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computational ar̹͒ti͙̕s̼͒t. curious. philomath. algorithm∩ritual. science∩spirituality. PhD AI/ML expressive human-machine interaction. I like to touch people.

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@therourke @distillpub @hardmaru Deepminds wavenet (for audio) takes a departure from rnns altogether, by using so… @therourke @distillpub @hardmaru But Alex Graves' 2013 paper "generating seqs with rnns" is really the master resource. @therourke @distillpub @hardmaru 's sketchrnn is a nice departure from traditional (pixel based) image models, by r… @therourke So anything rnn/lstm related is essentially dealing with time. Attention is a very interesting concept o… @therourke Arguably all sequence models are abt time. In that case there's SO much writing. Of particular interest…
[Christopher Columbus arriving in Hell] Columbus: I’m the first person here! I discovered this!
Retweeted by M̸e̵h̶m̸e̸t̶ ̴S̴e̷l̴i̷m̸ ̵A̸k̶t̴e̷n̶🎵 Jamiroquai - Blow your mind
2019 at the Czech museum of music in Prague @signalfestival #signalfestival2019 church for rhythmic pleasure & algorithmic submission is open for worship #signalfestival2019 @therourke Obvs @Macroscopist you really know how to use the social medias :)
@SimonGColton No to the society that worships a 'hero'. Yes to the undervalued labour, ideas, influence & support a… @SimonGColton Im talking abt exactly that situation where everybody (who wishes) is an artist. But doesn't need to… @glagolista @abraham_ai_ Oh i still haven't read that 🤦‍♂️'Human nature' can only provide explanations, not justifications. Only *real* limits are laws of physics. It only t… @glagolista evolve to be able to comprehend & appreciate on scale, how vast networks of skills interact & influence… @glagolista again, this is an explanation, not a justification :) Today, that is very true. But it's not a fundamen… @gersart to be able to slot ppl into value positions, so we can reward (or punish) accordingly. This may seem inesc… @gersart you're probably jk, but this ex is exactly the "can't imagine" & "need" I'm referring to. The language we… @pfau @Horse_ebooks Im not denying that. But thats just an explanation, not a justification. I dream that we apprec… do hope one day 'authorship' will not exist - bc it *won't matter*. Things are brought into existence, by persons… without it. B/c it would require a complete overhaul of the way our world functions, our values, our desperat… it's not that I think computers *are* 'authors in their own right', it's just that I think the concept of 'auth… I did intend to type 'fetishistic' too. But my autocorrect changed it to 'geriatric'. And I thought hey that a… really want to believe that humans are making art on their own. It's kind of bizarre and geriatric. @theharrysayers (the language itself is easy, but learning abt the ecosystem, tools, way of working most productive… @theharrysayers yup. you'll have to learn, but it's one of the easier languages to get into (doesn't mean it's easy… @theharrysayers Sorry just seeing this. I would not recommend ofxMSATensorFlow as starting pt :) def start w python… always comment my code😊, so when I look at code I wrote yrs ago, I can understand it. And my reaction is often WT…
Blimey! I made the @guardian online and print! 😱 will post more pics of finished piece soon.thabks for all the supp…
Retweeted by M̸e̵h̶m̸e̸t̶ ̴S̴e̷l̴i̷m̸ ̵A̸k̶t̴e̷n̶ @AkiyoshiKitaoka Oh sorry I'd meant the name of the perceptual phenomena. Eg rotating snakes exploits peripheral dr… @_jameshatfield_ @AkiyoshiKitaoka Hey, thx. Sorry I'd meant the name of the illusory phenomena, the physiological… @AkiyoshiKitaoka Is there a name for this effect? And is there a paper / article explaining why we can see it in motion but not static? @hardmaru In case this whole google / AI thing fizzles out, it's good to have a alternative career options 😎👍
This one is incredible! Such a strong effect, especially when shaking my phone. Even carries on wobbling a bit afte…
@doriantaylor @lifewinning This felt oddly relevant @therourke Damn, low frame rate is just asking to be optical flow interpolation warped ⚠️many ppl asking abt sound. It is generative but not fully automated: 1 python (opencv, librosa, skvideo, lws, scipy… @artnome you nailed it with the v important detail of 'wild west'! I'm actually getting goosebumps reminiscing abt… @artnome see now I have this stuck on loop in my head! both visually and sonically :) (in case time link doesn't wo… @artnome we see things not as they are, but as we are ;) @Grady_Booch we see things not as they are, but as we are ;) @glagolista very agree! Too tempting to make infinitely detailed but semantically homogeneous work. Like a forest w… I twisted my knee a while ago (jumping in too shallow sea, then having to swim half a km back to shore 🏊‍♂️). No…
Secrets of #AI. Far from trying to nick your job, they’re busy making art, music and poetry! For more, far more, se…
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@cgwtf But ... 😭 @pixlpa I often think when I get angry at my dog after it runs off after a squirrel, maybe it thinks I'm angry b/c…
I have #issues #gothscreenshots'm pretty sure these hooded crows in #Istanbul didn't used do this with walnuts when I was a kid. Maybe they've be… @ArthurIMiller Sorry I couldn't be there! Hope it went well. Greetings from Istanbul!
