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Mellow Brown @MellowMarketer Hollywood, Los Angeles

WGAW Screenwriter: @AmericanGodsSTZ // Calls(Apple TV+)// Blade Runner:Origins. Also a Software Engineer 📽️ MGMT: 3 Arts Entertainment Agent: @unitedtalent

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Nah. @EvNarc @austin_walker @boomstudios @TrueKofi @AustinCreedWins @WWEBigE Congrats, Fellas!I woke up and didn't understand Twitter. Like, the point of it. Why we share such personal stuff. Who are we talki… The Biden administration says the U.S. will protect gay and transgender people from sex discrimination in…
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Outlining is math. Writing is art.
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@emilygmonster My condolences to you & yours, Emily. ❤️ @bryanedwardhill Yo! Happy belated birthday! I hope it was smooth! @thetzechun - Blade Runner: Origins - Developing a new show @ a big streaming network - Moving forward with a new C…
<>Exhausted. @hello_malika Always happy to be of assistance in the LA area, if needed, Malika.Exclusive: Virtuous Con returns with Kickstarter Sponsored Juneteenth event and announces special guests Wilson Cru…
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Retweeted by Mellow Brown"The Paper Tigers" may be the movie that brings me back to theaters. A martial arts comedy sounds great, right now. @djbenhameen 👍🏾
Jerry Lawson damn near invented video game streaming decades ago. And then became a sci-fi screenwriter. He is my… have a really good team. @perkylovesyou a working writer who was asked to move to LA to work on a TV show and finding myself, years later, with rising o…
@EyePatchWolf It was excellent, actually.LA FRIENDS: What are the best Metal(music) bars/spots in town? One of my best friends is visiting. A lead guitari… @EricHaywood 🤣That's my secret, Cap. I'm always social distancing.FRIENDS: Inviting me to hang out at breweries that are literally across the street from my apartment after they're…
what is something that significantly improved your quality of life? I'll start: moving out of the U.S
Retweeted by Mellow BrownHi! Just wanted to do a little appreciation post for my friends and peers who are Black women that have been killin…
Retweeted by Mellow BrownEyepatch Wolf always finds the perfect words for the moment. Damn... I need to take a walk. the best and worst moments of my last decade, Giant Bomb was there.
Retweeted by Mellow Brown @Colt_Cammie Every time I start making plans that take place in the U.S., I'm like: "That's pretty ambitious." I'm… @Colt_Cammie 😂 That second part. @michaelphigham ...Word...Not even sure how to process this. But, I've loved everyone involved with this for the past 8 years(!) I've been l… suggest not playing "The Bad Batch" in the background while trying to working. Because it turns out this show is… @djbenhameen @ViewsFrom616 Would be down to hear analysis pieces on more unknown or new characters( Shang Chi, this… @michaelwconrad That's terrible. Glad to hear you're safe. About 5 years ago, a date left my apartment door open a… @marisabalkus This is Oliver Brown-Flores. And he is a hilarious, happy ball of energy.I just sent this email to a studio: "Hey. I just got a new kitten. Just discovered he screams when he poops. So…
@JayElHarris 👍🏾 @thetzechun Are we at the official "put googly eyes on ominous machines" phase into our fall into cyberpunk?I want Nakia to be Black Panther, actually. 🤷🏾‍♂️👇🏾💯 @taken4movie D-list are my favorite pitches. @taken4movie Haha No. No meetings planned, yet. Very busy elsewhere. But, there is a really dope character they h… one that I will be pitching. 👍🏾 really good about these big meetings, today.! I greatly miss entertainment journalism and I'm looking for new outlets to staff on. I've been published b…
Retweeted by Mellow Brown @kayleighathena It's wild. Facebook felt amazing due to the information I received from it was entirely unhealthy…'ve been slowly weaning myself off social media so I can delete it. I have a legit admiration for those who do a "hard delete". @thetzechun @TKOpresents Quality list. Hoping to find a place on it in the future. 👍🏾
When you’re starting out as a staff writer, everyone says your job is to “just write in your showrunner’s voice!” L…
Retweeted by Mellow Brown @ValerieComplex Hard agree.I've been recommending this as the biggest inspiration for my writing, because it IMMEDIATELY ADDRESSES the main no… @djbenhameen Bas - Tribe @akilahgreen I feel like this is exactly how he runs his business.
