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Meg Elison @megelison Oakland, CA

Author. Philip K. Dick Award Winner, Tiptree Honors. Producer @cliterarysalon. Active member @SFWA and @paythewriter. she/they/sir 🏳️‍🌈

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would be cool if liberals tried saying “UNIONIZE” as often as they said “VOTE”
Retweeted by Meg Elison @ericoscott first the cake thing and now thisMentally, i am here.
Retweeted by Meg Elison @hottestsingles ptt to the ppl @frahulettaes @Keffy @frahulettaes @Keffy ptt to the ppl @TheVeles this is extremely correct niche shade
@poppersthepony I’d write that @J_R_Dawson ptt to the ppl! @see_starling @NatalieZed @lisafdavis holy fuck me too let's rent a cabin and read this thing aloud @chloehsmith Danke!the new game is to replace every new yorker cartoon caption with "Jeffrey Toobin took his dick out on a Zoom call."
Retweeted by Meg Elison @poppersthepony I thought it was watching a limo go the wrong way down a one way? 😂Idk who needs to hear this but you can mute yourself on Zoom and then just hold down the space bar when you want to… submission guidelines be like “we are OK with sex but it must fit the story, it can be erotic but not titil…
Retweeted by Meg ElisonJust saw Barbie’s pink Corvette in the breakdown lane of 580W.the best thing about being a writer is that reading books is part of the workflow.
Retweeted by Meg ElisonBusted Synapses by @ericasatifka is "the cyberpunk cry of Generation Screwed—a shrewd look at transhumanism through…
Retweeted by Meg Elison @ZibbyZ It is humbling! And bizarre! @ZibbyZ @mostlymartha ahhh thank you! Nah, OTC for now. I use this @ZibbyZ @mostlymartha Yeah I do that just to keep it straight. It’s C on Mon and Fri, retinol on Sun and Weds, and… #NoOnProp22
Retweeted by Meg Elison @LaughAtlantis @the_real_tyler Oh, no! You should know that people who live in places like the Bay are forever wond… @mostlymartha Oh boy! Vitamin C serum twice a week. Retinol twice a week. Heavy moisturizer every day. @martinifontaine I got mine made custom in brass by an Etsy seller. Definitely seek that out; it’s worth it.Portland, Oregon, my friends:
Retweeted by Meg Elison @grumpymartian Yeah little metal oneZoomween? Google hangman? Skeletype?
Retweeted by Meg Elison @lettie_prell It’s one of my favorite genres of writingOh my god these kids are dressed up as the cast of Schitt's Creek
Retweeted by Meg ElisonSo many journalists, editors and TV producers continue to obsess over undecided voters who don’t have anything illu…
Retweeted by Meg Elison @NancyHightower Last Christmas/I dumped your body/the very next day/ it came after me @rogerjva Have you seen Rowan Morrison?? @williamgreen You are so right. @the_real_tyler Hey how’s Rhode Island??This is eXtREmeLy CuRsEd sidewalk debris, even for my neighborhood.
@EAustin1969 Oooo orange whip! @clare_bare_82 It’s worth cooking three lactaid over a bic and shooting it up @tylikcat That makes sense! Vanilla wasn’t everywhere for a long time.Join @SeriousMolly & @RebeccaRush639 as they interview Molly's friend, author @MegElison re: her stunning YA novel…
Retweeted by Meg Elison @tylikcat That sounds good!Today is the last day to sign up! the absence of vanilla extract, it is fine and good to whip rye whiskey into your fresh cream. Works dandy. @scribblesassin I wish any of my grandparents had lived to see me publish. That would have really been something, e… @agreyeyedgirl This is the Jiaron kit, but it’s my first so I don’t have a sophisticated opinion yet. @bergopolis Pink and blue and white and gold!FWIW, I also think beads are faster.I would never buy white wax, since I use white stationery. But it provides beautiful contrast to other colors.’ve always used sealing wax sticks. But I got a wax bead kit and it’s a good change! @scribblesassin Every. Damn. Day.This month on my Patreon: satire on sexism, advice about editing as you go, and a happy hour hangout! Bonus: new sp… boss was talking to me today how he thinks the minimum wage is too high, to me, his minimum wage employee
Retweeted by Meg Elison @kierstenwhite @slayerfestx98 @alastairjpatton @ianxcarlos I will be the secretly smart bad kid who says all the gorram curse words. @ECthetwit @isaac_fellman someone mentioned in a write-in on Friday that they were doing an Amadeus-inspired YA and the room fairly exploded about thatToday we’ll be recording our first episode covering Firefly! @kierstenwhite, @alastairjpatton, @megelison, and…
Retweeted by Meg Elison @sydneyelainexo I would love to receive a fat little partridge bearing notes and pics of cats tbh @sydneyelainexo I am sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you’re sending messages via bird right now @PennyRed We have good taste! @thewritesky thank you!Mentally I am here.
Retweeted by Meg Elison @DrJenGunter you are 100% not the only one @meganarkenberg I'm trying to bring on the fall @goldride thank you! @rogercanaff ah, the comp of my very heart 🖤 @hesterjrook this one hooked me like a fish as I walked byI ran out of 24 Faubourg and got Maison Margiela Replica By The Fireplace, for those keeping score at home @thatjamiethomas it is uuuunnnnffffff @_alexrowland Maison Margiela Replica By The Fireplace @thatjamiethomas Maison Margiela Replica By The Fireplacetfw you get a new perfume and you just keep huffing it while huskily whispering fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck meIn case you're missing it @fiyahlitmag is showing the industry how an award ceremony/awards in general should be done 🖤🦷
Retweeted by Meg Elison @ericoscott“Imagining the world we want to live in is the most powerful way to envision a world that other people might want t…
Retweeted by Meg Elison @AlisonStine @Debbroadh2o_21 🖤🖤🖤
@BSDRiviera ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @SmellLikeGirl Thank you so much!! @kellyoyo 🖤🖤🖤 @magicaldotpapi BEST dream complimentGot invited to drink tea outdoors with people so you know what: #selfie. @SkrivaFel Oh yeah, she's great. @SkrivaFel There's a lot of great writing to back up that padded ass. @IncitingARiot Lol my showerhead casts chaos at me, bitch try harder😂 @IncitingARiot Also useful for a working to gtfo... @jenbamo I have always loved them @bethmorgan awww I forgot all about that @premeesaurus man THAT is a whole panel @premeesaurus and very good advice on dealing with an agent relationship that isn't working!Self care is canceled. We’re doing acid and yelling at the moon naked
Retweeted by Meg Elison @ChrisGriswold oh hell yes @Magicknegro hot shit!Pearl Jam and VAST at House of Blues. @premeesaurus holy DAMN @WayBetterThanTV ahhhhh thank you, long-missed friend! @communalsauce Thank you! @jacksbranch Thank you so much? @AndreaBlythe Thank you!! @SmileGena 🖤🖤🖤🖤 @NotAgainBen 🖤🖤🖤 @Leebsster Thank you for passing the word!