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@fstflofscholars I would love if that right hand column said things like "Don't forget to listen to some great soul… @profevanbennett I think it is fair to do anything this term. I can't imagine anyone thinks the syllabus is anythi… @JoelBerkowitz right? I just wanna be sharp for that debate tonightReintroducing afternoon coffee. Stay tuned for updates. @fstflofscholars Only things that have demonstrated staying power!!! @DanielTorday I'm not a big spec fic guy (also a late boomer!) but my two kids are 8 years apart so I had to go through this twice. @JackRossiterMun Hard agree. Though I am a Seger normie and still think "Night Moves" is his greatest performance… @JasMoneyRecords my kids @Ethnography911 yeah the "lean" thing has sent me around the bend this a.m. I mean I was already pretty far around, but still...Alternate headline: basketball players used to be Jewish. @dbessner Can we get an age-adjustment algorithm to apply to this? @HSGlobalHistory OK, will check!I'm hoping Matthew will jump back in--obvs he's known most as a songwriter ("Breakfast in Bed" most famously? "Just… @HSGlobalHistory OK! Bring 'em in! @herzldad I would say even in this non-ridiculous time that it is always ok to cancel class. It is good for everybody concerned. @matthewspecktor @racobeen Really glad to see our first mention of the great Eddie Hinton. @DrMarkDoyle I gotta get some kids back in the house so I have that kind of cover story @MakingArguments smart @hamzadawud I got to go back to that stuff--I was pretty immersed in it all at the time but I was also like....11? @alekhine_onbgg @DavidAstinWalsh yep--been processing that perfectly reasonable choice in this thread @DrMarkDoyle ok good to see you back on your grind @MakingArguments burpees @hamzadawud Another thread! But yes! @hamzadawud Yeah Van (and Rod) seem like the consensus alt-choices here. And Janis Joplin I guess? (Though I still… @amarccaplan1 Definitely on Elvis--in almost all periods. But Elie Wiesel? His cruelty about Palestinian lives mak… am belatedly adding Teena Marie to the conversation. @JengaHightower Lowell George! This clip makes a case. Not sure I'm feeling you on RC as a vocalist, but can defi… @amarccaplan1 Yeah, we've been litigating that good choice in this thread. I'm a true Van nut (like collect bootle… @FranziaMom That record is pretty magical to me and somehow it makes me nostalgic for my high school days and I gra… @BronwenEverill Toddlers ALWAYS want to reshelve @CJSlaby I know all the words to this song if you need somebody on backup vocals @teri_atthepaper [Real Sleep! runs headlong laughcrying into the void] @lighghghght Maybe off the track for you but Steve Erickson's novel These Dreams of You (1970s, cameos from Bowie a… @jallison02140 I'm still sorta tickled that the other two girls just look strong and kind while mine is the one who… @johannawinant !!!A true fall-in-New-England blessing for the timeline. This must have been 18 years ago. My daughter, two best frie… @Grrl_Herstorian Oh, great for sure but I'll double down and say that Elvis's live version overmatches theirs. Esp… @CarlPaulus Narrow, deep. @ejsiro Oates guy, myself, but that's a solid choice! @dbergstresser "High T: Probity and Power in Trump-Era America" @DavidAstinWalsh You know Henry Jenkins’ What Made Pistachio Nuts? Really eloquent on thisThat thing where unis spend $1million+ to open a useless Office of Diversity and Inclusion headed by an ineffective…
Retweeted by Wrote Manson Book. That Scary Enough? @HistoryBrad “Sleeve” is really the most relevant food measurement right now @WMRine Bout time Delaney showed up! Now who will speak for Gregg Allman? @coronarycommie Leo Marx was one of my grad school advisors @n_hold yeah I was totally sold, immediately on the writing--maybe need a little more time to get in the groove with his vocals but yeah @racobeen Not to act like a youngster but I might need you to make me a clear and coherent 12 song playlist to make the case @ODouglasPrice @farjbarj I want to nominate "Cul De Sac" from that record but I'll go with whatever the group decides. @racobeen Oh shoot that's a challenging choice. @JoshuaMound @farjbarj OK, I slightly misrepresented--it is not from the original Common One tour but from '87 in G… @LDBurnett Yeah we've definitely been going around the Van block in this thread--I'm a little bit of a Van crazeee,… @JoshuaMound @farjbarj gonna take a little digging but I'll let you know! @n_hold OK gonna start queuing shit up! @ODouglasPrice @farjbarj Not in this pandemic. @DBearfield OK just made it through: great playlist. You may just be right that "Walk Away" is DS's best song! An… @JoshuaMound @farjbarj Hi Josh! I have collected live bootlegs from the Common One tour including the version of "… @n_hold Pretty sure it's the newest--Kick. Also realizing I need to catch up on Dillinger Four. @JoshuaMound @farjbarj OK. I only joined this website back whenever to see if I could the one person who would join… Book: "Groove Theory: The Blues Foundation of Funk" by Tony Bolden
