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The Hyundai Mercury Prize promotes the best of UK & Irish music. 🗓 23 July: Shortlist announced 🏆 10 September: 2020 Hyundai Mercury Prize Awards Show

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Incredibly sad news this evening. RIP Ty. Our thoughts and condolences are with his family and friends.
Plans for the 2020 Hyundai Mercury Prize have been announced. Read in full here:
The donation is made by major labels @SonyMusicUK, @WarnerMusicUK & @UMusicuk, independent labels @CherryRedGroup &…
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeThe BPI has coordinated a £1.5m donation to @HelpMusiciansUK & others to help fund musicians in need. The UK’s reco…
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Congratulations to @Santandave1! Another incredible evening #BRITs
Andrew Weatherall, one of the UK's most respected DJs and record producers, has died aged 56 He worked with the li…
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Huge congrats on your #BRITs nominations @Santandave1! 👏
Here's why @LanaDelRey's 'Born To Die' is one of @Santandave1's all-time favourite #DontSkip albums 💙…
Wouldn't expect anything less from @slowthai 🔥 Catch up on the 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize over on @BBCiPlayer:…
So much talent on one stage! @seedensemble were incredible 🤩 Watch all of the 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize performanc…
A beautifully effortless performance of 'Another Lifetime' from @thisNAO 💫 Head to @BBCiPlayer to relive all the 2…
Always expect greatness from @LittleSimz 🌟 Watch the 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize performances on @BBCiPlayer:… belated @MercuryPrize look thank you to Eloise Hanikene for making the incredibly empowering custom top! And to m…
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.@idlesband's performance was a full-on delight for the senses 💖 Catch up on the 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize on…
.@fontainesdublin talking 'bout those boys in the better land ⚡️ Watch their full performance of 'Boys in the Bett…
An unforgettable performance from @foals and @felixwhite! 💥 Watch the incredible 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize now on…
Before winning the 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize, @Santandave1 gave us a powerful performance of 'Psycho' 🖤 Watch the…
A dreamy performance of 'Home to You' by @CateLeBon 💫 Enjoy the full 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize awards show over on…
💥@bmblackmidi's energy levels were at 💯 for their performance of 'bmbmbm'. Go check out the 2019…
We felt every bit of @annacalvi's breathtaking performance of 'Don't Beat the Girl out of My Boy' 🖤 Watch the 2019… I was a Kung-Fu kid on the Luna… @MercuryPrize 🏴‍☠️🌗🌸🌓🏴‍☠️
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeThe @MercuryPrize boost: sales rise for @Santandave1, @the1975, @slowthai and @idlesband after 2019 show:…
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2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize judge @stormzy hangs out with @slowthai and @Santandave1 // Behind the scenes
Beep beep! Our Shortlist arrived at the 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize in cars decked out with their album artwork 😎…
.@fontainesdublin's Grian and @idlesband's Joe hug ahead of the 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize ☺️ // Behind the scenes
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🙌 Throwback to this time last week, @Santandave1 a few hours before winning the 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize 🙌 looking flawless before she graced the red carpet 😍 #HyundaiMercuryPrize
Proud mums with their extremely talented daughters @LittleSimz @thisNAO ❤️ #HyundaiMercuryPrize, @fontainesdublin, @LittleSimz, @foals, @thisNAO, @idlesband's share their favourite lyrics from their s…
Fancy getting your hands on a vinyl copy of ALL 1⃣2⃣ shortlisted albums from this year's Hyundai @MercuryPrize? 👐…
Retweeted by Mercury Prize🙌 @Santandave1 dominating Piccadilly Circus 🎉#HyundaiMercuryPrize"Life moves fast" @slowthai #HyundaiMercuryPrize
🤔 Who will be on the shortlist next year? 👀 Our 2019 shortlisted artists are tipping @michaelkiwanuka,… Mercurys was so much fun this year, and Psychodrama by Dave was a worthy winner.
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeKung-Fu kid on the Luna 🥋 @foals #HyundaiMercuryPrize massive thank you to our 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize judges 🙏 for making the toughest decision of the night!…
What a wonderful evening at the @MercuryPrize last week celebrating the nomination of our debut release…
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeBurning incense, brushing their teeth 68 times and having a 💩… ? Our 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize shortlist artists ha…
If @idlesband, @fontainesdublin and @seedensemble went on a road trip, where would they go? 😅#HyundaiMercuryPrize back to work Haiku Big congrats to Dave The Mercury's was a dream Now it's back to work
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeFrom the Mercury’s to Saturn 🎈
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeThe 2019 Hyundai Mercury Prize 🎉 What an incredible night celebrating the best of British and Irish music 🙌…
.@Santandave1 shut down the #HyundaiMercuryPrize stage last night 🔥 Watch his award-winning performance of 'Psycho… felt every bit of @annacalvi's breathtaking performance of 'Don't Beat the Girl out of My Boy' 🖤 Watch her full… was such a treat to see @seedensemble perform 'Interplanetary Migration' live last night! 🎷 Watch again here:… a night! Being nominated 3 times for the Mercury Prize is the greatest honour and I am incredibly proud to be…
Retweeted by Mercury Prize.@fontainesdublin are a force to be reckoned with ⚡️ 🤘 Rock out to their full performance of 'Boys in the Better L… midi's energy levels were at 💯 for their performance of 'bmbmbm' last night! Go check out their entire perfo… 👑 Congratulations mate.
