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C9 meL @mel_anji Ontario, Canada

🇺🇸🇮🇩 VALORANT player for @Cloud9 #C9White • 1x Ignition Series • 2x RADIANT • inq:

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2nd account to Radiant after 97 games 🥶 drop your name recommendations, idk what to call this acc
I've messaged several social media management firms and they have all either not responded or taken over a week to… @nurfed25 i tried to do this on my alt account but i felt bad insta locking ;_; and people got mad because i took t…
@kabooseCS ofc @yoojpls they had no right calling out my obsession with like a g6 like that 😭😭😭😭these copypastas are getting too realistic LMFAOOO
Our VALORANT YouTube channel is popping off! 🔥 If you still don't follow it, make sure to subscribe and get ready…
Retweeted by C9 meL @MoqiiZKWE VERIFIED LETS GOOOOOOOO ✅ thank you so much @Cloud9 @portilho @TwitterGaming 💙💙💙 i couldn't imagine being wher… @T1BcJ @Jazzyk1ns
@T1BcJ i agree ranked is in the worst state since launch, dont think my tweet is discounting that tho, its adding to it if anythingmfs think they're TSM in ranked i swear to god. please stop griefing my games by instalocking 4 duelists no sentine… @k_shymko HAPPY BIRTHDAY ILY SM I HOPE ITS A GREAT ONE 💙i just played valorant for 10 hours on stream and i just wanna play 10 more :( i love this game manthis clip cured my depression
@Yehty_ @zecK_CSGO this is some of the funniest things ive seen LMFAOOOO poor zeckwait LMFAOSDO I JUST SAW THIS it's crazy seeing people react to my highlights and an official VALORANT account ret…
I sing myself little songs when under pressure 🤷🏻‍♀️
Retweeted by C9 meL @alexismarieNY @katsumiFPS BOTH OF YALL??? @Fearr2K bro what LMFAOOO this is so weird @evera C9 meL#C9Wwithout the tournaments, without all the amazing people I have met from VALORANT, without all my friends from CS:GO…'m a little late on giving thanks but.. Thank you all for existing. This has been the best year of my life so fa…
#C9White take a 0-2 loss to @PyronicGG and are eliminated from the @nerdstgamers VALORANT Monthly. #GGWP
Retweeted by C9 meL @Laudando7 @RealStrongLegs no hes an example of a 5'3 radiant god who pulls bitches @Laudando7 @RealStrongLegs @GATpenguin "unbinding your crouch key to placebo yourself into playing better" not placebo tho if you do it to fix your own movement.seen some serious improvements in my aim after unbinding crouch.. ngl
Retweeted by C9 meL @HUYNH_CS HOLY CRAP this is insane Huynh!! your growth has been awesome to watch these past few months and you have… @chloe_hime7 @pineconetv love you chloe ❤️
@jesseslays @annieisnottokay @PandaBarakat @sailrrrvenus @rosalinasea_ @SnazzySitara @mark_win @jazzrydaddle @AdamLULW love you bb @nlbil capOn my life, this is the hardest shot to hit in all of Valorant.
