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@PlumLovesLaw I do @rekirinn I like to vc with my moots it's usually fun Hmu @dustyolbox Niiiice @HaleemDaDream My man @trippyfrog7 Eating @KumarTheKing97 👀 @Adi_ikea Funny seeing you here @vMigii My man @httptoasted Lmao yeahReply to this tweet if you eat ass @Gav_1en You're right They aren't weird Its the ppl who sexualize them that are weird @shoko_poco @bunnyprvt @6kyre @dumbdomi @animee_stan @nnmisbf @cybsvil @getouslovelife @havvaaazx @YUJID0RI… @DDaarriius LOL I just knew this guy was weird @xtxnjiro disgusting asf @itboymegumi_ watched the 1st 5 episodes and its honestly not bad so far @shoyoooooo_ It really do just be coming out of nowhere Like mf leave me alone 😭Spot the difference! The results may shock you 👀 @vMigii you lookin goooooood @lokispite Where I live trains are uncommon (sort of) but its been awhile since Ive rid one @SkibsIsntFunny @MA4Kl ong he is its nuts how good he is as a character one of my all time favs @SkibsIsntFunny @MA4Kl yeah after looking at everything with Toji and what means to the story on top of everything… @_bryoo_ yo ik I slander MHA but this made me wanna look at the new ep and damn that mf lookin mad crazy asf lmaoo kinda cool ngl @Bitchywa1fuu good morning mimi <3 @KookieTg good morning <33keep in mind that Gojo being over Sukuna doesnt mean anything everybody in S was hard to really say who was better… it with @MA4Kl <3 Ready for all the slander I think we did a good job of analyzing each character I think ppl… @_bryoo_ He looks like he has lost his mind @wassu_pp Gm bro 🙌 @srylleau You too ❤️ @Adi_ikea 😭 @Adi_ikea I don't like Mikasa that much so I prefer this one much more @twoarms3swords Have a good day ❤️ @Adi_ikea As it should 🙏 @ykktsu Gm Rye ❤️ @lizrft GOOD MORNING @pkmellie Have a good day ❤️ @srylleau Gm ☀️☀️This mf Nanami is ugly in the manga fr @chiifoni Gm ! Have a good day ❤️ @SkibsIsntFunny Good morning bro @pritigerrl No but you can have this 🍕 @Lremite Gm ☀️ @renshruum Have a good day ❤️ @kyoharukei Good morning ❤️ @reiyazakii Have a good day ❤️ @ayeeuwy You as well ‼️ @ishiishikashika Good morning ❤️ Have a good dayGood morning ‼️ @miggylicious18 Fb @Adi_ikea Good night Sleep well @trryuk Tysm Trin ❤️ @MA4Kl 💩💩💩 @MA4Kl This is a hate crime 👎 @MA4Kl You're so pettyZenistu ❤️ @SkibsIsntFunny Goodnight goat 🙏This mf probably watches Harem anime and praises Lolis like a weirdo @villeshu @Parker4542 @Nillwas @Elitealice2 @TsundereToad Or the part when the loser mc magically gets bitches⁉️⁉️⁉️ @m00nb33 Wtf man 🤢🤢🤢🤢Oml mfs are so down bad 🤨 @MA4Kl Not calling you anymore See how long you last with me ignoring you @MA4Kl I'm leaving the voice call now 👋 @MA4Kl woooooooooow @KookieTg @Bitchywa1fuu 😭 @Bitchywa1fuu @KookieTg 🤨 this man is pretty Mimi Come on ... @Adi_ikea YES @Bitchywa1fuu @KookieTg He is ✋Female characters with black hair 💕 @Adi_ikea Of course I followed you back ❤️ @neptune__d Thank you 💕 @PlumLovesLaw I mean I wasn't but ig I am now
Serious question When you eat a sandwich Do you cut off the sides or keep them on ? @Godjxs @JuniorRDZ04 @twoarms3swords @GabeRuiz28 @Grassyassassi32 @GenClusterFuck @hxnjiism @innocence_red… think of anymore I don't think I can even get to 60 characters but I was saving Gojo for last ❤️❤️ ❤️❤️ part 8 ❤️ ❤️❤️ Brando ❤️❤️❤️ going to continue this tweet Shinobu ❤️ @_tsumuwrld thank you ❤️❤️ @akiIvrs TYSM ❤️This is not okay Toji deserves more likes than me being horny @lizrft @SkibsIsntFunny 🙏 @Bitchywa1fuu Just asking lmaoYou guys think I'm an asshole ? @dhkk67 TYSM Rin ❤️ @Aia_Tsukishima TYSM ❤️ @boodykun 🤣 @Lezz_zz @MidoriyaJaeger The professor sat down @monsterf4iry Nope not an accident at all 🧐 @CEOofkomisan LMAOOO @_sexkitty_ These images are for you ❤️ @bokuwaale @chalawhatever LMAO whaaaat? No way @vMigii 🦦🦦🦦 @vMigii Its fire asf @_suguruskitty_ We will miss you ❤️❤️❤️ I'll never forget your horny tweetsHorny in class I'm gonna stand up Wish me luck