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One time me and bae went to Pittsburgh to go to the mall and we was there for 20 minutes cus he pissed me off and I… I catch an attitude idc where Im st, Ill be ready to go home😂I cant wait to do this😍 how it be with pets smhh @_NaniAmour At least 18😭 wasn’t lying tho, them niggas leech off of Yb😂I love Yb but baby them Haitians you playing with it😂 watch outJackboy said “You niggas still wearing Nike” 😭😭😭😭😭Reginae wouldd nevaaa 😂Iyanna GET UP 😭😭😭He called Floyd a bitch and she aint even flinch 🥴 yeah she really finna get cut off$$y 🧚‍♀️
Retweeted by 💙How Malik is😭 @loveedaniiellee Lil JonAfter they live everybody gone go over to Boosies🤣Even Olaplex watching 😩 @Ayoo_Layyyy Im all thru the comments🤣They got everybody on they live deadass 😭😭even fashion novaLil Jon and Tpain live battle got damn near 200k views, I aint eva see that😩 and Lil Jon personal bar look lit
@FatGirlDae A fake page of her 😂 just search akbar_vYaya stabbing ppl with 2 knives and Akbar done got exposed whats going on today 🥴I was thinking about this last night😂 has The Perks of Being a Wallflower 😩I just got the weirdest message ever 😂 Im not even gonna fully open it @TheBlacKimK Wasnt Jaquis ya nephew like a week ago smhA vibe when bae back home what Im finna do, nice wash and braid down @mahnetea Yall dont check yall dm
He said nobody gettin added unless they in a tub 🤣Boosie startin early 😭 @Ayoo_Layyyy @coolassB @TheSugarSensei @lovetyus7 Sick😭😭😭69 home 😈😈😈😈😈😈
I cant believe im just now watching The Players Club 😂 yall aint say the movie was that wild 😩Cartoon or girl from grand theft auto...
Retweeted by 💙 @nykeasrey Woww let me just delete this😂He shook it up 🤣 someone announcing they pregnant, its gonna be so many 2020 babies 😩 @mahnetea These old pictures?
People be weird for no reason 😩Im obsessed with blueberry muffins now😭I cant wait to go outside and shop againIm done saving cookies for my mom🤣I get in my lil mood n stop fucking wit the world
Retweeted by 💙He so disrespectful 😂idk how y’all like him came back like she never left😍 can finally agree on something 😂 sooner than I thoughtHis head looks HUGE 😭 but I need this song @ugsnsteppa @lipkid look who else in the room😭Oh hell nah this quarantine really making yall lose it 😭 watch the end fr
90 day fiancé is undefeated 😭😩🤣
Retweeted by 💙March was longer than January and February together 🥴This boy😭😭We lost Nipsey Hussle on this day last year. R.I.P. 🙏 #TMC
Retweeted by 💙You know what Im finna put one in my trunk all this food I been eating start sticking 😂See this why I don’t like when ppl borrow from me cus I never get my stuff back🙄The only reason China put an end to that shit was because they went on an official lockdown. No grocery stores no e…
Retweeted by 💙Woke up hungry aslI want either a pound cake or strawberry cheesecake 😩She really reversed 🤣😭’d be omw to Walmart rn to find the Dill Pickle Lays chips 😭
Good thing I learned how to sew by hand and on a machine in school 😊 fina have something to do nowI’m only 20, cant nobody tell me shit!
Retweeted by 💙 @mahnetea Girll😭 was this posted somewhere or sent to someoneJust got one of my favorite messages 😊See thats why I dont leave cash in my car my mom just be touchin shit @bitchesbfightin If baby AIN'T coming to my rescue like this I DO NOT WANT HIM!
Retweeted by 💙Omg😭 I thought she wasn’t gone catch him about seeing hair in the bathroom makes me wanna scream 😩No bodies before 21 count you was practicing how to fuck
Retweeted by 💙Yall really some idiots that boy is not albino and he’s very cuteSo yall gone flood the tl about Drake son😩 pls gtfI don’t understand why Netflix is showing old and different language movies from Thriller 😑like wtfIt should’ve been middle of April alreadyMy nigga would never do a tik tok and im glad 🤣cus I never will eitherPop Smoke - Shake The Room (feat. Quavo) 💫💫
Retweeted by 💙 @mahnetea Tae need to host cus we dont know these ppl hosting and I missed itI hope nobody caught the virus😭They must’ve been on lockdown all day🙄 only talked to boo onceme, a homebody, after finding out this is gonna last another month...another 30 days of this...I WILL NEVER SAY NO…
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Its so nice today and we missing out 😭Video Phone use to be my favorite music video 😭Them ducks swimminnn😍 before and after is the first page of his surgeon portfolio need sis Kappa fit you care about her put her in designer
@mahnetea Who was yelling😭
Okay now Im ready to go back outside, I wanna go to the stores 😭
Today was the perfect weatherStop playing with Lud Foe 🙄 @Lacapone95 @iam_Couture Damn fr? I like them too😂If he say fuck you, I hate you.
Retweeted by 💙When sis text yu lmaooo @meili_barbie
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@_niaahXOmashaay They do lolI cant wait to pop out ina bikini 😩 play too much! 😩😂 “Lets see the body..”
Retweeted by 💙Santana and ‘Miss Mamas’ are too funny! 💀 “Your teeth still looking like mine. Ion like that.”
Retweeted by 💙All for a nigga😭 came up with that girl and boy texting meme😭😭😭