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@depechejoe oh my god @ndimichino are you team bechamel or not, my family has never used bechamel and I am curious about this now @burglar459 I am aware this is a controversial take but I am a trashy girl from Italian NJ and my Italian relatives… unsurprisingly turns out this is extremely interesting Thai food and realized that while I’ve read and watched a lot about how American Chinese food developed, I… @rachelmillman yeah it’s $$$. Masker isn’t though, you only pay for the apples you pick. We just went to get apples… @rachelmillman Warwick! About 90 min away. Masker Orchards is pretty straightforward drive up to trees and pick app…
@ndimichino ricotta and mozz are actually both pretty easy but do take a little bit of time and your apartment stin… @ndimichino i think we're gonna just go with the handmade pasta and sauce for this one and get good cheese and then… you ever just fantasize about trading in your phone for a Motorola flip phone where you’d actively avoid the int…
Retweeted by midge ✨am i going to regret wanting to make everything (sauce, cheese, pasta) in it from scratch, especially if i don't ha… about.....making a lasagna @ryannoyance i have twitter notifs turned off but i have slack and email banner notifs sliding in from the right si… think next week i am going to experiment with turning off push notifications for the full week and see if it make… are doing some noisy construction in the downstairs apartment and i gotta say the dog is not loving it. zero s… @hilary___b a whole other vortex is thinking about the 2 or 3 years of my life where i spent every wednesday (wierd… @margareteby why did we all have so many necklacesmy friend found them in the street like 15 minutes later. all they took was a near-expired metrocard and like $17 c… photo at the levee was taken because my purse had been stolen inside and then we found it? these british guys… @Randwiches good for their lungs i guess but they're missing out on an experience hahahaha @Randwiches in retrospect i feel like those swoopy side bangs were like a LOT of work and SUPER annoying to deal wi… @Randwiches do 22 year olds today smoke as much as we all did back then, i barely knew anyone who did not smoke @Randwiches oh this backyard? @Randwiches the jukebox was really good and also the hot dogs were great if you were 22 and broke :(lol god what a time ive got short hair with heavy bangs and for some reason im wearing 2 skinny headbands OVER my bangs. im smokin… go to daddys and then to the levee after ok? and then theres a dance party at royal oak but i don't wanna get… are not words for the intense feelings of extreme self-loathing and extreme nostalgia i felt reading this @ShiloByrd the building itself still looks pretty crummy and the apartment is very, very small which i assume contributes to it @ShiloByrd hahaha oh my god i just found my old apartment. that $1100 1BR, which to be fair was a complete dump (ro… @ShiloByrd oh yeah, i lived on bedford and s 2nd upstairs from dumont burger for $750 a month in 2009 and then had… @ShiloByrd holy shit that price @thecultureofme hahahahahaha oh wow I love this hahahahah @LisaMerritt16 @JessicaValenti man I have spent so much time feeling guilty and working on unpacking my privilege a…
@xoxogossipgita ....i feel like probably almost every culture has at some point in past millennia figured out vario… @Jaunson update i have finished it and have a few gripes but still enjoyed reading it, happy to lend it to you if you like
@arb Weirdly one I got with Sephora points is my current fav. Not on their site anymore but it has a pretty thick n… @fields yeah, i like butternut too but delicata is just so much easier, and often if i want butternut (roasted or a… @Jaunson the kid also seems like kind of a weird stilted dumbass actually, but it does seem that perhaps they both… @Jaunson not far enough to say for sure but i'm enjoying it! so far it is basically "washed-up recently divorced ch… @depechejoe you’re gonna need it!!!!! have you ever tried to fuck with an acorn squash? You need a machete to cut the damn thing in half!!!!kabocha and acorn are all time greats and if you’re cooking them or they’re on the menu, yes I want them. but I’m p…’s hot take is that delicata is the only squash truly worth the effort @eiffeltyler but then you get those days where it's exactly 60 degrees and perfect leather jacket weather and the s… @AAbel89 she is the most polite rat ever created @eiffeltyler what are you talking about?!?! yes its a little grey today but october is the single month in new york… this point I think Tana French has collectively robbed me of several full days of sleep over the years and yet I… hero is going to win the democratic mayoral primary for the city of New York