Retweeted by Wrote Manson Book. That Scary Enough? @n_hold Can you tell me more about Dave Hause? I stumble on a record of his last week and was kind of blown away bu… @GaryStrack (see above): I am completely open to first wave of solo Rod as a compelling choice for this category--a… @VBivar @clubatomique I was just talking the other day about one of the great things about Nebraska--and this song… @weldonberger Cass Elliot had that record with Dave Mason that I'm still trying to figure out... @pintsandpoetry tell me what you think if you do get a chance-- @lionel_trolling Bad Ronald @babyboymonaghan Thanks--I also loved the title track of "Back in the High Life"--in his original and Warren Zevon's cover! @pintsandpoetry Without many people noticing he released too amazing covers records in 2013 and 2015. The first was… @farjbarj yeah this particular month it's been hard to maintain my lifelong love of the man's music! @pintsandpoetry underrated for sure. And as long as we're going that way I would definitely feel comfortable intro… @babyboymonaghan huh. I gotta say I can hear this on a few songs (maybe "Can't Find My Way Home" above all?) but w… @farjbarj I'm a little bit of a weird Van fan--I think Astral Weeks and Moondance are a little overrated, think Vee… @Jawshwa95 that's a treat-but Bowie, being Bowie, just never stayed in one place too long.I guess I should stipulate that much of this claim rests on the astounding 1969 record From Elvis in Memphis. But I… @farjbarj Yeah Van makes a compelling claim (though I'd adjust the years a bit). I was just today talking about hi… @jewelbarnettphd I recognize and respect the compelling force of this argument. But the minute we grant there is… @rauchway @DavidAstinWalsh [Honest answer is that I meant Elvis from '69-'75 is greater than anybody else any other… @jewelbarnettphd I know I'm being absurdly provocative. I just heard this in the car the other day and I got to th… @prettyjoyful08 That one Lisa Stansfield record. Whew. Hard to get past that. But I'm a John Oates guy--"Had I Kn… @DavidAstinWalsh I adore his version of the Lovin' Spoonful's "Darling Be Home Soon"; have not yet gained access to… @jewelbarnettphd You know: I was thinking Dusty Springfield. And Carole King, I feel that. I love plenty of stuff… can't think of a greater blue-eyed soul singer than Elvis from around 1969-1975. Who you got?Not in my house growing up, but after lots of therapy and support from a great support network, I finally came to e… wrote a book about 9/11 so I really will never forget that great line Biden had about Rudy Giuliani--that he only…! Zoom has literally deplatformed a webinar scheduled at University of Hawai'i organized as a respons…'m lucky to still be getting plenty of exercise but I miss the characters at the gym, especially that Rabbi-lookin… @StacyDVanDeveer @DBearfield @olsenj09 @Prof_EOB @KFuentesGeorge The Edison Museum? What else is there in West Orange? @DBearfield @StacyDVanDeveer @olsenj09 @Prof_EOB @KFuentesGeorge Montclair!
@DBearfield @StacyDVanDeveer @olsenj09 @Prof_EOB @KFuentesGeorge And now that I've mentioned that Donna Summer grew… @StacyDVanDeveer @DBearfield @olsenj09 @Prof_EOB @KFuentesGeorge Anybody who tags me into a playlist thread is a tr… has been a Week of Prodigious Meat. It is only Wednesday. If we don't get a comment from @steak_umm by Friday… @abrahamjoseph Years ago I had two Harvard football players (yep that's a thing) help me move. One of them ascerta… @__Pete__S @isaac_kamola @meineheike This guy is much better.This Friday at 11! We Will Not Be Silenced: The Repression of Academic Freedom and Resistance, From Leila Khaled t… couple of times upper administrators @umassboston have made clear to me that they are reading my tweets and I'm j… @MrBlifil I've definitely thought about that in a fantasy kind of way and felt pretty sure that JB would knock him out. @clubatomique ugly thematic content. I stopped trusting him decades ago but Greil Marcus really helped me understa… @BevelonBooks I will try to use my power wisely. @clubatomique That is a pretty turntable for such an ugly record.Hey all--hate to make this kind of personal ask on here but I really want to help raise the money to make this happ… @AmericanStudier Holy shit