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@etep8789 What's a bitBig win by my Jazz tonight - their 7th in a row I'm being toldThis is funny don't be afraid to like(Cool 70's Blaxploitation guy voice) Bein white is alrightMy Jazz are running away with this one. I know many of the names of the people on this team @thecheatdotcom I love my JazzGood 2nd quarter from my Utah Jazz(My life a movie voice) my mouth a pussy
Retweeted by PapaI'm a Utah Jazz fan I've decided
I keep it on meMelee Volleyball seems coolPut Dedede in Melee now that's my dream low tierI'm watching Narcos insteadIs the Castlevania show good? @EsquireSSBM It's a negativeThe only things I've been able to taste for the last week are cheese and hot sauceI am so bored of having COVID
@meleesadposts ?Stop the stealI hate top players so much it's unrealI don't have to start watching Ip Man at 1am. I'm in total controlI am still convinced widepeepohappy is supposed to mean "white people happy" and used to mock things white people l… so depressed because I can't taste chipsWish I could be as cozy as he'm gonna have a little diarrhea and then take a hot shower and then crawl in my cozy bed and watch tv and drink PedialyteI hate that I can't smell my cats but it's also nice that I can't smell their breath when they lick my noseHaven't showered in a few days. It's just me and I can't smell anything; who cares @Tom_Dollars I propose we freeze it with both platforms down to make everyone lose their mind
@metroidism lmaoDoctor says I need to start drinking leanHad to delete melee tweets that were about to reach critical engagementI know I talk a big game on here but it turns out having 8 diarrheas a day actually sucksCovid diarrhea is brutal it's a miracle I haven't shit myself yet @metroidism There it isI've posted too many melee opinions I'm due for a scolding reply from a random soon @myluckymop Have fun @myluckymop I'm done you're being immature @myluckymop Yeah, you do @myluckymop Good luck in the camp. Work will set you free @myluckymop I'm too cool to be owned @myluckymop I put up a force field so you can't kill me @myluckymop And we're sending you to a very special camp @myluckymop Not in my melee @NONBlNARY It's impossible to tellFeeling a bit better today but worried it's just gonna get worse again like last timeNetplay kids are complaining about shy guys and fod platforms now oh brotherHaving COVID sucks a lot @coolmeleefacts FinallyProduct idea
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Bobby MurderI love my kittiesOn January 18th, we're starting Makai Mondays! Come join us for these exhibition matches that we've put together w…
Retweeted by PapaGoblin ModeUrban Meyer can suck my dick @TravisEpic @GameArenaCBUS My favorite Kirby mainHey @bigdog873 just saw your deleted tweet from a bit ago come across my timeline and what can I say but "wow!' Kee… worst part is I have so little energy I can't even game. Two free weeks off work wasted like that nerd from twi… @stinkyrink remasteredWould really like for my new stick I ordered 6 weeks ago to show up eventually
Had to play the hits for the one timeShe wanna F the DIC because I Chase Bank @DrJakespeare oh no lmaoThey're so far out of my circles that I almost forgot hardcore logic and reason amateur philosophy guys exist but I… @DrJakespeare Read his bio to die instantly @stocmoney @EenTheMachine Oh no haha must have been someone else. I'm bedridden with COVIDCOVID is really scaryIn a lot of pain today COVID really has your boy down bad. I felt like nearly 100% yesterday and then today it's ba… guy gets up every day and does this shit. Like for literal years lmao. Internet validation is poison @LAWGSHOT Not trying to give some unfunny loser contentI'll have to delete this before he name searches or something probablyGotta be the worst gimmick account of all time
@ssbmPolish You have to screw the two halves togetherI've met the basedgodJust slammed in the back of my dragula @CocoThunder8 Give it to meVery excited to see how many of these new age netplay superstars just fade back into obscurity once lan comes backAny good tournies to watch this weekendI'm ThraxxI'm a fucka trapped in a sucka's worldsmoking loud will never kill me @Thor_SSB I'm just going to get good at the sdi and it will be ezpz !Link is somehow the first character I've played that can get waveshined by Fox @Douglas_J_gov @non_sig_pvalue I probably shouldn't really lol I appreciate the offer thoThat's a lot of Melee deliver a 6-pack of sour monkey to my door so I can turn up quarantine style @pigssb Bona fide classicThanks for the suggestions I'm not watching any of them and just going thru my movie backlog instead. Gonna watch… @Douglas_J_gov Oh man just wait til you play the third level lmao @Douglas_J_gov I played it like a lot a lot maybe like 300+ hrs it's incredibleThey use sooo much destroyer blade now which is so sick and honestly so obvious I don't know why people weren't usi… watched the most recent Doom Eternal UN 100% WR and now I wanna play again so bad. They solved like every fight I have so much to steal
Listening to 30 Wit a HammerMusic don't know about y'all but I'm gonna have to get that pizzaI am tired of sweating in bed ok I would like to go back to having the chills again now please so I can get cozy under the coversA lot of people have probably seen this picture and i think i know what my fellow weed smokers are thinking . Those…
Retweeted by Papa @13reviewer Breathing feels like I'm out in the cold. Everything makes me tired. Headaches. Diarrhea