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@CCriadoPerez Great Tit? @marcdonnchadh Interesting idea @marcdonnchadh What’s that now?Odd @suzanne_moore has never mentioned this before @simon_schama It’s gone in the oven. Will report back
Yeah I think Mark is right here. There’s probably a sizeable number of people who would like Corbyn for the courage… @JimmyHSands @JoyAnnReid Kinky! @EliotHiggins @OliverKamm I recall Galloway announcing a public meeting that would reveal “new and important inform… know that oft-wheeled-out meme, “What if we covered America the way America covers the Middle East”? I think it…
Retweeted by Padraig ReidyGo on then’s Aaron done now? @stephenkb Ha. Nice piece. Looking forward to more @stephenkb More “Why do we have this?” Or “Why do we have so much of this?”
It is vitally important at this time to keep the pressure on former Democrat presidents @annaturley @JoshFeldberg Hang on. The BBC logo for the 97 election was a big round “e”? Hmmmy chiropractor today tried to show me a david Icke videos about 5g. Then told me how Soros is funding left wing ri…
Retweeted by Padraig Reidy @jessbrammar @hannahfearn Also that yesActually that’s not even right. It’s not destruction of property, it’s, well, transfer of ownershipI know it’s not the most original observation but still, fascinating how Trump ramps up the rhetoric when the threa… @JoelTaylorhack We normally do with Umbrian or Puy lentils and Salsa Verde @hannahfearn I did think it was very odd to announce that basically people can have barbecues etc *ahead* of a sunn… @DamCou pointed out, obvs. Otherwise sort of looks like I am saying Rishi Sunak is playing a Star Trek character called DamianI reckon an especially talky episode of TNG. Vulcan Chancellor Sunak is being escorted to broker peace talks with t… know I should have some sort of opinion on things, and I do, honest, but mainly I can’t get past the fact that, a… catch a paper boy, but things don’t really change on protests is not a crime; it is in the public's interest. The MN police and all police departments in t…
Retweeted by Padraig Reidy @stephanieboland @EveForster FactWhen I was in China the goons at least waited until we were off air before detaining us.
Retweeted by Padraig ReidyGreat to see @OmarJimenez back on @CNN. Says: "What's happening isn't new, it's being filmed." As he notes, true…
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Retweeted by Padraig ReidyMy other colleague @joshscampbell is also on the scene in Minneapolis. He just reported that police approached him,…
Retweeted by Padraig ReidyArab Spring flashbacks
Retweeted by Padraig ReidyBreaking: CNN team arrested by Minnesota police on live television @BBCEmilyUnia @DPJHodges @MatthewPWoods Probably the only way for now. But given the Serpentine’s massive spike in… @DPJHodges @MatthewPWoods Then hopefully someome will volunteer to help you. It is no one in your local caff’s main… @DPJHodges @MatthewPWoods This is the Corporation of London’s rationale. @DPJHodges @MatthewPWoods Because we all do. And because it is hard to pull someone out of the water while not touching them @brokenbottleboy Fine @brokenbottleboy Let’s leave it then @DPJHodges @MatthewPWoods Lifeguards cannot do their jobs and maintain social distance. The Serpentine can open to… @brokenbottleboy No one is lecturing Mic. And no one thinks your stupid. @brokenbottleboy Calling for someone to resign isn’t landing a blow though. It’s just pointless posturing. Like The…’d like to talk briefly about postnatal care in the time of Covid - because I am witnessing, experiencing and hear…
Retweeted by Padraig Reidy @KiranManral @Twitter A few weeks ago, Twitter and Facebook removed posts by Brazil's President Bolsonaro for promo…
Retweeted by Padraig Reidy @thegoblinpoet @adrianmcmenamin Either way, I hate that the sugary coloured water now has to come with YOU DON'T HA… @rcolvile @chrisdeerin Stop it RobJust the president of the United States threatening to kill his own citizens.
