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Married to my husband & my volunteer work: @NYSafewayLax, @AviatorWheels @TinyLifeCharity

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RT & follow @OriginalFunko for a chance to WIN a 2019 #NYCC exclusive Evil Groundskeeper Willie Pop! #Funko
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OMG!!! Party Down Reunion!! #lizzycaplan @mradamscott @KenMarino @MeganMullally @HiRyanHansen
Retweeted by Melissa Scopelitis @AllLizzyCaplan @mradamscott @KenMarino @MeganMullally @HiRyanHansen 😱😱😱😱😱 too bad it's in LA. Vulture usually has… her birthday, the late, great Penny Marshall during the making of four of her films: JUMPIN' JACK FLASH with…
Retweeted by Melissa Scopelitis"Look Who’s Talking" was the #1 movie at the box office today in 1989. It was the first of five straight weeks on t…
Retweeted by Melissa ScopelitisTomorrow, we ride 🏍🌺 #HarleysInHawaii
Retweeted by Melissa Scopelitis @welovelizzy @castlerockhulu @AllLizzyCaplan Having seen the first episode at NY Comic Con, I was blown away! Pheno… @cheryl_alyson @dscope146 Thank you!
I will defend Muppet Treasure Island until the day I die.
Retweeted by Melissa Scopelitis @frogoflamancha I agree its definitely one of the better post Jim projectsOur fabulous choir in rehearsal. Tickets will soon be on sale for their Christmas concert in The Great Hall, Parlia…
Retweeted by Melissa Scopelitis🛴 RT TO WIN 🛴 Retweet this for your chance to win a @mconforto8 autographed baseball! ⚾️ ✍️
Retweeted by Melissa ScopelitisLucky #7 happy anniversary to me and @dscope146 @enid_eyeglass There's definitely room for everything, but his point was it doesn't compare to classic cinema and I… @enid_eyeglass My argument with this whole thing that I agreed with him on is while all those franchise films make… Realizes She Has Ears!
Retweeted by Melissa ScopelitisRT & follow @OriginalFunko for a chance to WIN a 2019 #NYCC exclusive Pink Chrome Batman Pop! #Funko #Exclusive
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@kat_damac I have several pairsSaw #Joker it was very good, but not mind blowing. Phoenix was fantastic, but I thought he's been since he was a… movies and preview for @castlerockhulu with #LizzyCaplan !!! @welovelizzy @AllLizzyCaplanWaiting to see @ArkhamComedy first I thought - Ugh, now I actually have to apologize. But then ... @VancityReynolds
Retweeted by Melissa Scopelitis4 people followed me and 3 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by you, Carole Demas to you and your husband for a beautiful evening of music in your home. It was a wonderful… @Rox66_RD86 @CMT My husband always talks about how he watched Die Hard badly edited on one of those channels and th…
@fiftyshadesgon1 @CMT No worse than Grease Lightnin @AmyBonaduce Not sure who did the writing, they just provided some of the movie stills etc @fiftyshadesgon1 @CMT I don't know. I cringe to think how they butchered or entirely skipped Grease Lightnin. I tur… @TinyLifeCharity @KnockGolfClub I love the Tiny Life balloons!!Was watching #Grease on @CMT this morning and disturbed that they totally cut out basically the entire sleepover sc… @AmyBonaduce My former job worked on thatRT & follow @OriginalFunko for a chance to WIN - The Addams Family Pop! prize pack! #Funko #Pop #Giveaway
Retweeted by Melissa Scopelitis @OriginalFunko My #FunkoPop #Halloween themed collection so far I'm spending my Friday night #FridayNightFun #garfield #Halloween #1980scartoons #tvspecial
It has arrived! #Sesame50 #SesameStreet photograph for Alfred Hitchcock’s PSYCHO (1960).
Retweeted by Melissa Scopelitis @AuudreyGarrett @JamieDornan_Inc I'm not being sweet I am observing what I see! Expression and body language speak… @AuudreyGarrett @JamieDornan_Inc Which is ironic considering he bothered them like 4 times that night. And neither… @AuudreyGarrett @JamieDornan_Inc Ha that's right lol @AuudreyGarrett @JamieDornan_Inc I was emailing with him for awhile when I thought he was just getting a bad reputa… @JamieDornan_Inc @AuudreyGarrett But yet I've seen him verbally attack people and talk down to women in general wit… @AuudreyGarrett @JamieDornan_Inc Seriously. He blocked me and emailed me angrily shouting at me that I was a liar,… @AuudreyGarrett @JamieDornan_Inc Hes a nutcase @SolidGold80s Omg I never knew that was herAfternoon Tea at Parliament Building Saturday 9th November - tour of Stormont, music by McAuley Swing Duo in the ma…
Retweeted by Melissa ScopelitisLET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN. 🔂
Retweeted by Melissa Scopelitis @MuppetMindset @FiftyShadesCali @E_L_James I'm still in the middle of reading thisHappy #Huluween from our favorite residents. #NYCC19 🔪
Retweeted by Melissa Scopelitis @80sThen80sNow @RollingStones @QUIETRIOT Start Me Up. That was the song we used to intro our wedding party into the reception @jamiedornanpt And Jon Hamm! How come when I've seen this pic posted recently nobody mentions him? @sgraceworld I know. I saw pics of bears in a swimming pool on news this morning yesterdayKermit the Frog is always so fashionable.
