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Smackdown rap battle, I was in the back.Text MEGA to 474747! @matmaniapodcast. Guild. NPC. biz: #WeAre

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19: can i buy a bottle of vodka? USA: no that’s illegal & irresponsible 19: can i go $50,000 into debt for educa…
Retweeted by Mega Ran @ PDX + Seattle 8/23Just found out about Pindigo and now I’m obsessed @NerdyNick_91 @StardustPinbar ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 @nicekicks @UnderDogCentral Loved these.@StardustPinbar =🔥🔥🔥 how can a freezer be this lit? 💫 got out of Good Boys. Great stuff. I laughed quite a bit. @the_real_chow YESOk I’m in heaven. Pinball and booze IT. I’m a baaaad man 😋 you 🙏🏾
@Teek_Hall @theneoecks He’s a HEEL daddy-o!Update: it’s getting there. Butter totally melted 😋 @GrossAngel_Doom man they flavor it just right! @lextheconartist @RiftiBeats Soundcloud: track from my new mixtape is out now: It's "Your Name" feat. @lextheconartist, flipped by @RiftiBeats Morning Cartoons! on a Mississippi Roast for tonight’s dinner. Will follow up in 8 hours lol 🥩 Music Part 2 via @YouTube @shane216taylor @swerveconfident @TeasyScott @SwoleWorld @Swervecitypod this joint is HOOOAAARD @smarktodeath Oh snapHave you heard ‘HOME.’ by Mega Ran on #SoundCloud? #np @XavierWoodsPhD GIMME A SHIRT RIGHT NOW @WWE“There’s the sh*t you listen to, and the sh*t you quote.” -@MURS the goat. New album is flames as always🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
.@RamsesJa said he was sober, buuuuut..... wait for it 🎂 @MegaRan AND #SkyBlew preforming live at @ZiaRecords (Thunderbird, Phoenix) before their show at #LastExitLive on S…
Retweeted by Mega Ran @ PDX + Seattle 8/23 @MetaMorx 🙏🙏Out here at Bar Smith for the homie @RamsesJa’s born. Feels like a family reunion @Crunchyroll that’s really cool. greatest, of course @mikalkhill @shawngorlando Wow thank ya!
@attackslug 😂😂😂 @videogamedeals @Cap_Kaveman You get an extra hour in the beginning and end of the day if you stay at the hotel so… @Cap_Kaveman I think we’re talking about roadtripping to #SDLive. Soooo looks like we’re crashing your anniversary… @toejamandearl @MatManiaPodcast Drewwwwww @Potatoaf1!#WIP. Started writing a song about Leroy Smith from #tekken today...because. Progress at
Retweeted by Mega Ran @ PDX + Seattle 8/23help wanted! anyone in LA Tucson Phoenix The Bay Area please shoot me a DM - I have something for ya. thanks!MAG MOMENT INCOMING 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 accidentally recorded TWO new episodes today, cause it was long. thanks! @teddi_gold love the video games track! 👏👏👏 @vinhdalu for real. i get a little hurt when people don't pronounce it correctly lol wanna thank you guys for checking out the first few episodes of "Random Encounters," my short podcast about stori… @_mcchris @mclars @realytcracker @dualcoremusic @lextheconartist @schafferthedark @bitforceband @IFightDragons marathon continues 🏁 🏆 🕊 @Cap_Kaveman @JDeanWilliams @phoenixnewtimes @nytimes Same thing, right? 😂 @AnAmazingFeat @phoenixnewtimes A spacey donut. That’s about to go on my bio 😂 time a year ago.. I was on the cover of the New Times. What a time. 🙏🏾, everybody, get out there and do nothing. #NationalRelaxationDay
Retweeted by Mega Ran @ PDX + Seattle 8/23⚫️⚫️⚫️ place like Home. @darkskinmanson @primelard See ya in AZ🤟🏾🤟🏾Just finished up a new @MatManiaPodcast @MatthewACherry Holy crapTour coming! See you on the road: @MikeGrierJr yooooo AIR ALLNITE OMG @Superjew75 @Roknowledge @theneoecks @MatManiaPodcast @Teek_Hall @g1totherescue
@OldManRoland_ B-BOX! @JWonggg WHAAA @Harada_TEKKEN let’s gooooo 🤜🏽 @LOrangeMusic yoooooo lets do it.#WIP. Started writing a song about Leroy Smith from #tekken today...because. Progress at Lootcrate. My sympathies to everyone who was laid off. I think it's one of the most ridiculous things that was…
Retweeted by Mega Ran @ PDX + Seattle 8/23 @SkeletorSmile years old.. wow. What comes to mind when you think Sega Genesis? of Light tickets on sale SOON. First three acts revealed! @doferdick, @megaran, and @returnersvgm! -…
Retweeted by Mega Ran @ PDX + Seattle 8/23Why do cows have hooves instead of feet? ‘Cause they lactose 🐄 go guys @Teek_Hall @Roknowledge @theneoecks @g1totherescueAnybody heard of @DroneRaceLeague? This looks super crazy. I’m in. 😬 @MTKSays Niiiice. Come thru!West Seattle Beer Fest On 8/24! @WilbertRoget ohhhh man, you're gonna love it! hope to run into ya, I'll be out there right after TGS.Home by Mega Ran #NowPlayingremixing a track of mine from 2012 for patreon. It's goooood. you'll never guess which one. Ya might get it tonight: I cant stay away. See you soon at #WarriorsOfLight! ⚫️ @TheVladJoseph @WWEBrayWyatt @codeorangetoth So good
They want us back badly. I’d love it if they brought Colin in some way’s story about how the Notorious B.I.G. gave him the name can’t believe @davenewyork is gone :( what a good dude. Spread love to every room he was ever in. Much love and c… what?!?!! how many people have beat Brock twice? That’s gotta be a short list
Retweeted by Mega Ran @ PDX + Seattle 8/23HOME.
Retweeted by Mega Ran @ PDX + Seattle 8/23 @thedigivolution Did you record this match?? It looks super fun!! @PerilousOnset Hope you enjoy @TeamTemp0 Happy birthday my dude!Download it: @LanceHoyt you really impressed, props for delivering!Thx Brooks!! That’s my man DanE.T —he killed it! @TeamTemp0 you all up in this Kofi 24/7 haha, I got the feels all over again @SharpCheddar856 @bts_bighit @consequence oh no!! I won't be able to see them live :(
this is amazing, ha! can't wait for this record!