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@JudgeDewie Yup, we’ve done stuff on a few different African scenes! Some amazing stuff going on.If any of my followers are still even a little confused about what the BLM movement is all about, please watch this. villain The actual villain 😤 @devilmatt you can stop and hug it and cry together during Chlorine & Wine? 🤔Today I learnt about #punk music. This song is called ‘Anarchy in the UK’ by the Sex Pistols. Anything goes with PU…
Retweeted by Merlin AldersladeWhy do they have to do these photo ops of politicians pulling pints or serving food? I don’t come to your work and…
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@donnaymclancy Depends what comes under ‘political views’ I guess? Once someone’s views start to roll into essentia… @MoshTalksBeez @jeremysaffer @CAVITYCOLORS @TerminatorFans I’d rather the endoskeleton than Arnie’s mug anyway tbh, more metal and that 🤘🤪I could not echo this & agree more! 100% nailed it bang on @MetalHammer @Merl_Alderslade @eleanorgoodman. Just list…
Retweeted by Merlin AldersladeGood morning everyone here’s some Kenyan grindcore
Retweeted by Merlin Alderslade @jeremysaffer @CAVITYCOLORS @TerminatorFans 👀I should add a TW for flashing images near the end. Seriously though, this rules 🤘Good morning everyone here’s some Kenyan grindcore
@backxwash Yesssss @StephenHillBoy @Bullet_1986 I wanted you to win! Not even trolling, happy with that @Bullet_1986 Haha what! @MoshTalksBeez Mate. Was sold on Heath from that second onThat’ll do, Arsenal 👌wot @SiGlacken FFS I even did a courtesy scroll to check 😔 @jameyjasta this week’s Metal Hammer Show playlist together. What do you wanna hear? 💣30k excess deaths in care homes, at least 20k due to Covid. 25k elderly people discharged from hospitals to care ho…
Retweeted by Merlin Alderslade @PhilipNByrne Ahh Joker was a proper great oneThe first Dark Knight teaser, Cloverfield, Infinity War, Us
Labyrinth The Muppets Christmas Carol Dark Crystal The Lion King Arabian black metallers Al-Namrood wage war from the shadows on new album Wala’at
Retweeted by Merlin AldersladeSuperman.
Retweeted by Merlin AldersladeBrits are such pissheads we drink BEFORE we go out and try to cover it by calling it ‘pre-drinks’ like they’re not still drinks?! @tomstabb Honestly I’d love some friday beers and table tennis tbhOh man, Ennio Morricone. Amongst everything else, he scored my favourite horror movie ever and helped make Metallic…
Good news about the rescue package for the arts. Great work by people across various industries in raising that awa… @JudgeDewie @eleanorgoodman @MetalHammer Thank you mate 👊 @JoeDaly_CA @MoshTalksBeez @Kvelertak They never miss @JoeDaly_CA Nice! @MoshTalksBeez Some of my recent poiiiiiichases @BvSTruther Yeah fair. @BvSTruther I think that’s an argument for why venues shouldn’t open yet tbh ☹️
@BvSTruther @m1kecollins Kanye playing Wireless that night as well. Insane weekend for festivals @jamie_graham9 Oh mate...ICYMI - Metal Hammer is back at 6pm with @Merl_Alderslade playing you some huge heavy tracks from the likes of Mac…
Retweeted by Merlin AldersladeManchester United Football Club.😃 🇵🇹Honestly, though 😱That kid. @OminousBeeping @TitanFrench Yup even moreso @tameblue Oh god, absolutely 😒Solidarity with bar staff today. ✊
@PitchHobson I’d never be off it mate, hahahaThis but with horror films miss World Cup 2018 @lilrattlehead Mate, you’re an embarrassment. Honestly. Go bother someone else @JoeDaly_CA Right!Yessss Big John 🖤 @TriviumPaolo I don’t know why but out of all of them it’s the fresh air one that did me in 😂 @TriviumPaolo @Zeebo_Hellfire Oh absolutely, but I took it as meaning performances you were there forMartial, 1-on-1 with Skrtel in front of the Stretford know the rest 💓 @Colin_Henser Didn’t have a sax solo though 😔 @Quinndredd I mean, it’s a joke, but one based on what is genuinely one of the best 1-2 punches of any album everNot into 'gestures' says the politicians who spent the past few months clapping for the NHS that he helped underfund
Retweeted by Merlin AldersladeMusic peaked at Miasma going straight into Dance Macabre @DarraghSheedy @MoshTalksBeez 😂 👋 @fatjohn79 Hard disagreeIf @ladygaga and @arianagrande Rain on Me was shot in Nigeria! Please tag @ladygaga @arianagrande till they see t…
Retweeted by Merlin Alderslade @jameslivewire I hear you. No issue with people not liking stuff, taste is subjective. But to say horror is in a sh… @devilmatt That album is so good @jameslivewire Really? I thought Evil Dead was amazing - genuinely tense, incredible SFX and did the OG justice whi… @jameslivewire You could say that about any era if you chose certain films though, right? Midsommar, The VVitch, Ev… wonderful debut album by @aawilliamsmusic and the banger of a new @burytomorrow album are both out today. Get t… @jameslivewire I could not disagree more. That last decade was one of its best ever. It’s in amazing form.
@Goss1982 No worries! For Aphex vibes maybe skip to the James Shinra track @Goss1982 Here’s a mix of stuff from my favourite dance albums last year that I made in Dec, welcome to have a pop… those wondering, it is indeed the @KermodeMovie one and it’s on BBC iPlayer! @TheJerryEwing And me! @Goss1982 What kind of stuff do you like? @JoeStevensonRam Yeah mate, think that’s pretty much when our generation watched it @JoeDaly_CA 👏 @bootsymcphee_x Yes! Me and a friend watched it together and shat it @JudgeDewie Haha, all good! If I’m gonna swing in to potentially debate/defend/discuss something I’ll always double… @JudgeDewie Ha, no worries! Too many loud sites around here 👀 @steoreilly On BBC iPlayer @Martin_Renshaw It is! @JudgeDewie Which piece was that 🤔Watching a documentary on The Exorcist. What a film. When I was at school it was still banned on home video and it… @Quinndredd buT tHe LeagUe Is HaRdEr nOw @StephenHillBoy I don’t think that team was our best ever squad either. @SeekNDestroy21 @r0ryb Yeah I assume that’s what he meant @Oscartzintli I am the wrong person to ask @MoshTalksBeez They’re gonna win the quadruple mate @JoeDaly_CA Get on Bury Tomorrow and A.A. Williams“The greatest Premier League title- winners ever “ @BvSTruther People are weird. @BvSTruther TikTok is all kinda of fucked up, man"Is the club owner staring at me carrying in equipment because I am a woman, or because I am Black? It really doesn…
Retweeted by Merlin Alderslade @lilrattlehead My conscience isn’t bothering me, but you are. Go troll someone else. @MoshTalksBeez That’s one of the most ‘Yeah, fair fucking play.’ answers people have given @DanielPCarter But of course @klahri Haha 0 judgement here mate