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@MellaDee_ Club. Club. Another club.
Retweeted by Mella Dee @haaidj @MellaDee_ Bus. Bus. Train. No sleep.
Retweeted by Mella Dee @MellaDee_ Club. Nother club.
Retweeted by Mella DeeDon’t stop, No Sleep
🤡 @circolocoibiza 🤡 Saturday b2b @DenisSulta Ready 🏎 incoming... 🏢 Dance System - Can’t Stop EP @lvis1990 18 🔴@fuegorazzmatazz: @GangstaBooQOM + @nickhook + Sanatruja + @Yibrilx 🔴THE LOFT: @MellaDee_ + @TijanaT +…
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I’m gonna make sure I’ve got all my new stuff pumping ready to play the main room at Mayfield Depot Warehouse Music AW19 collection💚 @BBCR1 CORRECTION. Email is saoirsemusic86 @ gmail . com
Retweeted by Mella DeeThis months @BBCR1 show will have a focus on new & undiscovered music. If you've released something in the past 6 m…
Retweeted by Mella Dee @aidanstothard @Lew_Black94 More raving more life @TheRikoDan Proper, you’re defo up in the top dons tier an allSo lots of police at Lambeth Bridge since 8am checking for "ID" This is an attempt to stop XR but also acts as hig…
Retweeted by Mella DeeWiley is still the greatestTechno Belter EP on Warehouse Music is up on Bandcamp now along with a restock of WM001, 003 and 005 🏢… to Amsterdam which is ideal because I love it there 💚
.@circolocoibiza with the big dons on Saturday b2b with my brother @DenisSulta 🧨 Friday at Razzmatazz with @TijanaT 🔥🏢🔥 In Stock: Mella Dee - Techno Disco Tool EP Warehouse Music @MellaDee_
Retweeted by Mella Dee✔️✔️✔️✔️ @MellaDee_ 🙌🙌🙌🙌
Retweeted by Mella DeeFinishing up a huge batch of the best music I’ve ever wrote and it’s all quite varied. It’s a nice feelingForward Motion 🏎
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Forward Motion 🏎't wait for my debut at the one and only @SmartBar, Chicago and @elsewherespace, New York alongside the big don… @iamnightwave A good one?Writing is about capturing energy and creativity, Arranging is about listening and refining and Mixing is what gels… you have to destroy and rebuild an idea to make it come to lifeWhy even buy a pack of biscuits if you don’t intend to body them in the space of one brew
@WazeOdyssey I get there on Wednesday as well, go Barcelona Friday then play Saturday & SundayAnything worth while on a tech tip going off at ADE. I.e somewhere with loads of machines that I can play about withOrdering pasta to meet me at home on a Sunday evening after a long journey home is ideal @haaidj @blackmadonnachi Always here for thisBig up all the dancers inside Shelter last night. I love that room and I live Amsterdam 💚
TONIGHT 🍄 Warehouse Music at Shelter 🏢’m staying in room 420 whilst in Amsterdam. I feel blessed. It was meant to be @gary_lancaster @neworder Where at? @Neil_D_94 @spencer_parker 2 - 4:30Can’t wait for Warehouse Music @ Shelter tonight in Amsterdam. Big dons @spencer_parker & Radioslave alongside for the ride 🔥🏢🔥
@Shorterz It’s a mad oneBig up Donny Big up @indiajordan8 🏢 @its_talker DX200 at moment just for the playability of it, paired with using push for its sequencing means I have… @Louparrinello Saturday @circolocoibiza 🏎Trying to get so many new tracks ready for testing these next few weeksMaking and releasing music is a compulsion for me, there’s no grand strategy or plan I just have to get it out and… @Reuben_Gee Shout when you’re overWhere can I make some music next week in Amsterdam? I’m there from WednesdayOFFWORLD Released today Space Age Love Songs Double clear vinyl / Digital On @HoundstoothLBL
Retweeted by Mella DeeMy obsession with FM Arps has definitely still got a way to go before I’m through the other sideInterval 1/16 We Present you @MellaDee_ at @o2academyoxford #SwitchOxford TICKETS :
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The One and Only FELIPE NUNES 🇧🇷
Retweeted by Mella Dee @dreamlogicc Vexed is next levelStill wild Jones is on some whole different level his #WarehouseMusic tour on the road, check out the cities that @MellaDee_ will be hitting up 💃
Retweeted by Mella DeeDive into Warehouse Music with @MellaDee_ on our 100th Podcast
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🚨My Can’t Stop EP is out 08.11.19 on @MellaDee_ 's Warehouse Music, pre-order now: 🚧 Launc…
Retweeted by Mella Dee🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🛸 was heavy on Saturday shouts to everyone that came and kept it heads down in the dance with me. 7 hours… grew up going all different types of dances where people danced to all different types of sounds but my favourite… is a don @docscott31 @MARTYN3024 @djbensims @I_Skream No luck from me here but I’m here for the IDCan’t wait to get back to Amsterdam this Saturday for Warehouse Music at Shelter alongside Radioslave and the man like @spencer_parker 🏢
@MaxEvz untz untz @SCVdistribution Done @I_Skream @I_Skream amount of fucking wild music @I_Skream has made over the years is deep My copy of this record is battered @RIZLATEEF111 @I_Skream @WileyUpdates the dedication is realArdkore Neveh Dies @billxcuttin @will_taurion It’s great @benwestbeech Sick, both absolute belters @mgoldenbarnes @WarpRecords Big up mate appreciated @OrdAaron It’s a very specific request I must admit but it’s one I need help inCan anyone help me in getting a replacement 11” radiator cone for a focal SM9 @nouniform @WHP_Mcr @AnnieMac @Amp That’ll be an absolute belter though!Can’t wait to be back at @WHP_Mcr for the one and only @AnnieMac ready to bang the big room at the Mayfield Depot 🏢 @blackdownLDN @Hyponik @Darwin_REEF @ronan_eternal My constraints became me focusing on making a setup that ran liv… @iamdetboi Same, I just boot up the machines, start making noise and record what happensIf you find a formula that works don't just get stuck doing that, fuck it up and come with something fresh. I'm not… @blackdownLDN @Hyponik @Darwin_REEF @ronan_eternal The ways in which you can manipulate raw material are ever expan… @JakePorritt Big time, so much was going off and it was like . big ripple effect coming from what was happening at… @JakePorritt In hindsight it’s all a bit mad mate. Big up Tropical innitSo glad I was there to experience what was going on in Leeds around those time, driving from Donny multiple times a…’ve never felt bass like Mala on the Iration rig in the front room, the kind of weight that moves youReconnecting with a lot of my old records is always a good time. Memories of West Indian centre and Subdub/Exodus a…"A Solute To Those People Who Say Fuck You" - Mark Bell
Retweeted by Mella DeeGeeneus - Congo @mgoldenbarnes @WarpRecords Pure brilliance
Ornz Kru R U Readeh?! Music 011_Dance System @lvis1990 Can’t Stop EP out 08.11.19 on vinyl + digital 🧡 A1_Can’t Stop (Lovin U)… @WillSaul @Ausmusicuk Look forward to hearing it