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The Hyundai Mercury Prize promotes the best of UK & Irish music. Watch all of the performances from the 2019 Hyundai Mercury Prize:

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Here's why @LanaDelRey's 'Born To Die' is one of @Santandave1's all-time favourite #DontSkip albums 💙…
Wouldn't expect anything less from @slowthai 🔥 Catch up on the 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize over on @BBCiPlayer:…
So much talent on one stage! @seedensemble were incredible 🤩 Watch all of the 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize performanc…
A beautifully effortless performance of 'Another Lifetime' from @thisNAO 💫 Head to @BBCiPlayer to relive all the 2…
Always expect greatness from @LittleSimz 🌟 Watch the 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize performances on @BBCiPlayer:… belated @MercuryPrize look thank you to Eloise Hanikene for making the incredibly empowering custom top! And to m…
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.@idlesband's performance was a full-on delight for the senses 💖 Catch up on the 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize on…
.@fontainesdublin talking 'bout those boys in the better land ⚡️ Watch their full performance of 'Boys in the Bett…
An unforgettable performance from @foals and @felixwhite! 💥 Watch the incredible 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize now on…
Before winning the 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize, @Santandave1 gave us a powerful performance of 'Psycho' 🖤 Watch the…
A dreamy performance of 'Home to You' by @CateLeBon 💫 Enjoy the full 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize awards show over on…
💥@bmblackmidi's energy levels were at 💯 for their performance of 'bmbmbm'. Go check out the 2019…
We felt every bit of @annacalvi's breathtaking performance of 'Don't Beat the Girl out of My Boy' 🖤 Watch the 2019… I was a Kung-Fu kid on the Luna… @MercuryPrize 🏴‍☠️🌗🌸🌓🏴‍☠️
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeThe @MercuryPrize boost: sales rise for @Santandave1, @the1975, @slowthai and @idlesband after 2019 show:…
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2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize judge @stormzy hangs out with @slowthai and @Santandave1 // Behind the scenes
Beep beep! Our Shortlist arrived at the 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize in cars decked out with their album artwork 😎…
.@fontainesdublin's Grian and @idlesband's Joe hug ahead of the 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize ☺️ // Behind the scenes
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🙌 Throwback to this time last week, @Santandave1 a few hours before winning the 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize 🙌 looking flawless before she graced the red carpet 😍 #HyundaiMercuryPrize
Proud mums with their extremely talented daughters @LittleSimz @thisNAO ❤️ #HyundaiMercuryPrize, @fontainesdublin, @LittleSimz, @foals, @thisNAO, @idlesband's share their favourite lyrics from their s…
Fancy getting your hands on a vinyl copy of ALL 1⃣2⃣ shortlisted albums from this year's Hyundai @MercuryPrize? 👐…
Retweeted by Mercury Prize🙌 @Santandave1 dominating Piccadilly Circus 🎉#HyundaiMercuryPrize"Life moves fast" @slowthai #HyundaiMercuryPrize
🤔 Who will be on the shortlist next year? 👀 Our 2019 shortlisted artists are tipping @michaelkiwanuka,… Mercurys was so much fun this year, and Psychodrama by Dave was a worthy winner.
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeKung-Fu kid on the Luna 🥋 @foals #HyundaiMercuryPrize massive thank you to our 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize judges 🙏 for making the toughest decision of the night!…
What a wonderful evening at the @MercuryPrize last week celebrating the nomination of our debut release…
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeBurning incense, brushing their teeth 68 times and having a 💩… ? Our 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize shortlist artists ha…
If @idlesband, @fontainesdublin and @seedensemble went on a road trip, where would they go? 😅#HyundaiMercuryPrize back to work Haiku Big congrats to Dave The Mercury's was a dream Now it's back to work
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeFrom the Mercury’s to Saturn 🎈
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeThe 2019 Hyundai Mercury Prize 🎉 What an incredible night celebrating the best of British and Irish music 🙌…
.@Santandave1 shut down the #HyundaiMercuryPrize stage last night 🔥 Watch his award-winning performance of 'Psycho… felt every bit of @annacalvi's breathtaking performance of 'Don't Beat the Girl out of My Boy' 🖤 Watch her full… was such a treat to see @seedensemble perform 'Interplanetary Migration' live last night! 🎷 Watch again here:… a night! Being nominated 3 times for the Mercury Prize is the greatest honour and I am incredibly proud to be…
Retweeted by Mercury Prize.@fontainesdublin are a force to be reckoned with ⚡️ 🤘 Rock out to their full performance of 'Boys in the Better L… midi's energy levels were at 💯 for their performance of 'bmbmbm' last night! Go check out their entire perfo… 👑 Congratulations mate.
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeIt was a total honour and SO MUCH FUN to be in @foals for three minutes last night x x
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeWe're still not over @slowthai's performance of 'Doorman' 🤯 WOW! Want to watch it again? Here you go:…🙌 @foals & @felixwhite did an incredible job of kicking off the show last night! 🎸 Watch their unforgettable perfo…💫 Totally hypnotized by @thisNAO's performance of 'Another Lifetime' 💫 Check out her full performance 👇…🎧 Listen to the beautiful sounds of @CateLeBon all over again, here's her full performance of 'Home to You':… congratulations to @Santandave1 . Such a great @MercuryPrize list and amazing live performances on the night to…
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeMy favourite amongst all of the outstanding performances last night. ❤️
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeDid @LittleSimz know something we didn't? #HyundaiMercuryPrize
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeRelive @idlesband's epic performance of 'Never Fight A Man With A Perm' 🎸Will there be an IDLES x @slowthai collab…👑👑👑 @Santandave1 Marvellous body of work.