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@001laura_ yes.for the uneducated: is the best anime opening and why is it Bleach's first intro song @heyRayyan it’s called working hard to improve and setting goals. why do you follow me if your comments only serve to bring me down?not me unironically blasting this song at full volume at 9pm......okay but why does Like A G6 still go hard 10 years after its release? who gave it the right @Silenx_x wait this is so cool i want to do this
@juseuaim that tweet comes after i make top 8 in challengers :Ddaily reminder it into existence: I will play in a Challengers Final in 2021. @harmfoo wait this tweet looking kinda familiar... JKJK much love harmful you deserve it, you're cracked man @Cloud9 @JackEtienne @emiru this is so wholesome omg i can't stop smiling @jparkfps LMAOOO the british accent is never gawin awey im surry luv <3✅ 100k views on Twitch ✅ 10k followers on Twitch ✅ 460+ subs on Twitch ✅ 6k followers on Twitter this level of sup…
@MoonRaccoonsgg @RaptorZOW @FiENDval @aleksandarosa @pr0phie @ReboVAL @PronoiaNA @TemperatureCSGO @29x69 this is actually fireif your homophobic or against lgbtq in anyway then unfollow me cus i dont even want you
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@ANDROIDX23 #unbindcrouchFinally pieced together my #C9WHITE valorant fanart! It's beat 'em up inspired. Can you recognise the map? 😋Can't w…
Retweeted by C9 meL @pr0phie love seeing these clips with comms, more reason to stan MOON RACCOONSS @k_shymko @TenZ_CS hes giving you a moon raccoons look no cap @KOLER1337 LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOO
@Tiffae PERIODDDD SIS i see those back-to-back MVPs in the VOD!! and thats on unbinding crouch luv ❤️ @KurtG @777eeiu Omg dude same LMFAO @Jazzyk1ns remember when i had to rebind crouch back in the day to boost you on the truck on Bind @XSETGAMING @EmyyCSGO @juliakiran @mimimimichaela @zAAzCSGO @kr4sy @PetraCSGO this is so fire, excited for yall! @RenZCSGO YES DUDE i legit did that on stream so many times when i first unbound it but lowkey i actually got more… @pr0phie i had to make up for all the times you carried me in ranked already xD @T1BcJ it hits different, try it for 3 games at least- you'll have awkward movement sometimes at first but once you… @RenZCSGO same.. i got so tired of blaming crouch whenever i died so i just unbound that shit @extrnal i couldn't be more serious. i am being 100% deadass its like using the konami codeand this is from when i had crouch bound YOUR CROUCH KEY!!!! this is how my games went after i unbinded crouch- if you crouch then you are 100% grie… this is a thing LMFAO @mel_anji @JoshRTz @MelioFPS @BxbyJ_
Retweeted by C9 meL @harmfoo @JoshRTz @MelioFPS @BxbyJ_ bro i was so confused when i got a collat LMFAOOOOOO i have never seen this before in my life @Annie_Dro its annie reposting my tweets for me
@rocazor unlucky none of your teammates shadowplayed it either because the observer didn't catch any of the kills T_T next time @rocazor No way none of yall got the POV of your 4k sheriff Ascent A retake T_T @nurfed25 @RESHURAA @ExaltVAL @JLEETval bro what is this? ur way better than thisonce i watch these 20 duelist vods its over for yall @starsmitten_ my heart is broken that orange haired king ichigo kurosaki didnt make the cut </3 @starsmitten_ SHINICHI IS SENDING ME AJSKLD
@b0ba__ still IGLing @DF_Taimou @juseuaim wow thats nuts. so you can flick and mid flick it can change sens? my brain is not evolved enough for this @juseuaim @DF_Taimou how do these sens randomizers work? do they just change your sens every x seconds? @TheUltraLex finally someone said it community is so quick to bandwagon without critical thoughtfirst day on duelists in scrims ✅ @_Anders1 wait is this the same team that i qual'd IM with in open playoffs? LETS GOOOO
wtf I just saw this THIS IS SO COOL AAAA @RealStrongLegs happy birthday habibi ❤️
@megasofer @Cloud9 @Twitch THIS IS SENDING MEEEE OMG GIRL THAT FURIA VOD IS STILL WAITING FOR ME TO COME HOME 💔 @1LiFPS @Cloud9 @Twitch you're never gonna let me live this one down LMAOOi was gonna edit a video today but i might just have to stream instead 🥶 @Cloud9 @Twitch LMAAOOOO PERIODDDD #C9WIN @jparkfps @Cloud9 @Twitch is that a good or bad reaction 🥺OFFICIALLY PARTNERED ON TWITCH DOT TV LETS GOOOOO TY @Cloud9 @Twitch 💙💙💙 @Annie_Dro happy birthday queen, so happy that you’re in my life 💙 @WichitaWolvesgg @Sora_fps1 @VanguardChamps @fygure1 @janglerr @zekkenVAL @nannerszx @CLXGaming so happy to see my… @aubreylimboi born in the US! my mom is indo @alexismarieNY .345 800dpi @starsmitten_ the colors in this make me feel at peace.. my heart
@WedidValorant lmaoooo CHILL WAHDIDkinda cool seeing my name alongside these nutters.
@WedidValorant @OfficialAproto 50% HS????????? alex please save some for the rest of us im trying my hardest but i… @thwifo absolute banger @YaBoiDre @builtbygamers KEEP IT UP BOYS @_PLAYERR1 stole it from @KOLER1337 @MikesHD_ this was me when i switched to mixwell's settings 2 days ago. that feeling when it just clicks
i meant to type 1-2 yikes