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Joined Twitter 10/30/10 & @sallycberlin popped into see @denissulta on his @BBCR1 Residency show, chatting b2bs and playing some unr… @Shinobidan ClassicProud to present @RedBullMusicUK Refractions at @studio338 in London in March with an insane line up of incredibly… @Patrick_Topping @tricklabel Strong outfit boss @DJLKP I was just talking to my wife about the reflective belters you’d get in ReflexSheffield has had a massive impact on me as it was the closest place to Donny next to Leeds that had something goin… @Jack_ngton I’d never need to edit bulla cakeIn case anyone’s never heard Bulla Cake🏎🏎 @WileyUK @GlastoFest Champion levels thereIt’s all art is just different mediums, pen or speakers it’s designed to make you move in some way @96Back1 VerySome @MellaDee_ fire 🔥👊
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@anakristensen I’d defo hit those 2, vinyl exchange bags everything and lots of good stuff, honest jons selection i… @anakristensen Honest Jons and Notting Hill Vinyl Exchange are both proper spots within walking distance around my… @anakristensen Digging or new releases?.@RedBullMusicUK Refractions: curated by @MellaDee_ Verrrrrry exciting line up with: @courtesy707, Dance System (…
Retweeted by Mella Deean incredible lineup curated by @MellaDee_ in March 🙌 @RedBullMusicUK @ @studio338 joined by some of my favourite…
Retweeted by Mella Dee @DJBarelyLegal Pure racket e d B u l l R e f r a c t i o n s Announced: man like @MellaDee_ curates this sick line up, including our very o…
Retweeted by Mella DeeThe levels are fundamental, once you start to consider where you want a sound to sit in the mix it means you can st… booter still needs a good grooveListen, listen again, listen some more, keep listeningTuesday morning, cuppa, risky roadz on the TV. LezzgoGrand Rising G’s❤️
Retweeted by Mella DeeRETWEET FOR CHANCE TO WIN X4 VIP TICKETS // Our 24th Birthday part 1 is looking big with @MellaDee_ - T78 - Boots &…
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Yes @WileyUK All Summer @RosesGabor It’s like im looking for what’s missing, even if that means taking things out etc, it’s the only way a can clearly see things.@octo_octa has wrote a guide that will help you make sense of setting up a home and studio and the things that wil… @RosesGabor That repetition is key for me @jody_norburn Ideal 💜U can’t buy pizazz.
Retweeted by Mella DeeCouple dons Mix stems would drive some people mental, like full on parts on top of each other that I’ve basically got to just work around @thisisliquid There’s so much new stuff happening in wavetable world that’s interesting but I’m happy grabbed them… @northworksmusic Honestly I love it allBack"both members of Cabaret Voltaire believed in offering opportunities to people from w/in the Sheffield scene, espec…
Retweeted by Mella Dee @FazeMiyake 50 year contractsI need to pay a visit to an art supply shop, this shits addictive @RosesGabor Same don. Let’s geddit ❤️ @RosesGabor Here for that @Rroxymore Same!Back in the studio today. 6 weeks out. The interesting part is finding the sketches I’ve been working on before tha…
@PaulWoolford @WileyUK Didn’t even click it was his birthday when I was shouting him@being the best this morning. 1… @atrak Love a good stretchI make music for myself, I feel different about my music every single day, sometimes it leads to feeling lost, but… @lucyproducti0n @jossymitsu 0121SOYO001Big up Robert Gordon’m going to start another labelI don’t need syrup I ain’t got a cough @RosesGabor No one can ever tell me differentHeads-up! You can now read an exclusive extract from #JoinTheFuture(@BleepAndBass) on @theQuietus
Retweeted by Mella DeeWileys still the greatest @djqmusic Big boy DJ Q
@lucyproducti0n 100 percent, plenty of people will try find some way to label it @I_Skream Werk @haaidj @PatternsBTN Send it @ScratchaDVA @TheRikoDan Big up happy hardcore forever @Dreadmc @UKREDLIGHT I’m here for it, dominoes and jenga in the mix @Dreadmc @UKREDLIGHT Love a scrabble battle @FazeMiyake Bump into him out and about with a quick ‘yes g, what you sayin’ now I guess then @TRAINTRACS Defo not a great art teacher @BenjaminDamage I played the leads off trance tunes with some keyboard that had a pitch bend, literally the limit o… @I_Skream College/6th form stopped me as I had a tutor who wouldn’t let me be, I had to have any explanation for ev… lot of people will say shit to you that just doesn’t matter @I_Skream Basically my art teacher, my PSE teacher and a form tutor were about the only ones who actually half unde…’ll always remember my art teacher at secondary school who never tried to stop me doing what made me happy rather… @djbone313 Feels goodStep to the rhythm made out of brown paper3hrs of techno innit...
Retweeted by Mella Dee @maryniloc Mate, game changing. We off out tonight?London what’s happening tonight. I’m back and ready for a danceBig up Terry Riley, got stuck in a wormhole of albums past few days and there’s some exceptional sounds to be had thereVery excited to be back home in W10#JoinTheFuture author @sellbydave has written about some of his favourite overlooked and under-appreciated Bleep cu…
Retweeted by Mella Dee13 hour flight and I slept for 10 hours 💪🏼
Back at @WHP_Mcr this March bringing the all night back to back with @DenisSulta to The Concourse 🌪
Welcome to the next edition of Club Room featuring new music from @FourTet @BawrutSilencio @MarcoFaraone @MellaDee_
Retweeted by Mella Dee @keinobjekt Yeah, hopefully the EQs are better, at least they’ve gone to 4 bands. I think I’ll at least play with i… @keinobjekt Also Xone volume fader knobs have a tendency to fling off for me which is annoying @keinobjekt That isolator looks exciting, if that sounds good could be onto a winner.2nd wave of acts for #RF20 are here (day splits today at 4pm)! Excited to welcome @disclosure (Scottish exclusive)…
Retweeted by Mella DeeYo @LeoDiCaprio I’ve been to your beach and it’s alright mate. Big up Thailand it’s been vibes, shouts to the… @DenisSulta I’m clicking, picking up a pen and doodling has helped me a bit, and I’ve read but it’s been about music still