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Patti Smith names her 16 favourite @bobdylan love songs:
Retweeted by grasshopperSuperchunk, Mountain Goats, Iron & Wine, The dB’s & more contribute cover songs to benefit NC club Cat’s Cradle…
Retweeted by grasshopperI’ve skated by for 54 years, keep skating man! that time a Dutch historian had the balls to call Tucker Carlson a “millionaire funded by billionaires,” a…
Retweeted by grasshopperIn 1964, Dolphy fell into a coma due to undiagnosed/untreated diabetes in Berlin. He was a teetotaler who didn't sm…
Retweeted by grasshopperThis cause is close to my heart - please sign:
Retweeted by grasshopperPlay this song One more time .. The President Can’t Read by Amy Rigby @AmyRigby .
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@RachelAGoswell Sorry. ❤️ @jetfury @LukeTurnerEsq @jeres @JahDuran I’m with you. Barry kind of got the shaft. He’s a visionary...“I have a very different take on who God is. Man invented God because he needed him. God is us." -Carl Reiner to a previously unreleased live recording of "Some Song" by Elliott Smith:
Retweeted by grasshopper😢 @JonHarvey1977 Yeah, he has a few, right?!?Bob Dylan is 2 years older than Biden, 5 years older than Trump. Rough and Rowdy Ways....talking with Sonic Boom about Kraftwerk, Steve Jones, Jacaranda trees, Spacemen 3, and a long ago gig at Sideshows…
Retweeted by grasshopper"With anyone I’m working with, I think to myself: 'Is this one going to be a classic?' Then I go about trying to ma…
Retweeted by grasshopper @JeffMiers Thanks Jeff. That is perfect!
Chicago radio fronted on this in a Hot summer where shooting was crazy ... they wanted bags of money when Ms Mavis…
Retweeted by grasshopper @dalmacellaio_ Thank you for remembering. ❤️Me in 1973. I’m the one wearing brown. Chomsky: Trump’s Inaction on Climate Change Makes Him “the Worst Criminal in History, Undeniably”’s not dark yet But it’s gettin there... Dylan - Not Dark Yet via @YouTube
@Gethin76 Exactly🎶 “Ha! Getalong getalong…” - The Clash at their finest - Clampdown - 1980 #punk 🎶
Retweeted by grasshopperstrange boat - the Waterboys weekend was meant to be the 50th anniversary of #Glastonbury festival. Here’s a couple of bits I got signed by…
Retweeted by grasshopperOver 250 listening parties to enjoy on our replay page
Retweeted by grasshopperDonald Trump is hilarious.
Retweeted by grasshopperYears after he opposed the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act, which sought to force the repeal of apartheid laws and…
Retweeted by grasshopperOrnette Speaks, a new harmolodic graphic novel by Matthew Brown, is now available for purchase.…
Retweeted by grasshopperGoing through archives of our guest mixes...again! @rocketgirlmusic >…
Retweeted by grasshopper.@mercuryrevvd reimagined Bobbie Gentry's 1968 album "The Delta Sweete" with vocalists @NorahJones, Hope Sandoval,…
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@rhettmiller @Mohonk @Stageit Wish I knew you were playing, I only live about 15 miles from there....Barack Obama explained why Democrats shouldn't think that they've already won the 2020 election against Donald Trum…
Retweeted by grasshopper @theabjectionist The National Anthem should be “Welcome Back (Kotter)” @spiralmusic @dronecoma I think we all discovered it! (Noel).... @dcastrogiovanni I try my best...,
2020 @spiralmusic @dronecoma In some ways, feels like it was yesterday, in others, feels like a million years ago.... vor 25 Jahren spielten @pavement_band mit @mercuryrevvd im Kölner E-Werk.
Retweeted by grasshopper @DILL0Nesque You have to move to France I suppose...
