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Author of If I Was Your Girl & Birthday, contributor to Radical Hope, Meet Cute, (Don't) Call Me Crazy, & Out Now: Queer We Go Again. BLM ACAB

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@caseyplett folks she liked this selfie from the water closet. casey plett emits waste! checkmate liberals @starfader i frame perfect counter your flirt and activate my level 3 superfit check (my lipstick came off its 2020)
@nickjudin if what we're witnessing now is neodadaism I'm really really excited for capitalist realism brought to y…"im so horny for josef stalin!" "oh no!" you say, clutching your pearls. "he's a pisces"
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Retweeted by Store Brand Meredith Russoi have not even read the comments but i guarantee some island mutants are saying real fucked up shit about systemic… another unflattering ai portrait of me has surfaced
Retweeted by Store Brand Meredith Russo @nesterists "Tch. Look who opened grindr again lmao!" (as i open grindr) @nesterists I am a lesbian who sleeps with men but only because I have achieved a permanent level of ironic detachm… twitter caught me slipping 😔 @StripeyCaptain @fretmistress it's size not mass pardon my mistake. i would call you both nerds but we are currentl… @GreenGrer @KillerMartinis private visit from a hairstylist or someone who can do her nails so she can enjoy these…
Retweeted by Store Brand Meredith Russoyou’re impossibly fast.... and strong..... your skin is pale white and ice cold.....
Retweeted by Store Brand Meredith RussoAn object of size X hits an object of size Y and both are undamaged. Fascinating! So you scale it up and hurl an ob… relevant to the Square-Cube Law: the black box on airplanes would not work if they made the whole plane out of… @t_d_x and now oxford is tiny. who had the last laugh?(the Big Rat also might literally just explode, but it's important to establish modest expectations with science) @brechtianfemme just thinking about bugzdid you know that if you somehow made an elephant the size of a rat it would freeze to death but if you made a rat… you know that as the mass of an object doubles gravity's effect on it triples? did you know that arthropods br… you made a human being proportionally as strong/fast/durable as a bug EITHER the human's muscles would rip her s… you made an ant or a spider the size of a human they wouldn't retain their proportional strength. their exoskele…, a Hack: oh boy I just learned an impressive fact about arthropods i can't wait to use it in my specfic story… @TheGayChingy I think you will find that the bottom right is Iroquois Pliskin, a member of seal team 6Gregg Araki's Metal Gear Solid
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Retweeted by Store Brand Meredith Russo @esthermirirose Trick question, this is Solid Snake.
Retweeted by Store Brand Meredith Russopop quiz for film industry reporters. pictured here are four different men. only one of these men is solid snake. c…
Retweeted by Store Brand Meredith Russojust realized the ai generated generic version of my face looks like if jerry seinfeld got a sex change i hate thisi think my 1999 might have been different from yinzes @HarronWawker gossip girl, like kylie jenner, is a big fan of...tha GRINJ @hypnotransgirl yes?would this clip, it is good for homework: a political program aimed at the effacement of a human personhood is a g…
Retweeted by Store Brand Meredith Russo @intermittentcat the men who pester me on grindr beg to differi will never be conservative and i will always hate amerikkka but i feel myself becoming more and more functionally a lib every dayyou: let people enjoy things fran lebowitz:
Retweeted by Store Brand Meredith Russoevery day i lose more of my faith in and hope for the project of communism and revolution. i n a proud leftist trad… @TransRightsMOVE actually this take is wrongYou, a Child: I keep a filter pitcher in the fridge so I can have coward water Me, a Brave and Amazing Adult: i ke… shit holy fuck what if it's actually good @supermattachine I'm not clear on the difference @supermattachine stephen if someone is capable of wrongdoing how can she be a woman? women only have wrong done to…'m genderqueer in that I'm a woman but I enjoy having a good time and lack any kind of civilizing moral neurosis @PunguinWizard seems like more of an aesthetic callingie want voice tweets >:<hannibal lecter seductee/forensic psychologist that a HUGE amount of money has quietly been floating across the Atlantic from American anti-LGBT Evangeli…
Retweeted by Store Brand Meredith Russoi would throw my dignity in the grand canyon for dolly @eeberquist emmaare homies pleasure? no my god if anything the homies are duty!
Retweeted by Store Brand Meredith RussoTechnology peaked at this aesthetic.
Retweeted by Store Brand Meredith Russo @maidensblade may this isn't catboys @LoafersWrites "according to all known laws of aviation, a gender should not be transable" @othermiike carrie bradshaw twice elevates this to art*Ricky voice* For fucks sake Corey it's "Elliot" now, he fuckin transmissioned
Retweeted by Store Brand Meredith Russohey @tartarusmotel plz put this sticker on your car
Retweeted by Store Brand Meredith Russodon't talk to me before i've had my single hard boiled egg (salted)!
Retweeted by Store Brand Meredith Russoyou guys know that popular isn't the same as rich, right?
Retweeted by Store Brand Meredith Russo @veryhotmomm honey your EAR!!!"hey ya lookin forward to Hanukah ya rachel maddow looking bitch lmao?" @messengerbag it was open in the twitter browser and I have already forgotten what it's calledthe stupid AI face app really just walked by, punched me in the stomach, muttered something antisemitic, and said,… @SiaCicada yep!shut the fuck up. delete your account @bstolemyremote joe you're extremely wrong @DJSleepySpice ugh you're so pretty! quit it!!!gonna start calling people who are boorish or rude but in an amusing or jovial way, "turbo." the trick to being fam… none of you will understand why but I'm flipping out @HarronWawker what IS wrong with politics?When I swipe my metrocard and it works the first time
Retweeted by Store Brand Meredith Russo @LoafersWrites brackets are these "[ ]"!!!! @LoafersWrites oh PARENTHESES @LoafersWrites ??? @TheGayChingy suddenly my t4t tattoo is a BIG liemy gf @tartarusmotel took candid screenshots (because i asked (which makes them not candid (but i'm very vain))
@3liza @zylaros my gender has three screens and a mechanical rainbow light-up keyboard @zylaros @Mer_Squared if your gender isnt aftermarket watercooled and overclocked i dont know you
Retweeted by Store Brand Meredith Russo @findmereading It's not explicit but Ripley pretty clearly has PTSD in Aliens and, in the previous movie, survived… @nickjudin i summoned freud's ghost from the ether and showed him the research and he said, "this is all normal. th… @nickjudin hahaha yeah definitely. and like, if you browse 4chan or look at some of the more lurid TERF scholarship… @nickjudin i am giving you permission to say the slur, one Southerner to another, because I have no idea what you mean by gender sorcery @nickjudin right? I'm not losing sleep over it or anything but it is worth noting that I have not caught flak in a… I'm looking forward to transness being integrated into the nationalist project so I can get my boot on the n… else COULD one do but seek to annihilate the caste of incubi and succubi gnawing at the edges of a brain which… are not afraid that lesbians or fags are disappearing. they are not afraid children might be harmed or led ast… of this passage from infect your friends and loved ones i have been in bed with enough TERFs (i know, but i was young) and had my DMs slid into by enough fasc… am what i am. i'm not gonna organize a struggle session if who you see when you look at me deviates from my sense… i did those things i still wouldn't be a man. i would be, politely, a small, melancholy, fey little queer or, im… and fascists (but i repeat myself) and reactionaries don't want me to stop taking hormones, get a double mast… only people who fuck it up have known me since i was very young, due more to inertia and social autopilot than…