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C9 meL @mel_anji Ontario, Canada

🇺🇸🇮🇩 VALORANT In Game Leader for @Cloud9 #C9White • 3x $50k Womens Champion • 2x RADIANT • your girl's favorite player • inq:

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@alexismarieNY @runthatcashup i forgot to add: minion lover @runthatcashup @alexismarieNY coder. gamer. make up artist. model. straight A student. president of her class. yout… i made a youtube video. its some skye fails. check it out. here's a preview. featuring @mel_anji 🦜
Retweeted by C9 meL @alexismarieNY PLSSSS ME RUNNING IT DOWN IN THE BACKGROUND @T1BcJ thanks bro 😭 see you in the big tournaments one day. soon. @aEvilcat @etohKP happy bday etoh, you're awesome <3fuck man. 😔Holy fuck. Ggs to brimstone gaming. This was our last official before we go on a well deserved break. We have been…
Retweeted by C9 meL @BetrayedFPS thank you man, was a pleasure to play your team <3 GGS!!132 rounds 6 hours of officials later, we end our last VCT run for the year. Could’ve always been a little better,…
Retweeted by C9 meL @fletcherrVAL @BrimstoneVal ggs man, rooting for u guys against FaZe tomorrow!!GGs we fall 1-2 (14-16 16-14 10-14) to @BrimstoneVal in the final #VCT quali of the year unlucky that the match wa…
@Dream_val you guys are too kind, i am too blessed to have gotten to experience life with all of you in this thread… uncle Bernard passed away this morning, on the same day as my sister's 19th birthday just a lot of emotions rig… @Cloud9 @aboutKP @nm_dart @gg_beaa @runthatcashup @iCarleeFN @_7solo + fortuna (no twitter ;-;) i love you guys sm <3 @belkytv this is so actually so cool!! you are putting in a ton of work @FlungVal this account is hilarious i want u to know that it put a smile on my face today. KEEP UP THE GOOD COMMS
@gatorXV cracked asf @mleQT_ dont apologize- its not your fault at all. you are so much better than these people that waste their time d… my 120fps version of the clip kinda fun on breeze.. @1pwny @GhostGaming ur insane
@JPARKJMC or the fact that even when the hud at the bottom shows that your star is regen'd, you can't actually plac… @RealStrongLegs so true bestie @CoffeemakerVal @alexismarieNY YOURE INSANEEE, ggs man keep up the grind! @Koalifier @crunchyyworld you are AMAZING you're a legend kevin!! @crunchyyworld this is so nice of you guys.. im gonna cry 😭 can we find out who the KJ was and send her some love??Take YOUR training to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL by connecting with creators & coaches! This is Playerbase. *Hot Tub not in…
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@RealStrongLegs @ExaltVAL ratio'd lol ur mad @RealStrongLegs @ExaltVAL combust these nuts in your face lol @ExaltVAL @RealStrongLegs YOU MADE A COLLAGE OF OUR CONVO??? nah im done i can't trust anyone these days ‼️🚫🗣️💯 @aEvilcat @XSET @missharvey @pineconetv ilysm mimi 🥺I feel bad for sentinel mains who played ranked, that shit literally be a 50/50 coinflip. mfs literally ran it down…
Retweeted by C9 meL @itnothan_ @XSET no stop im crying pls wait stop AAAA @athxna @ShopifyRebels @karnthc holy shit i just realized that yall are 4/5 Canadian.. ive never seen that other th… @itnothan_ @KnightsGG LFG HAN YOU EARNED THIS
Retweeted by C9 meL @RealStrongLegs thanks for telling me about the dress strap.... @MoqiiZK happy birthday moqii’s bro :D
im trying to find a restaurant for us to eat at while this man is using me for impressions...... 🤨 in the @aimlab's $10,000 gridshot showmatch today :DDD come thru and support your favorite aimers! gonna… you a teammate that hypes you up like @alexismarieNY
@RealStrongLegs Really needed to hear this.There can only be one person clutching that W and taking home $10,000 in our showmatch 🥇 Let's find out tmrw 👀
Retweeted by C9 meL @crunchyyworld learned from the best yktv..
