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Mellow Brown @MellowMarketer Hollywood, Los Angeles

WGAW Screenwriter: Calls (coming to APPLE TV +); @AmericanGodsSTZ... Also a Software Engineer 📽️ MGMT: 3 Arts Entertainment

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@JazzlynStone I want to join. But, this also sounds like I would face accountability for my own procrastinations.… @KirkWrites79 I've been doing the same. I've written a couple pilots outside of my paid writing work and discovered… @fiorebianca It is my favorite experience internationally. And I'm working on staying there for a few years with my… @djbenhameen Yeah. It's just text. It's like Paul Walker and Tyreese's relationship in 2 Fast 2 Furious. They hav… @fiorebianca I would say Fate/Zero is the perfect Durarara chaser. There's 25 excellently developed characters ru… @fiorebianca They're efficient 😂. Also, Ikebukuro is a really dope place and I'm happy I watched that show before going to Tokyo. @fiorebianca Actually... Fate/Zero @fiorebianca Durarara
@xoxogossipgita You're one step away from going full Paddington."Dismantling the New Jim Code—as with the political and social strategies that Blacks leveraged to combat Jim Crow…
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No Twitter this weekend.
“ matter how I plead I am going to be found guilty and given a sentence that is considered fit for a black man…
Retweeted by Mellow BrownI left the group and started the car. My goal in any horror scenario is to be Bill Bellamy in "Scream 2": He is a… is pretty good promotion, actually. When my comic and show drops later this year, I need a public official t…
@GoldenBuddha19 Real talk: I think they're about to shock everyone and I'd love for this to be one of the greatest… @SusanArendt It slaps. @Thesixler This has been a very big discussion over the past month in a few chapters of WarnerMedia and how the com… need Bugsnax to secretly be a horror game.I will never get over how good "Mob Psycho 100" Season 2 is. There are too many amazing concepts in it: The main… So, I'm going to Like this every time this shows up in my feed. So, you may need to mute me.
@arune This opinion is correct. And Zeta questionably had a little too much "Char". 😂 @garywhitta Agreed.I'm just proud. You all haven't read her writing, yet. I dislike most things I watch or read. So, when I say her… @JazzlynStone @lianakangas
@xoxogossipgita N*tflix definitely is interested in staying in the big budget blockbuster market. If they successfu… @OhMyMithrandir This show just came roaring in and out of left field. 👊🏾I've been working every day. Constantly. For weeks. Building pilots, pitches, addressing notes, coding... It's an…
Pshh... The FBI would never give my phone back to me... is the only tweet you ever need to read about screenwriting: GET OFF TWITTER AND WRITE! (Then celebrate the…
Retweeted by Mellow BrownVOTER SUPPRESSION DURING COVID-19: The pandemic is exacerbating conservative voter suppression efforts as the 2020…
Retweeted by Mellow BrownIN DEPTH: Crypto businesses seeing strong growth across Africa are working hard to meet the FATF's anti-money laund…
Retweeted by Mellow Brown @jessacogs @michaelphigham Read this article yesterday, followed you for it and I've been thinking about it ever since. Thank you
This is too loud
Retweeted by Mellow BrownI hate it here. @arune I bring up this show in every writing room I've been in.
@Steph_I_Will I was recently hired to write a prequel for a famous Sci-Fi franchise and well... This tweet is not… is a dumb question but: Did something really big just happen today or is about to happen tomorrow? I'm making… know... If there was ever a time to become a masked vigilante...
Let’s not mince words on this one: Americans are dead because the Trump administration wanted to use this pandemic…
Retweeted by Mellow Brown @hello_malika I also vote Denny.Americans will be the butt of the world’s cruel jokes for generations to come.
Retweeted by Mellow Brown @theblerdgurl dig esports. I know how much bigger the game industry is than the film industry and rightfully so... With that s… there a stream or a podcast where rotating improv comedians are tasked with learning a new tabletop game and the… @ManMadeMoon A really special Japanese film: "Fish Story" Incredibly hard to find it, right now.