@J_Bloodworth True. Maybe “better than the headline suggested” @J_Bloodworth Tbf, actually a good piece @ShelaghFogarty @lfnand Ahh! Congratulations Shelagh! @jamesrbuk @mjrobbins It’s been floating around conservative circles for decades. Move Hong Kong to Sunderland is t… @GAA__JOE @SportsJOEdotie @the_Barrs Everyday is 'JBM Day' in Cork surely @mePadraigReidy !
Retweeted by Padraig Reidy @josefoshea Can a man not enjoy a glass of sugar and food colouring without being told what it says about him?Moratorium on gas craicPetition Against Greatbunchofladsism be Tankin’
@joemuggs @ladyhaja @TherealNihal I have fond mid 2000s memories of an American liberal left academic telling me ho… @JoshFeldberg Good idea @ocrowcroft People love talking about their dinners @Tannerjc Oh this is such a great recipe. It’s what happened to last week’s leftover chicken!Thanks for your recommendations all. On basis of “other stuff that also needs to be used up” am doing a jambalaya type thingIf anyone is stuck for something to do with leftover chicken there are lots of nice suggestions in replies below @TimMinogue Chucked it in the bin and ordered a Dominoes @RevRichardColes Careful. Don’t want to get too skinny. Need you in peak shape for the Barrs next season. @BBCEmilyUnia Sigh @StigAbell @lukemcgee It’s @littleatoms that has him really worried. Notice how he never even mentions itRight food twitter. Suggest some good leftover roast chicken recipes. Not a pie. @lukemcgee It’s a cunning pro-business ruse to get liberals to subscribe to The AtlanticA lot of normal people don’t shop online tho confirms U.K. will not ask for an extension nor agree to one if offered
Retweeted by Padraig ReidyI’m vaguely watching Betaal on Netflix, an Indian zombie series with an Indian army unit being threatened by a zomb…
Retweeted by Padraig ReidyTribune in the early days was a bit of a mess this has Liam Halligan in GAA shorts I am not interested @twlldun Makem and Clancy's Riding Blind To Roy Hudd is an interesting regional take on the same air @robpalkwriter @tinycharlotte72 Oh God you're right. @robpalkwriter @tinycharlotte72 That line is etched onto my brain @tinycharlotte72 @robpalkwriter it was the last funny thing that happened. @robpalkwriter @tinycharlotte72 Jennifer is refusing sex If you mock me I make you follower-Ex @Unity_MoT No. My theory is he's keeping an eye on me in the hope of filing the mother, the pearl of defamation suits @robpalkwriter Oh yeah I forgot De BottonJames Delingpole and Aaron Bastani. Oh and Carswell, but that’s normal"The Students' Union won't let us have a stall inside"
Retweeted by Padraig Reidy @brokenbottleboy @KavanaghCk Yeah it’s not a bad piece all in all but certain misunderstandings (her idea of Marian…
@Fergal_Davis 12,000 words on Saipan and the making of modern Ireland by Friday please"Ireland, is a society moving beyond Civil War Politics... but only its first civil war. The wounds of Saipan remai…
Retweeted by Padraig ReidyDoes the country really need to start this one up again? quite into this @Haganator Oh ffs. Why can’t they just leave things alone? @CCriadoPerez You discuss writing? Blimey @ASH_Smyth Haha'Little death recorded'
Retweeted by Padraig Reidy @EssexCanning Everything. From the point he arrives home after his wife calls to say she is sick, absolutely everything @brianwhelanhack Classic Muphry’s Law here comradeThis is excellent you want to know how the Dominic Cummings story happened and why it took so long to confirm events that took pla…
Retweeted by Padraig Reidy @HannahAlOthman @anneliese_midge They really are the original and best
@anneliese_midge @HannahAlOthman + 1 for Saint James which are excellent. Can also get from Arthur Beale in Covent… you want to work for the best political journalism team in Ireland - you have 2 days left to send us your CV 👇
Retweeted by Padraig Reidy @DamCou He also claimed to have been the drummer in Rory Storm and the Hurricanes before Ringo. Obviously all the f… @DamCou I once went on a walking tour of “Orwell’s Islington” with an old thesp who claimed he had been the villain…