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Word of the Day, facts and observations on language, lookup trends, and wordplay from the editors at Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

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Snooker Fleece Euchre Keep your eyes firmly fixed on this article. it became associated with medicine, 'placebo' had a long history of meaning "flatterer" or "to flatter." morning! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'intercalate'
Here's your #ThesaurusDay/Saturday prompt: See how far/weird you can get synonym-hopping from here in five clicks. week in words, featuring a matriculated football, a perfect call, Oscar snubs, and more:! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'vicarious'
Dictionaries ❌ make up words ❌ endorse the concepts described by the words they enter ✅ describe and document the w…'Cherry pit': an old game consisting of throwing cherrystones into a small hole in the ground May your weekend be… perfect matriculate engrossment This week's noteworthy words:'Volatile' originally meant "able to fly." It later took on "flighty" connotations and eventually became “unpredict… you feel 'stress,' you're under strain or pressure. If you feel 'duress,' you're being coerced by threat. morning! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'tontine'
🍻🍹🍸🥃🍷🍟 #WordOfTheDay is 'hirsute' up Orey-eyed Umbrageous Words for those who are a little hot under the collar:'ll just keep hectoring you until you try it. - "Hey, not bad!" Chiasmus - “Working hard, or hardly working?” Hyperbaton - “Size matters not. Look at m…'Credible': worthy of being believed 'Credulous': ready to believe especially on slight evidence dictionaries work, a refresher:
Retweeted by Merriam-WebsterHi! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'hirsute' dictionaries work, a refresher:
Oh hey we know that guy. 'Initiative': energy shown in getting action started 'gray' and 'grey' are common spellings of the color, but 'gray' is the more common choice in American English. vacuum, continuum H: hitchhike, withhold I: radii, alibiing & more rare doubles: English language 1) loves to borrow and 2) hates to return.'Flagrant' comes from the Latin 'flagrare' (“to burn”) and had the original English meaning "fiery hot; burning." al. - from 'et alia' - meaning "and others" et seq. - 'et sequens' - "and the following ones" etc. - 'et ceter… @jeanniemai Jeannie, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’re constantly in the process of updating as u…! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'artifice'
The 'spruce' in 'spruce up' (and 'spruce tree') comes from a historical name for Prussia., botchers, throttlebottoms, and more: @MrEddieHuang Eddie, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’re constantly in the process of updating as u… can’t say your worships have delivered the matter well, when I find the ass in compound with the major part of yo… person lying prone faces downward; a person lying supine is face up.'Potpourri' was borrowed directly from the French 'pot pourri,’ literally meaning “putrid pot.” morning! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'lily-livered'
'Odd' was at first used as a compliment. If you were odd in a 15th or 16th century kind of way, you were "outstandi… well do you know these words that come from names? @oralbruh We can do that.'Affogato' has the literal meaning of "drowned" in Italian. Ballyhoo Humbug Step right up, read all about 'em.'Eminent': 📸 prominent or famous 'Imminent': ⚠️ about to occur blunders, mischances, and various botched opportunities:! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'glom'
At last, everything you need to know about linking verbs, all in one convenient place. could try to sort these words out. Or you could just go back to bed. morning! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'weal'
ICYMI: These were our words of the decade. morning! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'convoke'
@KimZachary1 You're safe with either one.For your Friday night. Merriam and Webster invite you to learn about pluralization. mourn de-escalate imminent This was the week in words: headline pretty much says it all.📈We define 'imminent' as “ready to take place; happening soon.” they longer than they need to be? Sure. Does that mean they aren't real words? Hahahaha there! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'elixir'
Fiddling Small-fry Nugatory All the small things: - Austerity 2014 - Culture 2016 - Surreal A look at the words that defined a decade. quiz. Tougher quiz contestant?'Overlook' - to fail to notice (something) - to supervise or oversee It's a wild language out there.'Conscious' (adj.) - awake, alert, or capable of perception 'Conscience' (n) - the sense of the moral goodness of… your resolution was to read more about exercise, look no further.! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'belated'
'Wary' of: ⚠️ cautious and watchful for danger or risk 'Weary' of: 🙄 having one's patience, tolerance, or pleasure… #WordOfTheDay is 'surfeit' us for a leisurely stroll through the past decade's most influential words. Jenkins One old cat Trick-o-the-loop & more games that might sound made-up but were, in fact, real: you, Army.📈The #BTS comeback announcement has driven a 31,000% spike in searches for 'come prima,' a term meaning “in the sam… use of 'pathetic' to mean “inadequate” did not begin until the 19th century. Its earlier meanings included “evo… morning! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'surfeit'📈For those asking, our current preferred styling is 'de-escalate.'
'Adverse': ☠️ harmful, hostile, or unfavorable 'Averse': ✋ having a feeling of repugnance, dislike, or distaste'Obtuse' has roots in the Latin for "dull," but is more often used to suggest a willful ignorance or insensitivity…'Malgré' - despite 'Intil' - in, into 'Dehors' - out of (something, such as an agreement, record, or will) Beckmesser Smellfungus & more very specific passers of judgment:! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'dragoon'
Let's kick 2020 off the right way. 'i.e.' - short for 'id est' - meaning "that is" 'e.g.' - 'exempli gratia' - "f…'Bull in a china shop' (a person who breaks things or who often makes mistakes or causes damage in situations that… quiz is about lying but everything in it is true.📈'Epiphany' - comes from a Greek word meaning "appearance" or "manifestation" - spikes every year around January…! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'agrarian'
The use of 'humbug' (a willfully false, deceptive, or insincere person) dates to the middle of the 18th century.'Bibliolater': one overly devoted to books 'Bibliophobe': a person with a strong dislike of books 'Biblioklept':… morning! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'permutation'
Zephyr Aeolian Sirocco & more windy words:'Timber': 🔨 wood suitable for building or carpentry 'Timbre': 🎤 the quality of a sound made by a voice or instrume… morning! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'mendacious'
Mmm, candy. nine-word fellowship of fellowship words. #Tolkien, these were your words of the week: the very least, this has many pictures of dogs in it.! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'foible'
Logy Dozy Soporific Check, check, aaand check. what is safe to eat vs. what is worth eating:'Trivial' comes from the Latin word 'trivialis,' meaning "found everywhere; commonplace," which itself is from 'tri… you *love* carbs, but do you really *know* them?'s not too early for a coffee break. morning! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'cosmeticize'