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Senior News Producer @patriotact, Aspiring villainess from an early 90's feminism backlash thriller. Starship Trooper. I still miss Wisconsin

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@AndrewPaulJoyce @SteveKornacki I’m much less talented than that @AndrewPaulJoyce Oh we watched the impeachment together. She drove me to spelling bees. @AndrewPaulJoyce To be fair, I think those days yelling about CSPAN were formative @AndrewPaulJoyce I assume the only people who were watching was my mom and me while I was on a mental health dayI wanted to watch the Sara Lee SNL video, but I was forced to watch a Bloomberg ad before I could deal with Toxic in the community
The only song I could hear while reading this was "We're All Going to Die Someday" by Kacey Chambers @megancarpentier I just got CHILLS @stephopitz He always looked a bit like he could be in a Scandinavian metal band, so this terrifying aesthetic works. @chelseagsummers My doctor did great at explaining what the results really meant for the future, and I felt much better. Hang in there! @chelseagsummers Did it in December and the most anxiety-producing part was the bill.
Just a refresher for people who might follow me and not actually follow politics like it’s a drug: klobuchar is wel…
Retweeted by Meredith ClarkI looked at the endorsement @idislikestephen This is a tough one. There may not be a magical junk food. Rodgers my Favre out. What happens then??? @NickyWoolf This is why football scoring is the worstNow I’m just texting @jessieopie about Cher @NickyWoolf They’ve made it hard all season. My boys are not getting it done. @DGisSERIOUS I can’t listen to most podcasts because my fact-checker brain implodes @NickyWoolf Wait. You’re a fan of my boys?I was supposed to go to bed, please don’t do this GBCool that I got back into football just in time to see the Packers play exactly as badly as I expected them to at the start of the seasonI’ve seen that look on the face of Aaron Rodgers before. I don’t like it @jessieopie This is so stressfulWithout the passion that birthed Santa Claus vs the Martians, we would not have Mad Max: Fury Road. Braveheart is… may be a night for Not watching football @Brizzyc I’m so scared! @theodoreross That will only make me think of how seasoned Brett Favre looked when he led the Vikings to crush my darling Green Bay boysThis is fucked up and absolute bullshit. Public access to critically important government proceedings should be sac…
@theodoreross This is going to be a deeply unpleasant night for me @ChloeAngyal This makes an enormous amount of sense in a way I hadn't thought of before! Also, I'm currently deep… @ChloeAngyal Makes perfect sense! I stick with the 500 because it sounds better in my head, even when I do more. @ChloeAngyal I do 500 words at a time. And I always think of Vin Diesel's big dramatic speech in the original Fast… @xoamelia I treasure it so much, truly. And now that I have a pile of origami on my coffee table, an entire set of… @xoamelia I still adore the night moon weaving you made for me ages ago!This Lithuanian 25-year old is my new lord and savior'm unreasonably furious that this song wasn't what Latvia sent last year. Justice for Edgars Kreilis and Cherry Ab… have found the best would-be Eurovision star, but this young man is so perfect, I'm not sure the world is ready. @Evanryt Also what movies have been unfairly maligned by the youths, in his mind? @Evanryt How terrible that MST3K helped my generation find a way to enjoy movies that have entertainment value with…
@Evanryt Hard agree. Extra bonus points if it’s on WGN. @ClinicEscort Rosie approves @emmaroller Does this mean I have to drink heavily again? Because moderation has me glowing like a Siren @hilella Objectively a better train. Above ground, funnier weirdos, cuter and more plentiful dogs. @lizzzzzielogan Girl. It's time we write that book.
