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This is the @CoryBooker I love and want more of. I felt every bit of this. Many of us in the trenches know this fee… @MsPackyetti Is this...real?I will not have my life narrowed down. I will not bow down to somebody else's whim or to someone else's ignorance. --bell hooks
Retweeted by Melonee GainesLike a Lifetime movie. This is the formula that has been perfectly packaged and marketed for decades. It's not goin… @Slangdini @_shukura_ This. @_shukura_ This zombie emoji tho! 🤣😫The more important question is, what do I wear to work tomorrow
Retweeted by Melonee Gaines @BlogXilla @TheJadedNYer Ok. No tea.
Retweeted by Melonee Gaines @DjSlab1 @FBI Bruh! You already know. @Melanism @jemelehill @aboynamedart
Retweeted by Melonee GainesBy White supremacy, and Black complicitness here in Memphis. That's the addendum. more we know about the disaster aid scandal in Puerto Rico the more it's clear that state leaders in government…
Retweeted by Melonee Gaines @BlogXilla @TheJadedNYer *commodified not modified @BlogXilla @TheJadedNYer Plus I like your example of McDonald's. Anything can be modified in ways to serve the publ… @BlogXilla @TheJadedNYer That was not the context I was driving. McDonald's has it's good parts and we all know the… lawsuits this will generate
Retweeted by Melonee GainesI'll go with Louisiana even though @CrystalHotSauce is missing from this lineup. The Gulf Coast knows what's best. FLAMBOYANT
Retweeted by Melonee GainesThis morning, I woke up Feeling brand new and I jumped up Feeling my highs, and my lows In my soul, and my goals…
Retweeted by Melonee Gaines @urbangaygriot I studied this in college and here's a good explanation. It does it better than I could do in a twee… @TheJadedNYer @BlogXilla Exactly. There is better and we all know it. It's like hoping for an abusive partner to change. He won't. @TheJadedNYer @BlogXilla But he's McDonald's tho. He will always be McDonald's.Because wildly misinformed assumptions give me the giggles, which is a survival tactic in this industry.
Retweeted by Melonee Gaines @megawatts2000 @kwhalum Yes indeed. Protect your peace @megawatts2000....watching this show and an older White woman just said, "if you ask me, the reason people are so miserable these…
Retweeted by Melonee Gaines @wendi_c_thomas Philly has a different kind of flex when it comes to journalism. Even in PR, I've reached out to a… baby was ready. 🤣🤣🤣 careful consideration i have decided that “feeling my feelings” was a mistake and I’d like to undo this action.
Retweeted by Melonee Gaines"Americanah," "The Underground Railroad," "The Last Black Man in San Francisco," "If Beale Street Could Talk," "Moo…
Retweeted by Melonee GainesI'll allow it. Lil lemon juice. Pepper sauce.
In advance of Pence’s visit to a black Memphis church, Emily Fulmer surfaces this timely quote from Dr. Martin Luth…
Retweeted by Melonee GainesI find Mike Epps more interesting when he’s talking about Richard Pryor than literally any other thing he’s ever done on camera.
Retweeted by Melonee GainesJust HOW HUMID was it in that jailhouse?!
Retweeted by Melonee GainesMac Miller's "Circles" brings me to tears. That's the good stuff.Just me and my winter protest cap. It was the golden time of day so the selfie heaux giving you a peek-a-boo.… amount of budgeting and not eating out is going to make up for the fact we don’t make enough money.
Retweeted by Melonee GainesPull ur weight in relationships! If he pays for your car buy him gum at the gas station. If he pays your rent make…
Retweeted by Melonee GainesWe made a mistake. As the National Archives of the United States, we are and have always been completely committ…
Retweeted by Melonee GainesACLU Deputy Legal Director Louise Melling responds to National Archives: “Apologizing is not enough. The National…
Retweeted by Melonee Gaines @TorraineWalker days. I've seen one Tyler Perry movie in my life. It's about to be two. I have to see how you make a movie i…
Retweeted by Melonee GainesThe hell they got going in Orlando... cc: @WHOREiblePod @LowkeyAvy *heavy negro spiritual sigh*
Retweeted by Melonee Gaines @JVAng3l here go another one 😭
Retweeted by Melonee GainesY’all...
Retweeted by Melonee GainesGoodnight.
