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Let’s make this haunted house a haunted home. Future ghost. Previous words @Wired, Slate & more

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😑 have seen Emma. and, inspired by Peak Disaster Lesbian Knightley, am pleased to report that the flowy sleeve vibe continues apacegood morning to everyone except duolingo, which sent me a notification that read “Your hearts are full again. You’r… @JorCru All dirtbag everything!! But yes I can see objectively you’re right. Perhaps more the jaunty and mischievous romantic-era gay??? @emilynkane I know!! I’m fuckin up!!! Must be better @JustPlainTweets Thank you! These are the 2020 goals!just another day on twitter dot com in the 2020 primary season :’)
ugh keep forgetting 2 ~*~manifest~*~this is Art™️'s a truly, madly, deeply beautiful day to pre-order this book jsyk!! a heads up that I am, in fact, getting really into collarless shirts and puffy sleeves, cultivating a real wel… @SnodgrassLaura ME EITHER was not mean, nor angry. She was effective. And by the way, we are allowed to be angry about racial profil…
Retweeted by Megan Logan 🏳️‍🌈 @zombietardis Big same!! Coffee soon!should i get a tattoo in Paris though @lorrainecink @runwithskizzers @RMBouton @tamarakrinsky @bookoisseur @AdriCowan @catesish @alicexz @kiranhefa
I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him not to touch my gear
Retweeted by Megan Logan 🏳️‍🌈this is almost word for word what i said when i came out so hard agree here’s mood? *panique gay* think the word you’re looking for to describe Warren’s performance in tomorrow’s headlines is “Presidential” just fyiI did it, now you? god @JorCru Some say it’s a field of study, I say it’s a calling @JorCru I’m absolutely at “approaching a level of academic study on the subject” number of timesTranscendentalists in the 19th century
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whenever i get gloomy about the state of artificial intelligence, i remember that the spotify algorithm's answer to… when the horoscope is all “some ppl are good! some ppl are not! remember to breathe in and out :’)” like, lit… entire Sharon Choi piece is really fantastic and “I ended up at Taco Bell with Celine Sciamma at 4 a.m. musing… @Shoelais Haha that’s exactly the vibe! It’s usually very funny but it’s always jarringBeautiful words from the deeply thoughtful Sharon Choi. Love that our shutting down the restaurant to “Closing Time…
Retweeted by Megan Logan 🏳️‍🌈Mostly I’m a logical person who loves a well organized playlist but one night a few months ago Tired Megan thought…
@SamMaggs It REALLY is. I’m so stoked! @SamMaggs YES ABSOLUTELY @meganlogan A two top cinematic universe you love to see it
Retweeted by Megan Logan 🏳️‍🌈 @SnodgrassLaura You really do. Two tops, both alike in dignity. Outstanding energy.i’m not like proud of it but i blocked all of the ads on instagram that showed straight people kissing and now my a…
Retweeted by Megan Logan 🏳️‍🌈Literally every interview with her yields some kind of perfection I mean wow @dagnificent Ohhhhhhh yes but it will be WORTH ITsorry that transformative works redefine the narrative !really excited to see Emma, or as I like to call it, “Original Clueless”truly wish i were half as charming as LA was today ✨
the audience at the oscars vibing to fugere non possum from portrait of a lady on fire
Retweeted by Megan Logan 🏳️‍🌈“When you hear Vivaldi’s Four Seasons...”not here to start fights but i think Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Taylor Swift’s Tim McGraw have the same thesis is literally illegal to not tell me if you wanna go see Portrait of a Lady on Fire while it’s still in the Dome,… I’m crying this is the kinda shit I deal with every WEEK
Retweeted by Megan Logan 🏳️‍🌈a cool thing about me is that i fell down a hill yesterday and pulled both quads and ~ something ~ in my right shou… really wanted to be fair in my top 10 albums of 2019 list and include some music by dudes but the problem is that… if i just..........never recover from portrait of a lady on fire
