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artist researcher curious philomath. nature × science × technology × spirituality × ritual. PhD AI×expressive human-machine interaction. I like to touch people.

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@blprnt this is incredible, thx for sharing! science 🥳 @fisderman Thanks, it's not bigban, but a custom stylegan2 trained on a custom dataset I've been collecting and curating for about 2 years.
OML I just had a realisation... I swam in this when I was a teenager (looong time ago)... That must've been the unc… @mrjmlv takes away the 'magic'? perhaps. But the mind-boggling fascination and awe-inducing beauty? absolutely not!…
Retweeted by MΞMO AKTEN @mrjmlv yes I was unsure how to interpret the word 'magic' in your tweet... 'magic' as in 'supernatural'? or 'magic… @mrjmlv takes away the 'magic'? perhaps. But the mind-boggling fascination and awe-inducing beauty? absolutely not!… seeing this for the first time, in ye olde days before you or anyone around you knew about bioluminescence…
@pfau @mtyka You know he does deserve credit for one thing, and that is *consistently* managing to blow my expectat… @mtyka @pfau come on guys don't be so harsh, clearly he meant that's only if shining a light on your insides doesn'… 8 yrs ago this week (2012!), 5 day residency to demo live performance mocap streamed to the web in realtime fo…
@AutoArtMachine ...and wrt maintaing geometry, this is a random walk in the church model. Going from straight edge…
@AutoArtMachine Depends on data, where you're coming from & where you're going. In many of the vids 👇 I play w when… minutes to go ... 🌸☀️🌄🌻🍿, almost 2 yrs ago I had the pleasure of meeting @maxcoopermax at the very first installation of… @_vade @stephen_wolfram @lexfridman I was a shower curtain, that I can deal with. But a plunger 🤣🤦‍♂️
(I mean this was just too good of a fail to not share, #gothscreenshots level. But joking aside, I do like Wolfram… Wolfram's defense, he does a 2nd take where the edge of the whiteboard behind him doesn't line up w his bald hea… @AustenLamacraft @stephen_wolfram @lexfridman yea I wrote a lengthy img description (for visually impaired) where I… you're demoing your greatest achievement, spanning over three decades of work, the most abstract, powerful, com… @quasimondo From theoretical PoV perhaps. Worth noting though that John Whitney was already making CG art in the 50… 50 in quarantine. I don't know what it was about the air last night, maybe it's having not left the flat in 50…
@nwilliams030 That was such an incredible scene (in an otherwise not-my-cup-of-tea film). I even wanted it to be tr… @Yara_Haridy Also, one of my favourite birds, the long tailed tit! @Yara_Haridy All of them! (More in the channel :)
@artfuture There's definitely a massive surge right now in online platforms. Obviously it won't replace IRL, but I'… I have a feeling the investors of these New Spaces are more likely to be business oriented, more motivated by… clarify: foreseeable future is difficult for many in the arts across the board (& any IRL sector for that matter… @sermad @zachlieberman Yes this is what I'm wondering. Obviously all sectors of the arts are heavily affected, but… @sterlingcrispin Yes totally, I'm wondering how much survivability will depend on Old Vs New @barrythrew Maybe the established (eg theatre etc) live orgs/venues might be able to survive this period with donat… @zachlieberman Oh sorry I didn't see that link, only saw the NYT (with preview in the tweet), thx for pointing it o… @zachlieberman I don't have NYT sub, but yes, around the world all aspects of arts & culture are affected (all of m… saw recent popularization & massive monetization of 'immersive / big art', on a spectrum teamlab, pacex, museum… kin this misty morning in the Bosphorus. When I was a kid there were so many more. They disappeared due to…
@lisaquestions Aware and feeling self @lgraesser3 Ive been building tools which allow me to navigate high dim space (eg 512) in realtime (this vid was w… @lgraesser3 Oh I meant i) and ii) are prerequisites (essential components) for creativity in general. I was just ex… 47 in self-isolation My saturday night is going swell Music has always been my salvation It nourishes my soul &… @mtyka @ch402 has nice per state visualizations
@cyrstem I had plans to *return* to the US, but I'm stuck in Istanbul right now where I came to pickup my Visa (but… may appear to be an odd time for #BatAppreciationDay, but this mess is not their fault. I came to admire bats yr…
@kcimc Looool, i used to have this every day 👍👍👍👍 (looks amazing. hardboiled/poached egg is a nice addition too!) @lgraesser3 ...& even before I got into DNNs I'd internally visualized (ii) as finding a vector ideaB & correspondi… @lgraesser3 Absolutely! Interestingly, I've always thought of a couple prerequisites for 'creativity' to be able to… @sherrying You were worried I'm a panpsychist? Well as I said above there's still too many unknowns for me to feel… am I panpsychist? No. I'm Bayesian. When facing uncertainty I hold a distribution of beliefs over all p…
if this can dispel space, time, matter, energy & forces as fundamental, & instead they all emerge out of an abstrac… @sterlingcrispin the announcement+Q&A livestream is 4hrs & covers pretty much same as the a… @Robin_B there is so much material, it's nuts. He's written a 450 page 'introduction', there are two 60 page techni… and the implications for #panpsychism are quite ... mind altering! (literally) 🤔just read tons & watched 4hr vid. So nice. He's followed thru what he's talking abt for decades, modeling the unive… QUESTION: Are male politicians too emotional to make rational decisions?
