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you simply can not question whether racism is a problem in the UK when the whole brexit campaign was built on it an…
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@VLMxo Yep...not speaking about these issues, particularly now, seems like a mistake.
@AntTC1 I can only assume they're scared of alienating their racist fans or the "just stick to music and stay out of politics" gang. 🤷🏻‍♂️Can anyone verify? Like @yousefcircus says it seems to play into the hands of those who would like to silence this… @I_Skream Happy birthday geez 🎉🎉 @posthuman @VLMxo Exactly. Am grown up. Do have opinions. @posthuman @VLMxo Worried about alienating the racist section of their fanbase maybe? I dunno 🤷🏻‍♂️See a few people just silent on Twitter at the moment. Just chose now to take a break from social media yeah? Mmmmmmhmm 🤔
@eats_everything I mean...I'm pretty cut & dried on the subject of punching Nazis being a good thing, so it did com…'t we all supposed to be ANTIFA...unless...ya're an actual fascist?Can anyone enlighten me to an example of when peaceful protest ALONE has achieved genuine change?
Woooooooo fuckin gee gees. 60 thousand dead on your watch but ya know...fuckin gee gees. Cunt. @MattHancock How proud are you of the UK's Covid death toll per capita on your watch? Asking for my 60,000 dead friends...
@JayvonBeatz Yeah man...the murders were precisely the catalyst that was needed to trigger it. Stay safe mateThis is astonishing. Hot on heels of Newsnight comes this. The government is now literally using our money to *pay*…
Retweeted by Melody's Enemy @JayvonBeatz That is truly staggering mate. Scary. Plan for the worst. Stay safe 👊
@AntTC1 Yep...I wonder if they actually sit there watching him bumble his way through each press conference with 60… @AntTC1 It's like they're not even trying any more. Just like "fuck it...we'll tell em any old shit, what are they gonna do?" @posthuman plasma as I had Covid symptoms back in Feb. Hopefully they'll find some antibodies in me that can help som… @AntTC1 You''re not suggesting that he might be....might be....lying.....badly...are you? @elhornet He he flange
Have been pondering it...and I can't think of any situation where leaning on a fella's neck when he's in handcuffs is ok.Sorry for all the political ranting btw. I'm just annoyed at this lot and it's my way of venting. Plus I've not mov…, Brexit helmets and other assorted Tories. Are you watching this Covid update with your blonde supremo? Can…, as people praise the massive fall in UK covid19 deaths, there have been 209 deaths recorded in 24 hours excl…
Retweeted by Melody's Enemy @RishiSunak I mean I was hoping that our government might have overseen a Covid response that left us without the w… @WayneContakt @Hannahrhespr Cheers fella 👊 @Hannahrhespr Ah ok. I didn't start releasing on there til 2005. Enjoy @Hannahrhespr How old we talkin?Thread.
@Man_Power_Music @DispersionPR Ta....have dmd Will 👍 @Man_Power_Music How do I get on the promo list pls? I promise to leave feedback of more than 1 word (**even though… said in the latest press conference that he has never need glasses until contracting COVID-19 and therefore b…
Retweeted by Melody's EnemyHow do the French Farmers do it? Government acts the fool and they get together and collectively fuck shit up until there's change 🤔I'm a bit tired of shouting into the void. When are we as a nation going to collectively organise and DO SOMETHING?Driving a car. The OBVIOUS choice of activity for checking ones eyesight. Are all these people driving with dodgy e…"weeeeeeee are the champions, my frieeeeeeehends" parts funny and powerful. Take a bow @Coldwar_Steve 👏👏
This wins Twitter for today. @shaunwkeaveny Could you make the Chinny Reckon jingle freely available to just punch in ourselves in future pls...CCTV footage emerges of Dominic Cummings stopping at a service station near Durham with his wife and child in the c…
Retweeted by Melody's EnemyChinny Reckon, bo-yeah and indeed Jimmy Hill. #cummgate #cummimgs #cummingsbriefing'm driving to Barnard Castle to test my eyesight
Retweeted by Melody's EnemyMy eyesight was a bit funny so my wife and I drove to a nearby castle. It was here that I left the car, at which po… they think we’re not going to notice?
