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Mella Dee @MellaDee_ London via Doncaster

DJ / Producer and label boss of Warehouse Music 🏭 Management: Bookings:

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Oh wow... @Spotify only went and put me on the cover of The Loft playlist!!! GASSED ☺️
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My new EP “Endless Clouds” is available now on all digital platforms! Vinyl will be available from 21/08... Test pr…
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The mix I did for @untitled909 has been included in @EBnet's top 7 mixes of July!
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Retweeted by Mella DeeI’ve literally got about 50 tracks at the moment, and only a handful of them which I’ve made solid plans with. The… @berwynberwyn_ So goodthank you thank you ❤️❤️
Retweeted by Mella DeeTwisted Funk - I Love It (Black) [Music Video] | GRM Daily via @YouTube
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hey ladssssss, my recent @BBCR1 show is up and it's very naughty 😈 tracks from @hooversoundrecs @AkoBeatz
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Retweeted by Mella Dee🧊🧊🧊 @HaiderBRKR The people need to know brother xFollow @HaiderBRKR Follow @HaiderBRKR Follow @HaiderBRKR
Byron The Aquarius “Apron EP” Release date 28th Aug! Pre orders up this Friday on Bandcamp. @Aquariusmusiq 📹: M…
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@RadioDEBONAIR Bangs tbfPleased to share my remix for @Prospauk’s wicked track Ecstasy (Over and Over) Made this for the club, v much look…
Retweeted by Mella Dee @_noncompliant_ @melodysenemy @GrooveArmada What a game
Big up @iambenga @VinSol No but that’s a mission for my studio tech to get on with for sure“It’s a new decade, and we’re definitely retiring people thinking that women don’t produce” @UNIIQU3 delivers this…
Retweeted by Mella DeeFor the latest edition of RTRN Radio. @iamsherelle takes control. Hold tight for a ragga jungle power hour. Lock i…
Retweeted by Mella DeeAnswering questions live on @reddit now if there’s owt you’d like to ask me 💬's brilliant LP 'For You' captures the allure of losing yourself on the dancefloor. We meet the prod…
Retweeted by Mella Dee @EngineEarz I was ready to, well awkward fuse size as well so took a minute to sort @EngineEarz Innit, I was wounded when it blew after a few weeks but it was just the fuse went. Been behaving since then @EngineEarz I’ve got the SE and never noticed it’s noisy tbf, it was from soundgas so came serviced which is nice @mrstevemac Get lost just trying to find ideas running stuff through it for hours sometimes @EngineEarz Going in! I wouldn’t say no to another tbfASK ME OWT! Going live on @reddit from 6pm GMT / 11am PST - lock in via link below to ask me anything 💬… @seb_zito That’s what I’m heading towards thinking, not sure wether to go for one of the main elektron machines or… @LBL_Music This has been an idea tbf @DjWheezie It won’t let you down when you go for it, so much inspiration just running sounds through it and you don… @kweefsterr If it’s gonna take centre stage and you specifically want the swing/sound quality elements that it has… @RenPhillipsDJ I can imagine it is, but if it’s anything like the box it’s the worth the hassle , I’ve got one of t… up the Eventide H3000 if you want to send your sounds into another dimensions the algorithms in there will do it for you rapidly'The main contractor on the Grenfell Tower refurbishment secretly “pocketed” £126,000 while switching the cladding…
Retweeted by Mella Dee @kweefsterr I want something modern, the old mpc just require too much effort learning for what it’s worth outcome wise @tiraquon Just seems like a logical move innit. Might keep the more drum synthesis centric stuff but I feel for the… drum machine/sampler for me to load up all the drum machine samples possible and use as my main rhythm machine?
"That’s what I want @GobstopperRec to be to other Black electronic musicians. The nod that says, “We see you, we he…
Retweeted by Mella Dee @codeinedrums Absolute booter, shouts to Big Ang alwaysIt’s cold outside @YesTomas Big up don 🧊hey, I’ve spent a year documenting UK Garage Split over 6 chapters & with 15 participants, this piece explores UKG…
Retweeted by Mella Dee @iamdetboi Couple of Yorkshire sounds in the mix @Gregor__P @HaiderBRKR All heatersWM015 Means a lot for me to release a record from @HaiderBRKR on Warehouse Music. It’s literally like putting out…
@skillzyboy Yes mate big upThe north is bouncy @OfficialMXNiC Platnum or Addictive on a tune would be levels @sellbydave That’s defo the territory @TEEDinosaurs I’ll wrap it up tomorrow and fire overSomewhere between bassline and techno @DJWouterS This one is funWrote a piece for the new DJ Mag
Retweeted by Mella Dee @96Back1 Desired reaction. Making bassline is too much fun. I forgot @DJJeromeHill Good way to describe bassline tbf @DJJeromeHill The mods have opened up a whole new world of rowdiness @EevilTwynne Yeah it’s got the option of driving into the filter and there’s an FM mod making it even rowdierModded 101 fun
@Dexplicit BooterYes @Dexplicit about the 10th listen of this. @HaiderBRKR @artworkmagnetic Up north anthem that
Rewinding back to 2005 and the golden days of Niche with @HaiderBRKR
Retweeted by Mella Dee @HaiderBRKR He’s not going double dip evisuI finally did it... DS1 2005 Niche Mix for you to all enjoy this Friday. Respect to everyone who was there, who kno…
Retweeted by Mella DeeMy don/best man @HaiderBRKR done did a belter of a mix that will enhance your Friday for @untitled909 to celebrate…'m so so excited to share this mix from the legend that is @HaiderBRKR who takes us back to the golden days of Nic…
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2020 up DJ Veteran miss the dancing levels you got in a bassline rave. Full on vogue no holds barred stuff bring your best moves to the floorEveryone deserves to know this one song trap phone is a love song between two individuals one inside the bubble and one outside of it. The trap ph…
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Retweeted by Mella DeeThe ‘05 Niche’ mix coming from my brother @HaiderBRKR is next level. Proper tear it out in your living room stuff @TheBlackDog Boot off o clock @BBC6Music @danielmarkavery Daniel AveryNiche Crew twitter! I am so pleased to share that I spoke to the wonderful @indiajordan8 in the new issue of…
Retweeted by Mella Dee @96Back1 Basically is tbf @gjluckhurst Paid 15 quid to send one 12” so I definitely lost money on that @DeanMuhsin It extended beyond Sheffield and what people thought about Niche as a club. Police locking off anywhere…’s quite mad the level of snobbery that bassline/niche came up against as a soundBooter
@JonSWFC Ah glad to hear, enjoy! @TheBlackDog Yeah it’s a booter like. Defo could pump a bit more though @TheBlackDog Proper Niche CrewThe first two tracks of my new ep Put Your Head Above The Parakeets are out now on @MuteUK / @MuteUSA I wrote the…
Retweeted by Mella Dee @AnnieMac So hyped with how it looks @gabrielszatan Belter mix