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award winning sound designer / field recordist / makes strange music // forests 🌲🌾// no ecofacism here

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@pablowapsi It seems so simple and yet... @RealMattRants This broke my heart when I've watched it back then. I can't begin to imagine the trauma this brave g… incredible company is hiring! someone help me identify this bird? Cornell's BirdNET says: Algerian Nuthatch, Mountain Chikadee, Black-taile… donations from my @Bandcamp sales @Survival @mongabay @amazonwatch @iracambinka Thanks to everyone who…
@spacewalkaudio It’s awesome, so happy to share! I used it and then cross the info with xeno-canto. @_HollyEarly Thx! Although it was 6 months ago, but I guess I finally came to terms about it. Not easy, still cring… @Vordio Hillarious!just priceless you've never heard a fox laugh, you’re welcome!
Retweeted by Melissa Pons #BLACKLIVESMATTER @dinosaurrparty "We're beyond race". Right....Non-white field recordists! Who are you? Drop your names & work! #fieldrecording
yearly reminder that the world’s first university was founded in Morocco in 859 by a Muslim woman, Fatima el-Fihri.…
Retweeted by Melissa Pons #BLACKLIVESMATTER#soundeffect Library creators: what are your top 3 bestselling libraries? #sounddesign #fieldrecording
Retweeted by Melissa Pons #BLACKLIVESMATTERI'm looking for uk based work experience opportunities in audio post for whenever it's safe to do so, any advice???
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@Trishluvsdolfin @macie05126866 @YourAnonNews He's not dead @Gingersonfire @ahnchrists @ElleMaeGal 😂😂 poor things @atasselmyer I’m sorry for your loss, Andrew. ♥️Vending machines in subway stations in Portugal. Masks, desinfectant, water. Also municipalities sent masks to peop… 2019, Constellations hosted an Indigenous Sound Art Fundraiser to spotlight a powerful voice + sounder in Canada…
Retweeted by Melissa Pons #BLACKLIVESMATTER @mariam_zakarian filled mostly with men. Privilege, privilege, privilege. @mariam_zakarian As a former student who had to work on retail at the same time to finance my living, that thread h… @KatKrause Thank you Katherine!
@victormelsan We’ll see. I did work my ass off but it lead me to much disappointment about people making films, pat… @victormelsan I definetely haven’t made it though 😬 just lucky the film went on a festival with sound award category @Twilakam No worries! It’s revolting. I’m far from the US and fortunately here everyone wears the mask and understa… @Twilakam Yeah I read your tweets now. I'm sorry about your friend and glad to know he's doing better. It's really… @Twilakam Hey, I think some tweets got mixed up. When I say it feels weird it was back at my post, nothing to do wi… @pablowapsi Thank you!! @Twilakam because it feels weird 😅 @victormelsan Thanks Victor 😊 @mariaqauteur Thought about you today! ♥️ @grhufnagl @vibe_crc Thanks so much! I’ll DM you shortly. :) @JavierQuesadaA Nice! 🤜 @KevinSenzaki Thanks, much appreciated :) @stokespur :D @KevinSenzaki I noticed before you nailed that really well :) @stokespur I WON a BEST SOUND AWARD for a film I WORKED MY ASS OFF. Uff thanks that felt nice 🥵 @GezSounds Yeah, I love the low-key :) @christheFER Thanks - it's nice to hear that :) I'm always afraid of feeling like I bragging. @JavierQuesadaA I'm doing it then! Let's go! @grhufnagl @vibe_crc All editing, sound design, field recording (hard to get but one of my favorites). I used to wo… @mariam_zakarian This is so true! @SubwooferSub Hahaha, loved it! :D @vibe_crc hopefully if I come to terms about doing it. 😁 @JavierQuesadaA I completely agree with you! But I've always felt reluctant about exposing that and I can't underst… @vibe_crc Thanks. I wonder if the absence of that info makes one miss opportunities. And it's starting to feel iron… @_morair It is there. But not here 🤦 @_morair I feel very awkward about mentioning it. 🙄 About my question, it's a curiosity. I have not been having sou… friends: if I change my profile to 'award winning sound designer' will that change the perception you have… @sarahsherIock @GiganticCranium I think this says a lot about the company / people itself. Does not seem like the h…
@SoundsLikeJoe I used Adam A3X for a while. Never disappointed me when I took the projects to the mix. Not very pricey either.Protestors in India demonstrate against H&M who refused to pay workers for a completed order after cancelling it. "…