Retweeted by Melody's EnemyPetition for @mrjamesob to get first dibs at questioning #cummimgsJust catching up on this....So let me get this straight an unelected political advisor is addressing the nation and…
So, just found out my sister in law (a nurse in a care home) has tested positive for Covid19. Should I advise her t… by your neighbours 😂'd like to buy that man a pint @eats_everything This alledgedly... @SecretDJBook Haha. I do agree though. The seriousness is softened by his appearance and demeanor. For the record I… @SecretDJBook Best use #Borisout to be certainBig moment this. The Prime Minister is blatantly & demonstrably lying to the British people on live television. Som…
Retweeted by Melody's EnemyJust shrugged it off in 2 sentences. Right...ok then, I'm feeling a bit peaky. Best go see my Mum.Boris Johnson can, and I can't stress this enough, get tae fuck. @SecretDJBook @posthuman More chance of someone having summoned Chtulu than the Russia Report dropping @Femi_Sorry If you hashtag his name I think it's censored for profanity by Twitter. Best to add use another m. #DominicCummimgs @Coldwar_Steve You remembered her this time then 😂 @CodebreakerLDN What a guy100% this and we don't want no Grant Schapps bollocks. Where's that floppy haired blond cock? thinking this for a while. I knew they'd be a bunch of lying scheisters but am quite surprised at how genuinel…
The more about this that comes out, the more it stinks. #sackcummmingsWhy does Twitter keep showing me tweets from 22hrs ago all of a sudden? 🤔 @eats_everything @PaulWoolford Oh yeah Dirty Dom definitely knows where the bodies/incriminating hard drives are buriedScrotum ejaculations. Oh, sorry I got that wrong, it should've been #sackcummings @SecretDJBook @posthuman Maybe the 60,000 dead was all just set up to be used as the dead cat for him to get away with it? 🤔Eyes down for a full house... #dominiccummimgs have to stop around every 90mins on car journeys (tops) with little kids. With this in mind and considering Lon…
@lau_ra_lau_ra It's not the gear it's the ear.Wait, is that right? Only 10k to go and ol @BorisJohnson has presided over more civilian casualties than in the whole of WW2. @OiHeinstein You say that, but I bet they'll be plenty of flag waving racists calling for him to be knighted 🙄3 that your size fridge or mine? Industrial chiller to hide in maybe? Perhaps we're talking morgue fr… is....quite a strange way to answer something. 🤔
@VOLTAGE_DRUMS Where did you get that? @OiHeinstein Took some this morning. Zero effect 🙄 @CodebreakerLDN Are you referring to this? @OiHeinstein Yep....I've come out in big red lumps. Cheers 👍Got annihilated by midges last night 🙄 @Harryjudda @CodebreakerLDN It's not even all the gear and no idea, it's more all the gear and bland ideas. @fr3djacker The one good thing about it is that it does bring a sense of community out and me and my neighbours hav… @OriginRiddim And don't get me started on actual Tories clapping for the cameras. Boils my pissAnyone else feeling a bit weird about the NHS clap now? I came in with tears in my eyes after the first one, now it… @MonkeyTennis14 @iotapup Zoots Nightclub, Sutton
@artworkmagnetic @posthuman @annabel_ross Boomshanker? @gabrielszatan Its bound to piss down next year @TijanaT Clubs and festivals don't make healthy donations to political parties though eh 😉 @2WaifsandStrays @simonday24 I grew up in Sutton. Don't miss it tbh @FutureboundLFC @MIKEDISCALA She had quite an effect on me as a boy. I can't lie.
@FinnMcCorry I'm kinda in between that right now tbh @DJSianOfficial Only flacid cocks then? @FinnMcCorry 90s curtains ina di building @VinceWeyn Thanks Vince @_JamesWelsh I've got a Kinnarps one @CodebreakerLDN @upgrade_music If you were over 6ft then raves were on no questions asked. Not even the hint of an ID needed. 😂An Orwellian phrase if ever there was one. “We’re ending free movement to open Britain up to the world.”
Retweeted by Melody's Enemy @DjTeeBee happy birthday mate. 🎉🎉
Fuck, and I can't stress this enough, every single one of you cunts.