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Meg Elison @megelison Oakland, CA

Author. Philip K. Dick Award Winner, Tiptree Honors. Producer @cliterarysalon. Active member @SFWA and @paythewriter. she/they/sir 🏳️‍🌈

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Very pleased to share a TOC with @Catrambo, @wickedmilkhotel, @clpolk, and @arleysorg. You can get the magazine her… @TomMarcinko2 Thank you!! @bethmorgan I can almost always be had for the price of a shitty, corrupt clergyman.Moby Dick Beowulf Tale of Genji Canterbury Tales Candide Gen Z diss track from someone with no business to mind apparently
Retweeted by Meg Elison @skylit1 🖤🖤🖤Can’t wait for you read my story about a pizza boy in space! His saucy struggle! His crusty resolve! His cheesy bel… @ThatOlAngela I do love Bound. @kerryhowell How cool! I will now!The @sfwa Nebula nominations closed, but other awards are in motion! Hugo Awards (@HugoAwards) nominations deadlin…
Retweeted by Meg Elison1. Orlando, Sally Potter 2. Eve’s Bayou, Kasi Lemmons 3. The Matrix, Lana and Lilly Wachowski @SavsNolan @RDW0409 Yessssssss live that life @tradel You have a crush on a brilliant stylish fat girl? 😂 @tzitzimime_ Did she?? Her IG says she’s the guardian of PG and I love that. @RDW0409 Penelope & Abby & Hardison & Darcy & Archie &&&& @GeekMelange I do too! She’s a huge bright spot.We’ve reached the stage of the pandemic where we’re watching a Murder Show and the best thing about #CriminalMinds happens to women *a lot* when they ask for more money
Retweeted by Meg ElisonHi there! Can I entertain you with a short story about one really pissed off gay skeleton? @flashfictionmag
Retweeted by Meg ElisonMysterious Galaxy is a wonderful bookstore that has been there for science fiction readers and fans over the years.…
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Kill the filibuster for this. It will be worth it, I promise.
Retweeted by Meg Elison @ee_murray_ @JoannaPary ah thank you!! I'm looking forward to reading that spotlight tonight.Bahaha. Well, that is how babies are made. 😂 #SignLanguageFail #GraphicDesign
Retweeted by Meg ElisonAn interesting look at the history of the Barbizon Hotel!
Retweeted by Meg ElisonFantastic essay by @GabbyBellot on the complexity of the relationships + power dynamics within Octavia Butler's wor…
Retweeted by Meg ElisonI'm so excited about this @fandsf column & working with @blackpotmojo 😀 I keep Sheree's groundbreaking anthos on a…
Retweeted by Meg Elison @charliejane @adribbleofink @Fritinancy @emteehall @baruchisonfire @JoeWadlington I wish I did! Good luck tho.When the grid failed, Texas mutual aid groups sprang into action.
Retweeted by Meg ElisonWe Have Always Lived in This Goddamn Month, a novel by Shirley Jackson
Retweeted by Meg ElisonToday's newsletter is about (probably) the most successful novel about a trans woman ever published. Myra Breckinri…
Retweeted by Meg Elison @MiriBaker You are so fancy and cool!!My first-ever horror poem is in this one! I'm dragging you back into a story you know, but maybe not as you know it. @HaymakerHattie I quit watching ages ago, but I've heard good things!It’s March again.
Retweeted by Meg Elison @madmaudlingoes We are a spider-doggo-loving bunch of weirdos. @charliejane I haven’t tried it yet!There's love and then there's "I will download whatever bullshit app you are using these days to communicate" love. @madmaudlingoes Too puppy to be an adversary. 😂🐶Everyone needs to see the birth of a baby octopus at least once in their life, right?
