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Senior News Producer @patriotact, Aspiring villainess from an early 90's feminism backlash thriller. Starship Trooper. I still miss Wisconsin

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Fairly sure that we have all become Mark Duplass in Creep and Creep 2 after so many months of this bullshit.
So this is Bad.
Retweeted by Meredith Clark @thisismariat Oh I will watch. If only so I can say I saw it was as bad as I expected @thisismariat Welcome to the misery I have been living with since yesterday"My ex-girlfriend always said, if you become a photographer, we're not ever going to get married because my parents…
Retweeted by Meredith Clark @agoodcuppa @heyadiana It really, really does @agoodcuppa @heyadiana 2020 or Verso loft? @agoodcuppa @heyadiana Likely D will never not be wonderful @inLaurasWords Is that what a nap dress is??? @tripgore A perfect movie! It’s on my list of “if video stores ever exist again” @marielleanas ❤️❤️❤️ @marielleanas From one van to another, i I get it @tripgore Point Break is perfect. Watch Before Dark again! @marielleanas Are you the most Boston person I have ever met? @johnnydioso I always do?Am I the only person who watches starship troopers as comfort? @TheSamhita I want to say congratulations, but congrats and RIP the mentions? @MilesKlee And he will fix my awful grammarLet’s get this some more love @tripgore His accent is always bad. But he commits. Young Guns is a bad movie with bad accents! @MilesKlee Nick Cave will me this for me. And it will ruin meFloating opnion: the people who also did 15 years in NYC and have better/“real” jobs? Unkind.The post office is the only thing I still rely on. I’ve heard the routes are weird now. I trust the town post office. @emmaroller It’s not goodYou can be an old millennial. You can watch all of Laura Dern’s David Lynch movies. Enjoy! @maggieserota @millbot MY HEART EXPLODES @millbot Sending all my love to you and your sis and miss biz on the trip. @annaklogan It’s completely natural. May I suggest looking up photos of Gillian Anderson from 2020? Sculls can save us all again @millbot @ctaylsaurus @nicknull You’d be keeping us from the echo chamber. At some point, it’s good to have a perso… @analieseeicher It’s always the hippie DJ that ends up being a little scary IRL @analieseeicher We are from Wisconsin. Northern Exposure was basically apppintment viewing. Aidan had some distress…
@maggieserota You really don't want to think about Bruce Campbell right now, but you should! @maggieserota It is his 60th today. I think I broke my sister with this info.Called my sister to tell her that it's David Duchovny's 60th birthday and remind her that death will come for us. E… anyone needs something to do in Chicago... @alexnpress It would have been long enough ago that it might not really exist anymore, and I’m sure it was never ex… @alexnpress They were just ramping up hiring when I finished college, and getting a project manager job there was e… @alexnpress I mean they basically facilitated their own version of a breeding program by encouraging employees to d… @alexnpress This company is a gold mine of awful stories, and it just keeps getting worse. @DGisSERIOUS And that column is at the top of the height of dickishness. @DGisSERIOUS I agree! It’s such an obnoxious attitude. I’ve lived here for almost 16 years, I have done tons of wor… @maggieserota @imjasondiamond When I heard about the casting, I worried Daniel Kaluuya was too old to play Hampton,… @LeavittAlone “No, the noose prop is totally not political, it’s a lasso!” - Something that will absolutely happen in qualifying rounds @ariellec It’s bad enough when some nation sends an aggressively bro-Country entrant to Eurovision, imagine fucking 17 of them! @LeavittAlone With any luck, our national decline will prevent this from becoming realityOur country’s tradition of ruining a beautiful thing will continue in 2021!’re so fucked! @TanaGaneva @allisonkilkenny “Ugh, it’s in Manhattan?” If only Id known there would be no more chances to talk to idiot boys in crowded bars @zoeschlanger @HarperCollins @harperbooks @aeaglin Fuck yeah, Zöe! @ctaylsaurus @nicknull This needs to happen @ctaylsaurus @nicknull I would 1000% read a story breaking down all of the outrageously awful things in that movie… @jeannakadlec Well done!!!
