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The Queen's Gambit on netflix is good. @VicVijayakumar @ParissAthena +1 to Vics recs. @StephenStorey smh yeah i need to gain it back. down to 160 :/
@ReadmanFGC ATLiens* @ReadmanFGC lmao pull up @nolanjsykes rvb foreverWhen your pastor preaches on the GPS
Retweeted by Mehul | મેહુલ shit. @___Yashiro dental hygenist techso how long do ya'll think it'll be before someone makes a movie about quibi that'll makes more money than quibi?
@TheRealNeilS miami is cool. stay out of atlanta, we full. @LaJethroJenkins shit wait til an aligator pull up on yo ass. @VicVijayakumar :otab* @canceric that talgese tho @wizecrax @Pablo_Francisco Little tortilla boy the goat. @StephenStorey Yeah. I blame Atlanta. It be distracting them young men.Beat Saber but for VR Dandiya Raas.*67 is the og incognito ya. @Chef_Lu_Bu Like kojima ego ain’t big enough already lmaoCoach got a Naruto inspired collection. @DonaldRichard This is amazing. @sightofmyhands Hell yeah. @sightofmyhands Nice! Can’t wait for the bomb shelter joint. Y’all gonna set up a range and shit too? @sightofmyhands Congrats y’all! @MusaFGC Shoutouts to the Senate Leadership Fund based in DC. tactics. @ken_wheeler The GA/NJ connect 🤝It was mad foggy at my parents spot this morning. @okayimabegross Lmao @StephenStorey @4o4esports @nymonster21 @pokchop50 oh word thats that dude that tried us in marvel 3 that one night
@mkobach Sum41It’s official: @trvisXX is joining the PlayStation family as a strategic creative partner. Watch his new video he…
Retweeted by Mehul | મેહુલ @jennyyangtv @theaerogram @AlexxMedia🤞🏽 @TheNameIsLewis that honey butter on them rolls. edition drops, sneakerhead supremacy & crazy cultural mash-ups are bringing a whole new energy & meaning to foo…
Retweeted by Mehul | મેહુલGreat to see metro Atlanta counties publish early voting wait times: Fulton: DeKalb (avera…
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Retweeted by Mehul | મેહુલ @MistletoeCrow hahah preesh. @Kinslooo webbing before doing the finishing work @Kinslooo yeah i def slacked on that peter parker spiderman i did a couple months ago. makes all the difference tak… @Kinslooo oh damn thought you meant the webbing on his costume not the webs themselves. thanks! just tried to copy… mad @Chef_Lu_Bu @Kinslooo thanks! whiteout pen then went back over it to think out the lines for the white webjoe looks like captain america at the end of endgame.•A•L•A•R•K•Ychina is the taxpayer!?“A hero isn’t the one who alway wins. It’s the one who always tries.” — Miles Morales
Binge Heads: ASSEMBLE! @netw3rk and I are thrilled to announce that we’re heading to the Quantum Realm for our new…
Retweeted by Mehul | મેહુલI reverse engineered mcdonald's internal api and I'm currently placing an order worth $18,752 every minute at every…
Retweeted by Mehul | મેહુલ @DeAnthrax @theneedledrop it-me.mpg @Netlify @jamonholmgren @shrutikapoor08 @dasracist damn, gotta hit patel bros to reup on some papads now @LaJethroJenkins bro they got them batman utility belt joints now? @Raptors family announced the starting lineup in Orlando... ❤️ #BESTofNBARestart
Retweeted by Mehul | મેહુલ @meaux_zay bro got the muppet special @austinlouisray @olporch karl's campaign platform 1. open container is in the ATL constitution 2. edgewood pizza s…
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"INfamous" video out now! This one is for the Wu-Tang fans. @theuncannyimp feat.…
Retweeted by Mehul | મેહુલ🍦👁⃤ @TheRealNeilS multi-level marketing has entered teh chat*New Pod Alert* We're talking code-switching and we ain't talking code. We also interview @OscarValdes94, President… @Olympiq_ Play with us atl boys. You ain’t seen the scum and villainy yet. @DonaldRichard tech nerds always wanna feel special. @dabit3 this is your most wholesome tweet.I am an Indian artist working in animation. #PortfolioDay
Retweeted by Mehul | મેહુલ @Romanova damn my girls been looking to get some highlights, will have to check veronica outcolorize @colorifier @sightofmyhands its worked out pretty good for me so far ;) @YungStarscream ayeee preciate you bro @sightofmyhands hashtag growth @ryanckulp My 6 year old niece does more. @MehulATL
Retweeted by Mehul | મેહુલ @wizecrax Quotetweet but leave it blank. @TZA707 bro thats sadam husein @MehulATL “How often have uninvited visitors from space been friendly?” - Storm
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@MaxXBlackWerk Idc idc idc. I’m defending my loved ones and my home. @DeAnthrax @ieSparkz @GarlandRileyJr Hori.
Retweeted by Mehul | મેહુલMy son's answer: "When I found out Darth Vader's voice and Mufasa's voice are the same voice"
Retweeted by Mehul | મેહુલ @vikrum5000 15 IQ gang. @MehulATL The series regarding Krakoa and the nation is fucking amazing.
Retweeted by Mehul | મેહુલ👀 @bytesizedcode every repo that links to educational materialCongrats to Anika Chebrolu from @FriscoISD for being named America’s Top #YoungScientist of 2020 by @3M! This inspi…
Retweeted by Mehul | મેહુલ @naman34 @TheRealNeilS youre right nwa doesnt compare to greatness.