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@smgstudio Yeeeep! It’s tough!Genuinely my favourite thing about being extremely online is when I tweet and then get stuff like this u know who u… @cherryrae (hi i love ur nonsense tho)(basically if I'm taking a while I'm sorry ilu there's A Lot)Me, with a fully read inbox, but there's still 30 and they're all flagged. see two of the smartest creators ever talk HoloVista 💕💜✨ @sarah_crowe it is Extremely Goodhi everybody happy thursday here's what i did in my lunch break
klondike solitaire is just so good
@eggnutohmygod @backbonegame (imthesuntheair) @eggnutohmygod @backbonegame AND THE AIR (but also the son and the heir oh ma gawd)"we had to avoid the names of kids on our case files" psychologist and social worker parents, everyone my middle… @allymcleangames same energy as this tweet @allymcleangames this reminds me of a tiktok i literally just saw one moment @LeenaVanD I can see them looking at me and as a young person I was NOT about the sundried tomato situation this is… @LeenaVanD oh my god you just transported me back to my parents house and family friends being over for dinner and…
@almightyplate i like that we are intimate little eggs we are willing to be vulnerable because that's how we will h… @almightyplate i nearly sent this to you yesterday i love u i wish it was better @b3nTurner My algorithm keeps telling me to get tested hahaha @dan_vogt @ArtDecider would agree I thinkThis is my brain. Both songs. Same time. NOISE. Always noise and anxiety. @lucybrrt @beakfriends I am so impressed by you literally constantly 👏💗 @lucybrrt @beakfriends WTF LUCY THIS IS SO COOL @Adamnbull specifically the mario remix just realised that banging may not have the same sense in other languages or cultures that it does in Australian.… are a lot of things that are super weird about getting married and the marriage process (e.g. patriarchy, rel… @pritika_sachdev Yaaaaay I'm so glad! Congrats beautiful <3
Things that make you irrationally angry when you watch a film when wedding planning: guy at own wedding going “hey,…
The problem with chronic illness is sometimes you wake up feeling awful in a new way & then have to work out if the…
Retweeted by meredith 🤓There are only a few days left to vote for HoloVista for the PocketGamer awards🔮✨ For "Best AR Game":…
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@Qantas I requested flight credit over two weeks ago & now need to rebook flights, & credit still hasn't been issue… @joshgnosis Haha! Ah, the digital age. Thanks!I get to have my bachelorette without restrictions on private gatherings! I feel very lucky and blessed. Thanks to… @joshgnosis Thank you! ABC News cut to Sydney so we lost info on the presser.
🎉 Room to Grow is Out Now!! 🎉 Get it here and enjoy this wholesome yet mind-bending puzzle game:…
Retweeted by meredith 🤓We're beyond stoked to announce that our upcoming mobile game is one of the projects to receive funding support fro…
Retweeted by meredith 🤓 @fiona_lucernal @alexandermuscat @LucernalGames @SiteUnseenGame my heart grew like eight sizes reading this thread not gonna lie 💕 @Reelax1_ @Firedingo @FilmVictoria @LeagueofGeeks @samuraipunk The guidelines mention that applicants must be Victo… if you're unsure on any of this or if you are eligible (as someone who took years to recognise my disability, e… @simonjoslin @willmesilane it's the kind of game that generates stories for you for your friends - it has that sea… @VioletFragment I'd encourage you to reach out to the people running the program - if you have adjacent skills and… @AggroCrabGames haven't even played your game yet but i love this kind of direct, clear, kind, honest communication… @beabravo @ellalowgren NOT UP 2 U. I had someone yell at me to apply for this role when I was like "lol u giant imp… @YugSTAR ;_; @maediocre @marv_art HI FRIEND COME TALK TO ME 💕✨ @Wanderlustin ONE DAY i believe @Wanderlustin get over here u bloody angel @willmesilane @javierabegazo @callioperyder I think so! It's a lot of fun with friends.🎮 We've expanded our Screen Development Internships for diverse practitioners to digital games! You'll spend 12 mon…
Retweeted by meredith 🤓Don't count yourself out - it's so easy to say that's not for me/I can't right now/not the right time - really sit… would have climbed mountains to get access to this kind of opportunity in my earlier game dev career. Hell, I'd s… @willmesilane Lots of things! Combines lots of great genre tropes in a new way, game feel is immensely good, not su…👏 Congratulations to the 10 Victorian games studios whose projects were #FVsupported in our recent production fundi…
Retweeted by meredith 🤓Watch this space - it's been a great round as always but can we look at how gorgeous this art is?
