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Merry 🇩🇰 VTuber @Merrydawg Kingdom of Denmark

Lead Writer of Merryweather Media, Dog Boy, and FF14 & Yugioh Addict Fan Art: #MerryArt Comic Account: @Merryweatherey Wolf Cousin: @Lumituber Mom: @Kirero

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@Kotaku Taka! ❤️DOG AND FISH LIVE @yuniiho … Dog.
@Marysquidd My brain during this scene went from "DID WE GO FULL AMAUROTINE? No..." "IS THAT HYTHLODAEUS?!" "IT'S EMET YEEEEEEES"[SPOILERS] My Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers 5.3 Reaction! made another TikTok! AUTOMATA x FINAL FANTASY 14 Let's play the Nier Automata raids & story together! @baovtuber Sleep well whale sister 💙Just taking a quick shower! Stream starts in 27 minutes!
@HiroshiVtuber This is awesome! @raina_VT @LordAethelstan @monomogi Based on real events!A comic about @LordAethelstan… @Hanta_HNT004 No! It was just a large tower of nutcrackers @silenceworld_ I think during situations where I mess up, I’m pretty good at just not reacting and slowly fixing th… had one of those moments where I collapsed a massive display at a store today, and I just silently started putting everything back upI’ll not be doing the MSQ of FF14 Endwalker for another week, since I want my viewers to enjoy it at their own pace… @NyanNyanners The new music is so good! The sage healer class especially has such a nice theme during your first quest!
@KireinaPinkyFox Happy birthday Kireina!! ❤️ @SOKENsquareenix THANK YOU FOR THE BEAUTIFUL AND STUNNING MUSIC!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️WE'RE GOING TO THE MOON #ENDWALKER Come join the launch party! We'll chill, watch FF14 memes, and celebrate until…'S ALMOST ENDWALKER TIME! I'M SO HYPE! @Lost_Pause_ I’m free noble! 🔥 @yenkoes @yuniiho CAN I HAVE TOO @Mimcubus GREAT!!! Let’s queue for Endwalker together!!
@Mimcubus Make your character on crystal so we can play together!! @yenkoes Yours looks delicious Yenko!Tomorrow's #ENDWALKER Schedule! 09:00 CET FF14 Meme Review & Chill 10:00 CET ENDWALKER LAUNCH! Come chill and j…'re premiering my FF14 reaction highlights video in 10 minutes on my channel! Come join the waiting room!… @xander_moo I did wash the rice! Though not enough it seems @sayuokami Sure!!Second try at Japanese curry! ❤️ hour compilation of all my Shadowbringers 5.0 reactions! I'll do 5.3 later tonight! Tomorrow morning, I'll get u… @Lululucille89 Is okay Lulu as long as you have fun watching the other parts! @amaiyuzu Emet Selch is a great character Fandaniel is a FUN character![FF14 Shadowbringers Spoilers] I love him so much... He's so fun! now, we wait for Endwalker..., we finished the last main story quest in Final Fantasy 14! It has been half a year since we started our jo…
THE FINAL DUNGEON OF FF14 BEFORE ENDWALKER! Come join us, and watch! @BunnyAyu 🧡✨LAST STREAM BEFORE #ENDWALKER! ~!!! I have collab with @Merrydawg the other day and I am happy to teach him the art of WUJU !!! 😌🙏✨✨✨✨✨…
Retweeted by Merry 🇩🇰 VTuber @bobon_pranaja Welcome to Winter, Lord Bonnivier!
I'm a dog @yuniiho He has gazed into the never ending abyssWe drew Jigglypuff from memory! is the Alfa dogWe continue our FF14 adventure towards Endwalker! Come relax and enjoy! #Endwalker #FFXIV Final Fantasy 14 adventure continues in precisely 1 hour and 25 minutes! Will you join? ❤️My mint condition Kaguya Luna nendoroid! ❤️ I miss her a lot!
We have had so many new viewers come by recently!! Welcome everyone! ❤️ How did you find me?Thank you so much for today! This was our last day of the FF14 sponsorship, but we will keep playing! ❤️Day 2 of our Final Fantasy XIV marathon sponsored by Square Enix! Come watch me complete the last chapter of SHADO…
The story of FF14 is so magical... Thank you everyone, for experiencing it with me. Now we just have 5.1 and onwar… final quest of Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers... Come watch my live reaction! Stream is sponsored by Square… Final Fantasy XIV marathon is now officially sponsored by Square Enix! Come watch me complete the last chapter… @NekoShen85 We're finishing Shadowbringers! @plushcharm Don’t worry, usually first day of an expansion is plagued with long queue times and disconnections! I’m… @kirakelvin Thank you so much it looks lovely!!! @emulapis You'll do great Emu!!! @gurenstid I know, right... @SonucaDoodles It's @KittyMcPancakes !
Smol Merry. #merryArt
Retweeted by Merry 🇩🇰 VTuberMy new Twitch Channel Trailer 🤠 Thank you @Merrydawg !
Retweeted by Merry 🇩🇰 VTuberI HAVE LITERALLY NEVER WON A SINGLE GAME OF FALL GUYS... Today that changes! LIVE NOW! 🔥 will most likely never make any kind of NFT. Even if they're carbon neutral, it just goes against my fundamental…
Retweeted by Merry 🇩🇰 VTuber @SonMichael @kirero Hahahaha @yuniiho @kirero Dog.@LordAethelstan is such a himbo, he's on his way to the gym to lift bars and pick up chicks 30 minutes before we w…🔥 SCHEDULE 🔥
Retweeted by Merry 🇩🇰 VTuber @takanashikiara Congratulations!Happy Thanksgiving, American friends! ❤️
@mlixka I tried practicing a few times! I’m still not able to catch the correct pronunciation but I tried my best! @Kamaniki @kirero 🥩 RARE STEAK FOR LADY GIGI @rosedoodles @kirero DOGHOUSE STEAKHOUSE! 🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩 @pisxes_chi WOFAs I have been repeatedly reminded by my viewers, I promised them a maid uniform... Designed by the lovely @kirero @Taka_Radjiman Thank you so much for the stream, Lord Taka! It was very fun! GUK GUK!I HAD FUN TODAY!Playing coin games with Nijisanji ID's @Taka_Radjiman right now!'m gonna teach @LordAethelstan yugioh by CRUSHING HIM IN A CHILDREN'S CARD GAME! Live now! @annytf @OpposeArtworks Adorable! @Lost_Pause_ I'm here for you if you want to talk. Always here for you, man.
@Taka_Radjiman CAN'T WAIT TO PUSH THE COINS WITH YOU, LORD TAKA! @NyanNyanners You are all doing amazing! I'm very proud of how far you have all come as a group! Please keep it up!… watch me and @Taka_Radjiman tomorrow! We're GETTING MONEY in Coin Pusher! 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰 Stream Starts: 13:00… @sapphsy Thank you so much for drawing me!! ❤️ @VShojoOfficial HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! 🎉🎉🎉CRAB GAME - MEGA VTUBER KILLING SIMULATOR VSJ Cybersecurity Statement 🔽 Link For Info 🔽
Retweeted by Merry 🇩🇰 VTuber @LordAethelstan A name only worthy of a High King
I promise I'll clean the kitchen, my Queen... @yuniiho LORD BONNIVIER, AND THE FISH PEOPLE 🐟 @MomoMischief I wanna see them Momo!! ❤️ @bobon_pranaja It is actually art by the lovely @monomogi from my studio!! She made it for us as a gift!