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Ppl dont fake depression they fake being ok...remember that
Retweeted by Sarah Horrocks @stripeyworm Yes. I guess that's a thing? Wonder what causes it?I better still be hot in 2021 or I'll be real pissedEditor: You get those photos of Elliott Gould and Grover? Photographer: Sure did boss, real fuckin sexy just like y…
Retweeted by Sarah Horrocks @_devojka_ Well don't spend it all in one place, I'd sayMy kid just started watching freaks and geeks...without me. I always wanted to watch it with her. But I get it. Bec…
Retweeted by Sarah HorrocksNon Legal states: How’s snoop smoking on live TV?? Snoop: #tysonvsjones
Retweeted by Sarah HorrocksParaná, no lo entenderías.
Retweeted by Sarah HorrocksMartin Amis sobre el Diego: “there is in this culture a humiliation, an abjectness, in always playing by the rules”
Retweeted by Sarah HorrocksThis is why we love him. 💙 Diego Maradona coaching double amputee Ali Turganbekov.
Retweeted by Sarah HorrocksManu Chao on Maradona
Retweeted by Sarah HorrocksThere was no stopping Maradona achieving his dreams, WHY? because of his why! QUOTE "At age 13 I realised that my…
Retweeted by Sarah HorrocksAn incredible header by Quini… 🤩 …Spectacular play by Maradona 💙❤️ 🔙 1983/84
Retweeted by Sarah Horrocks @junghulee 😎 @CammWearing @chasethfc @LFC_Drew @AnfieldWatch Plus that's not even factoring players lost to covid. Not doing 5 s… courts to Trump: comic friends. Look what is out now: "Mina" Murray and Luke "Lucy" Westenra
Retweeted by Sarah Horrocks @MiguelDelaney The offside rule needs updated. Maybe make it daylight between the players @roqchams Quality pupIn 2016 a woman tried to vote for Bernie Sanders in New York’s primary, on April 19. She wasn’t able to because NY…
Retweeted by Sarah HorrocksLol some real reap/sow action here real hillbilly elegy is how I, a teen mother, earned gift cards by gambling on a digital Solitaire game at a ba…
Retweeted by Sarah Horrocks
@AmbzSAR @AyobamiWorld @utdreport'm definitely a Final Fantasy boss @Daddy_Nomso @utdreport @mcgrathmike Next season I think @Daniel_Ra_ @RealAPolitics Still it's difficult to take away the rights of citizens to vote. We probably don't want to go down that path. @holy_sports @VandyFootball @SarahFuller_27 I think because covid they had no other options and so they asked the w… @utdreport Bruno and Maguire are kind of good cop/bad cop kind of thing I bet @Daniel_Ra_ @RealAPolitics If people send copies of their id with their mail in vote, how is that not enough? If so… @Daniel_Ra_ @RealAPolitics I mean if you work for a transnational company and they send you on a trip during the el… @Daniel_Ra_ @RealAPolitics They might be soldiers though @DanCrenshawTX There's probably bipartisan consensus that can be reached with automatic voter registration, voter i… @Robbieb1801 @TheManUtdWay Tbf Ole was just as pissed @GWillowWilson YupWe live in the worst cyberpunk world, many of you just like to talk shit about anyone is getting dunked on by ilhan 😂
Retweeted by Sarah Horrocks#金剛力也像 #しいなーと 百鬼夜行
Retweeted by Sarah HorrocksChancy Bobek British mystical poet and painter William Blake was BOTD in 1757 and died in 1827 at the age of 69. This is…
Retweeted by Sarah Horrocks @shaletown @Decervelage CorrectPerhaps you would like to see Vincent Price handling four pussies at once
Retweeted by Sarah Horrocks @realDonaldTrump @BreitbartNews I have a joke, but Alan Dershowitz won't like it because it's more than 15 years old.
Retweeted by Sarah Horrocks目が疲れたので、また明日。くるみゆべしだべし。月がきれいだニャロメ。ありがとうございました。 #赤塚不二夫
Retweeted by Sarah HorrocksAnd then X-Factor happened, and all of that was contradicted.
Retweeted by Sarah Horrocks「ルパン小僧」カラー扉。 見開きで迫力ある。
Retweeted by Sarah HorrocksBaby's first E2 🥰 these two. Might be turning into a dirty gacha whale trying to get Skadi tho of interest is magnificent television
Retweeted by Sarah HorrocksICE uses physical abuse, solitary confinement and false documents to force Black and African asylum seekers onto “d…
Retweeted by Sarah Horrocks @realDonaldTrump They are watching you be the world's biggest loserThe Assault on Thoth Station (The Expanse, Season 2, 2017) You don't need to have 50 ships to show off a great spa…
Retweeted by Sarah HorrocksBiden wins Wisconsin again Staff Writer at The Atlantic.