@RealStrongLegs @GeorgeCGed gimme your phone @SullyCasts @RealStrongLegs skye's just a friend @MuensterGG @RealStrongLegs dw roy ill be able to take care of u @RealStrongLegs hey lol. @VirtuosoVAL respect @dcopGG @pax @VirtuosoVAL LMFAO WHAT?? @starsmitten_ stop i can only smile so much it hurts 😭 @_BrianCS main? WE COULD'VE MADE PREMIER @oderuscs i thought sylvia already told you about us.. awkward @QuarterJade JODI APPROVED?? im shaking plz @KillerMillerGG LMFAOOASDJKLASD @bstrddgg what country should i move to so i can marry all of GLP at once. dime @JPARKJMC high sens... return to the dark side jpark @Cloud9 acing twice in one half is very normally @tarik @FreakazoidA ROFLLLL ty for the impressions boys 🕯️what in the spirit airlines is this LMFAO game is just getting started. Look fresh and level up with the new @PUMA x Cloud9 Fall 2021 Collection! Pre…
Retweeted by C9 meLPlay professionally on G2, upload a daily video on YouTube, stream on Twitch, take care of sponsors, interviews, so…
Retweeted by C9 meL @crunchyyworld we got our dub thats all that matters @KOLER1337 THIS IS HUUUGE HOLY IM SO HAPPY FOR U KOLER!! going through immigration stuff myself and i can imagine h… @ItzMasayoshi @starsmitten_ ayo??
@penguinVALORANT @RealStrongLegs @happysquaredOW i believe!! she is AMAZING @RealStrongLegs this is too cute omg @existingee 💙💙
100% calculated on purposemy rank from last act .-. @ManILoveFwogs @Apidaez HUGE PICKUP LETS GO @aleksandarosa @EvilGeniuses @CarterPulse SIGN THIS MANi greatly appreciate the opportunity at @evilgeniuses. as of today i am a non-restricted free agent. i am looking t…
Retweeted by C9 meL @itskaplan @nerdstreet HAPPY DAY KAPLAN :D GHOST GET THOSE DUBS @AJaxzcs @verumgg so fkin happy for you austin, you earned this @jammyzx this the duelist jammyz we been missing @NRGgg @LuluLuvely GRATS LULU!! you're amazing ❤️ @pansy YES YES YES @TAEBLAT no seriously it tastes like juice dude 😭😭 im SCARED @KP_fps LETS GO SHOPIFY REBELS RISE UP
@plooful you about to put me on?? oh lordddd 😩 @Akairosannnn i got strawberry soju but i reallyyy wanted to try the grape flavor ;-;just tried soju for the first time.. this shit is DANGEROUS
@KaFuZed I'm so sorry.. condolences man. Sending over some love, this was a very sweet memory to share ❤️
@crunchyyworld how the fuck did you drop 500 acs 35 kills in a 7-13 loss.. id be so salty if i lost this LMFAO @CoachRuin @Nurfed pls
@KnightsGG @PlayVALORANT @Silenx_x @makkaloff insane pickups @JPARKJMC i personally do it for 3-5 min before warming up, if i feel a little rigid throughout the day then ill do… @JPARKJMC
@clgaming @claudiache12 @EvilGeniuses LETS GOOO @AYRINval @ReformedVal @DarkZeroGG @XSET wait im dumb, is he actually your cousin? that's so sick, ggwp!!
@teslapt1 i'm a US citizen living in Canada, so i got US stimmiesi completely forgot that stimmies were a thing till nowi just got my first stimulus check.. isnt this a year late? 😭😭 @TAEBLAT ur power wtf.. @RealStrongLegs get 2-0’d lole @crunchyyworld ok crunchy this is weird LOL it's ok tho ur nuts with it