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gotaa pick yink back up @JadedFalco young linkbut its find, elon musk used his wholesome 100 rockets he built with no help to get us to epicly go to mars, hes a… innovation that capitalism breeds is solely material and shallow and not actually helpful in the development of… literally cannot believe how much the people of the planet are suffering and the headlines are just "going to mar… @CrossFitJesus95 dmsi am talking to cfj @SSBMKing @sunstorm83 @RyobeatPeach bans in best of 5 would only benefit fox lol. he only loses on 1 stage max in each matchup @onethousandhams my young link is sick @rhabarberei @copstomper @elimieralanegra the penis actually gets smaller the more sex u have... its true! @sunstorm83 @RyobeatPeach fox players lose ONE stage in a matchup and ask for bans in best of 5 @voorhese yeah lol ur definitely an iconic rat :3 def why i played him at least @FaustSSBM what about it :0 @Hologramburrito hmu in your young link years @indisposedof i took a solid 2 year break and when i played i only played bowser/fox and ylink. never actively competed with him @voorhese i forgot holy shit LMAO. this was 2017 so like my 2nd year of playing? about 9 months of pika i didnt waste 2 1/2 years on garbage characters and 2 on a character i hated playingfinding a main is so hard but u will do it one day i promise looolmy character timeline is so whack marth - 2 yrs fox - 6 months bowser - 6 months young link - 2 years sheik - July 2020 > Present @CrossFitJesus95 come on man we talked about thisphoebe just said something fucked up...
Retweeted by trinity. ripJoMa @PUNKT0AD is that like a country or something ?why do all the hot girls have "melee sheik main" in their bio?? @cooljamz3d Jmook🪝 spam 🪝 this 🪝 hook 🪝 to 🪝 cheer 🪝 for 🪝 jmookbro jmook is the most insane player of all time @sp1nda_pgh im gonna die this is adorbale @bird0iscommunis woah 4loko makes you grab better holy shit i wil drink so many of them at once woah 4loko makes y… @Jolteo1234 @MVG_Mew2King its optimal🚨🚨🚨10 days left to register!!! 🚨🚨🚨 📅 Mar 19-21 🧭 East/West split to Top 16 🪜 Free ladder bracket 📺 Pre-event cont…
Retweeted by trinity. ripJoMa @heygirlsngays its really funny when mang0 plays falco and says team beer lol. :3 that is so funny how he does that… @heygirlsngays that is so cool @indisposedof will you copypasta it with me
2021 @sweetdee__ he did not have to do em like that @sweetdee__ stupid bird <3 @YearnOoS @computercat64 how @BossierBrushXD @RyobeatPeach yeah that was a solid 3-0 from nico. upset of the century. @sensoker @CrossFitJesus95 @Bones0toDeath fuck off @MeleePapa @mazzy_starfox local 15 year old falco main plays in four loko tournament @MeleePapa @mazzy_starfox am uselessmy habitual procrastination finally biting me in the ass @indisposedof Hi Chester @indisposedof im still up. gm/gnPokémon Card Game (Clay) Artist Yuka Morii (@yukayuka) has been interviewed in English by OTAQUEST (@otaquest). Yo…
Retweeted by trinity. ripJoMa @CatNamed_V @KateyTheRatGirl ¡El Scorcho! ¡Ay, cabrón! @CinnaminionTGM basednew mirrur
Retweeted by trinity. ripJoMa @sunshinessbm @copstomper :/funniest tweet i’ve seen all year
Retweeted by trinity. ripJoMaVincennes Smash is back! (online)
Retweeted by trinity. ripJoMaThe Great Gamer Gauntlet is now live! ft. @LSDSSBM @meleesadposts @SoloJonesYT @BeKindSSB @piyrus @BlankSmash
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@htwa_ ur cute @gaybugfeet i am on it @neont3tra no fucking way. i mean i could have predicted this but no fucking way is emma this type of person LMAO @meleesadposts i dont play bigots lol
Retweeted by trinity. ripJoMa @siddward King @girlpecker Hi brie @sunshinessbm Ur pretty @gaybugfeet Can we normalize this greeting @copstomper Im waiting 4 uWaiting for the bus 🦆
Retweeted by trinity. ripJoMaLuigigoshard really needs a life lol @JadedFalco shes looking at a piece of cheese i put on my phone screen to get a nice picture @jeffeboy13 by glamour 💗 #undertale #mettaton
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Retweeted by trinity. ripJoMa
Local walmart gave up on having pokemon cards in stock because of scalpers so they just put takis meat sticks there… are shaking up this friday! Team Fortress 2 A Mystery Game? And Mario Kart??? TF2 TEAM CAPTAINS:…
Retweeted by trinity. ripJoMa @M150Kendrick <3 @gaybugfeet Can i send u an audio message of me showing you my train collection @computercat64 WhyJoke btw for Marc Jacobs' Heaven 2021 Shot by Shoichi Aoki, creator of FRUiTS
Retweeted by trinity. ripJoMaIMMMMM
Retweeted by trinity. ripJoMa @WombatFights im inshort hop fast fall L cancel culture @girlpecker look at those legs 2 of The Great Gamer Gauntlet is tomorrow at 8:30 PM ET! "Games": Spelling Bee (Is it even a game?) Tetri…
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@copstomper gay and cuteWhy does my hair do this
Retweeted by trinity. ripJoMa @b3nd3r_ssbm he blocked me to because i called chad sheik player ben a king @MeleePapa Aight
Retweeted by trinity. ripJoMa @iBDWSSBM he also sent a flashing video intentionally to a person with epilepsy @iBDWSSBM he deleted the messages but he intentionally misgendered me and also called me a bitch and a troon
@MeleeStatsPod Lets go gayleeLast night in Melee: 1. Leffen won The Upset, beating Trif, Frenzy & Nicki 2. S2J won SSS Online, beating BBB, So…
Retweeted by trinity. ripJoMaHey I got suspended can y'all help me find everybody pls
Retweeted by trinity. ripJoMa @elephant6fan o7the fucking replies @cajunsaint88 @46Presidency @livandorder both obama and trump are conservatives @RyobeatPeach godd the double upair