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Memetaza @memetazaa ur mom lol

CEO of respecting women

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so happy for them :) must twitter torment me by putting yet another happy couple on my tl at 6am wtf man my whole day's ruined now i… @_flaman need that so bad @itsmariannnna hey... @NILES100 GO NILES GO NILES GO NILES @simpformangos no this is them saying this to me @adamgreattweet this madlad. can't believe he did it"I'll bollocks ya mate"british mfs will look you dead in the eye and say "Well mate that's Bollocks now, innit" @ez_hume yeah @SydneyBattle happy birthday!! @IrritatingBoyTy no that's not what the doctor said
@jennapurrlee man what @maxoupial @PallaviGunalan LMFAO OMG @jennapurrlee im sorry my dms must be broken because i dont see you in them"If we win, I will ensure that every single American gets $2000 stimulus checks" bad"of course you are so important to me i will always love you and i would never ever hurt you!""I'm sorry I didn't see your texts, I went to bed early" @DGJ3000 thank you hahahaha @MaxiamaruOFC no not at all
Retweeted by Memetazashooting my shot by liking 30 of her tweets in a rowthere are so many pretty women on this siteany ladies wanna help and save a life?😔just found out that i am allergic to the covid vaccine and the only way for me to get safely vaccinated is to suck… @FireBeets morning. any girls from Oman want me? @ellieeanes LMAOjacob in twilight:
Retweeted by Memetaza @MemetazaM i love younvm good night"oh yeah?! well would a depressed person do this?!" *sends a "you up?" text at 2am not because i wanna hook up but… was last year in january 2020she sent me her wedding invitation and i just fell down to my knees and started sobbingis this shit really worth itstaring at the ceiling in the dark thinking about every mistake i've ever made Hey, are you okay? Me: Yeah, I'm good haha! :) about you invest in $DSDCK jackass🖕 @flaviusvalens1 @MuthoniK20 wtf @TheGordonSmith @girlwit0filter not me guess im just different like that🤞 @saswat_mishra10 im not blackthey probably wont see thiseveryone who has blocked or unfollowed me i would just like you to know that you did that to a poc which makes you… @bandz4luv i would've blocked her @bandz4luv that's an ugly ass dog @dxxnya you guys look so cute together! @HPFuckcraft not you complaining after literally falling in love with a ben shapiro lookalike @pepperonicowboi im up🚨🚨 BREAKING: Spider-Man official title revealed!! @girlwit0filter my opinion of you wouldnt change because i care about a woman's soul not her ass🙏🙏🙏 @motherofworms W @HPFuckcraft some things are still sacred @HPFuckcraft didnt wanna slander them on the eve of white woman wednesday @strwbryybabe i hate tweet drop gcs @dairyleafunker ok you got a pointwhy do you as a white man think that your opinion matters @GooseEscaped
@GooseEscaped how do u know what it tastes like lol😳 @thexionxtra that's sus @Pastor__God gordon ramsayhow i feel after doing one pushup on my first day at the gym @oobidoodle i've been horny for so long im now in a state of non horny enlightenment @gosetj change your @ and username or delete this account and make another one before this gets suspended as well.… in migrant children in cages overflow facilities @sherrysworld @itstatywassup LMFAO @itstatywassup yeah friend Jacob @goofballbirkla woke up with a horrible tooth abscess and can not afford proper care at this time.…
Retweeted by Memetaza @yaydumpsterfire LMAOOOO @motherofworms ?????????HUMAN LIFE SHOULD NOT BE ASSIGNED A MONETARY VALUEideally you should not have to pay for ANY medication or treatment but having to pay exorbitant amounts for lifesav… @FrickinDelanie you know me💯 @FrickinDelanie HAVING TO START GOFUNDME CAMPAIGNS TO PAY FOR LIFE SAVING MEDICATION AND TREATMENT @strwbryybabe @ez_hume i appreciate it tho @strwbryybabe @ez_hume hahahaha that ain't me @IrritatingBoyTy do you know what the racism situation there's like? @wydstepbrOoke so proud of you!! @shedontgo 😔y'all won @CaitCamelia oh so you think everything that happened after that was a woman's fault?good morning. any girls from Norway want me? @MaxiamaruOFC LMFAO @wh0wantm3 damn bro chilljust hit rock bottom @lilredridingwud twins🤞oh wow would you look at the time! it's almost time to be sad and whine on the tl again @champfanaccount you're pretty! @leakybrain_ dont care dont want her anymore @leakybrain_ yeah?but that's just lifewhile you're chilling at home alone your crush is getting her back blown out by someone else rn
Retweeted by Memetaza @thesus101 hurts how true it isLMFAO