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Features & Trending Editor @FanbyteMedia. It was a joke, Mark. It was a Christmas joke.

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@fussybabybitch I am dealing with internet trolls everyday by smoking PCP and posting on doomer subreddit. Where’s my TV seriesI feel bad about killing enemies in Destiny sometimes. This is what happens when you paint me a beautiful word pict…
@mrsambarlow Jesus ChristHow did we get here as a societyI thought I knew what fear was but then I encountered a couple on Tinder who were, in their own words, “looking to… kind of impressed at how men have made jacking off into a hobby with forums and elaborate techniques and everythingProfessional crossoverologist @topherflorence mapped the intricate contours of the new DC multiverse, including bel… three weeks no bernie you cant say things like that
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We’ve got @colettearrand reviewing Picard for @FanbyteMedia! Here’s her look at episode one, “Remembrance.”"Despite being a detective story, Midnight in Salem respects and makes room for feminized modes of knowledge, like… @lackingceremony It might vary state to state but everywhere in New York I’ve been to is like thisYou ever think about what your life would be like if you’d forwarded that chain email back in 1998Listen, what you do when you step out those doors is your business. But robbing this place? That’s a crimeMy favorite thing about the post office is the sign that says it’s illegal to rob the post office, specificallyHey folks! We just installed this little helper on the right side of It's a @UserWayOrg pl…
Retweeted by merritt kNever more cognizant of living in the US than when I have to go to the post office and it’s a maximum security faci… hello to our best friend (and Mario’s!) JetPack WaterPack!!
Retweeted by merritt k我老婆在哪My wife @PaulTassi God I hate this shitCoffee 2: A Review for our fourth podcast of the week, we chose one of 2019’s best surprises, Knives Out!
Retweeted by merritt kInstacrap...Good news, they’re still doing Leisure Suit Larrys I’m your good little puppy who does whatever you want… but after an encounter with a wild coyote I have a… all these relatable #RIPeanut posts are making me want to go buy a bag of nutritious and satisfying Honey Roas…
Retweeted by merritt kI reviewed David Lynch's new short, What Did Jack Do?, for @FanbyteMedia. An unsettling film which dances expertly…
Retweeted by merritt kThis week on Fanwidth, the crew talks about: Crunch Halo: Reach Speedy, the Geoduck
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Retweeted by merritt kWe had special guest @virgiltexas on Papal Bull to talk popes, faith, and John Malkovich
Retweeted by merritt kFolks, H- Me: Control is actually about the interplay of the mythical masculine and feminine, where the Hiss represen… become one of those people who says everything is awesome and tweets at brands to thank them for their memes…… I can’t believe we’re getting married bro... this is definitely going in my cringe collection. You’re the rare… peanut is neither a pea nor a nut. In fact, the word “peanut” is a simply a reference to the ancient belief that… superbowl dead corporate mascot arms race has begun
Retweeted by merritt k“HOW DARE YOU IMPLY THAT MASTER CHIEF HAS NIPPLES.” I love @FanbyteMedia’s Fanwidth podcast.
Retweeted by merritt kCan Lord Saladin interest you in trying to capture control points while a guy with 1000 power really tries to give… beg you, take the braised chard
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@merrittk oh sick I love Beetleborgs
Retweeted by merritt kMy guy looks like Mac Tonight fucked a Smurf. Looks like a Buff Squishington from Bump in the Night a symphony of plants... Literally.
Retweeted by merritt kCan someone explain this Scorched is back, baby @FanbyteMedia But secretly you guys know I wasn’t using them"Showing a character in pain, showing them as helpless, is a core part of horror’s emotional potency, and Senua’s b… of you have been reading my stuff for years but this is Picard primer for FanByte is actually the first time I…
Retweeted by merritt kThe entire weight of the political establishment is currently trying to convince you that Bernie is incapable, mali… Killer (by Drew Linden at New Moon Tattoos) @swodinsky About my very good film pitch? @knigt Oh noThe Brave Little Toaster but it’s about a breast implant that’s removed and discarded then goes on an adventure to find its old ownerMake sure to log on to Twitter dot com everyday to receive your daily Bonus MadnessRaya only wanting your IG and not your Twitter is only the latest in a long string of reminders that I built my empire on the wrong platform
YO my Picard primer for @FanbyteMedia was just released! It's designed for the longtime fan or total neophyte so an…
Retweeted by merritt kbernie no!!!
