley WowzaIt turned out my baking sheet was too large so I had to pivot to two pie shells. @RachelKeeney1 @HC_Richardson That’s it! @HC_Richardson Now posted in the thread! @Ed_Stevens125 Now posted in the thread! @nsilverman Link now posted in the thread!