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formula series enthusiast yt22 cl16 nl6 ls18 eo31 priv - @yukipeacesigns

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@MeineLinkeHand @LIESEF1 him @caIlumilott LATANKI!oh yeah I'm still alive
@33wdcs ur his #1 fan
something about this does not seem right @f1maxleclerc WOO! @33wdcs HUHgoated game @33wdcs no no no he does not love men @33wdcs wtf not true @33wdcs ?????
look what came in the post
a fucking 15 year old has the nerve to call people jobless after ridiculing people privately and publicly like mfer… @f1maxleclerc ur hair is so pretty omg, phenomenal, stunning, gorgeousso anyway #newprofilepic @33wdcs HELP? @caIlumilott its such an unfortunate name...
to say it wasn't rigged against lewis isn't wrong but it certainly isn't a clear cut thing of the fia being openly… entire weekend was rigged for entertainment. any other circumstances, Lewis would've got a reprimand, would've…
@formulawah I have 99 problems and Lance's eyes on the tl solve 102 of themricciardo p13 the monza tax is HEAVY @33wdcs ....
@MeineLinkeHand OH MY GOD?
@IndianNomad7 cat got your tongue or something? or have you realised that women are living rent free in your head a… @IndianNomad7 And do you wonder why men are entrepreneurs rather than women? I'll give you one word. Patriarchy. It… @IndianNomad7 if society started to actually be equal instead of perpetuating a patriarchal norm then i don't think… @IndianNomad7 except for the fact that you used almost. men can't have all the power. women outperform men in educ… @aitkenloml @capstappen dont you start in like August? @IndianNomad7 Based on an unjustified amount of bigotry because men are too fragile to give away the power they onc… @IndianNomad7 That's my point, so why would you have to bring something up to cover the fact that you are a misogyn… @IndianNomad7 Doesn't stop you from being a misogynist asshole though, does it? Didn't think so. @capstappen oh. remember me when I yknow... @IndianNomad7 as opposed to you who finally learned how to drive the remote controlled car you got four years ago @capstappen don't want twitter to deactivate my account 🙏 @capstappen she needs to kick the bucket so we can get days off in school time /j @capstappen its in the half term break. @capstappen omg go usvery sorry to ricciardo fans who follow me, my daniel agenda just popped out @tslew31 @HertaSZN not to mention that your argument that stroll got the podium because of the simulator ignores hi… @tslew31 @HertaSZN and piastri won two feeder series championships, would have half a year for simulator experience… Leclerc’s underrated 2021 season highlights @Charles_Leclerc @ScuderiaFerrari
Retweeted by hoe 🏳️‍🌈 @formulawah who is we @track11perez oh I think a charles agenda definitely has something to do with it for some people but a majority rat… @33wdcs how do you spend a majority of the time sleeping if you spend an average time of 10 hours.... @track11perez since the season ended carlos has been called better than charles by so many people i don't think he's underrated anymorethis is the fucking energy drivers need to have for a regulation changing, not some "I don't care about the technic… @MeineLinkeHand like I think we got a good 4 hours of people caring @MeineLinkeHand its the way f1twt just acted like nothing changed the day after and everyone was back to supporting him @LIESEF1 and we were meant to think yuki was the short one... @LIESEF1 HELP @LIESEF1 why tf did my phone autocorrect mick... @LIESEF1 omg I love this pic of yuki and mic together 😍
@russellhugbot help I thought i was in the first circle coz i have the same pfp as someone else still there tho woo! @aitkenloml @33wdcs I wasn't gaslighting you I was just being a fucking idiot @33wdcs @aitkenloml shush @aitkenloml @33wdcs IM NOT? @aitkenloml @33wdcs no it was on here not ig u think im gonna be gay in public ew never @aitkenloml @33wdcs its been pride flag here, 14 on priv since i put the 14 in @aitkenloml @33wdcs yes??? @aitkenloml @33wdcs okay so because they didn't have to make food for a lot of people there was more to be given out proportionally @33wdcs @aitkenloml I got the canteen food dumbass @33wdcs @aitkenloml bestie I'm literally on fsm... @33wdcs @aitkenloml L @aitkenloml @33wdcs 80% of people at my school brought there own lunch so they could get different things @33wdcs @aitkenloml what did you not ask for extra custard so you'd have a pool of it at the end so you could just… @33wdcs @aitkenloml tbf custard is nice @capstappen . @track11perez 💜anyway do this don't understand how people can be this proud to be so openly transphobic and bigoted also this mf wants to prea… you for realising this is a bad take, we all know lance is gonna be fighting for p1 not p13 🙄
@ourcheco ah that makes sense, thank you :D @ourcheco how do you get more seasons all mine has is 2014 ;-; @capstappen don't let it be so tee jay @LIESEF1 TIME FOR 100 LETS GO I'm joking bestie please don't do that @LIESEF1 ur almost there!! @anoukwssls so what you're saying is to get both colours so trueinvesting his energy into his driving to have gotten p8 in the car that was third fastest most of the season with m… @formulawah @F1 ferrari are just not gonna get the memo and stay red but that's basically pink but getting rid of white so it's okay @formulawah @F1 proof communism works ^ @capstappen I mean I haven't worn red its just my inner empath sensing I won't look good in it 🤪🤪 @formulawah @F1 wait no just let everyone have slightly different shades of pink, but make sure lance gets the best pink @formulawah @F1 get rid of liveries and just make all cars pinkAll I will say is this, if Yuki Tsunoda said this people would be on his case
Retweeted by hoe 🏳️‍🌈 @formulawah @F1 why stop at the kerbs just make all the track pink or if that's too expensive we can change the… I get an orange hoodie just to complete the rainbow hoodies (except for red because I look shit in red) @F1Idiot1 Hi :D @LeclercVZN okay genetics reveal when @LIESEF1 1 bottle equals 3, plus 1/3 = 4 4 + 6 is 10 go bestie go @capstappen ur tweets flop more than mine do normally that's a great turnout for you @LIESEF1 are you gonna hit double digits today @LIESEF1 bestie... @LeclercVZN hair care routine reveal whendon't follow him. 5 maybe 🙏 @formulajohn_ shame haas can't win the constructors with only one driver 😞 @LIESEF1 ur so pretty omg spare some hotness for the rest of us @emilyformula1 thank you!! @LasagnaRic3 start as yoshi, immediately unlock dry bones and play as them for the rest of the game🇧🇭 OCO 🇸🇦 HAM 🇦🇺 LEC 🇮🇹 LEC 🇺🇸 OCO 🇪🇸 ALO 🇲🇨 SAI 🇦🇿 STR 🇨🇦 STR 🇬🇧 VET 🇦🇹 VER 🇫🇷 LEC 🇭🇺 RUS 🇧🇪 SAI 🇳🇱 PER 🇮🇹 GAS ⬜️…