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i love dying and being dead. he/him

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ina garten? looks more like shes in a house lol @InAnotherSea @AliceAvizandum feel like telling you "that's lola bunny, not jessica rabbit" is some kind of trap
@comingupcharlie just get rid of it, if it's good enough for the yukon territory it's good enough for NZ @whitequark @atomicthumbs skin depth will also be basically nothing at those frequencies in any decent conductor. N… @BosniaPM @prstskrzkrk And then they turned Nauru into yet another racism island @beatupguts Honestly that was the whole point of the tweet @beatupguts 6'1" girl from tinder I've been talking to is a tattoo artist so maybewent ✈️ outside @mattsutaaki your response has been noted, thank ever feel bad about using the website that murderous nazi varg vikernes (his account in the screenshots) went t… @xoayquanh well, that and comparing to previous data of the same type @xoayquanh the good news is that it mostly only matters on an order of magnitude scale @Steve_Fiorillo @MurderBryan I mean naming your band the male version of succubus already communicates a lot of intent from the get go @quendergeer @AliceAvizandum the movie that slandered the great nations of new zealand and canada to make the fucking CIA look better @caleb_blog i believe they must simply hate the goblin, but i cannot fathom why @oldlinds shame is such a useless feeling when you profit from attention @por_ous i wrote like 2 paragraphs yesterday... pretty goodThe cold-blooded murder of two Métis men hunting to feed their families after COVID-19 layoffs should be national n…
Retweeted by ingmar burgfan @caleb_blog they never let the goblin just chill out @lunch_enjoyer greag Peppers
@JordanUhl @AmesCG ratio @AyCeeAyBee @JordanUhl @AmesCG the quests in 3 are mostly boring and linear while NV has things like this @AyCeeAyBee @JordanUhl @AmesCG what on earth are you talking about, new vegas is the narrative peak of the modern s… @Doctor__Cheeks @chump_dick it was buggy as shit on release, especially on consoles, but it's still a million times better than 3 @DaveCatsDave @AbiWilks jesus, i hope if anyone ever plays me on film they're that generous with the casting @Thai11353119 @ashwini1231231 @YOJIMBO_KING @__Rgaur yeah, people are dumb as shitthe worst part of the covid swab test is being reminded how much space there is in our sinuses. it's excessive, som… @LauraEmilyBored no it was a legitimate question, I obviously need help with my tweets @LauraEmilyBored Would it be better if it was "quarantine day 16: thinking about tweeting 'soap scum is short for soap's cum'"Soap scum is short for soap's cum @pedrorossob honestly you can point and laugh at any part of it. like the weird causeway in the top middle is "ital… sticker with an oil derrick crossed out and "the only extractive industry i support is my local cafe" beside a coffee cup @mister_smiley i don't know if any actually did, the wikipedia page only lists reports of brad pitt & angelina joli… given that it's dubai, what has been built was probably done by slave labour or a very close approximation of itthey started building this thing in 2004, finished making the islands and breakwater in 2008, and still only like 1… didn't even try about possibly the dumbest dubai megaproject from the 2000s, The World who has their tweets delete on a regular schedule is a coward @bigbaddru @boring_as_heck what made you think that @boring_as_heck lmfao @BespokeHoover an aggressive bout of unfollowing or at least turning off retweets @whatcan_browndo @olivia_vault im 28 and if someone talked like this in my presence i would simply leave immediately and go home @dieDoktor @menstralkrampus @eatinginmycar @andraydomise the rest of the thread is discarded gum under shoes. it's… is also the 10th most liveable city in the world according to Monocle magazine, in its 2017 index.[20] @w_wwww_wwww_w @yarles_p ive seen some people say the same for geometry in high school, but I never particularly cared for it
