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Pro and Streamer for @TeamLiquid (BUSINESS EMAIL - Code Mendo in Epic Games Store and @NordVPN #AD

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@TSM_Myth Love you myth @TeamLiquidLoL @TeamLiquid WGlad there's clarity and communication about the fix coming late and that it's a top priority hope to see First St…
@LilRevive yo lets go pro in valorantDestroying in @Mendo 10 man lobby!!!!
Retweeted by Liquid MendoFor those of you who want leaderboards in game, we're currently working on that feature (surprise face)! We don't h…
Retweeted by Liquid Mendo @Nybz @strattacaster happy to have pushed the "people just need to learn her, once people are insane at jett she'll… @NoahJ456 I thought you just lose monetization on YouTube? Not a perma ban after 3 strikes? @Growlibi I read through it, and afaik legally to counter-claim a DMCA I have to reupload the content and I can't d… @Overpowered And for the past few months I've had a license for all the music I listen to, if it's not from clips… @TwitchSupport @katestark @DomesticDan @simplyjxn @HarrisHeller Please reupload the content you deleted so I can fi… @RsMisto why are they back on my channel at all? I can now get DMCAd for them AGAIN since they re-appeared on my channelwait... I deleted a bunch of clips with music in them those clips are back on my channel now? did i get DMCAd for… @TwitchSupport how am I getting a DMCA notice after already removing every clip from YEARS of streaming when t…
Retweeted by Liquid Mendowon a 14-12 overtime inhouse and @arcticsoldier_1 told me he'd buy me the entire battlepass if we won and he did... @FairPlayEsports no way to contest them if twitch removes the content and gives you 0 information on it :( @Morrison love listening to music i have a license to but still getting a DMCA warning because of a clip probably h… a DMCA warning, just happy im blessed to have received a license to listen to some of @HospitalRecords songs b… @BxbyJ_ guy really thinks he's slick shit talking me on his alt a ccount? @BxbyJ_ keep posting sad frog gifs instead of trying to put your pain on other people @brax1wnl run the duo?live more icebox! @BxbyJ_ its based on the hidden MMR pretty much @Poach @andbox_official W @PlayVALORANT Damn I shoulda played my placements if I knew this tweet was happening 😳Swept up the competition today in @Mendo 's 10 mans in @PlayVALORANT . Had a lot of fun and I'm always looking forw…
Retweeted by Liquid Mendo @daltoosh a ratio isn't worth anything on a sarcastic tweet though... it's like adding the likes together would've… stream, tons of good games see u guys tomorrow, im thinking stream before scrims tomorrow watch this clip hotfix is coming later this week that should address the hitching problems that some players are experiencing. Th…
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@daltoosh LMFAOOO @hodsic ppl are gonna think this is NOT a joke cause of ur reply and you being on liquid.. @eggi147 first time for everything, i just said apex takes skill. Never said before"Overwatch players have the best aim" "CS players have the best aim" "Quake players have the best aim" Apex play… @Dorks_818 @psalm @hazedCS @PlayVALORANT @RiotNu Mendo? @hazedCS @PlayVALORANT @RiotNu Even better, confirmed there's a bug on that and they're tracking it and working to fix it ASAP! @psalm @hazedCS @PlayVALORANT @RiotNu i pay them to respond to my messages @hazedCS @PlayVALORANT @RiotNu is forwarding it to the right people!playing my placements so im eligible for the first strike qualifier and icebox inhouses after that @JoshNissan @PlayVALORANT if u have an alt account u can log in to that when u get error 51 @MLGPuckett Refresh my twitter page every 10 seconds and you’ll eventually find a tweet with my link Don’t slack off!! Keep hitting F5!Stream after I eat, more icebox inhouses and maybe some ranked later You better show up @PlayVALORANT @nerdstgamers 👀 @FloydLips @nerdstgamers @T1BcJ @PTR_tvCSGO @nvKing_ @justKellar I don’t do what I do for money, there’s more to life than that @LiNkzrOW no u :)lil 1v4 from the tourney today felt pretty good ngl't stream today cause I played another weekend tournament, won the $1000 @nerdstgamers qualifiers with @T1BcJ @AaronnFtw @Renegades HUGE W @boxrTailored @Pterodactylsftw @Packing_10 @Immortals Me too
@oderuscs i respect it tbhI think Haven would be a much better map if the only way to get into and out of Mid Window required making sound M… @summit1g YESyou guys gonna try and steal my #1 place today or what?