Don't miss this special bonus ep with @MeredithLClark and @tripgore about #BloodQuantum and how Native peoples have…
Retweeted by Meredith Clark @becagrimm Trudy looks exactly like my sister’s dog Annie, it’s eerie!But I think these 5–4 emergency orders are a bad look. In argued cases, the justices explain their rulings in writt…
Retweeted by Meredith Clark @maggieserota First time since I saw it on a first date with the CIA exWow, as I should have known, Being John Malkovich is a deeply unkind movie!
@AmosPosner As opposed to all the other waking hours @AmosPosner It will never not be exciting to see Eddie Redmayne swanning around in bondage gowns @AmosPosner I love that this is an event for you and not just a “what weirdness can I put on in the background” Wednesday @maggieserota @PAYOLETTER Omg! This is Rosa Luxembark was SO MUCH FUN. Excellent apocalypse content contained within! @LemieuxLGM The people of Kansas will have a shit Senator no matter what. For the five seconds I can be glad it’s n… no one knows anything about Wisconsin. Just a total backwater full of morons where Kanye is a candidate! @LemieuxLGM When the choices are that bad, can we not take a little comfort that it isn’t Kobach?One day it will be easier to tell a few teuly outrageous stories about [redacted], and on that day, the sun will shine @AdamWeinstein The guy on the left is a grotesque Henson Creature Shop creationMy heart has hurt all day thinking about my friends with Beirut family. We are failing so completely in our duties to each other. @maura She pulled cancel culture out when people who play for a team she owns, literally owns, did not pay homage @LeavittAlone All recognition to the system that existed back then (thank you @KarinaLongworth) @LeavittAlone That Guy did know how to pick them.This bitch is a team owner. “Canceling” an owner through public protest is a labor action with a century of proud h… @LeavittAlone The photo with the saw is magical @ErikNesson I’m excited to spend several minutes of this conversation with a very talented young filmmaker asking a… @ErikNesson I am fortunate to have electricity, so all in all it’s relatively minor, but tomorrow I have to walk 1.… @ErikNesson Unfortunate that the only solution can be campus police now that states and schools have decided to lea…
Ah yes, the internet cables were on fire one block over. That would do it! Love me some totally functional infrastructure @AmosPosner I would, in fact, pay $30 dollars for that Disney movie @AmosPosner They are pretty damn weird creatures, he isn’t wrongIf I were a parent, I would be the jerk kind that flat out banned all live-action Disney remakes on the grounds of terminal banality. @AlexYablon ALEX. @merc248 @Ask_Spectrum I know I should just be glad I still have power, but fuck this nonsenseIt’s cute that my internet waited to crap out until after the weather had cleared up. I hate @Ask_Spectrum so much!Epic is in the national news today for its return-to-work plans. Our @NatalieYahr has been reporting on this for mo…
Retweeted by Meredith ClarkVirtually everyone I know who has worked for Epic had a miserable experience, and some of them had full-on breakdow… @DanaSchwartzzz As a person who has often called Belgium a dark horse for worst genocidal colonial power, thank you for this episode!They should be paying taxes in NYC. If they aren’t, their houses are basically empty hotels that should be occupied… @radleybalko DAISY! All my love to her and you @michaelwhitney You have good dogs. One of them is a cat. There is a third that is also a dog. @michaelwhitney That just looks right, what do you want @uedp @offbeatorbit You probably did! Because it is a small city with a lot of history @offbeatorbit And League of Their Own. And Home Alone. And it's the fourth largest city in the state. Only in a ve… @jamiattenberg She’s definitely feeling better @jamiattenberg She seems okay now! No idea what caused it, but once you hit hour seven of “vomits everything” there… @imjasondiamond @TobiasCarroll This is the best Arcade Fire cross promo since the time I missed their Funeral show… @jamiattenberg Rosie spent most of her Sunday in the vet ER, so I have nothing to give you in return
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