Retweeted by Melonee GainesSomebody photoshopped MLK on a party flyer with a polo shirt on and Saweetie behind him. What are y’all on
Retweeted by Melonee GainesThis track gives me something. always retweet these cause I know someone that was in some shit n she got away cause of a video like this she…
Retweeted by Melonee Gaines @Barbzthagawd Junt bumpin. What a way to celebrate the vibe. You can feel him.Going through the new Mac Miller. Y'all. Junt bumpin. @AmbreLovee Best decision ever! Welcome to the #dogmom club! Congratulations!
@Jparhamtv I love the "I'm never gone" emphasis to this point. Refreshingly full of vernacular.Real shit though: to be young in the South in the 90s and early 2000s when southern hip hop was in takeoff mode was…
Retweeted by Melonee Gaines @MediaGuyMont Because you know you're good.See the Beauty in it all.
Retweeted by Melonee Gainessuch a weird way of telling us you’re broke.
Retweeted by Melonee Gaines‘S is for Soul Sister’ project is finding the South Side kids, now adults, who were in the Black ABCs — posters tha…
Retweeted by Melonee GainesI’m in the car with my mom and she just told my son to turn the light off because it’s illegal... The cycle continues.
Retweeted by Melonee GainesIt’s been January for like 4 months and I am tired.
Retweeted by Melonee GainesMotherhood 😊🦌
Retweeted by Melonee GainesThis is why I want a 4 wheeler for my birthday. I want to be rewarded in life ! 🚦🔊
Retweeted by Melonee GainesMe calling my momma to see where she at cause it's getting late and she think she grown
Retweeted by Melonee GainesI Can’t Find My Glasses Because I’m Not Wearing My Glasses: A Narrative of Courage in the Face of Adversity
Retweeted by Melonee Gaines @wendi_c_thomas
Longest Friday I've had in a while... 😫😫🤩🤩😝😝😮😮😴😴 @Desi_Stennett I doubted too but I'm a believer now. @Desi_Stennett I love those chocolate covered grapes. They changed my mind about them.Today, my only baby turns 12. Life with her teaches me a lot about love: my capacity to give and feel great love. M… @Local24Chelsea This is the pathway to greatness. Trust the process. LOL @Local24JohnP yeah...certain types of shoes for National Fetish Day. Who signed off on this? I'm cracking up this m…'s too early for this @Local24Chelsea. I'm obsessed with my dog too. @Local24Kelsie is killing me right now. @Local24JohnP: Do you have any fetishes? @Local24Chelsea: ...why do yall do this to me? went on a date with a young woman who didn't wanna sneak snacks into the movies. Not sure which direction life ha…
Retweeted by Melonee Gaines @SayItWichaChest Very much a steppers song. Nice! @Kamaria7 I have a funny story to tell you. @Kamaria7 Girl...Gregory Porter. Radiant Children. Emily King. Herbie Hancock. Mac Ayres. A vibe in this house.
I worked with men who threw actual tantrums. Slamming doors, screaming on the phone, throwing the phone, throwing p…
Retweeted by Melonee Gaines @SayItWichaChest LOL just had this whole conversation with a friend the other day on this. If it could be that simple. Like damn. @__kingkittyy @MrLawson This hair tho! I need Baby Yoda to tell me what kind of hair this is? This ain't ocean wave.
The work I put into shutting shit down during those last few days in 2019 are paying off & we're only 15 days into…
Retweeted by Melonee Gaines @MrLawson So are we overlooking overdue vs overdo? Because that triggered me. @teeme Are y'all sure he's....
Retweeted by Melonee Gaines @MorganJerkins Ya'll. Put him in that same basket as Tom Hanks, Harry Connick, Jon B, & Adam Sandler. See this…'m just not a fan of this movement of Black women giving dating advice to other Black women that basically boils d…
Retweeted by Melonee GainesPlanks hit different when you mean it this time.You ever watch yourself express that you are okay with something that you know for a fact does not meet your standa…
Retweeted by Melonee GainesFresh mani/pedi/wax. I feel like a new woman.
Retweeted by Melonee GainesMisspelling my name in first correspondence with me when my name is literally spelled out in my email address is no…
Retweeted by Melonee Gaines @DAndreXMiller @Desi_Stennett I'm here for it. We're all here for it. @Barbzthagawd We all do. Something in the air. @TheSOCAce Because I am you.
It's going to be ok. It's going to work itself out. Now breathe.
Ok people don’t understand what this means lol homoeroticism means that men want to please other men. So men get “h…
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