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INTJ-T. Writer. Sadity bih. Ill case of wanderlust. Oxtail enthusiast. Exhausted journalist on hiatus. Gulf Coast Mississippi roots. SΦS

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@LiteraryBeardo Me too. I'm like Rosa would never...smh. @LiteraryBeardo This series of pictures has tickled me. @citeblackwomen @VanCarlito2003 Refreshed! Being able to visit friends I haven't seen in months has really blessed me. @tonydokoupil @CBSMMiller @vladduthiersCBS Yep. She did that.
@kelechnekoff She will be called kuh-moh-luh in my house. No exceptions.The real winner today is Maya Rudolph.
Retweeted by Melonee JinakiLet's add "unprocessed men" to the lexicon. time?
Retweeted by Melonee JinakiI don't follow him, yet, people I follow like and retweet his tweets AND THEY DON'T EVEN LIKE HIM. I finally decide… story of Chicago is the story of every media outlet in that city and virtually all others portraying that city…
Retweeted by Melonee Jinaki @YNB @SenWarren If only she had made it through...
Relatable content... @chaedria @DennisMaurice @atlpoliceradio Thank you. cc: @DynamoNatalie please follow them. @atlpoliceradio is there a police standoff in Buckhead?
I tweet for the girls who are somewhere between an Auntie and a “Hot Girl.” Respect our older knees, please.
Retweeted by Melonee Jinaki @AsteadWesley @Haleaziz Or uncanny @TMZ Bruh... @85SouthShow#RaynardJohnson #BlackLivesMatterEmmett Till's mother spoke to us at the end of the march. I think about this day, that moment often. Probably daily… hanging death of Raynard Johnson in Kokomo, Mississippi. He was only 17 & was found hanging from a pecan tree i… @ChoctawFreedmen @choctawnationOK @SpeakerPelosi @RepMaxineWaters The history of this country is some sick shit.All I’m gonna say is this: don’t trust anyone who wears colored contacts in 2020.
Retweeted by Melonee Jinaki @AkwugoEmejulu Lovely. I also love that cabinet. 😍 @CWatkinsWDSU @BreauxMart Thee most! @DarienB0914 Babies in buckets 😍The grocery stores in New Orleans are usually exciting on any given day already. spirit screams at me through somebody’s tweet. Fuck.
Retweeted by Melonee JinakiShout out to all the parents. This is quite an adventure we've chosen for ourselves. long was I off Twitter?
Retweeted by Melonee Jinaki(.... Has any other mainstream Hip-Hop artist, "gangsta rapper" or otherwise, been shot by another mainstream Hip-Hop artist?)
Retweeted by Melonee Jinaki"If it's free, get two of 'em." - Karlous Bernard Miller @KarlousM been spitting heat since senior year. 🤣🤣🤣 search for fares and expect a msg: "We knew you wanted to go, so we raised the price." Airline fare systems ar…
Retweeted by Melonee Jinakiread more books smoke more weed
Retweeted by Melonee Jinaki @ManhattanMade13 @DocJackGriffin @MayorMemphis beginning to think we could *all* benefit from a season off for a multitude of reasons.
Retweeted by Melonee Jinaki @DocJackGriffin @MayorMemphis That East Memphis excludes Hickory Hill and extends to Hacks Cross, 385, and Shelby Drive.Every six months y’all find out Bobby Caldwell is white.
Retweeted by Melonee JinakiLmaooo idk who hacked the google algorithm but I am crying 💀😂😂google ‘white American doctor’ & press images 😭
Retweeted by Melonee Jinaki
The older I get the more I relate to Disney villains than Disney Princesses.
Retweeted by Melonee JinakiOr on a pole in front of their house. @brikliam It's hard being a tall woman. It's always a noticing.Model minority rhetoric. Reminds me of a recent episode of @NPRCodeSwitch. Just YIKES. @sonnytai331 Why is Harvard ur standard for excellence? You need to interrogate why you named that institution to r…"Cardi fell off..." "She needed Meg to revive her career..." Y'all babies woulda had a whole fit back in the 90's…
Retweeted by Melonee Jinaki @LiteraryBeardo For you to sign off on I gotta listen.Normani did ALL this and Kylie walked down the hall and opened a door. If that’s not a perfect visual indication…
Retweeted by Melonee Jinaki @Kamaria7 ...because we have Black shit to do.Just watched #Greenleaf. Why I'm in here holding my breath in as Bishop dies. Yall. I wasn't ready. It's all in my…"For now, the group of volunteers are moving Nelson's belongings into a small rented storage space that someone don… mentality is WIDELY shared. This is why organizations will hire ONE Black person. This is why publications wil…
Retweeted by Melonee Jinaki @TJ_Paperstacks @natalie_allison The messaging is clear.
