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wannabe artist 🖤 plants and bella stan acct

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LOOOL thank u @SeshMEvans for the outfit! @LudwigAhgren @qtcinderella double stuf golden is best also holy shit I've never seen maple ones, sounds fire
@NurseBaemax 😤 @sherryjenix thank u!!! and for all the help 💕 @spoo0py LOL luv it. i have given up on my chive dreams tbh @Kira_SSBM false @MaiTimeBaby just a couple of foreheads vibinfinally a day for me @spoo0py I🥺🥺🥺🥺missed this somehow🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺BUT NOW I NEED UPDATES💕 @Cloud_Chsr lmfaooooooo this meme @isthatcho it's a lil 2011 Kia forte lol
thank u friends🥺 this has been a huge step toward my mental health 💕💕 @CraniumDiode I'll take that as a compliment ahahathis was 8 years in the making but I finally bought my own car🥺🖤 cone is finally off and we celebrate with a big ole bone😤
@s_andromedae thank u💖 @Karakancel @SeshMEvans thank u!!! bleach is very scary but glad I did it @unpurr pink i guess urge to chop it off rising, might have already done a lil myself woops
pre pirate hardware update 📸:@boba_ck
not free of Cone until Sunday but stitches are out :)we finally finished all of our meds💕 follow up vet today to hopefully relieve her of The Cone
@jdeZ666 makes sense, stay safe!! @Minmi8ko you guys got it together 👍 envious haha @mcc_nfreak I know I've made unintentional contact thru my family (sister's kids go to another household weekly, or… @jdeZ666 I have a few friends who work in retail who still go in, what do you do? @Bulbablunt i just realized this might be a bit skewed because of international presence on my Twitter lol. i just… tryna see sumthin, how many of you still haven't gone and hung out with friends or resumed public outings because of covid? @NurseBaemax OOOMMMGGGG
@bigtittygothgf hi happy bday i hope it's wonderful!!!!🧁💕the actual fruits of my labor
iphoneで加工〜🖤🤍 #絵をモノクロにするとかっこいい
Retweeted by L @mikehaze . @goingonajournie wow u look AMAZING @WoogieBoogielol does this mean u wanna join !
@progducto ORRRRrrrrr u can make a new twitter and join us LOL @progducto I can't add u D: @RenoNY @ohitsjustliz_ @goingonajournie why not lolany mutuals interested in a workout group chat to hold each other accountable and share progress? or is there one o…
@isthatcho definitely check out alocasias, they're sooo unique and so many different kinds @momssbm i found him in a lonely neglected corner of a nursery!! was the only one and I had to try and rescue it aha @isthatcho mostly local nursery finds but I've gotten a few on eBay and etsy @yoncebby @whiterabbiit_ o man, grocery stores are stepping it up😩 @yoncebby @whiterabbiit_ I have my eye out for one of those beauties 😭my 𝖌𝖔𝖙𝖍 𝖕𝖑𝖆𝖓𝖙𝖘 collection🖤 ID: alocasia black beauty, alocasia polly, (angel wing?) begonia, black pearl hot pepper @The_Macula 😍 this is so cutewell i was gunna leave for a lil while but i guess i have a duty to post Bella and plant progress now so ill revisi…
@The_Macula I learned a new word today :,) thank u! @Dethsoui they're hosta, I think just fast growers. new to me as well :0and today🌿
@naminker10 and u will have way too many* 😬 @naminker10 u just need to figure out which plants work for u and ur conditions and I will have way too many before u know it😅😭good morning🌞 better in pieces @spoo0py i absolutely will💕 @DoctorMashup 🥺✨💖
kinda like it kinda hate it whatever we paint again energy @SSBMSkunk it came with the babies but I believe it's sphagnum moss (not the dried stuff) @Akumakuni this movie rocks𝖈𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖛𝖔𝖗𝖔𝖚𝖘 painted
throw this whole person away holy shit. i paint @GummyOctopus @HugS86 thank u Cathy💕💕thank you so much ❤️
i'm so fucking heartbroken. can I just sleep for the rest of the year? @goingonajournie CAPTAIN BELLA🥺 @HugS86 seriously cannot appreciate this enough Hugo, and to anyone who contributes to bella. Thank you @HugS86 ❤️❤️❤️Our beloved Bella had an unfortunate accident with another dog last night and lost an eye. I'm gonna try to raise f…
Retweeted by Lwe think one very large sister's doggo just didn't know how to play with her gently because large doggo's only frie… freak accident and an eyeball later, we survive another day❤️😞
glad ppl needed this as much as me @rbocarrot @SaltySethSSBM wow I love this🥺
Remember when Sailor Mars caught a cold and out of courtesy for others she wore a mask even while fighting for her…
Retweeted by L @cyan_eyed getting lots of 🌞 now so can't wait to see! @Karakancel GURL YAS @Rabenmotte perhaps just a sun-starved marble/snow queen pothos? :0any plant wizards know why my entirely green huge pothos 'green jade' spit out variegated leaves? am i super lucky?…
@boba_ck LMAO understandable @boba_ck bpm? Ice climbers main? yeah checks outis everyone ignoring the fact someone who just wanted to be helpful ended up getting bullied so bad they needed psy…'m absolutely mentally fatigued and looking forward to this❤️ if any mutuals want to stay in touch via text or something DM me!taking my leave from social media after this week to tie up loose ends with my business/patreon and begin a process…
@lokraankiin Happy Birthday Fig✨may u enjoy many blueberries @ShineSpike if u decide to get one lmk I'll hit u up w the sage advice🧙✨ they have lots of different variants and a… @ShineSpike mini photoshoot for u image of the new Disney coaster under construction
Retweeted by L @ShineSpike maranta lemon lime🤩 @Karakancel and very non-judgemental and quiet🥰plant ID: monstera deliciosa (three variants: regular, thai constellation and albo variegated), philodendron jose b… @Vesetnet she's a part of my favorites😩✨ tysm💕💕 @knectick maranta! lemon lime variation. thank you💕my favorites 😌🌿
@NurseBaemax @NurseBaemax ummmm hello i believe this belongs to u ✨👑✨