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streaming now ☺️
got eyelash extensions for the first ever and my lash tech said i have beautiful eyes 🥺
daily reminder to vote for @melongorl 😌
Retweeted by nat 🧸 @_ketsukage thank u geanna 💓Today is #TransDayOfVisibility and as an enby trans woman, I am fortunate to be able to advocate for & on behalf of…
Retweeted by nat 🧸I honestly think trans day of visibility is a trap so the enemy can take us out quicker BUT If you liked to support…
Retweeted by nat 🧸send 💲 to a black trans person today. even if it’s $1, it can greatly impact their life, putting that money towards…
Retweeted by nat 🧸for #TransVisibilityDay how about y’all donate to my gofundme so i can survive here venmo: JellyJuju paypal:…
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got follow botted (again) for 5k followers and its such a pain!! and there isn't even a great way to remove them i… ur name is howl my dms r open
Retweeted by nat 🧸 @Shyshimi_ gn shy!starting balan wonderworld on stream tonight 🌟
vote for @melongorl !!!
Retweeted by nat 🧸time for the final vote😳 @Sydeon know it is exhausting to constantly feel outraged. I have to step away from the news periodically to stay sane. B…
Retweeted by nat 🧸 @Sydeon prettiest ever periodGUESS WHAT?! I’m competing in the @ATT Annihilator Cup, which is a 5-game tournament that begins this Friday! Prize…
Retweeted by nat 🧸TOMORROW AT 9PMET/6PMPT @Xmiramira graces the show to school us all on @Twitch and discusses how she got an entire…
Retweeted by nat 🧸 @ReixLexa 💓Ahh thank you to those who showed up to the final show tonight! Whatever happens I’m so grateful for the opportunit…
Retweeted by nat 🧸 @itskaiito @GenG @blisskai_ amazed to meet a jackbox prodigyTell me again anti Asian violence is exaggerated. Horrifying. Cannot believe we are pleading with the public Stop a…
Retweeted by nat 🧸 @jvnie @botoxdiet @sissythatpatch waitttt i always thought it tasted like sprite wowthanks for all your support during the competition!! seeing all your love in the chat really kept me pushing and i… @BarefootTasha_ @blisskai_ 👀IT'S TIME FOR THE FINAL 3️⃣ Catch our last episode of The Next Big Buzz, with our final contestants @melongorl,…
Retweeted by nat 🧸i made it to the finals of the @GenG next big buzz competition 😱 i'm crazy nervous but excited 💗the show starts ton…
@hanubuu congrats hana!!! thts dope @jessicahkim 😭
@tyrakmoore jokes ovah.....ur dead
been playing valorant a lil and im so obsessed with repeating all the character lines i know my friends are SICK of…'S VOTING TIME! 🗳️ Check out our vod of the 3rd episode of The Next Big Buzz, presented by @bumble, with…
Retweeted by nat 🧸 @GenG @bumble @blisskai_ @caelanology lets go bliss!! @sissythatpatch miss hi high so much
This is what I’ve been cooking up for the last couple of months and I’m launching on Thursday (25th) 🥺 I can’t wait…
Retweeted by nat 🧸finishing omori today!! trying to get all the normal route endings. it’s been a RIDE but i’m excited to see the end…
Retweeted by nat 🧸 @jvnie i love u so much this has save d myu life thank u @jvnie pls junie you dont un derstand how much i need thishi guys!! i'm going to be streaming for @1000DreamsFund tomorrow 3/25 at 2:00 PM PT on in h…
Retweeted by nat 🧸 @blisskai_ @GenG good luck!! you'll do great
Our Plant Mama stream with @findingkyky and @cwhathapnwaz is starting! They're going to repot, share their plant…
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hi, allow me to re-introduce myself ♡ my name is Irene! I'm a non-binary woman (she/they) advocating for better v…
Retweeted by nat 🧸 @irenethedoll hi irene 😳 @KrystalogyTV cutie
streaming now!! come hang out ^__^ 🌱📢 MARCH 31 📢 #TheAirship is coming. this NEW map is our biggest one yet, including: • all new tasks • differen…
Retweeted by nat 🧸 @SleepyMia145 that’s so sweet congratulations!