Retweeted by MΞMO AKTEN @chrisoshea @jeonghopark @zachlieberman @theowatson Instead of typical averaging running BG, could be interesting t… @zachlieberman @theowatson @chrisoshea I'm afraid not. You already have all of my test CV footage, including this o… 44 in quarantine. I have no idea what day or date it is. I was supposed to post this yesterday (^_^ ). Happy…
@halhod Oh man that's come to an end unfortunately (Quarantine there would have been amazing. My life there was qua… @halhod Have you seen this awesome thread? @atesgoral Awesome!
@atesgoral fiziksel bi GoL! super bir sey, sen mi yaptin? @cwodtke @stewartbrand @patrickc these are exactly 4 of the 6 (or 7, depending on where you look) questions Neil Po… @morehshin Respectfully: some art comforts the afflicted, some art afflicts the comfortable. I respect the capacity of art to do both.
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@F_Kaltheuner @_rootkate @wheresaddie @mer__edith @gemmamilne @jjvincent on the broader end @sherrying has an inter… don't remember saying "Not sharing knowledge is SELFISH, UNETHICAL, UNSUSTAINABLE & DETRIMENTAL TO THE DEVELOPMEN… @FITC @diego_montoya_ Why yes! Kind of. I didn't use to keep presentations, instead I kept one massive master file,… @F_Kaltheuner @_rootkate @wheresaddie @mer__edith @gemmamilne @jjvincent @mushon @CharStiles Yes I know what you mean! @AkiyoshiKitaoka has (and invents) many it's not every day I enter on a form: Visa Status : Formally approved, but I haven't been able to attend cons… came across this, back in 2012/13 I used to give a talk titled "FUCK CLIENTS". I wonder how that went down in…
@CharStiles I was scrolling down at the same speed as this was scrolling up so the image was stationary on my scree… @F_Kaltheuner @_rootkate @wheresaddie @mer__edith @gemmamilne @jjvincent @tegabrain @sam_lavigne @imbaban00 @m_ashcroft Exactly the same 😲Thinking abt the intricate, entangled webs of life; the webbed ecologies of heterogeneous temporalities & spatialit…
@Little_Robot yea, sorry, turns out I was in a dark place 🤷‍♂️. I'm using (slightly) more uplifting tracks now. Helps quite a lot! @sherrying @neiltyson amazing how you're able to get on the internet through your faraday cage 😅More #WeAreAllConnected studies, I've been taking some time to get back into physics & thinking abt mathematics as…
@WiringTheBrain ... of the resolution of said quantum randomness, as opposed to the other way. And this is quite a… @WiringTheBrain But my main Q: using Heisenberg to justify physical indeterminacy to allow for free will, implies t… @WiringTheBrain I just watched your lecture, very nice thx! Everything was very nice till second half :) First half… @monfera @WHO if that's what they wanted, it would have been great if that's what they'd have said! So appropriate… @jeremyphoward In Turkey, two days after this 👇 it was declared mandatory (and masks are being handed out in grocer…'ve decided not to wear a seatbelt when I'm driving, as it's not guaranteed 100% to save me in an accident, & inst…
@michael_nielsen @Pinboard like delicious!?😢this doesn't seem like such a crazy idea anymore 🤔
If the previous clip was a bit too hectic, this might be the antidote. Oscillating the extemes right now.… this was my wild friday night. How are you folks doing? #StaySafe #WeAreAllConnected /HD version:… pandemic rly highlights how we're globally dependent but locally loyal. Whereas I'd prefer if we were locally…
@ilmarihei interesting thx! @wouter will check thx! @anselan lol oldskool :) @wouter Yes syphon is awesome, I've used it a lot, straight GPU to GPU. But is OSX only. Windows has an equivalent… @wprimett awesome thx will check it out! @quasimondo yes a flask video stream is something i looked at a few yrs ago. For one way video stream definitely a… @M_PF yea I'm guilty of it too 🙄😅. I call it "being held together with blu tack and sticky tape" 😅 @M_PF nice :) I've used http for images between js and python (using flask), works well for single images, though I… @M_PF Oh wow, that's lo-fi :). Mightve worked for your low bandwidth reqs, but for 1024x1024 RGB 30+fps I can't see… @M_PF that's an awesome project :) what did you use for the comms? OSC? ZMQ? raw sockets? something else? (Also I g…, what is the fastest, least overhead way of sharing data (e.g. 1024x1024 RGB images :) between #javascript
What a difference a day makes. Left (mon): "you don't need to wear a mask if you're not sick" Right (wed): "you mig… happy for this to finally go live! After decades of research & dev 😅. 👍👏🔥 @timexile + team. Tim's been imagining… @k_treen @trevorpaglen @katecrawford But all's good now. He's using all his AI power to fix covid. (Sorry I made yo…