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Dean sings a song and Sam gets angel blocked. Here's what went down on #Supernatural!
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@FanCityTV Yessss. Teen Wolf is LIFE*Alexis Rose awww face*
@enthusiasm85 @pattinsonbats I very much appreciate that 😆 @enthusiasm85 @pattinsonbats WHAT @BHBKenosha YES! And the Smallville peeps!#renewannewithane, that super felt like a "we are totes gonna make a Mia spin-off" moment #Arrow @lynsneill Ohhh, ok."Every mission has an end." - Oliver #Arrow @StephenAmell @lynsneill Wait. Where is Felicity?! @lynsneill Why does it feel like a finale? @lynsneill Ok! Ahhhh fight scenes are still fucking bossI'm like 3 seasons behind on #Arrow but I just tuned in (to be ready for the crossover). Oliver is on the island, e…
@soimwatching David is my everything @enthusiasm85 This gif is amazingThis day has been a shit show and it's only 9am
@im2old4thisotp @RoswellNMRoom @cadlymack I'd def leave the fine Midwest weather for this @im2old4thisotp I feel like the @RoswellNMRoom somehow willed this into existenceOMG
@daniellempaige Right?!How is this so cute♥️ 😍 was the funniest shit at 2 am, if you play Skyrim you know, you just know 😭
Retweeted by Meg Bonney#SmallBusinessSaturday 😆😆 fun! @BHBKenosha @_alaysiamarie Oooo, RoswellNM!!!! It's the BEST @_alaysiamarie #AnneWithAnE, #Lucifer and #The100 if you haven't already watched them @tarah_keeps YES, you'll love it @tarah_keeps There is an OBNOXIOUS amount of Christmas decor in every room of every house and business in this movie, but it's super cuteBrooke's sweater game is on point in this movie. #KnightBeforeChristmasPretty sure a knight from the 1300's would not be able to drive a care, but that's okay. I'll look past it because…"Flying steel dragon" airplane Oh, my... #KnightBeforeChristmasThe knight's horse when he gets zapped away #KnightBeforeChristmas Hudgens' character's motivational speech to her student about not letting dumb boys ruin her gpa is 🙌 #KnightBeforeChristmasOk, #KnightBeforeChristmas time!My favorite #SmallBusinessSaturday find
@im2old4thisotp @tarah_keeps @quazydellasue
"Is that @JohnCena?" - my 6yo nephew 😆 pie for breakfast on Black Friday is one of the best parts of Thanksgiving @mcrookedlettery Thank you!#Happythanksgiving2019 🦃😻🥧
when facebook and instagram are down but you're a full-time twitter degenerate #instagramdown #facebookdowntoday
Retweeted by Meg BonneyI'm running a Thanksgiving morning race for reasons unknown.... @tbhblyt Oh, sweet cheese, I didn't even notice! This will haunt my dreams...Without a doubt, 100% #istandwithmelissa @MelissaBenoist Thank you for this. Sending you love and positive vibes.♥️#renewannewithane and #SaveAnneWithAnnE Love, Meg with a g
@gillysannes Yo, I love you backTell us what you love about #AnneWithAnE! #reneweannewithane
Retweeted by Meg Bonney @lynsneill Takes one to know one!Also, #SaveAnneWithAnnE #reneweannewithaneI can hear my husband and the @GeekSquad dude talking Game of Thrones while he installs our microwave and it could honestly be a podcastLove this up to a zillion #SaveAnneWithAnE notifications. Loving this powerful response! Keep going! #reneweannewithane quotes to help you face any situation this Thanksgiving! 🦃🥧
Retweeted by Meg BonneyIf Barbara Walters isn't in Times Square to officially announce the new year, we have failed as a society
@SarahTolcser I just want them allllllll @im2old4thisotp THANK YOU! How did I survive without you?I need this is amazing is the little spoon @BellsPrnces Agreed @shirbert_01020_ Thank you! @JennaGuillaume I know. It super sucks @renewannewae I love this 😆 @JennaGuillaume I do enjoy a good premptive riot, but not this time. It was cancelled. They announced that the 3rd…
News of the #AnneWithanE cancellation has fans fighting for this charming, sweet, and important series. Here's how:…
Retweeted by Meg Bonney @jmbeveridge HeyyyyMy daughter also loves this show. Her #AnneWithAnE pumpkin won first place in the pumpkin painting contest last yea…'d like to formally RSVP to the #renewannewithane riot because wtf @bane_lightwoodx @netflix Ugh, I just saw it. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy @FanCityTV @AnneWithAnE @bane_lightwoodx I didn't see that news. Season 3 will be on @netflix in January I think. Did something change?Me after having #annewithaneseason3 spoiled 🙌🙌🙌🙌 @PeapodDelivers PHEW! @PeapodDelivers website is down and now I'm terrified that I'll have to actually go to the grocery store for Th… @tarah_keeps @taylorswift13 🙌‘If Facebook were around in the 1930s, it would have allowed Hitler to post 30-second ads’ — Listen to Sacha Baron…
Retweeted by Meg BonneyI am just so happy to live in the same time as @taylorswift13 because omg #TaylorOnAMAsGreen Day looks exactly the same. Possibly younger. #AMAs2019Toni Braxton is just amazing #AMAsLoving all of this positive female energy 🙌 #AMAs @ChristineGabrie @NautaY_bY_NatuR @honeypxnt @NolaNashWrites @pjoneswriter @zarakramer @LKempWrites
#Frozen2 is a mental health triumph for children (and adults) - here's why: @KristenBell
Retweeted by Meg Bonney @CharliNye I agree @emkonopka YES! The feelings!!!Holy hell, #Frozen2 was amazing
Good morning pumpkin ♥️ birthday, @Kat_McNamara!!!!
I have a cold and I have promised my husband that I will actually rest and take care of myself this time instead of… @pjoneswriter It really isBreakfast, last minute homework, big hugs and reminding my daughter to be aware of her surroundings and to report a… vs. Winchesters, a ghost fight AND [SPOILER] is back on tonight's #Supernatural! Let's break down this acti…
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"Can I actually say something?" —Fiona Hill, and every woman ever.
Retweeted by Meg Bonney @Pure_Fandom @Darth_Bonney @eprugh @lizprugh Great episode!!!! You guys are hilarious! #KiwiDroid #YodaBones #HelmetsOff #JediSwingersIs #BabyYoda a clone? We break down all those crazy theories in the our Fandalorian Podcast:…
Retweeted by Meg Bonney @nerdist @possiblyawitch! This is wild
Very tempted to buy a sequin shift dress to wear around the house because all I ever do is work and sleep and I don…