Retweeted by merritt kLike why were we as a culture obsessed with ghosts and mind powers from 2000-2005. Is this a 9/11 thing somehow @FBI
Retweeted by merritt kHow come every game in the early 2000s was this a guy who is absolutely silent during sex but moans whenever he gets a kill on Call of Duty
Retweeted by merritt kPreserving the tweet that got @jaboukie insta banned, for future generations
Retweeted by merritt kSpending my afternoon making an insanity wall trying to trace a connection between me and himMatthew Porretta my DMs are openSaw this guy in a training video 😍 someone must know him please you could help true love ❤️ happen thanks 🙏"Captain Jean-Luc Picard is a quiet, middle-aged nerd who avoids violence whenever possible and rarely shows any in…’re going to have a VERY COOL guest on episode 2 of Papal Bull tonight, but if you need to catch up, check out th…
Retweeted by merritt k @merrittk “Bring me pictures of sexy Spider-Men in my area!”
Retweeted by merritt kMe considering reinstalling the dating applications on my telephone for the 100th time @scumbelievable Proud to call you my friend and to continue to publish your work @FloppyAdult Confront himThis guy is like when a talking surfboard gets turned back into a handsome prince at the end of a Dreamworks movie… in this game is Harley QuinnExcuse me ma’am but you are Harley Quinn playing Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines and did the quiz to determine my character and they made me the… @fussybabybitch This is an unbearable image
@ArtBrovera Do you like how I expressed myselfInvented a new Wojak called Moomer. His thing is that he’s just really into Moomin. That’s kind of his whole deal @virgiltexas watch an episode of The New Pope and then record with us so tune in for tomorrow’s Papal Bull whe… Casper Darling please hmu from the astral planeNoticed a major flaw in the texting for Bernie system which is that there is no canned reply for “Epstein didn’t kill himself"I finally beat Control and my god, the dynamite scene… the dynamite sceneis this anything
Retweeted by merritt kthis is all i want
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It turns out texting for Bernie is mostly just about clicking fast so I am calling on all pro Starcraft players to… Twitter I just learned about “Dundee City East (Scottish Parliament constituency)” so strap the fuck in bitche… *lurve* my hubbeh. Especially when it's... (cough) ahem... <.< teh sexehtimes.
Retweeted by merritt kYES I go to renaissance fairs. YES, I wear corsets. >_>; No, I will not give you teh bewbie hugz(!1!!) because I have a hubbeh. >_>; Begone.
Retweeted by merritt k*gl0mps my hubbeh* the squishie bewbie hugs of doom XD
Retweeted by merritt kThinking about becoming the kind of person who talks about “my hubbeh” a lot what do we thinkMace Windu: Now, recite the Jedi pledge. Anakin: Very well, Master Windu. There’s never been a horny me, and never…“I want fuit gummy" is some kind of secret brain code that makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time… it’s tr… have been doxxed, sent death threats, attacked in the streets. And yet the Diddy Kong Racing tournament will none…"I WANT FUIT GUMMY." (requested by @ShinyGumshoos)
Retweeted by merritt khave been thinking about this article all day, and had to manifest it. thank you, @merrittk
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Wow, take a Guardian out for ramen first i remind you, niles, that i am Warmaster, first among equals, second only to the God Emperor himself?
Retweeted by merritt kRichard Kind: A Review regret to inform the TL that the balls are inert. DBZ: Kakarot is deeply mediocre.
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