@DILL0Nesque I think you gave me all the Trigger Happy DVD’s as a birthday present! And you gave me Nick Tosches’ “… @Daniell47502222 @domjoly Yup, hilarious and good music is exactly what the world needs right now (and always really)⁦@domjoly⁩ love Dom Joly. I have all the Trigger Happy DVD’s. He called me Joe Pesci when I met him. 💜 @residentmusic @mercuryrevvd @CherryRedGroup Tis a wonderful album, outshines Deserters in many respects. I've cert…
Retweeted by grasshopper #allthingsbeingequal #atb= motormouth_media @ianwitchell @floodmagazine
Retweeted by grasshopperDON CHERRY (1973). Film of Don Cherry, trumpet, illustrating an Andre Breton poem in various Paris locations:…
Retweeted by grasshopperThere’s no rules about when you can make noise! Armstrong Kiss me once and kiss me twice via @YouTube
Nick Cave, Kylie Minogue, Shane MacGowan, Blixa Bargeld, Mick Harvey - D... via @YouTubeTerry Riley - Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band
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Bob Dylan Shooting Star on Vimeo the government today announced the opening of hospitality. This doesn't help music venues, where restriction…
Retweeted by grasshopperA friendly reminder: most musicians are unlikely to start touring for at least another six months. So please don't…
Retweeted by grasshopperYes! June Carter Cash, born on this day in 1929 in Maces Spring, Virginia. Here she is in the late 1950s sin…
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@stevendrozd @GuadalahonkyToo Yeah, my dog chews those fobs, the kids flush them down the toilet. I need to buy 1000 bulk! @mercuryrevvd Bluetooth is a tedious pain, airpods hurt my ears, the lightning adapter stops you from charging, bri…
Retweeted by grasshopper @ficklejar I heard they are going to stop updating the 6 soon, don’t quote me on that though! @roseylicious That’s the main problem! @ericvanrysdam I have one of those, but sometimes want to just carry one device! They need to reissue the original iPod! @juliemacieav1 I have, but always lose it, the dog chews on it, kids dip it in salsa, hot chocolate, cheese dip etc etc. @stevensellick My 6 finally died. I was forced to get an 8.The legendary Tom Waits and Keith Richards meet up for a special song
Retweeted by grasshopper @smallestroom No didn’t try it. I would just like to have the option to plug in (and also take audio out from my Mo… anyone else wish there was still a headphone jack on the iPhone, or am I the only asshole?
@JeffMiers @Fooy_mcr Thanks Jeff! Happy Father’s Day!Watch till the end. Beautiful payoff.
Retweeted by grasshopper @Fooy_mcr Stay Tuned! @Fooy_mcr Stay tuned! A deluxe reissue in the works with outtakes etc etc etc....“When I listen to Coltrane playing over Tyner’s piano I hear smoke rising up from a smoldering crater, mingling wit…
Retweeted by grasshopperBob Dylan, Summer Days, Manchester 09.05.2002 via @YouTube
Retweeted by grasshopperIn conversation with @godisinthetv ➡️
Retweeted by grasshopperHere’s a playlist for you… This is Cherry Red Records - The Official Label Playlist @SpotifyUK featuring fresh addi…
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I’m honored Paper Cowboys... @PaperCowboys Thanks!.@DeanAndBritta recently recorded a special "at home" #warholSilverStudioSession. View the full video:…
Retweeted by grasshopperBob Dylan and the Beats, Jack Kerouac and Herbert Huncke auctions, Allen Ginsberg items, Anne Waldman, Amiri Barak…
Retweeted by grasshopperNew song by me. Featuring my trademark Late Antique stylings
Retweeted by grasshopperCool band alert: a translator contacted me about publishing _Our Band Could be Your Life_ in Polish — and it turns…
Retweeted by grasshopperTony Conrad’s copy of The Velvet Underground...
@veletav No way! @lastnametaco Seems like he forgot it was game day!
rec of the day HYPNOLOVEWHEEL "parallel universe" (cara LP) boss comp of tracks by this long-departed long island…
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The great Kenneth Zoran Curwood directed this. I star in it, but alas, I wore an unfortunate hat...
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Retweeted by grasshopperALAN VEGA LIVE IN 1979 #alanvega #alanvegavault
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Bob Dylan - Most of the Time (Long Version) via @YouTube @NamelessClegg @uvray_ It’s all pretty painful at this point..., @uvray_ I have! We heard “No Lmit” in Berlin in 1992 or 1993 and we all started laughing! “Damn, they stole our shi…! June 15th & 16th, 1965, Bob Dylan recorded "Like A Rolling Stone" at Columbia Recording Studios in NY, in the se…
Retweeted by grasshopper“Born on the wrong side of the railroad track / Like Ginsberg, Corso and Kerouac...”'Slacker harks back to a time before social media began to divide us, when conspiracy theories could be treated wit…
Retweeted by grasshopperWho says the president can't go up and down gentle slopes? He almost does it without help.
Retweeted by grasshopperRalph Carney - Clown Doll via @YouTube
You Kill Me - Trailer via @YouTube Watch this one.