Retweeted by Melissa Pons #BLACKLIVESMATTER @EdVaisman Haha! It's the Mindset & Performance podcast. This is like H&M claiming they do sustainable fashion. Fr… @DominicMisasi True, it's always a bit more than firstly expected. And I see now that they want an editor and mixe… @joseph_kennemer Yeah... well I’m mostly turned off about people. 😑Seeing so called life coaches writing on Forbes (between others) and having expensive programs to teach you how to… @RyanIkeComposer @Bandcamp Listening to West of Loathing now! So cool! :) @comebackshane @Vordio Does it count as terrible customer support? @TheSparrowRayne @petersrin This absolutely sucks. I’m so sorry. @Tommythecatz Huu that’s a big one! Happy to know I’m not alone on this. @izzy_marizee I think we’re a community! 😁I invite you to record & share a sound or two and participate in World Listening Day, coming soon. It's easy to joi…
Retweeted by Melissa Pons #BLACKLIVESMATTER @markkilborn Does she come from the middle ages? You never know with 5G. @sarahsherIock A lot of people can’t express their opinions in sound terms and don’t bother trying. There was a cou… @JavierQuesadaA We’re in this together! 🎧 @Mariana_J_Lopez Not unpopular with me, sadly not surprised. @JavierQuesadaA Yes I’m using headphones too for that! 😁 @FlorianArdelean @duncsound @SoundSparkChase uhm didn't hear about this before. Well, the world is really loud thou… @mariam_zakarian So sorry about that. Stress really is a killer. I hope you find a balanced way. @mgr88 @mariam_zakarian This looks beautiful! :) I love plants too. Thanks for sharing! @petersrin the day after they were telling of a producer who didn't bother with "stupid clients" and would just tel… @petersrin for a company bcause they paid late 70% of the times with absolute disregard for the freelancers. Even t… @petersrin No worries, I didn't take it that way. :) It's just that it's easier for a women to be called crazy than… @SoundSparkChase Oh, that is something. I'm definitely going to look up bamboo plates one day. @grhufnagl @SoundSparkChase I never heard about the term! I stress a lot with high-school sounds: kids screaming, t… @petersrin I wish the best for you! @petersrin It's difficult so now imagine women. I've always spoke out against unjust stuff (paying late is a big co… @thepocketsnacks I felt the same, actually. I was a bit surprise to see it. Only goes to show there is still a long… @EiravaeinWorks True, I too handle other horrible noises better. I wonder where this is rooted. @mariam_zakarian And I mean grown ups. I think somewhere in their minds they thought kids are immune to loud noises. 🤦‍♀️ @blinkyowl Ha I get it! That does not bother me that much but when you said packaging I actually remembered packing… @mariam_zakarian Yes! I have been staying near a highway and I can see how it drives my anxiety up. I remember dur… this wave of call-outs I hope at least a couple people who hold power over these harmful men take a good loo…
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@petersrin Haha. Usually the ones who seek to have a fairer work emvironment are called the ‘problematic’. Ufffff. @petersrin Continue talking, please! We need to be more than the oppressors! @sarahb_paw You certainly don’t suck at everything! But I understand your feelings. But hey, let’s say that EVEN I… @sarahb_paw That’s horrible. I’m so sry. I’ve been through similar but I guess that just because I’m a girl, that’s… @sarahb_paw No one should talk down even we have 2 months of experience. Call out on those people, we can’t take this shit any longer! @Starpiss That’s exactly what lead me to this post 😬😬 @JavierQuesadaA It’s so rooted. It’s gonna take generations. @cconventional Maybe not. It’s the stocking of plates that make me uncomfortable. @pbrane @maosbot All COVID-19 victims didn’t eat meat, clearly. @Snoopy_20111 I'm with you, buddy! @YuriChicago Very likely! Boys need to hear some stuff and girls should know feel they are safe to speak up! @YuriChicago thx for taking the time to read it! @DamenStark I got gas lighted every time... "I'm just trying to help" they say or "just asking a question". It's g… @hatter7607 They got some comments on this and took the post down but didn’t say a word. @DamenStark One thing that I think is left a bit out of the conversation is how certain guys who are aware of typic…'m sorry for my portuguese english. I'm convinced I type faster than my brain properly processes things.