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Meggan Scavio @megganpez Los Angeles, CA

Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS). GDC in a past life. Hates coconuts. Likes robots. Requires coffee.

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@mostajabi I know, right?! @RageCave This place is near John’s house!Bye. I live here now. Good luck with the video games!
@grrlaction @nickchester It's the cutest thing I've ever owned. @nickchester Fangamer! for a girls weekend! @sarissasays @MikeJMika I miss being a brunette! @MikeJMika @Amarisse @andrearene @johntdrake SAME @Amarisse @andrearene @johntdrake Don’t get me wrong, I voted in the poll. There is a clear winner between the two choices (imho) @andrearene @johntdrake *our (I'm banning myself from Tweeter now) @andrearene @johntdrake AC/DC was my first "concert" ever; all I ever want to do is eat chips and guac while drinki… @andrearene @johntdrake Highway to Hell. Dirty Deeds. You Shook Me All Night Long. All of those before Thunderstruck. Sheesh. @andrearene @johntdrake How are these are only two choices? @CeliaHodent @EmilyG @iocat @hunicke Same
@EmilyG @iocat @hunicke I'm signed up! @TimOfLegend @adam_orth Tell Nigel I hope his hair is growing back.Just updated my Mac @AyaKyogoku I can't wait for this!!! 💘I've already requested (demanded) my old GDC teammates get me into this room even if it's full. I'VE EARNED THIS. @hofftv @AgentTinsley @ben_silverman 100% @thevowel @AgentTinsley @ben_silverman my opinion *is (it's almost as if I'm currently drunk in an airport!) @AgentTinsley @ben_silverman My opinion are that there are no timezones in airports which means it's 6pm somewhere…
@AgentTinsley @JosephJBroni @johntdrake @andrearene We don't have an office! (work from home) John IS the best and… @AgentTinsley @JosephJBroni @johntdrake @andrearene I do what I can. @johntdrake @AgentTinsley @andrearene WE CAN SHARE @AgentTinsley @andrearene I 💘 her so much. @ConsumingLipids Just some very old Nikes! They look like pixels 😍“What did you do with your time off?” the Amplifying New Voices program ⭐️ amplify the voices of 10+ women and keep it goin: @qorquiq @maryknews @robotpants And read all the space books 📚 @seybold That would mean I watch it twice. @johntdrake @RageCave It’s so good! Read the first book too. @RageCave But this is on my list now @RageCave First Man! @garywhitta Is your movie written by someone named Gary? Give it.Is your movie about humans going to space, having adventures in space, or coming home from space? Ok I’ll watch it.
Love to see Untitled Goose Game by @house_house_ on display in a museum ⭐️
@grrlaction They squeak when I walk but no one can hear it but me so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯I used to be a shoe person. Then I started walking to work in SF & became a sneaker person. Then I started to work…
@kimpall @chetfaliszek I can't believe we haven't learned to travel with saline spray yet. @mostajabi They are wonderful, aren't they? I'm very luck! AND YES, I'm around all of E3! @hunicke I forgot how much I loved your place 😍 @mostajabi I'm so happy you agreed to be a writer this year AND that I finally got to meet you in person 🥰🍾😘 @chetfaliszek Next time I'm bringing a second suitcase just for the biggest humidifier I can find. THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE 💘 @adam_orth I do what I can! Now everyone go out and buy a car. Or a mattress. Or whatever is on sale tomorrow.
@lerika Thank you for all your help!! @ben_silverman I’m not so sure how tireless it is but 💖❤️💕 @rachaelschafer YAYYY @yosp Couldn’t do it without you. ⭐️ @rachaelschafer I’ll be up during GDC! @AgentTinsley @acarboni He makes every other day brighter @AgentTinsley @TaraMBruno @lizziekillian @OuterWorlds @acarboni Not without you though! 🎉💖 @garywhitta We’ll do it all over again next year just for you :) @TaraMBruno @lizziekillian @AgentTinsley @OuterWorlds I love you alllllllllllAfter sleeping for what felt like 36 hours - only breaking to eat - I’m finally heading home. Thanks to everyone at… @jboggsie Thank you for coming!!! @gtez Thanks for coming!!!Ladies who Valentine 💕 @tha_rami Thank you for coming!!! @TaraMBruno 🥰🥰 @BlondeNerd So great to see you! @itstagger thank you!!
@scslug Thanks for always supporting!My Valentine this year is @mediamolecule and we're celebrating with a plate of #DreamsPS4 by candlelight. @ConnieLBooth @house_house I MEAN @house_house_ UGH SO SORRY (and congrats for real!) @ConnieLBooth @house_house And a massive thank you to @TimSweeneyEpic for kicking off #DICE2020 with his opening keynote!That's a wrap, #DICE2020! Thanks to everyone for spending the week with us. Congrats to all the winners last night… @XboxP3 @Official_AIAS @MorganWebb @Kristige @Rob_Pardo @amirsrao @Wizards It wouldn't have been the same without you!! @Kristige I DIDN'T SEE YOU ONCE @geogrify @Official_AIAS So great to see you!Tune in to our #DICE2020 Speaker talks in less than one hour! Starting at 5:30pm, listen to topics from the likes o…
Retweeted by Meggan ScavioWe're finally here! Join us TONIGHT at 8:00pm PT when we announce the winners for the 23rd Annual #DICEAwards, host…
Retweeted by Meggan Scavio @EvvaKarr @GameOverGreggy @heyglitch @DarkaysTG Greg is impossibly nice. I don’t think he’s human.
@benkutcher @TrentKusters Just that cheese platter so far but the day is young!DICE Summit dinners 💕
Interesting chat with @shroud and @AnneMunition on how game developers can work with content creators to build feat…
Retweeted by Meggan Scavio @mostajabi @Official_AIAS I get to finally meet you! @crecenteb Only the awards will be live but we’ll stream the talks before the awards air. @crecenteb Next time just come as an attendee. I got you <3 @zaphodgjd Hey remember you were asked to stand on the GDC main stage to talk about how your accomplishments moved… @crecenteb You are very missed!!! @RageCave and they have demon slayer @RageCave I'm so glad you are liking it! I wish I could have gone againI took a single Lactaid and then ate an entire plate of cheese. I'm in God's hands now.
@GregRicey Hurry up and get here! @arnemeyer It is sooooooo good!Pre-DICE dinner with faves 💫 @iocat You’re in Vegas already? Ahem. @NSSteph OR win $200 on a Wheel of Fortune slot on the way to my room @chriskramerpr @necrosofty I mean it's 2 days before it needs to be finalized. I left a day for a full re-write. Sigh,.
@pshanley88 This is why they hired me @arnemeyer done and doneNailed my opening remarks for #DiceSummit2020 @hofftv @ben_silverman @adam_orth They suggest a 40 ms delay but I set mine to 80 @ben_silverman @adam_orth all I'm saying is I had to download an app to make my spacebar stop double spacing. @JamesStevenson Great space, great service, great food. A+