my mom sent me this picture and said my dog is “being good even though he misses you” and i just 😭😭😭 (2020)
Retweeted by Megan Logan 🏳️‍🌈listen last week someone called me a music snob, making it clear that they have no idea how frequently I listen to… loved Portrait of a Lady on Fire the first time I saw it but jesus christ I caught so many perfect and devastatin…“We created our love story during the shooting.” Noémie Merlant describes shooting with Adèle Haenel in PORTRAIT O…
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Me: I am- Descartes: You THOUGHT bitch
Retweeted by Megan Logan 🏳️‍🌈It's not Valentine's Day anymore, but this is a nice love story to read on a Saturday morning. And if you haven't w…
Retweeted by Megan Logan 🏳️‍🌈💔“megan are you referencing the ‘longeared owl and ass’ line?” yes, obviouslyyou ever feel like maybe human communication peaked in the letters between Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West
happy valentine’s day, you’re all my valentines, sorry i can’t buy you all yr fave pizza and beer, still think u lo… woman can do all three: › shut up › kiss me › hold me tight
Retweeted by Megan Logan 🏳️‍🌈it really is a PERFECT FILM @WaterSlicer love this energy, i am absolutely going alone today and leaning very hard into the Party for One vibes 🙏 @WaterSlicer omg are you also going and seeing this movie again on valentine's day because that's exactly what i'm doingBirds of Prey (2020)
Retweeted by Megan Logan 🏳️‍🌈 @ek_johnston Amazing, thank you so much!! So glad you liked the book!🙏😭💙 this makes me SO HAPPY @grrreen @theheatherhogan happy 2 help 🙏 @grrreen @theheatherhogan gotta say (shouting and roaring) is a whole ass mood @grrreen @theheatherhogan I know you didn’t ask me but I DO have it saved for quick access this piece by @megankirb is really great!! love yourself tomorrow! C O N 👌🍑
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She’s, like, really pretty @SnodgrassLaura just dump it in! i bought new records yes i’m a rich tapestry of human e•mo•tion*desperately trying to dump the good chemicals into my idiot brain* @JorCru YES YES YES YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES
@WaterSlicer It was EXHILARATING and honestly we should all be curating queer screenings of this movie in every maj… don't want to, like, ~talk~ about it but i was today years old when i discovered that wes anderson doesn't look l… @WaterSlicer Devastating. Also I watched it in a room full of queer women and the knowing snicker that traveled amo…"The real tragedy is that it is possible, but it’s made impossible—by the world of men, mostly." i “okay?” i keep commenting things like “majestic!!” and “we are not worthy!!” on pictures of whales on instagr… if i just........dust off my duolingo account and dive back into French for the sole purpose of making sure th… @WaterSlicer Truly! I felt fully disoriented leaving the theater and walking out into a setting that wasn’t that is… @WaterSlicer YES. Absolutely, I’m in.
Sometimes I think about Ada Lovelace, and how if you wrote her as a character in a book and were like, "so she's a…
Retweeted by Megan Logan 🏳️‍🌈this is now a portrait of a lady on fire stan account, lesbian Chris Evans is over, we’ve ascended to the next plan… @Hajabeg Ha! A very necessary ruination tbh!!my dream last night was just me arguing with several different men about little women so no, I do NOT know the mean… saw portrait of a lady on fire and i am...maybe ruined?Actually, it’s only existentialism if it comes from the existentialism region of France. Otherwise, it’s just sparkling anxiety.
Retweeted by Megan Logan 🏳️‍🌈Love this, via @RFaughnder: After his Oscars win and all the afterparties, Bong Joon Ho hit up late night KBBQ with…
Retweeted by Megan Logan 🏳️‍🌈in solitude, i felt the liberty you spoke of but I also felt your absence
did chidi write this Joon Ho looking at his Oscar and laughing dot gif
Retweeted by Megan Logan 🏳️‍🌈Gay—and I cannot stress this enough—rights @JorCru what a fucking rich tapestry I mean WOW @JorCru Oh my god? I am LOVING this bit of information so much?!