@maggieserota Incredible job, Maggie. I’m so glad that this story is out in the world
I don't know who might need to hear this today, but Latvia's nine Eurovision finalists can be found here and they'r… @GregTBasta Welcome to my childhood. Appreciate that your daughter might get snow days! @JoeUchill I got very close @JoeUchill But I want to do it myself!!!I can’t figure out the next step’m 85% certain that the moment we lost himanity’s narrative is when Jim Henson died @alexnpress I’m praying you are watching one of the less sexist ones
@quasimado It's too much to bear!Cool how having insurance means I can go in for an important test after meeting my deductible and still get a $700… @millbot My phone background is a photo of the #ERA text from a flyer sent to my grandfather abut it 40-some years ago. I treasure it.Sandwiched in between two manspreaders who appear immune to subtle shaming. @jamiattenberg I would 100% festoon you and Sid with flowers @jamiattenberg This is the only correct feeling. That and reaffirming that grad students are the worst. @megclark_txt She is still so perfect
@intothecrevasse OMG OMG OMGA Separate Peace, always and forever @onekade I missed seeing them at a tiny club in Milwaukee on the Funeral tour ($5 tickets!) because I had to go to an actual funeral. @meredithmo It was a few years ago, and the docto was nice. Can’t ask for much more until we have universal health care! @emilygmonster Well now I’m going to YouTube the Mudbunny song. And accept your opinion. Until Red Fraggle and I fi… @emilygmonster Extreme chaotic fraggle here...hi? @lenibriscoe @megclark_txt The best part of a different system is the costs redistribute and aren’t coming out of pocket/a surpriseFor my new feature in the Jan/Feb issue of TNR, I went from courts in Brooklyn and Washington to archives in Cambri…
Retweeted by Meredith Clark @megclark_txt @lenibriscoe I have no dogs! I just can’t believe anyone that fortunate would or could oppose paying… @lenibriscoe @megclark_txt That’s many times cheaper than my father paid for family insurance when I was a child 30… @meredithmo Really wish I’d gotten MRSA in Wisconsin at a different time. I could use that vending machine oxy @ellembee ❤️❤️❤️ @sesmith It did work for Julie Christie in McCabe and Mrs Miller @meredithmo NooooooWhere can I buy a juul pod powerful enough to erase my memories of Bernie/Warren supporter infighting? Is that pot? @AdrianChen The honeymooners, but that’s why there’s a sanitation/bus thing in sunset parkPlease make it cold again. The world can’t endure so many lukewarm takes @blanketboat I will not RT because you deserve better. You’re correct! @TheBowieCat Why didn’t you tell me sooner! @jeannakadlec We need wine @EricThurm Stand by that typo, it works @EricThurm Please, this is about Carly Tae Jepsen (it is not) @BillSweeneyDC I would never mute you, my mom would KILL meJust muted someone I used to consider a friend, I am excited to now use twitter like a human @allisonkilkenny ALLISONLet’s focus on what’s important: Iowa is a place kids leave to move to MN, IL, and WI, not a source of political wisdomI dunno, maybe a man actually said the thing people said he did?Thank you @DanaGoldstein for laying out so starkly what my teacher relatives have been ranting about for almost 30… reminds me of a Bush-era story about”secret Republicans” that outed Adam Sandler as GOP and led MM to take a p… @DanaSchwartzzz Eva Green is the answer to the question, “Is there a woman too smoking hot for Hollywood?”
@Evanryt I know several people who genuinely loved it, but it was torturous for me. @Evanryt I feel like if you've ever watched someone Extremely Online go through a breakup, you've seen Marriage StoryToday's political news is giving off extremely powerful "Will everyone please STFU" energyCan someone wake me when we've all stopped pretending the Iowa Caucuses deserve to be treated as important? KthxSure, I loved Jojo Rabbit, but we do not need to be rewarding manic pixie dream mom performances!The anxiety of watching a football game is not great for my plans to be refreshed and well-rested for my first day… PACK GO!!! @LilTunechi is at Lambeau for #SEAvsGB!
Retweeted by Meredith ClarkThe wind chill is only 16? That’s so warm! @millbot I want to be a part of this double feature so badly. Hack the planet! @mikkipedia You’d think I didn’t spend a full hour petting her as she napped next to me this afternoon!The exquisite pain of being ignored by mom
@maggieserota All time classic