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peace&&love making._\|/_ .👁 western baby.

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When people from SoCal meet people from NorCal
Retweeted by Jackie♒️So this is how my day is going
Retweeted by Jackie♒️🚨 It’s a reunion!!!!! A Family Reunion, that is. 😉 Coming to Netflix on December 9.
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“I’m GOnNa TeLL mY kIDz ThiZZ wAs-“
Retweeted by Jackie♒️cuddle weather has arrive💀’ve been laughing for 10 mins straight😭
Retweeted by Jackie♒️wow my makeup came out bomb and I ain’t doin shit lolThis is so disgusting. With sex trafficking being at a all time high right now please keep a eye on your kids!
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I appreciate black tiktokers so much.
Retweeted by Jackie♒️I thought I was dying, I’m not alone yay
😭😭 time
his name is still baby yoda
Retweeted by Jackie♒️I see what @torylanez did with his new album 😻I have been craving pizza for days now
@GhostOfZion Not over how cute he is 😭😭😭So sleepy 😴none of your concern is staying on repeat all weekend and week @JheneAiko
😭😭 wow wow and wow of Your CONCERN 🗣️
Retweeted by Jackie♒️if u don’t like being on social then get tf off it, y do ppl express they hate being on social media yet stay on it all day, weird
There is no reason not to retweet this. She is 13 years old! Do something to help!
Retweeted by Jackie♒️stay golden remember when Cartoon Network use to do this shit
Retweeted by Jackie♒️Connection
Retweeted by Jackie♒️little instagram bullshit im a grown ass man 😂
Retweeted by Jackie♒️"how much do you overthink" Me:
Retweeted by Jackie♒️Lmao you telling me us dodger fans went thru all that pain in 2017 js for us to find out the ASTROS CHEATED?!?!
Retweeted by Jackie♒️Time traveller comes back to save himself
Retweeted by Jackie♒️narcissistic af, stfu“Please excuse the racism in our old shit. Xoxo. Te he he”
Retweeted by Jackie♒️It was Lez taco Tuesday last nite lol and it was fuuuuuuuuun
simple ass @Marissy420 Same lol, always liking stuff that scares me, idk y 👻 @Marissy420 Omg I loved that show! It was pretty creepy lolI’m really getting a whole semesters worth of work done by Friday 🙌🏽. Procrastination at its finest
Komodo Dragon ate the turtle and rocked it like a fitted. Nature is GANGSTA.
Retweeted by Jackie♒️I would’ve jumped out with the car still moving lmaooo fuck that omg do and I run so fast back to my room😅
When u say yea just hmu whenever ur free and they reply saying they’re free right that moment and want to hang at…
🤣 Today’s episode of crazy things dads do 😅
Retweeted by Jackie♒️Lol.. Pops was dead sleep.. Woke up LYING his ass off! Lol
Retweeted by Jackie♒️😭😭😭
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i don’t think they know thatsss my wordthat Minute Maid juice taste like fruit by the foot @ImStillMickey Can’t ever get tired of it 😭dirty laundry tonightIf u didn’t know Step Brothers is back on Netflix 🙌🏽🤗
Ooo whoa my bday is in exactly 3 months 😭🙌🏽, need to start planningwe can’t let this video die
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i think i might be paige #atypical
Retweeted by Jackie♒️For my birthday I learned how to drift
Retweeted by Jackie♒️Getting one tomorrow 😬 still one of the funniest videos to ever grace this website
Retweeted by Jackie♒️lmao
How do u not find joy in eating ? That is sadMe celebrating my achievements by myself because nobody really be happy for you.
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Retweeted by Jackie♒️ass*so my high as burnt the first batch of cookies I baked 😭, but this second one came out boooommbbb😭but ur here rite 😌😭 @geeahhhh That’s just evil :(
I’m never deleting Facebook 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Jackie♒️Why is this new Alicia Keys and 21 Savage collab HITTING? 😳
Retweeted by Jackie♒️Rolling loud ticket officially paid off💁🏽‍♀️Lmaooooo 😭😭😭💀 @geeahhhh disgusting :/on chill 💨Get wrapped up with these quick and creative styles! By @BlossomHacks
Retweeted by Jackie♒️ @GhostOfZion haha it might melt 🤷🏽‍♀️ @GhostOfZion Idk if I can handle the snow lol >.< @GhostOfZion it’s a must 👽Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Aquarius with Mercury Retrograde... secrets what are those
Retweeted by Jackie♒️me: *is holding back tears* someone: what’s wrong? me:
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Flights to Colorado are cheap af rn, goin in 2 weeks 🤗Getting to know a Capricorn/Scorpio/Aquarius
Retweeted by Jackie♒️😈/🤡I need this potato szn is upon us, get your shovels ready we goin in
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Still has me dyin 😭 savings is just another example of how time isn’t real
Retweeted by Jackie♒️Next year for sure!! Dem wangs look so good!! @seanseaevans lets get it!!
Retweeted by Jackie♒️RIP to Walter Mercado, the man who told us everyday to look to the stars and to live, sobre todo, with mucho, mucho…
Retweeted by Jackie♒️NEW Drake & Bryson Tiller Leak.
Retweeted by Jackie♒️next halloween is on a saturday AND a full moon?! time to start planning 🎃
Retweeted by Jackie♒️The human experience is so odd.. like bruh
Retweeted by Jackie♒️I wish it was a summer night & I was about to hop online with my homies 😞
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Retweeted by Jackie♒️My nigga Dom said “Maybe I’m the one, maybe I’m the two. Maybe I’m the nigga that you call when you through. Don’t…
Retweeted by Jackie♒️fuck them kids
Retweeted by Jackie♒️Last night was a lot of fun. I thought it was Sunday lol🎃