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@melhoedramatic Wait really? Omg i love that!!!!! @melhoedramatic 🗿 @valtteributtas Sorry, the old vici can’t come to the phone right not :/ why? Cause she’s dead :/Hey! I haven’t felt comfortable on this acc for a while so I decided to start over. If you want to, you can follow… @__formulateo__ @violet_graffiti pls i was sat here thinking ‚what the fuck did I miss‘ for the longest time 😭#SVDLArchive
Retweeted by vici 🤙🏻 @VDL_Archive another episode of don’t drink and text? 👀 @violet_graffiti @valtteributtas sheet 😔 we lost her @valtteributtas @violet_graffiti Don’t forget us now that you’re famous hifzah😩 @violet_graffiti 6k 😭🤍 @formulaluke In that case enjoy I guess 😌
@formulaluke I don’t like blueberry muffins 🧍🏼‍♀️ @formulaluke 🫂 both of these are hard no‘s for me sadly but seems like a solid recipe for success… or something like that! @formulaluke Two follow up questions: 1. do you need a hug, lifecoach? 2. what kind of tea goes best with that? @formulaluke hit me with the brutal truth @formulaluke do i want to know whose tears? @formulaluke Damn bro what’s your poison then? 👁👁 @formulaluke Well maybe I have some drunks as followers? 👀 @formulaluke What kind of insane person goes veecee??? @violet_graffiti Dann 😿 @violet_graffiti Go get one I guessJoining the fun #NeuesProfilbild @__formulateo__ I appreciate the input, didn’t expect to read the word coochie in this conversation tho 😭🤚🏻 @616FLAMEBRAIN Kinda cool tbh! Go you! @616FLAMEBRAIN Can you elaborate on that?? @violet_graffiti That’s exactly what I do with aline 😭😭😭⚠️IMPORTANT SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH⚠️ Apparently there is a some kind of confusion about how you say my name and I alw… @LIESEF1 True @LIESEF1 Well you are, I am clearly inferior to EVERYONEThe entire field is in a Liese-and-Vici sandwich @f1camii Pls have you heard of p48? That’s some real hot girl shitF1 drivers making me feel single part 100
Retweeted by vici 🤙🏻 @violet_graffiti I don’t want to remember that @valtteributtas @violet_graffiti Ouch okay @anniqueg_x @violet_graffiti It legit made me laugh out loud so thanks I guess 😭🤍 @violet_graffiti @anniqueg_x I am ducking crying 😭😭😭 @violet_graffiti Damn even my d was higher than aline and vici
Retweeted by vici 🤙🏻 @anniqueg_x @violet_graffiti YOUR WHAT @f1camii Team liese appreciates it #teamliese @anniqueg_x @violet_graffiti @LIESEF1 Black widow shit right here @LIESEF1 @violet_graffiti I ALWAYS BELIEVED IN YOUI KNEW IT #TEAMLIESE @melhoedramatic @violet_graffiti #teamliese!! @LIESEF1 @violet_graffiti bitch wtf @violet_graffiti #TEAMLIESE FOR LIFE @formulawifey @violet_graffiti AGREED @LIESEF1 @violet_graffiti You’ve got this queen #TeamLiese @valtteributtas @violet_graffiti Pacifist king @violet_graffiti #TEAMLIESE COME ON THATS UR CHANCE @violet_graffiti My structured queen 😩 #Teamliese @violet_graffiti George to trident confirmed @violet_graffiti #teamliese I’m glad you finally got my gift!! @violet_graffiti #teamliese gotta do whatchu gotta do amiright @anniqueg_x @violet_graffiti Pfffff @violet_graffiti #teamliese y’all better fear this badass bitch @violet_graffiti Yes #teamliese rest up queen you need the energy @violet_graffiti #Teamliese @anniqueg_x @violet_graffiti I knew it @violet_graffiti Yeah bc she wasn’t with Dennis I think @violet_graffiti Thanks for pairing me up with dennis tho, I appreciate it, i just hope Annie doesn’t find out or I… @violet_graffiti I DIDNT EVEN KNOW I WAS IN THIS AND THEN I DIE FIRST???? THE DISRESPECT @violet_graffiti WAS THAT VERY FIRST DEAD TRIBUTE ME????????? @LIESEF1 It’s his colorCan they stop calling me single in every existing language ever STREAM STREAM STREAM!!! @f1camii I am so single @__formulateo__ Pls you can’t tell me it doesn’t look that way 😭is checo giving birth or something? Zhou 🏆 #Formula2Archive
Retweeted by vici 🤙🏻 @violet_graffiti Good for you! @violet_graffiti „when“ @meeksdoggie doubt @meeksdoggie they don’t count @formulaluke Aye aye captain @meeksdoggie Impossible @meeksdoggie You haven’t been this nice to me since like June 😭 @meeksdoggie Are you okay??? Why are you being so nice??? Ily??? @LIESEF1 Me neither hehe 🤗 @__formulateo__ Pls 😭🤚🏻 you still have three days tho! @formulaluke Shaking your head your head? @__formulateo__ I am actually ready, that’s new 🧐It’s dtm selfie day in three days???? @formulaluke Damn I can’t read those I‘m afraid @formulaluke lmk if you need help moving your boxes‘We have max and inshallah’
Retweeted by vici 🤙🏻 @formulaluke My condolencesAdmin, not these photos again 😭😭😭 @violet_graffiti Hit tweet queen
@LIESEF1 And now I cry“no one cares about your Spotify wrapped” “no one wants your fit checks” “no one watches your instagram stories” i…
Retweeted by vici 🤙🏻 @formulaluke But… wouldn’t that be self therapizing (is that a word??)? I‘m not sure that’s the best idea! So I gue… @KelvinsDoggie get a grip bitch wtf @formulaluke Then I would require intense psychological support I think 🧐 @KelvinsDoggie You can’t lolSorry to the girls I cropped, its nothing personal I promise, you both SERVED 🔥Yelling screaming crying throwing up 😭😭😭 look at the vdls gooooooooo You're watching f1 in 2025
Retweeted by vici 🤙🏻 @violet_graffiti For legal reasons this is a joke @violet_graffiti How to be put into a coma for four years