Retweeted by Sarah HorrocksHappy Thanksgiving from @HowAmericaKills, @TravisIrvineUSA, & Meself. #Thanksgiving #Turkey #Friendsgiving #America
Retweeted by Sarah HorrocksUsing the #BidenCheated hashtag to get this sad fact in there
Retweeted by Sarah Horrocks
@ovocartier It's not about who is better. It's just about respecting what came before. @alvinmyluv_ @Vindelof_ @bossman2193 @utdreport Napoli only won with Maradona. Not before. Not after. Madrid was al… @alvinmyluv_ @bossman2193 @Vindelof_ @utdreport Maradona made art. Messi and Ronaldo merely play football. He expre… @alvinmyluv_ @bossman2193 @Vindelof_ @utdreport Maradona won in spite of his addictions, not because of them. Part… @alvinmyluv_ @Vindelof_ @bossman2193 @utdreport He's never won with a team that wasn't the best. He's struggling to… @alvinmyluv_ @bossman2193 @Vindelof_ @utdreport He knows its true though. His inability to deliver outside of Barcelona harms his legacy. @alvinmyluv_ @Vindelof_ @bossman2193 @utdreport Ronaldo's problem is he has no Napoli. Messi he has no world cup. M… @alvinmyluv_ @Vindelof_ @bossman2193 @utdreport That's wrong. For instance...this as only two points. But it helped… @alvinmyluv_ @Vindelof_ @bossman2193 @utdreport Where did i say Napoli wasn't. But without Maradona they'd have nev… @alvinmyluv_ @Vindelof_ @bossman2193 @utdreport It doesn't mean as much at Barcelona or Real Madrid as it does at N… @Vindelof_ @alvinmyluv_ @bossman2193 @utdreport Messi could never go to a club like Napoli. He's never had an 86 wo… @Vindelof_ @alvinmyluv_ @bossman2193 @utdreport It does though. You can't measure greatness through stats. It's abo… @shizinho1878 @utdreport Yes. He will get sacked because he thinks Maradona was the greatest. Are you high? @alvinmyluv_ @bossman2193 @Vindelof_ @utdreport Maradona played on worse pitches, with a heavier ball, and teams we… Alex Ferguson and @MarcusRashford are supporting the #TimesChristmasAppeal which is raising money for the chari…
Retweeted by Sarah HorrocksAlex Ferguson on Thatcher’s vandalism of the NHS. A true Socialist and on his desk it said “ I come fae Govan ! “ 😊
Retweeted by Sarah HorrocksTI trying to talk Thugger out of foolishness. Still love Young Thug. Even if this is stupid yet it's that Pimp C verse for me. What a song court’s opinion was written by Judge Stephanos Bibas, who was appointed by Trump. “Charges of unfairness are se…
Retweeted by Sarah HorrocksWelcome back Kristie Mewis!The Resolute Desk Edition How it started... How it's going
Retweeted by Sarah Horrocks @utdreport Why would you pay? There's no guarantee that the hackers don't just do it again in a week @NaveedAJamali Snowden should still be pardoned. He's a hero.Their demands are nothing less than the end of democracy. So insane
Retweeted by Sarah HorrocksNatalie Portman and Greta Gerwig about to drop the hottest mix tape of 1963
Retweeted by Sarah HorrocksGeorge Mason, delegate to Constitutional Convention, said in 1788 that a President should not have power to pardon…
Retweeted by Sarah Horrocks @tyrantraveomega No but I saw a gif of her on tumblr I think. From the Anime actually have less pages left on Aorta than I thought. Could even finish the linear next week or the week after.… @tyrantraveomega Yeah the clips look like something I would have enjoyed. On the plus side the novels seem pretty v…'ve been reading this Nisioisin mystery novel and really enjoying it. Wish the anime were on a streaming site to w… @VIZMedia No Viz!
Retweeted by Sarah HorrocksTropical cyclone Gati struck Somalia on Nov. 22, as the strongest cyclone on record. Families have been displaced,…
Retweeted by Sarah Horrocks @uhhhrude The ones on hololive are. Though I mean it wouldn't matter if they weren't because you invest in the idea… @uhhhrude Do you like cute anime girls? What about cute anime girls drawing, or making music, or cooking, or playin…
@ManUnitedZone_ He's not slow. He's just not quick. Takes him too long to speed up all the way. @utdreport @ChrisWheelerDM If the glazers pay up it will be the most money they've ever put into the club themselves lol君は百合のように。
Retweeted by Sarah HorrocksThis is worth a read @utdreport @BritishGQ Wowza