Another 10 local games have gotten funding from the Victorian government, including the Mad Max-esque cRPG Broken R…
Retweeted by meredith 🤓The perfect TikTok doesn’t exi-
Retweeted by meredith 🤓 @robgunston @0x26d @base2wave @wisporg Appreciate you thinking of me but I don’t tend to be working in those spaces! @AussieBen women (i couldn't help myself) @almightyplate you will awaken to a mailer love u @almightyplate alex go to sleep
@raejohnston One of my favourite XKCDs. @t_jackwilson @EliseMarchouba I know you can do this with ShipItTo! But it was so expensive :( @astroblob I got to the same stage and had the same experience :C @maediocre they better be SPEEDY i am not a patient womanHere is a picture of me crying at every board game/geek shop in Australia right now, quietly begging them to get th… @BriiJayx @Porrgo Hahahaha I got myself chased in then jumped out! I did it near a big rock so I can jump in and out relatively easily @BriiJayx CARROT SEEDS @DylanSLiu @Porrgo if that's the case i hate to hear what you want me to do to the trolls @Porrgo (Same, but I did cheat and look up the boar thing ahahaha. So technically this is learning by friendship...… @demanrisu with your heart @Porrgo apparently you just have to feed them and feed them and feed them for ages and also maybe stand nearby????… alert: at least 3 million of you know but i literally can't stop thinking about itif you know you know @matttwood Ayyy nice!!! @haraiva why would you do this to me @matttwood Good luck! Sometimes you can even get away with a stairs on the third ladder haha for some extra reach 😂 @matttwood Yeah it’s REALLY tricky - especially when the water is too deep. One thing that helped me is you can bui… @matttwood You can, but you often need to build from the other side AND add deep supports, which can be a bit wonky… @therealfournier @dannolan @TimesNTroubles was my youth goal of growing up to find them with a best friend we were gonna hunt em @Jickle @jjkanes They’re UI/UX designer unfortunately - and have already gone for the other role :) thanks tho 💗 @willmesilane Me too, damn!(Hey, if people see cool UI/UX jobs around can you fling them my way via DM? Not For Me Obviously. Thank!)
@Futterish Years of social media have reduced my patience down to a 1-3 second length ahahahaimmediately afterwards came in to ask a question about kenneling Nara for the wedding and I thought he was just coming for one of his… @Futterish yes. good. more of this plsI can't be the only person who when someone makes a gif of their job promotion, hovers over their name to just see… @EliseMarchouba Yessssssssssss I didn't wanna assume but PLS DO! 💕 @EliseMarchouba Super exciting! Can't wait to see what you do <3Come and take my job!!! I’m bailing on @triplejHack to go and help run @4zzzradio which means one of the best job…
Retweeted by meredith 🤓 @DaveMilbo bro my wedding 2.0 is april 3 i swear to god i WILL blame u
@lucybrrt Y E S @lucybrrt aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you are so CUTE @demanrisu @DevRelCallum 💗💗💗 @cb_interactive_ Was in a few of the lists I read! Apparently if you get something on your dress that won’t come ou… you’re saying wandavision is about a woman so afraid of feeling bad feelings that she pours her entire life into…
Retweeted by meredith 🤓 @jamiemgalea (Started writing this yesterday then got distracted lol) Not all of it, but it's hard to sit and watch… @StephPanecasio @Razer We’ve all been there. The RGB confuses us all. @Wanderlustin I might have a Problem