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@IoriKusano I would watch this at an art house movie theater @osutein @ddrenle A couple of the dive bars in Brooklyn own their real estate. Still not much tho. Gonna be depressing @blgtylr Two years ago my friend put that movie on when we were VERY drunk. Somewhere there is a video of a drunk m…
@XiranJayZhao The romantic comedy meet cute with Gomez Adams @MrCamW BladerunnerYou have two wolves inside you. These are the wolves. You are having a nice night. :)
Retweeted by Connor @AdamSerwer Cannot recommend this lo fi ghibli enough. @andykhouri They are finally answering the question so many Zoomers have asked “What the f&ck is Willow” @BethanyAllenEbr If the CPASF started making signs that read “Black Lives, and a cross straight reunification of Ch… @McKelvie There are a lot on the jersey shore. I don’t know names though @sanverde This is amazingComplete the limerick. There once was a man named Jeff Toobin On a zoom calll he thought he was mut’n @rzhongnotes VoX head of HR reading this tweet @excalibur61 new rules for zoom happy hour? @alanajoli @intelligentwat Oh I know I am going to wake up at 2 am and decide that a nice story is the best thing to do. And then not sleep @dreamoforgonon Never @cprwords I guess if she is into Detroit. They did invent house. Vinyl collection for Christmas @cprwords Smart girl.
@nkjemisin I liked it. Also brand new setting and world building. Possibly a touch more humor @andykhouri You know their in house council showed up to that board meeting with a baseball bat @osutein The bossip article tho... @casskhaw Listen you don’t have to roast my noodle soup technique on main @AvivaMaiArtzy Coor. I guess I’m a meh beer from Colorado. Which is not, not accurate @BeijingPalmer Done, my thesis will be that an avocado toast might have prevented it. Why won’t New Yorker writers… @casskhaw It was NoT the emotions I was expecting to feel Cass!! @MaraWilson Dry heat, mid century architecture, pool weather all times. I’m from New York tho, so all of that is special @blgtylr Film school this time @TPCarney side eye @Ethanhamm I woke up to this cover, it is amazing @intelligentwat Bad friend @scribblesassin What I Talk About When I Talk About Running is pretty great.Evil is a fantastical written show. The main character Kristen Bouchard is one of the best written characters on TV…
@Ellethevillain congrats!! @alwayscoffee I want to go to a live music show and drink a beer with friends. @AkilahObviously They told me those props were moving upstate to a farm where they can laugh and play with the other props @johnhornor Does it have the same age range as last airbender for adults @CodenameMinaLi It’s almost all food based which is how it pop’d up on my timeline. She seems a bit like glimmer was not a huge stretch @CodenameMinaLi Have you seen her YouTube channel? @casskhaw Play final fantasy? Learn fire magic and kill godYe Old archery from the Greenpoint Renfaire: A social distantly fete knights tale
Hazza and only, Greenpoint BK Ye olde Renfaire of a social distance kind. Plague edition. @GeekMelange Star Trek lower decks!! Fuzzy + funny + good @rzhongnotes I was gonna say take a shot for every mention of Sun Tzu but that’s a good waste of booze
It’s Friday, I present the best Batman story. Once Adam West and Frank Gorshin the man who played the riddler were… @BeijingPalmer It’s been months, but my Hobbit film rage had returned.
@fr_phl @BeijingPalmer It’s been awhile so my memory is foggy but The past and the punishments collection of short stories by Yu Hua @BeijingPalmer Folks should only read the ultra violent post mao canabalistic fiction and homo erotic wuxia internet fiction. @casskhaw @casskhaw More like hammers with a bone Ariadne gave to Theseus to help him navigate the Labyrinth: a thread
Retweeted by Connor @CodenameMinaLi Or the power of small bald women in the 50’s who look like they could be in their 30’s. We also got… @CodenameMinaLi When we were in Taipei after visiting fam my wife and I loaded up on two things. Noodles and teas m… @CodenameMinaLi One winter, my supply of ginger tea is that kept me alive @urbanbohemian @amazon Was the request in ancient Aramaic? It might believe you are possibly possessed. @ChrisDerps I wish Americans were as capable as conspiracies believe and I wish Democrats were as bad ass as republicans say. @intelligentwat Cool Keith has you covered @BeijingPalmer Cursed prediction
@kuangrf Get on that rancho Gordo bean hive @AkilahObviously 5 Once to drive from NY to see family in Chicago then Colorado (long painful drive) Once to drive… @McKelvie Big time, I usually IMDB the movie I remember them being in @dongwon The Milla-Verse is the best verseAndrew Jackson adopted and raised a Native kid.
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@blgtylr Avoiding looking up what everyone is subtweeting @shelzhang thanks for the Mapo recipe. I toasted and ground some cumin, whole white pepper, Mala, and anise. Adde… @rzhongnotes This is a rude thing to tweet in the morning when I am hungry @BeijingPalmer Once they learn how to wield knives it’s over for us to help flip the senate by supporting Michigan’s @GaryPeters and @CodenameMinaLi will micro fiction a pot… @CodenameMinaLi A potion for improved noodle making. @CodenameMinaLi Potion! @CodenameMinaLi @CodenameMinaLi Donated @ThatEricAlper I hope you're happy now. Theater nerds @marcustsong Damn it!
@BeijingPalmer Snake emojis coming shortly? I look forward to hearing how Noam was a Warren plant.Left over short rib Japanese curry + Rainy day= perfect day for chicken katsu curry. After seasoning the chicken b… @casskhaw on Columbus isn’t “revisionist history”, it was literally an order from the crown of Spain in 1500.
Retweeted by Connor @TeeEss Star Testicles @BeijingPalmer Their disco podcast completely changed my understanding of context. Especially growing up in Chicago… @intelligentwat Yesssssss @intelligentwat @marcustsong @intelligentwat Perhaps @marcustsong You can take me higher To where blind men see. @marcustsong @intelligentwat I think it judges your teen music based off your current listening. @intelligentwat @intelligentwat So you have never tried embracing Creed. . . . With arms wide open? @intelligentwat Your Spotify definitely thinks you are a blond girl who just pledged Tri delta sorority. You don’t… @intelligentwat Some of these I never listened to, others. Very accurate @intelligentwat Mapo tofu!! Accidentally a touch too much mala
It’s mid October, why Netflix and chill when you can for bauhaus and brews @ourobororoboruo Beautiful
Tasty home cured yellowtail tuna over rice with pickled cucumber.
@BadChinaTake I’ve been seeing their news papers popping up in Williamsburg. Also, my news paper recycling has increased for an odd way. @yuhline Do you have her recipe? @alyssakeiko Snapes sucks is the name of MY fam fiction. Where is my article!! @yuhline Japanese beef curry