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeHad an amazing evening down at the @MercuryPrize awards last night, so proud to be have been a part of it again thi…
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeThe pure joy on @Santandave1's face 😁 we're so happy for him! #HyundaiMercuryPrize Music On A Dead Planet 🏴‍☠️🌸✨🌎✨🌸🏴‍☠️
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeWe're going to be so 'Selfish' and replay @LittleSimz's performance over and over again 🤩 we think you should too!… to Dave! 👏👏
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeWas an HONOUR to judge the @MercuryPrize again this year and MASSIVE congrats to @Santandave1 - WHAT. AN. ALBUM. A…
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeWhat a list ! What a night of amazing performances - such positive and celebratory energy in the room...
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeA spectacular night celebrating the best of British and Irish music 🙌 This was the 2019 Hyundai Mercury Prize 🎊… joyful dance his mum did as she went to join him on the stage, is the dance every great mum deserves.
Retweeted by Mercury Prize✨ EXCLUSIVE✨ @Santandave1 chats to @BeccaDudley straight after winning the 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize
🎉 A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS 🎉 @Santandave1 🎉 #HyundaiMercuryPrize #MercuryPrize album is a masterpiece. I may as well say now that it has been huge for me hearing someone as admirable as…
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeThe 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize winner! @Santandave1. #Psychodrama
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeOur 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize winner @Santandave1 invited his mum on stage to share his moment 💛 to @Santandave1 on the @MercuryPrize win for his debut album ‘Psychodrama’. Great album, great lyricist…
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeWatch @Santandave1's 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize winning moment and full speech right here 👉“I want to thank my brother Christopher that inspired this album, this is your story that we told… I know you’re wa… was my version of Alan Partridge’s “Dan! Dan! Dan!”... such a worthy winner in the strongest year I can remember…
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeNah happy tears for my boy right now!!! So proud man❤️
Retweeted by Mercury Prize🎉 The moment @AnnieMac announced @Santandave1's 'Psychodrama' as the winner of the 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize 🎉 shouted “WELL DONE DAVID!” Lovely scenes. ⁦@MercuryPrize⁩ ⁦@BBC6Music⁩ ⁦@BBCSounds⁩
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeIt HAD to be. Legend. 👍🏼👍🏼
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeWhat an amazing emotional moment for @Santandave1 bringing his mum up on stage! ❤️ #HyundaiMercuryPrize @_Jake_Walker @Santandave1 We definitely do love to see it Jake! 🙌The winner of the 2019 Hyundai Mercury Prize is @Santandave1's 'Psychodrama' #HyundaiMercuryPrize #MercuryPrize 👏 A 👏 PERFORMANCE👏 @idlesband - 'Never Fight a Man with a Perm' (we loved it as much as @slowthai did)… THE TABLES! 🔥 A show stopping performance of 'Doorman' from @slowthai 🔥 #HyundaiMercuryPrize📸 Picture perfect performances from @Santandave1 @CateLeBon and @seedensemble #HyundaiMercuryPrize absolute awe of @NAO's performance of 'Another Lifetime' , a voice like no other 💕 #HyundaiMercuryPrize absolutely rocking Reading Festival - It's Not Living (If It's Not With You)' 🤘 #HyundaiMercuryPrize you to @the1975 for their video message! 🖤 Wish you were here 🖤 #HyundaiMercuryPrize in the Better Land @fontainesdublin give it 💯 at The 2019 #HyundaiMercuryPrize 🙌💥 black midi's explosive performance of 'bmbmbm' 💥 #HyundaiMercuryPrize's powerful performance of 'Psycho' 🔥 #HyundaiMercuryPrize @sheepskinstu @BBCFOUR @CateLeBon Certainly not that! 😭A dreamy performance of 'Home to You' by @CateLeBon 💫 #HyundaiMercuryPrize amount of references to space to impress the - ahem! - “Mercury” judges. @seedensemble’s 'Interplane…
Retweeted by Mercury Prize🎸 The unstoppable @fontainesdublin performing 'Boys in the Better Land' 💥#HyundaiMercuryPrize⚡️ That was some start to the show ⚡️ #HyundaiMercuryPrize a performance. 🔥 That's how you kick off the 2019 #MercuryPrize! @foals performing 'On the Luna' 👏
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeSo much talent on one stage right now! @seedensemble performing 'Interplanetary Migration' 🎷 is amazing live 🤩… asked @fontainesdublin to pick his favourite #HyundaiMercuryPrize nominated album.
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeAlways expect greatness from @LittleSimz ✨ here's her stunning performance of 'Selfish' 💜 #HyundaiMercuryPrize @annacalvi howled, we felt that. What a performance. #mercuryprize #HyundaiMercuryPrize
Retweeted by Mercury PrizeSo fine, so wild, the totally captivating ❤️ @annacalvi 🖤 performing 'Don't Beat the Girl out of my Boy'…