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Husband, Father, Friend, Pastor, Methocostal, Theologian, Nerd. I Love 80’s stuff, Tweets are my own and do not represent any other person or organization.

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@benjamindcrosby Notting Hill @jackmjenkins Actually in the UMC they quietly do. @danielbowmanjr You got it dude! Coffee is always fresh for a convo. @FatherTim Bono
Ummmm...did Pat Robertson inadvertently call Trump the Anti-Christ today? @lukestamps Yes. We are. But my question is, can one generation turn it around? @KaitlynSchiess greatest appreciation you can show a pastor is to grow in Christ and help others do the same.
Retweeted by Chris the Nerd🍀 @reenvisionchrch As a youth pastor I am equally sad and pissed off. @sssemester @lukestamps Sometimes I think about way Peter lived and James did not in Acts 12. In fact I think about it at least…
Jesus Love is not zero-based: The more you give, the less you have. Jesus Love is eternity-based: The more you giv…
Retweeted by Chris the Nerd🍀Just watched Out to Sea with @BrentSpiner for the 50th time...well he wasn't watching it with me, he is in it. It… @CharlesMartinet My parents bought was horrible @Thom1st I'm hungry for Corky's🤣 @TiffThomps @shawncoons @CarolHoward His whole story was a lie. @CarolHoward Dispensationalism. @Thom1st Where are you at? @AmazonHelp Yes, I've purchased several items that are all now either running really late or having to be canceled.Hey @amazon what good is prime day if you can't actually deliver what people pay for? @danielbowmanjr Hey Daniel, I hate to hear that you're feeling down. I completely understand as well. The rain and… @ThatShaneB This is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen and I've changed a lot of poopy diapers in my life.This is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen! And I have changed a lot of poopy diapers in my life. @john_starke Don't knock it till you've had one handmade by an artisan. @lukestamps Good seminary lesson. @kmaustinyoung Awesome! I started in puppetry 25 yrs ago and have loved bringing smiles and laughter to lots of faces. @Svigel I know this is not what you're saying however it is coming across like you are pro birth but not pro life.…
@birbigs There has to be a story behind this. @DZRishmawy @Elizabe25405947 Yes @julianygonzalez 😊 I understand. Check out Lenvo or Chromebooks. @KaraNSlade @julianygonzalez You had me till no Macs. 😢 @JoeBoyd He looks like a California raisin all shriveled up @janeelisabethh @NushGD We don't know each other but cheers are in order🎉
@janeelisabethh🤣🤣🤣🤣#awesome @BoKnowsNews @weijia Are those the kinda questions you always ask? @sssemester He practically said shama lama ding dong...what an idiot. @emerald1910 Hi, tonight I bought push up pops from the grocery and for the first time I realized I have been eatin… @DanielBunnJr Bait in general, especially when I forget I left it in the fridge 2 weeks later. @theodramatist Pretty sure he's friends with Bob Fett.No reason to finish seminary now... @CalebStallings_ They forget that you can remember your baptism eating grapes since they are so full of water & the… @jsarnold7 Biblical futurist @alanhirsch recently said that the Methodists are in the right time and place to grow…
I just paid off my last undergrad student loan. 18 yrs of payments are finally over. #done @alliescott13 🤦‍♂️ new follower and sorry to hear this @kmaustinyoung Yes, lol...they are strong indeed. Made one yrs ago, only drank half.The oppressor has always relied on the cooperation of some of the oppressed to perpetuate the oppression.
Retweeted by Chris the Nerd🍀 @thomaslhorrocks When I was part time I worked at Starbucks, Pak Mail, and substitute teaching. They were all grea… @seanfeucht Bro, callin you out. Stop it and get some help. Time to step away. No shame, no condemnation...but it's time to step away yo. @kmaustinyoung Same here
@kmaustinyoung I'm pretty sure that's what many churches are really doing when the serve communion on Sunday's. @clairecmc @Svigel NopeWhen a person says that a joke is a little bit racist that means it's racist. The only joke is that @93wibc allows…
@80sThen80sNow 1986, I was 7 and right in the middle of greatest decade ever! @seanfeucht This is really 2D thinking and fear mongering. No one has silenced the church. All you've done is play… @mbird12 For that price I'll just take you at your word. @theodramatist Hebrews? @utsdoc @Browns
@JarranSainsbury I'm 41 yrs old and my father still to this day believes I was brainwashed by liberal profs. By th… @richbenavides @janeelisabethh @ericmetaxas @lhlabb @janeelisabethh @ericmetaxas @briiiiaaannnaa Congrats!!!!🎉I'm going to watch some Twilight Zone tonight just to see what the workd looks like when it's normal. @theodramatist @drmoore Very sorry to hear this Dr. Moore. Prayers for you and yours. @theodramatist How bout ashes in a coffee can? @mbird12 @utsdoc Lennon is overrated.
There's a difference between teaching someone and helping someone learn.Local churches focused on what they can do in this season rather than on what they can’t do are getting a lot more done.
Retweeted by Chris the Nerd🍀 @janeelisabethh @ericmetaxas He banned me a couple yrs ago because I challenged him on a subject. @andrehenry @jbh502 @Thom1st @kevinmax @edstetzer @sssemester @DZRishmawy Was it Lee's?
FALSE!!! This is not true. Do not trust or believe this man. anyone know which conference this was from? Great photo of R.C. Sproul, J.I. Packer, and John Piper.
Retweeted by Chris the Nerd🍀 @elizabethagan Bless this food for the nourishment of our bodies. @RevShaneBishop Unfortunately for some they have no concept of love thy neighbor. #donoharm @brannonmc Book?! Can you share the title? @DrTimothyPJones I honestly always thought Elton John wanted a hug from Tony Danza. @utsdoc I would argue that Christ is the personification of a perfect human more so then any human who has existed. @utsdoc What about Billy Abraham?
Teaching on Trinitarian theology and heresy tonight and tomorrow. Thankful for @unitedseminary and @JustusHunter who equipped me to do so!Hey friends!!! Give these peeps a follow! @TylerHuckabee He's a big baby.So I guess we can add saving Christianity to his resume now! @utsdoc *sigh @brannonmc Be afraid of black protestors who are peacefully in your neighborhood. Also Trump: Don't be afraid of the c…
Retweeted by Chris the Nerd🍀Teaching on heresy tonight...what's your favorite heresy? @theodramatist Glorious
@DrewBMcIntyre Aldi tea is better!