Retweeted by Meg Elison @AGuyNamedNam oh gods damn it
I took several, because my school offered a waiver program for the cost. But I had to ask. Nobody should have to as… @DrJenGunter @brosandprose Works for me every time. 🖤I love this bagel shop and the bagel inside is fucking perfect but this label is sending me. @brosandprose I pretend someone I hate wrote it and I've been hired to make them look like less of a butt sundae. I… Lesser Invoking Ritual of Nuance. @claireannrice @kellyanneken I want to go to there.You'II be back. When The Hunger hurts so much you've Iost reason, then you'II have to feed, and then you'II need me…
Retweeted by Meg Elison @MissDahlELama Cat Valente.A parent at the Leander School District in Texas is furious about students being assigned In the Dream House—so fur…
Retweeted by Meg Elison @AlisonCarminke Out of This World! @theartister I almost picked Facts of Life!You’re Wanda. What sitcoms do you live through? is the final day to read my weight loss dystopia 💊The Pill💊 online. Nominate this fat novelette for the Locus… am not built for a 9-5 I am built to lay naked by the sea, drink wine, and frolick through flower fields
Retweeted by Meg Elison @KatyKania Excellent plan! I’ve got fabulous hair. @inannamute @PMPressOrg Thank you so much for sharing!Gonna write a collection of short stories called Your Well Fucked Girlfriend
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Retweeted by Meg Elisonrecommended! get in bed with it tonight!
Retweeted by Meg Elison @jeannehospod Thank you! @defnotlost Quite true! Hard fizz, and by far the best flavor. I want to order it by the case, even tho I have a fucking soda machine.
@mocando whoa is there an ass kicking involved in signing up? @DavidBirney First day. @peripateticmeg I’ll show you. 😉Post an image of yourself as the leader of an underground organization without downloading new pics.… 'em, Jonah. Take your shirt off and feel it all. 🖤 @SarahPinsker man I love that song @MarkJEngleson go for it!Topo Chico is the champagne of bubbly water. @scottgoblue314 ohhhh that is fuckin rad @SkrivaFel @paulsemel @AmazonPub Thanks so much for reading!Finished reading Meg Elison's "Find Layla" tonight. 📖🍄🍄🍄 Further proof that Meg Elison is m…
Retweeted by Meg Elison @AlisonStine If I beheld the sun when it shined, or the moon walking in brightness; And my heart hath been secretl… is great *because* it’s television. Because it LOVES television, and squeezes absolutely everything it…
Retweeted by Meg ElisonI can’t stop singing this
Retweeted by Meg Elison @Triton76 I am! @alex_abads large screen and small! @alex_abads @effies holy fuckNow that I’ve lived through a plague I totally get why most Renaissance paintings are of chubby women laying around…
Retweeted by Meg ElisonForever chasing the incredible high of when I first learned what chocolate ganache was. @mojofearless Thank you so much!Target should just stage their housewares with the obvious aim of making it look like you have your shit together o…
@OMissPearl @EssayMnktl Thank you!!Help Alex finish his Masters! Kick in a few bucks if you can. @jelangdonphd Thank you, Doc! @LeahabShaffer @MaintenancePod My mom was on fen phen. I remember the whole roller coaster of it. @melani_fuller Aahhh thank you so much!!This Locus/Nebula/Hugo eligible novelette is part of my eligible collection, "Big Girl," from PM Press. it's in the… @MandaTheGinger 🖤🖤🖤"She wanted a flat, empty lap and a hot computer balanced on her knees. She wanted inches of clearance between her… @FrictionSeries @PMPressOrg Hey! Thank you so much for sharing— but the story is Hugo eligible, not stimulus checks. no money. no family. sixteen in the middle of Miami
Retweeted by Meg Elison @MiriBaker @BBolander ✨k*ll me in the moment✨ @MiriBaker @BBolander what... is the purpose... of this finished object???Meanwhile on the shelves of Philip K Dick's Sporting Goods.
Retweeted by Meg Elison @hottestsingles lol this is not unhavishammyIt took almost two weeks for my Valentines flowers and my book deal flowers to collectively go all havishammy, but… to property rights and the prerogative of a private entity to set its own rules is exactly what should ap…
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