@caleb_blog it whips @caleb_blog wait a minute that cauldron has feet... cauldron onlyfans when? @caleb_blog people never rate staring into flames highly enough @tombomp ah yeah probably. honestly i just fuckin hate the way harpsichords sound, so that's my stance sorted @leninliker1990 do you know about the thing they do to sheep @tombomp ive heard that theres a certain set who still think that pianos are like an illegitimate newfangled instrument, which is hilariousevopsych nerds pay attentionNZ seems like a good example to illustrate how evolution doesn't make things ideal: there were no mammals so a bunc… @nut_bunnies @mike_hugs sandstorm started playing in my head when this went off @dust__bath well, it wasn't in america @mattsutaaki @por_ous i think we have pretty much opposite food opinions. mine are right though @por_ous @mattsutaaki heres my nuance: they get increasingly bad the more ripe they get but that period when they'r… yoghurt milk & fruit didnt have one. this sucks @mattsutaaki yeah... on mushrooms i bet @mattsutaaki aet shit @mike_hugs this made me check whether they fudge the probabilities and it sounds like the answer is no this rules
Retweeted by ingmar burgfan @lusc_j *puffs pipe* so few of us are actually in relationships that we make up for that display by ostentatious horniness instead @davidanagy3 @christapeterso tweeting a douglas adams quote makes me feel like a nerd but im gonna do it anyway: "I…'m sorry i can't be her but i'm trying
Retweeted by ingmar burgfan @zusty "low-income housing" got me good @demarionunn @mrstripplea it is still of course complete and utter nonsense, but here's the background for why that… christ what a self-important dipshit this guy is @generalslug an edamamiMeanwhile in New Zealand
Retweeted by ingmar burgfan @WenSchw @Chris_arnade is
No I don't @ItsPhetz theres a whole industry dedicated to trying to outsmart birds and we lose every time @WenSchw @Chris_arnade yes it is @LauraEmilyBored it took a solid 15 minutes of work to make it this bad but still almost readable, please appreciate it @DavidDiSab @kept_simple @KatzOnEarth no it isn'thit that button ! @DavidDiSab @kept_simple @KatzOnEarth thankfully i'm not an american citizen or resident but from this vantage poin… Mac are a British-American polycule, formed in London in 1967. They have sold more than 120 million recor…
Retweeted by ingmar burgfan @DavidDiSab @kept_simple @KatzOnEarth _if they vote_, genius @reader_jean @JustJoshinNH @SRMillar3 "you can be served by this rapist you kind of agree with on a few points, or… @yarles_p this is my favourite kind of "manufacturing". funny how they can make it work like that for american comp… @IslaStewart i hope so, and I think she'd find it funny once she found out anyway, but I kinda doubt it @IslaStewart aw no i feel bad now @lusc_j he does have some bangers tbf but yes that is a very odd time period for it @leninliker1990 "nooo you cant just publish disney media universe novels online" vs "book scanning machine goes brrrr" @beta_persei @onion_cereal oh i mean whatever the california one is. i refuse to learn which is whichquarantine isn't even making me HORNY horny just like... platonically horny. which is way worse honestly @leninliker1990 yeah but actually putting forward a bill for it is hilarious/owns @carlyraejetfuel i looked up adjustable dumbbells the other day and the only decent ones on amazon that weren't out… @leninliker1990 tlaib's trillion dollar coins though @onion_cereal that one guy from mega64 seems to go there like once a week and its just utterly impossible for me to…
@flglmn if you have two kids and one of them dying makes you extremely sad then you will put more effort into makin… @blizzink im trying to figure out what i even have to smoke it with, currently don't have any better ideas than hot knivesfound some Ground Weed today. is this good. can you get covid from smoking @henrymance @veggieprice @henrymance @jeremyhotpepper that's because you don't understand the left at all @mike_hugs yeah i never used it much for exactly this reason but i heard a lot of people talk it up @mike_hugs tbh i think they just made them OP in different ways, serial + high tier guns is absurd although other p… @mike_hugs glad to see that i am the most overpowered class