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeIt was a total honour and SO MUCH FUN to be in @foals for three minutes last night x x
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeWe're still not over @slowthai's performance of 'Doorman' 🤯 WOW! Want to watch it again? Here you go:…🙌 @foals & @felixwhite did an incredible job of kicking off the show last night! 🎸 Watch their unforgettable perfo…💫 Totally hypnotized by @thisNAO's performance of 'Another Lifetime' 💫 Check out her full performance 👇…🎧 Listen to the beautiful sounds of @CateLeBon all over again, here's her full performance of 'Home to You':… congratulations to @Santandave1 . Such a great @MercuryPrize list and amazing live performances on the night to…
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeMy favourite amongst all of the outstanding performances last night. ❤️
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeDid @LittleSimz know something we didn't? #HyundaiMercuryPrize
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeRelive @idlesband's epic performance of 'Never Fight A Man With A Perm' 🎸Will there be an IDLES x @slowthai collab…👑👑👑 @Santandave1 Marvellous body of work.
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeHad an amazing evening down at the @MercuryPrize awards last night, so proud to be have been a part of it again thi…
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeThe pure joy on @Santandave1's face 😁 we're so happy for him! #HyundaiMercuryPrize Music On A Dead Planet 🏴‍☠️🌸✨🌎✨🌸🏴‍☠️
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeWe're going to be so 'Selfish' and replay @LittleSimz's performance over and over again 🤩 we think you should too!… to Dave! 👏👏
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeWas an HONOUR to judge the @MercuryPrize again this year and MASSIVE congrats to @Santandave1 - WHAT. AN. ALBUM. A…
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeWhat a list ! What a night of amazing performances - such positive and celebratory energy in the room...
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeA spectacular night celebrating the best of British and Irish music 🙌 This was the 2019 Hyundai Mercury Prize 🎊… joyful dance his mum did as she went to join him on the stage, is the dance every great mum deserves.
Retweeted by Mercury Prize✨ EXCLUSIVE✨ @Santandave1 chats to @BeccaDudley straight after winning the 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize
🎉 A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS 🎉 @Santandave1 🎉 #HyundaiMercuryPrize #MercuryPrize album is a masterpiece. I may as well say now that it has been huge for me hearing someone as admirable as…
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeThe 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize winner! @Santandave1. #Psychodrama
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeOur 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize winner @Santandave1 invited his mum on stage to share his moment 💛 to @Santandave1 on the @MercuryPrize win for his debut album ‘Psychodrama’. Great album, great lyricist…
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeWatch @Santandave1's 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize winning moment and full speech right here 👉“I want to thank my brother Christopher that inspired this album, this is your story that we told… I know you’re wa… was my version of Alan Partridge’s “Dan! Dan! Dan!”... such a worthy winner in the strongest year I can remember…
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeNah happy tears for my boy right now!!! So proud man❤️
Retweeted by Mercury Prize🎉 The moment @AnnieMac announced @Santandave1's 'Psychodrama' as the winner of the 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize 🎉 shouted “WELL DONE DAVID!” Lovely scenes. ⁦@MercuryPrize⁩ ⁦@BBC6Music⁩ ⁦@BBCSounds⁩
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeIt HAD to be. Legend. 👍🏼👍🏼
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeWhat an amazing emotional moment for @Santandave1 bringing his mum up on stage! ❤️ #HyundaiMercuryPrize @_Jake_Walker @Santandave1 We definitely do love to see it Jake! 🙌The winner of the 2019 Hyundai Mercury Prize is @Santandave1's 'Psychodrama' #HyundaiMercuryPrize #MercuryPrize 👏 A 👏 PERFORMANCE👏 @idlesband - 'Never Fight a Man with a Perm' (we loved it as much as @slowthai did)… THE TABLES! 🔥 A show stopping performance of 'Doorman' from @slowthai 🔥 #HyundaiMercuryPrize📸 Picture perfect performances from @Santandave1 @CateLeBon and @seedensemble #HyundaiMercuryPrize absolute awe of @NAO's performance of 'Another Lifetime' , a voice like no other 💕 #HyundaiMercuryPrize absolutely rocking Reading Festival - It's Not Living (If It's Not With You)' 🤘 #HyundaiMercuryPrize you to @the1975 for their video message! 🖤 Wish you were here 🖤 #HyundaiMercuryPrize in the Better Land @fontainesdublin give it 💯 at The 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize 🙌💥 black midi's explosive performance of 'bmbmbm' 💥 #HyundaiMercuryPrize's powerful performance of 'Psycho' 🔥 #HyundaiMercuryPrize @sheepskinstu @BBCFOUR @CateLeBon Certainly not that! 😭A dreamy performance of 'Home to You' by @CateLeBon 💫 #HyundaiMercuryPrize amount of references to space to impress the - ahem! - “Mercury” judges. @seedensemble’s 'Interplane…
Retweeted by Mercury Prize🎸 The unstoppable @fontainesdublin performing 'Boys in the Better Land' 💥#HyundaiMercuryPrize