@karmakomik Yes I really enjoyed it too. I actually found it the most 'factual' of the three books. Soul of an octo… @_johnoshea 🦑👍👋I don't know why, but I just thought of that scene in #prometheus where that woman gave birth to a #squid and then… @Flexi23 @depechemode wow thx for reminding me!, this is lyrically & visually absolutely perfect to include in the…
I know people compose and write and make art on the road, on planes/trains etc but I was once doing a show with Ton…
Retweeted by M̸e̵h̶m̸e̸t̶ ̴S̴e̷l̴i̷m̸ ̵A̸k̶t̴e̷n̶ @mori4you @xkcdComic Bo! - Ali GAs always, there is a brilliant @xkcdComic for this we have a 'science' at every level. Yes complex behaviour emerges from the interaction of simpler systems. But *w… meta. How to make quarter million $$ in a day w AI: scam ppl promising to teach them how to make money w AI. H…
Was pretty incredible to see & hear @maxcoopermax @BarbicanCentre last night, and see my work ~60m wide (with an am… accidentally winning the referendum
Retweeted by M̸e̵h̶m̸e̸t̶ ̴S̴e̷l̴i̷m̸ ̵A̸k̶t̴e̷n̶ @mrbenjaminlaw Most fascinating thing abt this story, is that according to Roy, France separated from 'the mainland… painting in #Shoreditch this weekend for @ExtinctionR! Will be there today and next weekend - come visit me!…
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Today (Saturday) at 3pm, @TateExchange as part of @hyphen_labs #higherresolution I'll be sharing some thoughts on m…
It was my bday recently & as master of procrastination I made this. Finally #AI technology is catching up w my drea… @irinimalliaraki @harari_yuval also talks about how wheat domesticated humans in order to achieve quite a dominant status on the planet. @irinimalliaraki @samim @MendelKaelen Yes this is so interesting! @glagolista Lol the way the mind works! Im looking at this on a small screen on my phone, and couldn't figure out w…
@Drokeby @rossgoodwin @leraboroditsky has many nice talks on this particular subject! @osageev @Drokeby @rossgoodwin Music & other forms of art can be very effective ways of reaching those points in the cracks between words. @rossgoodwin Instead we use word combos to narrow down, push & pull the desired location in semantic space. Extra w… @rossgoodwin it's almost like each word spans a region in a high dim space of meaning (sound familiar? :), & to con… @rossgoodwin Also regarding continuous representations, i often think of the landscape covered by the words concern… @rossgoodwin Reminded of Haraway :) It matters what matters we use to think other matters with; it matters what sto… @rossgoodwin Yes totally. Individual words are brutal butcherings, each one a course representation covering vast e…
@rossgoodwin e.) An ancient technological artifact of brutal butchering, categorisation, flattening and freezing of… helps us shift perspective, to see, understand, feel and embody new modes of being. Perhaps now, more urgent than ever.And in situations where we don’t have direct access to a desired mental or emotional state, we resort to ritual. Be… see things not as they are, but as we are. And this makes empathy and compassion more difficult than we might re… do we reconcile spirituality and ritual with science and technology in our age of materialism, technological su… do we find meaning as we navigate our increasingly digitized and mediated complex world? How do we connect with…'m so excited to be part of this incredible 2-week program put together by @hyphen_labs @carolinesinders. I'll be… enabling 500 megapixel cloud camera system able to capture thousands of faces at a stadium… is! #actnow @UNDP @UNDPClimate #ClimateActionNow
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@Macroscopist She's incredible.Yes, this is real rsrch that is happening. Justified as crucial for autonomous car safety, to see around corners; b…
@stew_rtsmith Perfect settingSuper Rich Interior Decoration Ari Folman's The #Congress is the #ThePrincessBride remake the world needs. Thanks for coming to my TED t… @wheresaddie @kenricmcdowell @jamespowderly Preach, sister \\(>_<)// @irinimalliaraki This headline is good if it ends before 'connecting'. "Microsoft AI is featured in a unique exhibi… @wheresaddie @kenricmcdowell @jamespowderly Yeeeeesssssss :) purpose, meaning, direction, truth, sacrifice, salvation. @kenricmcdowell @wheresaddie @jamespowderly An easy ex is VW scandal. Ofc order came from management, w chain of cm… @kenricmcdowell @wheresaddie @jamespowderly there's an Ursula Franklin passage I refer to often, regarding the enor… feeling old today btw, when a guy came up to me and asked "hey are you Memo?", I said yes, he said "oh cool,… to reflect on other minds, and other souls; our position in the world, and the nature of our relationships with…, none of these books are rly abt #cephalopods, but invite us to relinquish that last bastion of hope…