Retweeted by Melissa Scopelitis @scarytai Adrian Brody stole the show in this one @frogoflamancha But dont forget shes really a fruit bat @britneyppp In mine it does. He has the crease under his eye. He genuinely enjoyed talking to myself and my friend… @britneyppp That's him goofing. You can smile without teeth. @TinyLifeCharity Thank you! @brianjayjones Wow, that's incredible. Overall it was a brilliant of my favorite parts also had to be whe… Be Told coming to @AppleTVPlus December 6th! Finally!
Retweeted by Melissa ScopelitisLizzy Caplan on 'Shades' of Kathy Bates, Portraying Mental Illness in 'Castle Rock'
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Some screenshots for @TruthBeTold coming out December 6th on @AppleTV BTW Lizzy is a blonde and brunette!…
Retweeted by Melissa Scopelitis @AllLizzyCaplan @TruthBeTold @AppleTV I pray I get this apple TV on my Amazon firestick btw early December! Just in… @AllLizzyCaplan @TruthBeTold @AppleTV Wait is she playing a dual role?? I think this is first time I heard this! @kat_damac Thank you. Aww so cute @TCFan1 @ElviraWayans Thank you, Noreen! ❤ @justsomouthy25 Yeah its definitely some kind of drip now on the heels of this stupid viral crap I've had since last week @Dani_MB It definitely is not I'm highly allergic to amoxicillin and penicillin in general lolJamie Dornan and Anthony Mackie Sci-Fi Thriller 'Synchronic' Acquired by Well Go USA
Retweeted by Melissa ScopelitisToday's Muppet of the Day is Doglion! Doglion was created for the second season of the Muppet Show, and appeared t…
Retweeted by Melissa Scopelitis @justsomouthy25 Drainage? @kat_damac I've been doing that @britneyppp That's why I'm lucky I got both the one time I've been able to meet him so far @daltonator What is that?Ok Twitter friends, anyone have suggestions of home remedies for sore throat? Been fighting a viral infection since… and see me this coming Monday, October 14th. 7:30pm at The Slipper Room NYC! You don't wanna miss it.
Retweeted by Melissa ScopelitisSUSPIRIA (2018) Cinematography by Sayombhu Mukdeeprom Directed by Luca Guadagnino Read our review:…
Retweeted by Melissa Scopelitis @sgraceworld Oh it was so cute and funny. Miss piggy was going nuts over him etc lol he was on sesame street too later after his accident. @BG_GForce @RMaclean58 I can understand that. I thankfully havent had anything THAT serious happen but I have had a… @BG_GForce @RMaclean58 😳😳😳 wow remind me to never piss you off #pleasebemybestfriendNothing says Halloween season like this great #TBT pic of me and my frighteningly talented old pal Vincent Price!
Retweeted by Melissa ScopelitisThere is nothing quite as pure as Kermit the Frog riding a bicycle.
Retweeted by Melissa Scopelitis'9 to 5' is almost four decades old and still one of the greatest comedies about the workplace. We gave a listen to…
Retweeted by Melissa ScopelitisHappy 70th Birthday to JESSICA HARPER, born #onthisday in 1949! 🎂
Retweeted by Melissa Scopelitis @sgraceworld He was so gorgeous and talented. What happened to him was tragic. I loved when he was on The Muppet ShowThe drama film about Joseph Merrick "The Elephant Man" debuted in theatres today in 1980. The film stars John Hurt,…
Retweeted by Melissa Scopelitis @RMaclean58 I like when people say how allegedly irrelevant I am to them, but yet they have people who send them sc…**** Giveaway **** We have 4 copies of #TheMister to giveaway via our FB page and Twitter 2 are unsigned 2 are…
Retweeted by Melissa Scopelitis @brianjayjones I have to say this was the most in depth account I've heard on his illness and death, and this is co… legend of the ❄️🐻 continues! @Pete_Alonso20 was UNANIMOUSLY selected as @BaseballAmerica's Rookie of the Year.…
Retweeted by Melissa Scopelitis @LIRRcomplaints @LIRRpassSuck I feel ya. And if I leave my house 5 minutes later, that 5 minute drive turns into 20TRUTH @kat_damac @JudyGarlandFilm @recordstoreday Play it! I buy stuff to enjoy them not to sit on a shelf. Things are on… BUELLER'S DAY OFF (1986) Cinematography by Tak Fujimoto Directed by John Hughes Explore more shots in our…
Retweeted by Melissa Scopelitis @robertkilcoyne2 Oh I know. The rest of us miss out on fun stuff and possibly interacting with her because of these… people followed me and 5 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by @OddNMacabre Wtf??
@NY_Comic_Con Me and #LizzyCaplan post her amazing @castlerockhulu panel @NY_Comic_Con @JoeManganiello at the Bait booth promoting his @deathsaves clothing line for her. Bunch of frigging stalkers. She's trying to use social media for good, but instead getting grief to t…