Retweeted by Liquid Mendo @LiNkzrOW @TenZ_CS im not sure if he actually does it in matches, but he changes his sens a TON so it wouldnt surpr… watching @TenZ_CS change his sens 25 times a game and just find the right one and never miss a shot anymore this man is a monsterHaving fun playing icebox in the @Mendo sub scrims, think its my favorite map in the game right and here's a little…
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icebox inhouses today, maybe some ranked placements later is for the Icebox Inhouse Contest to end at midnight PST on Friday the 23rd I'll be taking highlights from th… @TenZ_CS good tweet @NoahJ456 Happy birthday! @HUYNH_CS LMFAOOStreaming inhouses a little later, just vibin for a lil :) @T1 @loltyler1 W @TheUltraLex @PTR_tvCSGO @nvKing_ @T1BcJ @justKellar Might need to find another verified player, kellars twitter ac… @GoBoomTV @T1BcJ @justKellar @nvKing_ @PTR_tvCSGO Team Name best nameCongrats to "Team Name" on getting first place for first Valorant Weekly Tournament! Make sure to join Valorant We…
Retweeted by Liquid Mendowon it with @PTR_tvCSGO @nvKing_ @T1BcJ and the only non-verified person @justKellardidn't stream today cause I ended up playing a @GoBoomTV tournament today we won and I got some nice clips for the… @MESRAWR good tweet mes rawr @fl0mtv @HusKerrs @GeT_RiGhT oh hell no leaving the house? huskers can come eat sushi at my place though @HusKerrs ooooooooooo @pfitter_ @TrickVAL vouch @davidchen10 that looks SO good @PTR_tvCSGO yo did i miss this stream or u still going?
Won't stream until maybe later today, but meanwhile go watch Luddee play in the EU icebox inhouses! eat and then stream, EU pugs continue today uwu
Retweeted by Liquid Mendo @RiotNu You’re making me uncomfortableThanks to everyone for wishing me a happy birthday and making it special, I love you all ❤️🙂🤙🎉🎈
Retweeted by Liquid Mendo @Mendo Thanks for the 10 mans today with @OhHeyItsIroo We had a great time! Little 3 piece during the games!
Retweeted by Liquid MendoCome watch
Retweeted by Liquid Mendo @Danan No im just too busy to give you a real response.. very busy man here @Danan k @n0thing you just plug it in, but no console can push 240fps anyway so it wont matter much$NOT - Mean ft. Flo Milli (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_) via @YouTube
Retweeted by Liquid MendoNEW SNOT SONG IS FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRE, I CALLED IT BRO danny duncan in the music video too LOL
Retweeted by Liquid MendoYO NEW BANGER BY @snot
With Act III having launched, I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of our players coming along with us for t…
Retweeted by Liquid Mendo @PakR_ @G2Davidp code Mendo @C3AGLE not decided yet, but probably another week and a half is what I'm aiming for, I haven't set a date yet beca… icebox inhoues grind continues, top 10 gets rewards after contest ends! @Danan Really pushing that public nice guy just so you can hop in voice and insult me huh Now no one will believe me if I expose you..Shower and breakfast then we go live with more inhouses! Be there or else @daprcs no way you tweeted this LMFAOO @RogueFPS i duplicate screen and set its resolution to 1920x1080 240hz, that's all i doDuo with the god himself :)
Retweeted by Liquid MendoIn 30 minutes or so, we'll be shipping a stability patch to all regions, which should fix: - An audio lag bug on I…
Retweeted by Liquid MendoThis is something🥰 @Mendo
Retweeted by Liquid Mendo @FNS Phantom > Vandal and IT'S NOT CLOSE. @FNS Phantom > Vandal and IT'S NOT CLOSE.
Retweeted by Liquid MendoPhantom > Vandal and IT'S NOT CLOSE.
Retweeted by Liquid Mendo