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;21*°ma`in_csgo .ig'l fo,r' sakura.-` lvl 10 f.aceit_ra.n/k G ESEA·.。im'mo_rtal:°va,lor.ant:*..:° st*arboy.ducky' ✧ vam'pire_king `ducky, ✧ @manicatk ♡

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@aulexcs people think mainstream artists are cringe, you cant win. post it anyway and see urself grow @zionxiv pov youre looking at 30yo b rank profile on eseaALL DOGS TRACKLIST 😁😁
Retweeted by ゚ *。・゚★。 @graphuu @Fraqzy_ i would ask to queue but season + college is starting, and pugs are awful so i wish you luck @pythoNCSGOD true my b @NEONISNOTHERE @FitzGod4 deadass when i was going for fpl-c qualis and rank G, i didnt want to get the shot and lose my mechanics LMAO @SURGEcs everything is there, minimize mistakes, no reason we shouldn't qualify. were already main PO skill level a… @graphuu @Fraqzy_ my condolences. @PendiiGG take my spot coachif u want my opinion were advanced ready idc what u think. idc @Fraqzy_ @graphuu -1.8k? please tell me thats not his elo... @FitzGod4 @NEONISNOTHERE thanks guys this totally helps me @NEONISNOTHERE LMFAO @NEONISNOTHERE this is my first shot and if im dead tomorrow im going to be so madvaccine update my shoulder is SORE and i have a fever/headache ;w;
@censorfps ur membership card will be mailed to you within 2 weeks >:) @graphuu ˚  · · . . ˚   . ˚  · · . . ˚ ˚  · · . . ˚   . ˚  · · . . ˚ @proxedcs starboyproxed @graphuu its open to the public u can just join off my esea profilelmao the ego. kiddo mentality. are u on high sens? cause you're so sensitive about it kekW
Retweeted by ゚ *。・゚★。HAPPY MONDAYYYYYY
Retweeted by ゚ *。・゚★。the starboy esea club has been made B) @Gloheeras that melatonin hit diff 😵‍💫good morning i slept for 12 hours sheeshi couldnt think of anything funny soo i'm just going to steal the tweet LMAO @Fraqzy_ mesamifraq @Fraqzy_ happy birthday man, enjoy itpython was exactly what we needed, fit really well, also russian excited and high hopes for this season, we should… have found a fifth. @Ethexfps @zionxiv @ManicATK yoo thats a fire juice wrld songNO WARMUP + LOAD INTO SERVER + 1ST ROUND = INSANE DEAGLE ACCURACY = TWITTER CONTENT
Retweeted by ゚ *。・゚★。 @Ethexfps @ManicATK we duo queue'd to mmr heights that has never been seen before :D @ManicATK 😳🥺 @zionxiv @Ethexfps @PendiiGG @GavCSGO @xvrVAL @hyjinxVAL @CarbynVAL @sw1ndal @Dykaz_ @Bigloid @MistorBot @HHandyj LMAO @zionxiv @xvrVAL @hyjinxVAL @CarbynVAL @sw1ndal @Dykaz_ @Ethexfps @Bigloid @MistorBot @HHandyj wow u have so manyy 🤩 @Fraqzy_ damn bro
@hotelious theyre both really good @SURGEcs @GavCSGO . tru @hotelious shitty vote results, buy witcher 3 + dlc its literally like $8 or $12 for 200 hours of gameplay sheeeesh @TwitchyTalks 💛💛 @TwitchyTalks i caught his gifted sub within 5 minutes in stream 🤩 i have to tune into ur stream more tho fr @tawaAlx why didnt i think of rank G(irlfriend) fuck thats so smart @Fraqzy_ yeah all these funny twitter things do stuff like this, thats usually why i never do itjust got the first jeff bezos chip for the covid agenda 😵‍💫 @ciaolyx @ManicATK my b @tawaAlx @BarreN_CSGO @ManicATK barren ! @1treythun @ManicATK W @PendiiGG @ManicATK 😳happy national gf day @ManicATK IT AND SHIP IT 😎
Retweeted by ゚ *。・゚★。 @TwitchyTalks why are all the milf cereal in S tier LMAO @zionxiv nah keep moving on @zionxiv zionmy teammate is repping the mesamiduck okayy 🔥 @carlyloupe how can i retweet more than once?
Retweeted by ゚ *。・゚★。 @RoundCube_ people hate usually because theyre insecure or jealous. youre having a blast and a good time smiling wi… @1treythun thats me :) @nbgee12 @SURGEcs yes this happened last month for me, i was like 51st or something they dont count players that are already in fpl-c
@PendiiGG ahh yes, the swype feature.. have to love it @PendiiGG heh valorant effort but no one does it like me ! ^ @PendiiGG staring- at me for being.weird @RiceRage i wish lol @reyn_cs unfortunately no, i wish, maybe next time. i'm not in a rush to gogmorning, gl to everyone at LAN today @Snehenpashin i sleep in whatever outfit i wear for the day, ive slept in jeans and hoodies before. i never wear pajamas @SQUIPey_ uhhh this isnt me @mesamiduckCS what?
Retweeted by ゚ *。・゚★。 @pugtaka1 literally same @Wolfhound_86 @C0J0M0 ay my b @C0J0M0 i did i thought it would be a little bit funny but i'm not funny
@C0J0M0 who are you and what did you do with cojo @HalfBliss @Rainbow6Game @PlayVALORANT @Steam #TrueBliss @reyn_cs awful experienceFinish on your foes. Rub out a clutch play with the Cum Collection, arriving this Wednesday.
Retweeted by ゚ *。・゚★。LMAO @akasined_ ? to buy my first skin .. the ego knife >:) @PowerTaleCSGO grow it out a bit longer and maybe try to add wavy or curly and try for a messy look @GizzleCS bro are we like compatible horoscopes we have identical playthroughs /s i totally bought DLC outfits for… @Senpoleon @GizzleCS cold blooded ratio @GizzleCS literally what i did LMAO i rushed based game, just to restart and play thru fully but its not bad. DLCs… @GizzleCS im assuming you didnt beat witcher 3 yet, just wait until you play the entirety of base + DLC also yenni… @GizzleCS best game in history😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫
Retweeted by ゚ *。・゚★。 @zionxiv man @zionxiv you rlly just tweet whatever comes to mind zionnew pfp @PowerTaleCSGO i mean this looks good, you dont stand out but you cant go wrong with it @tweissCS same thing happened to me in may. they couldnt recover my account so i had to make an entirely new bank account.. v lame
wont be in fpl-qualis this month, i focused on esea pugs more than anything, so august ill focus on mythic gold + qualisThe First Casted Match will be: @TeamQuestGaming vs. @HalfBliss
Retweeted by ゚ *。・゚★。 @NoVa__FPS hmm, 3 seasons? @NoVa__FPS i broke this my most recent season x) @basedhailss he is so madbastard out now, all dogs go to heaven preorder in bio!!! 😁
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