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I want to be sedated with the Game Boy.

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The problem with thinking about Pete Burns is that if I think about Pete Burns too much I get so sadJust thinking about Pete Burns @SidZalani Spike Spiegel is in fact animated Elliott Gould
I’m still learning about politics even though I’m older (my profile pic is me in the 70s) so I’m very grateful for… ended with JAMAL Now KAMALA is my best friend
Retweeted by merritt kThe existence of an etherized Hive boss in the EAZ implies another Scorn fucked a Wizard. Please stop doing this @merrittk
Retweeted by merritt k @merrittk
Retweeted by merritt kRemake American Psycho but instead of pop music Patrick Bateman is obsessed with the Neo GeoVery excited for the “Bernie is my abusive father because he talks loudly” crowd to start fawning over Harris’s Jewish husbandNormal and usual video game storytelling
Retweeted by merritt kWhen people tell me “listen, you’re an intelligent person,” they’ve made a critical errorHow does your student loan debt make you feel? Tell us in 3 emojis or less.
Retweeted by merritt k今日はジョーカーモードで不審者がいないか見回りですっ☆ちぃたん☆ですっ☆ I'm a Joker I was born for revolutionize the world.
Retweeted by merritt kI want to get the part of my brain removed that prevents me from stanning our elected officials I feel like I would be much happiermy internal election meter is going insane right now. between this and the article about how Kamala Harris’ Create…
Retweeted by merritt kNew favorite conspiracy theory is that animals are fake played Mayhem so good we crashed Destiny
Retweeted by merritt kBig beats are the best, get high all the timeName another podcast where @godsewa tells you to put a finger in your mouth
Retweeted by merritt k @ellivanelli @FanbyteMedia What’s to discussOn Friday, merritt and Danielle discussed some of Yoshi and Baby Mario's cancelled plans...
Retweeted by merritt k @merrittk Idk, we already saw Trump's, and I want another Yujiro Hanma/ U.S. President interaction
Retweeted by merritt kWatching games media ppl take frenzy damage whenever anyone calls Kamala a cop like gg to Trump. Biden is the gamer’s choice for an epic winSanders was the compromise btwYou aren’t going to shame anyone into voting for insanely bad candidates but feel free to give yourself an ulcer while trying to do so lmaoCandidates owe voters, not the other way around. Biden and Harris could do a lot to get voters excited about them,… least one lib is going to get so mad about people criticizing Harris they’re going to end up in the hospital for anger disease
@merrittk gxd these replies have pitted my desire to correct others against my desire to see people fall idiotically into a trap
Retweeted by merritt k @RyanOfJones lmao @merrittk ITT people chastising a person for deciding not to commit electoral fraud
Retweeted by merritt kI can’t wait to not vote for Biden/Harris @merrittk West Wing poisoning
Retweeted by merritt kI love when ppl are like “your personal happiness doesn’t matter in politics what matters is winning” bc it’s so cl… @xDreavyn Him big @LivPosting @merrittk Wet Ass Powersword
Retweeted by merritt kBungie let me get my sword wetI call using a sword with no ammo in Destiny “dry swinging” and a clan mate pointed out that implies powered sword hits are wet. Correct😢
Retweeted by merritt k’s dishonest to say “I can’t help but do x because of my trauma.” Yes it shapes how you feel and think but it’s a… most important thing I’ve learned in therapy was that while I’m not responsible for having experienced trauma I…, it's hard to blame Weevil for that.
Retweeted by merritt kYou can be a super saiyan in destiny now Virgin Avengers left has invaded my home and is making me do bad posts. I’m sorry. The left did this to me @Jordan_Mallory @EricThurm Krillin becomes a cop which retroactively cancels out every cool thing he does in the seriesSometimes I think about how many people’s sexualities have been clearly shaped by porn comic artists who think that…
Extremely powerful calming vibes coming off this image a fair amount of time working and figuring out this list. Here is my ranking for all the mini-games in Fall G…
Retweeted by merritt k9 Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons in Desperate Need of a Buff
Retweeted by merritt kHey, just wanted to email you to let you know that Pussy Fuck Adventure, the F2P mobile battle royale anime game pl… last week, @hunktears, @merrittk and I reviewed Showgirls, a delightful piece of satire that's been unfairly…
Retweeted by merritt kWorking title for Girl on the Third Floor (2019) Lightfoot practically crytyping here“Officer-involved shooting” makes it sound like a cop happened to be eating a sandwich nearby when a hail of bullet…
Retweeted by merritt kThe virgin Matrix vs the Chad BladeThe Matrix is not about gender it is representation of people trapped in a cave looking at shadows on the wall and thinking they’re real know I er ah, had to do it to em!
Retweeted by merritt kHere’s @scumbelievable on Jonathan Glazer’s latest short film, Strasbourg 1518
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@willmenaker Sikorsky is a fucking cuck also Doppo is my dad really think women only want chiseled jaw superheroes when literally every male-attracted woman I know lusts af… Great Ideas for Customizing Your Genitals in Cyberpunk 2077
Retweeted by merritt kMe doing tai chi in my kitchen at 4 AM brain turned into soup on ketamine simply do not like the woman i become when i play uno
Retweeted by merritt k @negaversace This is me doing tai chi in my kitchen on ketamine at 4 AMI wanna be zooted at the club moving exactly like this to the great consternation of all who witness me
Retweeted by merritt kEvery week a SORCEROR with her own GYOZA STORE who knows KUNG FU shows me a photo of her next to an enormous man wi… don’t know who needs to hear this but you’re allowed to work through your deep-seated emotional issues instead of… who play final fantasy are twisted
Retweeted by merritt kchumanity restored
Retweeted by merritt kThinking about becoming hot and talking about the latest coolest games and epic wins in geek cultureThe Minions consume the Rabbids and incorporate their distinctiveness into themselvesChanging the course of humanity like Muad’Dib but by deciding what the new kinds of Minions will beMy dream job would be deciding what the new kinds of Minions would be. I would sit perfectly still in a sealed medi… @scumbelievable God this fucking book rips so hard, I still need to read the last oneSorry. I had a take. Going to record a podcast as punishment @sarahschulman3 This is incredible, there was a Vice piece on them a few years ago and apparently there are still a… few things from the SNES side of that huge Nintendo gigileak --
Retweeted by merritt kWho wants to join my cult, I will show you that the truth of reality is to be found in the depths of talk pages for… need a poet suicide to lead them thru this lifeI love discovering minor cults. Reading about Eli Siegel and aesthetic realism and just nodding contentedly
Frasier: The Game: A Review
Retweeted by merritt kFourth title! Should have nine by the end of the season ✌️ is no absolute moral authority in this world that you can appeal to. There are only peopleA lot of people’s go-to conflict resolution tactic is the adult equivalent of calling their parents to prove that they’re RightScanning the street like the fucking Terminator determining which of my fellow human beings will suffer the righteo… starts in THREE DAYS! I just teared up watching @polimayo's latest cut of our intro video. I love this co…
Retweeted by merritt kI’m learning about Snakes @Papapishu Monster Hunter friends! @merrittk i’m on the sea snakes workout plan: i see snakes, and i run from em!!!!!!! 😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣
Retweeted by merritt kHow are you so small??? You eat ants my guy you are so small how’s a snake that’s only 10 cms long that’s too small