Stop the casually racist jokes, interlaced with sexism and sexual violence, that are made at the expense of Asian w…
Retweeted by nat 🧸donate + share: - - - -…
Retweeted by nat 🧸Made an active google doc (linked here) to help consolidate Asian American community and justice organizations to l…
Retweeted by nat 🧸 @warm_fupa thanks!! i use a nyx liner (club hopper), soft matte lip cream (san paulo) and loreal infallible gloss (sangria)At least 4 of the victims were Asian Women. The suspect, who was white, targeted Asian salons. The racism, abuse,…
Retweeted by nat 🧸Who are some of you guys' favorite Black Twitch streamers? Here are a few we highly recommend
Retweeted by nat 🧸 @jessicahkim 💓💓 my baby @sims2university we gone get her outta there 😭Grateful for all my #YeunBuns, but let’s keep calling out the disgusting anti-Asian racism that continues to hurt o…
Retweeted by nat 🧸 @Sydeon wtf thats me to you every day every time i even think of you!! @asianvelma spinach and shrimp alfredo 🥺 @emmalangevinxo enemma is perfect
@dowove get well soon layla 😞 @faerycute ok chrissy 😭forgot mascara but i kinda like it 😳 @jessicahkim i’m in love @PorzellanPNG happy birthday elise! 🥳drawing the outside world is my way of coping with the feeling of being trapped
Retweeted by nat 🧸 @Andyissupport @Gymshark hi i'm a streamer and i wear leggings like everydayI don’t think I’ll ever finish this😭
Retweeted by nat 🧸 @RottenPapi you’re so hot wowwiethanks for all the love over the past few days!! back with a regular stream💗we're continuing omori!
@ReiUNLOCKED yes!! u deserve
CALLING ALL #BARBZ 🎀 Noted Barb ally and Nicki warrior Nat Melongorl has been nominated to be The Next Big Buzz (1…
Retweeted by nat 🧸Hey! If you know @melongorl she's competing in Gen G's The Next Big Buzz and the winner gets a 6 month contract as…
Retweeted by nat 🧸The Promised Neverland's hero with the heart of gold, 💛 Emma! Cosplay by @chibith0t!
Retweeted by nat 🧸If you missed our first episode of The Next Big Buzz, presented by @bumble, w/ @AhrenGray and @melongorl you can ca…
Retweeted by nat 🧸THANK UUU for your support on the next big buzz competition!! it was an amazing experience and i’m grateful for par… @neekolul i'm so sorry you had to go through this. it's so horrific. and i'm sorry you couldn't find proper support… @HAUNTEDYETI @emptyestate kingdom(RT Please 🥺💕) 🌸🌸 PIN SALE🌸🌸 💕 Use code WINTEREND to get 10% off pins when you buy at least 2 pins in my store! In…
Retweeted by nat 🧸 @blisskai_ awesome!!! so proud of u
@zelourr your hand in marriage ma'am?Have some more Mona this time with my big ass hat. :3 live now with her 💕
Retweeted by nat 🧸 @emptyestate iktri had the opportunity to participate in a panel on Women in Streaming for @_Lanparty_ ‘s #GGN3 charity stream. they… @shooflies djsajflThe FIRST episode of The Next Big Buzz, presented by @bumble, is live SOON ft. our first 2 contestants @melongorl a…
Retweeted by nat 🧸 @AhrenGray good luck!! you;'re gonna kill it 🥳finally made a tiktok! feel free to follow me on there for more nat 😌 excited to see @melongorl's stream in an hour !! lets goooo! 📣📣🥳🎊🎉🎉
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@mimithenerd_ these are so sick @bbychakra their account is so weirddamn pawpa u a wawe bweed no compawin...and it’s mf scawy 🥺I discussed in the past about making a community for Black women in the content creation space. Everything is reall…
Retweeted by nat 🧸 @justinyourguts hey @CrepeBerry thank u berry 😭 i really appreciate it