I woke up this morning wanting crab and beer. And then I felt homesick. I miss the country and my people and their… cake and avo salad with creamy ceaser. Tastes like summer and the sea. @byjoelanderson It was the woman with the groceries at the end for me. @el_tragon_de_LA Had this in Toronto but it's in circulation in the south for sure.Okay folks -- be my focus group, if you please. I'm considering writing a book called Black Cassandra. Black women…
Retweeted by Melonee Jinaki @farai What about Sundiata's mother, Sogolon Kedjou. I was always intrigued by this novel and the associated histor… @krysilove I made tomato basil the other day at the request of my kid. Paired with 3 cheese grilled cheese. Just the best. @sammyrigaud "Man Teacher" could work on a tshirt too. Maybe. LOL!Why won't videos play on my laptop on social media sites? Somebody fix it. #themediacouldnotbeplayed but why? #qtnaI want crab and beer for breakfast...I think I'm homesick. I am homesick. @ShamilaYoosuf @ZubyMusic @Svengelskamann1 @bbcbitesize "Black people should travel more..." invests $565B on behalf of corporations, pensions, and the wealthy (mostly private equity & real estate)…
Retweeted by Melonee Jinaki @DynamoNatalie @vladduthiersCBS Chile, I'm sure it has something to do with changing his career in his late 30s. So… @bostonmarket @Phil_Lewis_ They said what they said Philip! Im weak! @DynamoNatalie @MCHammer Yeah I been watching these posts like...'m still tripping on the fact that @vladduthiersCBS is 50... @KriskumarSingh @Eclectic1914 👀 @KriskumarSingh @TeamAFLV @DynamoNatalie girl. @JarrettHill 👀😫💀😬😊😍I really have to stop sleeping with my glasses in the bed. I literally peeled them from under my arm this morning.… has a winner in both their peanut butter and jelly & churro ice creams. That little sample cup just blessed… don’t discard a 40-year friendship on hearsay. The Cita I know has raised over $125 million dollars for charity…
Retweeted by Melonee JinakiPeople working in community are doing more to assist each other in this crisis than the government is.
Retweeted by Melonee JinakiParenting in 2020 be like...I need new resources fast.💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 @AsheliAtkins I need to start tonight. @faketitojohnsON Yikes.
@JakeMHenderson @LouCypher83 Maybe. @RhapsoDani Bacon.Today marks 50 years since Black Panther Party co-founder Huey P. Newton was released from custody after beating a…
Retweeted by Melonee Jinaki @Desi_Stennett Tis true. You know south Florida has a soft place in my heart.This is nuts
Retweeted by Melonee JinakiBeing heartbroken at work is one of the top 5 worst things on earth
Retweeted by Melonee Jinaki @Phil_Lewis_ The way I just hollered in this bed. The trash alone is real life.Me rolling over in bed logging on to the virtual #NABJNAHJ20 conference
Retweeted by Melonee Jinaki @NicTheEditor just want @Desi_Stennett to know that I don't do well when my smart happy Black friends move out of Memphis. Just… many public schools in the south struggle with working air conditioning much less proper ventilation.
Retweeted by Melonee Jinaki @youngsinick Add lack of running water, lead pipes, and pest infestations.This thread. My God. lil low grade headache AND my crush hunger YET my warm comfy bedWomen always out front leading the way. years. My friend Sonya and I met in 4th grade and I couldn't imagine life without her. @MayorMemphis Yet educators are always asked to do more with less and shoulder the burden of poverty that's not bei… Trump on a tear on Fox. He says Black Lives Matter is a “Marxist group” & that it’s wrong for the group to hav…
Retweeted by Melonee Jinaki @LouCypher83 Yep. I know a few guys who've been technically single for 5+ years and they all have one thing in comm…