@DonCheadle Eyes should be on the Ghislaine Maxwell trial today. And obviously, the shrinking GDP that will be fo…, Trump is going to grab headlines and attention on the day a judge releases more documents related to the…
Retweeted by Mellow Brown @OhMyMithrandir @IfyNwadiwe I heard someone say "it gets good at episode 40" and I went right back JoJo's and disco… @OhMyMithrandir Between you and @IfyNwadiwe on my timeline... ...I'm going to have to start this show ...I just discovered I can play Destiny 2 on my phone. If anyone has any tips or Fireteams or whatever, get at me. Fo… @KirkWrites79 Gaming Chair Set of weights at my desk Ring Fit for the Nintendo Switch @thehill
Possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen. Can’t. Stop. Laughing...
Retweeted by Mellow BrownAnd this is why Trump just added Karl Rove to his campaign
Retweeted by Mellow BrownPublic comment sign up opens in less than five minutes! Woke up late? You should should still sign up! Even if not…
Retweeted by Mellow BrownIt would be interesting to see the coordination for everyone to plug the exhaust when the vehicle stops. It's reall… @AmandaFarough Man... Should I start Destiny 2? Wait? Or just never touch it?
@ConStar24 So, I watched about 4 or 5 of this guy's videos before I left and it made my trip really smooth and I kn… enough people are going to celebrate this, but... I'm really happy "Oh Jerome, No" got nominated. Black men ar… the glaring contradiction between "competing to serve is good!" and "I'm sucking off the state's teat becaus…
Retweeted by Mellow Brown @Thesixler I'm genuinely jealous of anyone who hasn't experienced this writer's work, yet. The way the perspective… want to say Durarara is an excellent series because it somehow finds a way to have every character represent a di… time Elon Musk opens his mouth I remember that his family owns a diamond mine. He's straight up Justin Hamme…
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First you write the script... Then, you get the Business Visa... @CubanMissileDH I put stats into passing all athletic checks, second wind and spare luck points to spend(to get out… @CubanMissileDH I've done this and it's been one of my favorite gaming moments. My character had a pair of gloves… @GoldenBuddha19 I'm scared. LolI'm sure it will be great, but: Hard pass.
@Thesixler And if I can make an entertaining recommendation on a truly beautiful and in-depth view on a writing sty… @Thesixler Once again: Same wavelength. I'm currently writing a complex pitch and pilot for an anime streaming ser… federal judge issued a restraining order blocking the city from releasing disciplinary records. The judge also ba…
Retweeted by Mellow BrownEverything I know about Gwyneth Paltrow, I know against my will.
Retweeted by Mellow BrownBack in May, I pledged to write a script on Twitter to keep me honest. It got me a job. I'm doing it again, today.…
LMAOO his son got his first work check ever look at his reaction after he see how much they be taxing 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Mellow BrownThis kid pranking his stepdad is better than any horror movie this year
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@lorettaramos @RalphsGrocery @kroger If there's a GoFundMe, please send a link. @fiorebianca @TOKYOPOP Word! I had no idea Tokyopop was still going! @Kahjahkins How have I existed this long without Fastlane reruns in regular circulation?I’m so stoked, honored, and proud to be a part of this show. Can’t wait for the world to see it! So grateful for th…
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Man... I kinda don't want either of these consoles at launch.S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 ?!? 😮Funny Story: I was pitching a video game adaptation to one of my favorite games last week. And that game started t…
Logged on and seeing that many of my friends (particularly Black, Brown & Asian creatives) are tweeting a lot less… love that this app is free.
@GoldenBuddha19 Yeah, I had the same problem. And that's where I'm bouncing off of GoT: Where I felt the different… @GoldenBuddha19 I'm coming from the opposite perspective: I walked away from Sekiro questioning if it is a perfect… have to take netflix down before they bring legend of korra discourse back. we've been through too much
Retweeted by Mellow Brown @GoldenBuddha19 It's just Assassin's Creed. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Despite how it looks, it plays/feels like a game from 2014. It's… This would make me happy. Because Ghosts of Tsushima is just not doing it for me. found the perfect way to do original plot transition in a script while refocusing character motivations. You jus… Just popping in to say that this is still one of the best TV shows ever made. And the perfect premise for a…
I have no meetings this week. the middle of all of this, a judge who was just assigned to the Epstein Deustche bank suit five days ago was jus…
Retweeted by Mellow BrownY'all really trying to give this "elevated" headline more attention than it deserves. @KirkWrites79 Likewise. There's so much I want to celebrate. But, when I log on to this site:
@Lexialex I am hopeful that things will change. A leyman's view of it is similar to "it's kinda like stocks/gambli… @Lexialex It really is... The ways it can be used to create an extremely effective peaceful protest... How it ca…