*opens Final Draft* our 6th Late to the Party Book Club episode for @GeeksUnleashed, we got to speak with @MellowMarketer about one…
Retweeted by Mellow BrownThis was a really good week. love when someone calmly asks you: "Hey, is the WiFi not working for you, either?" That is the sound of someone slowly panicking. @JazzlynStone
If you're Indigenous / Native American, fully vaccinated, live in Los Angeles and are looking for production assist…
Retweeted by Mellow BrownIf you need cheering up or a bright look at this industry, look at Phil Lord's Twitter from the past month. He's a… Fever! Netflix Lands U.S. Rights To ‘Gunpowder Milkshake’ From STX & Studiocanal
Retweeted by Mellow Brown @AdronBuske @charlottenicdao Very underrated series. Dani Pudi's line delivery is also so perfect in it that I've… else in LA just received a huge influx of people asking if they can visit?Make it low-income housing and I'll b into this. There's so much space in my neighborhood that's unused and I wou… have a MASSIVE assignment to turn into a studio tomorrow. I've been going hard for the past 48 hours and I have… really said "we are built different"
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TERFs always complain about getting deplatformed, like girl you have platform 9 3/4
Retweeted by Mellow Brown @marcbernardin 😂 If I said it, I would have to leave this website permanently.*deleting NFT blog post* it's been done now, we can wrap it up
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Retweeted by Mellow Brown @flyinglotus Congrats. And thank you. @Grizzly_Sigma @emilygmonster They recently just had their four biggest titles finish, one go to digital and their… @emilygmonster I'm... Still nervous Disney may just decide to buy Shonen Jump while they're struggling. @marisabalkus😂
Hey, everyone. If I don't know you or I didn't request it, please don't send me a pilot. Thanks.Wow. Beautiful.***NEW EPISODE*** On this months Late to the Party #BookClub – #Podcast Episode 6 – We discuss #Akira Vol 1 and a…
Retweeted by Mellow BrownShare a photo of yourself from what feels like another lifetime. makes me so happy that I think I'm done with Twitter for the day. I'm out. I'm leaving on a high note. @Rob00187 ❤️Well. At least my Fitbit said I did a good job, today.It just occurred to me I'm more excited about this than any other Marvel event. There are so many "Black Woman Tec…
@Steph_I_Will @TatianaKing Congrats!Liana is the best. Don't miss her streams. same officer could directly make the efforts to hold a conference with the community he effects directly and i… just finished editing our book club episode and I CAN'T WAIT for y'all to hear it! I am so excited that…
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I always thought this was only local. I used to sing this on the way to school. Wild. How did this make it's way… of a first draft. had the privilege of working with the ever-talented @Martacuss on a one page comic script. My wife broke her an…
Retweeted by Mellow BrownI took the weekend off and it only made me want to write more. This is going to be a good week.
@taken4movie Doing those preemptive blocks, now.We may have a Black Superman and Captain America in the same year. 🖤 @Colt_Cammie Yeah, anime is cranking out masterpieces on a weekly basis. I wish I was being hyperbolic, but it's ov… @Colt_Cammie As a Milioti fan, I will try it again. I think Saved By The Bell(2020), Maxxx and Cake were the last… @Colt_Cammie Same. But, man... It's been rough out here on these streaming services for the past couple months for Western film & TV @Colt_Cammie I have been enjoying your shadow reviews. 😂 And hard agree with all of them.
I know people are talking about how MARVEL takes villains w/ good ideas and makes them dangerous, evil radicals...… @thewellfedslave Call the bluff. He should have an offer letter waiting for you in a week.