Retweeted by midge ✨ @RiggedPig deceptively noble photo of her @RiggedPig turkey hero for mayormy small and foolish dog is quite simply a lazy little pig and she is perfect @JiggedDeals what did this account used to be and who hijacked it with this obnoxious spammy bullshit? This is a ni… @margareteby but Margaret just think of the cache you get toiling for pennies at harpers in proximity to such bold thinkers
hello, my friends! account that i and 25k other people follow has recently turned into/been sold to this weird spammy shit that t… @RustyZimms the week before things got serious here i...WENT ON A 16 PERSON GROUP VACATION & 4 of us stopped at a d… @ndimichino you can take the girl out of jersey, buti would love to go to a diner with 5-7 other people and all cram around one table and order a tuna salad or turkey… @margareteby i may or may not have ordered that as a brooch! @margareteby there are all sorts of options and they're all 50% off for another day, if you too wish to invest in f… i just buy myself the winged tiara i wanted for my new year's eve costume party, even though the party is obvio… @kendrawcandraw @GraceSpelman seems like the apocalypse also comes with unlimited Brazilian waxes???progress on vacation and didn't check work email for a week "lol" @kittenwithawhip also honestly: how do you think the Goldfish hoarding woman is doing tho, without her Free Goldfish Fridays @kittenwithawhip but the tots were only one day a week!!!!!!!!! if we ever return perhaps we SHOULD buy $75 of them… @kittenwithawhip @erin_clyburn I only got the dish towels but they are great! @KimberlyFusaro apparently it is from a harmless naturally occurring yeast or bacteria or something that lives on t… a 2 but I will concede that I have terrible resting bitch face so in some instances probably a 4 or 5 if I was… step away from the computer/phone and walk the dog and make dinner challengeno probs, i've been training for this
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YOU, A FOOL: oh what a good puppy! yes! good poochie! what a good girl! ME, A GENIUS: this pig has a peanut brain!… and i would like to pretend that we don't talk to the dog in a stupid voice, but we do, it's just that it's… @veela_valoom someone else pointed out that they might be meant more as "easy-to-understand numbers that are meant… @mollytempleton yeah i go to the grocery about every 10 days and reliably spend about $120 each time and i am just… and then this is a few paragraphs down. WHOMST at the age of 30 is making enough money to spend $4700 a month!… question what is this example my bank is giving me, is my brain just broken by nyc or are there really plac… @lenibriscoe there are a few that are about downballot races but also a ton that are just like asking for money or… i am very grateful to everyone doing text banking right now i do wish that the volume of election-related tex… @lenibriscoe love the eye makeup here!!
who does twitter think I am too much time frying eggplant for an overly fussy shakshouka buuuuut it was worth it @Mcely It’s one of my favorite days of the year 😭 @HelloCVH it is so wholesome and it’s always nice and crisp outside and everyone is just so happy to sit on the cur… got very sad realizing that the marathon won’t be running by our house this year because there is no marathon… the past five minutes my boyfriend has been singing “what a fool believes” at the top of his lungs while in the… @RiggedPig sorry I put on Desaparecidos in the carnobody told me there was a new Tana French book out you’re all fired
@depechejoe I hate that both of my wives have left me for each other but I hope they have a nice little time and a… @RiggedPig @depechejoe oh mike do you not know about this? Clea Duvall is directing it @depechejoe I couldn’t and also I don’t wish to and I get why it seems funny to clown on Walmart and McDonald’s and… Europeans cracking jokes about America on twitter, usually with some sort of implication that we are a whole n… moments from a week in the woods
@lemonsand is this a picrew and if so I demand the link @spacecrone being also from jersey I must ask: where did you go to camp @kittenwithawhip terminator 2. I was in kindergarten and watched it on VHS at my cool aunt’s house, to my more stri… encountered my first horrifying wedding photo with matching “mr.” and “mrs.” masks, which of COURSE someone ha…