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Kate Deibel @metageeky Syracuse, NY

#Accessibility & Inclusion Librarian at SU: Transwoman, depressive, autistic, comics scholar, armchair educator, chili fiend, kitty mama. Thoughts are my own.

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@mcclure111 Is one of the options for skull point upgrades upgrading my skull's pointiness? @olinj I remember our two shih tzus loving floor vents. One loved the heat, the other loved the AC. @danielleabaum @altonbrown You don't have my hot wings or chili sauce obsession. @danielleabaum @altonbrown makes me too hungryI highly recommend getting Comics for Choice! It is beautiful and informative!
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Adding to this, what dowry did Barrett's family provide the United States? It better have been at least a goat and a chicken.Wait, have we heard if Barrett's father and husband have confirmed she can be a justice? And will she still be able… day. Going to try to sleep out this cold.Huh... I apparently share my birthday with Huey, Dewey, and Louie from the DuckTales (2017) continuity.petition to not renew library e-resources that an only be accessed by Internet Explorer or insist on using Flash to access their content
Retweeted by Kate Deibelgawd darn it... can't fall asleep tonight.You know that saying about how stories don't teach children that monsters exist but show them that monsters can be… @teioh Honestly, our network systems allow kids to hear even peripherally about so much nowadays. Even the most Sat… I know anybody? Also, if I know somebody will you teach me too?!
Retweeted by Kate Deibel @eliza_audacis You get better production by focusing on your diaphragm. @snarkbat First time I took bath, Fiona looked on in horror. Showers are only a tad less disturbing to her.Wishing the news was flipped: NASA confirms Barrett found on sunlit side of the moon Senate confirms there is water. @panoptigoth @PopCulLibrn I so feel this conversation about top shelves (my go to example of environmental inaccess… think the biggest problem I have figuring out monitor purchase is having no idea what a good price might entail? @MrA11yx Yeah. Been able to do that. Probably won't have enough space on my desk unless I get one that I can rotate.A6: Please vote. That is all. #LibRevIt would be nice not to have to face regular disrespect, have to watch others get abused, and realize how our organ… Removing the toxic coworker from having any supervisory or decision roles. #LibRevA4: I've been able to start building some tools or accessibility workarounds as part of my job. I missed doing development. #LibRevYeah. I'd be willing to do training on it but I'm having to spend too much time countering the spread of poor infor… And ebook publisher price gouging. Enuff said. #LibRevOr my personal grievance: not captioning recorded audio/video or insisting that automated captioning is sufficient.… example, issuing a statement that everyone must get a flu shot without even mentioning that medical exemptions… For me, the biggest annoyance is how often accessibility issues or basic DEIA respect gets blatantly ignored an… overwhelmed trying to figure out monitor purchases. @fabrikate Librarian Kates are the best. Almost got a job at Montana State earlier in the year.A2: I am glad to say that we've been able to keep up with our alternate format service where we offer accessible fo… I honestly wish my major issues were COVID related. Working remote is going okay and it seems to be going okay… Hi #LibRev, I'm Kate, an academic librarian in update NY who focuses on DEIA work.Dianne Feinstein must resign. Immediately, preferably
Retweeted by Kate Deibel @fauxbrarian For the item in particular, I'd have to wait 4-6 weeks if I ordered directly from the company. Being a… shit. @VulcanLibrarian Thanks! I don't have to go with Amazon now.Hey tech friends, is newegg still reliable for parts and stuff?
I should eat dinner and consider bed @K8_Bowers @ephemeramanda Back in Seattle at an Indian place, I often ordered paneer naan and a bowl of their tomat… @K8_Bowers @ephemeramanda I'm a big anise/licorice fan, hence my interest. I want to someday attempt a tomato-anise soup. @danielleabaum 30000 CCs of kitty stat! @choochoobear I never saw this one! Now I want it! @K8_Bowers @ephemeramanda I was going to ask about star anise. Interesting. @jessemenn Yep. That is the cat chair. Much loved by Fiona's predecessors, Francie and Susie. desk and chair setup. Desk actually collapses down. I need a better office light and to complete the tech setup. @NoetheMatt But seriously, if you can give me some rationalizations to stay in ALA this would be perhaps the only r… @bohyunkim Make a request for a new server by noon. @NoetheMatt I'm too small to be at large. I'd also have to renew my ALA membership. @RobotHugsComic YEP! I still remember being so mad in that discussion. Technologists not really getting how real world documents work. @vavroom The chosen one! @joeyalison Not that it would be her opinion on how to pronounce açai despite what linguists and dictionaries say.… @TreeGeeKay Coffee and coffee liquor also works. @oodja But there's no way you can spread COVID to the person on the phone, @oodja! @annaviolinista @katlikespie Francie kept multiple diaries around of every slight I ever did to her. She sometimes… @maxgbowman Can you tell me more about how this works?I'm an Aries that's why I greatly encourage conferences to offer live streaming of the people there. @AJ_Boston @TheGnarrator That pun just cheeses me off. You're going to fry for this, you know. ;)So who had today as the day Fiona would claim the new office chair as her own? @TheGnarrator Idaho. It was an okay pun. Maybe take a vote from the audience and see if the eyes have it? @TheGnarrator Don't worry, you'll be able to catch up on everything at a tater date.
Tomato-veggie soup in the works. Going to have to temper the heat some. I should procure coffee at home so that I'd… @Lollardfish Very well done! Southerner approved.someone tell me I must cook that soup tonight. @Lollardfish You're not helping my craving for roasted rutabagas.Extremely exhausted of the solution to so many social ills being "we need to learn to be respectful to each other."…, I love the force unfollow nature of block/unblock.Poking @zinelib, @violetbfox, and @activitystory as some of the zinesters I know.Asking my zine librarian #ZineLib friends? Is there anyone in the community who works near Nashville, TN? I have a… @cafiffle "Are those bugs or birds? Bird bugs?" @Lollardfish Tears and sobbing are okay too if you need it. @mossomest @ZachWeiner @pzmyers Fair, at least in the sense of the sphere in the container. A wheel and axle though… @kellhound Not a big fave but I did love that show growing up. @kellhound Anyone mention She-Wolf of London? @AstroKatie @MaraWilson @jephjacques I'd be most worried about running into people later and struggling to remember… time I see this gif/video, I think the cat is a wookiee due to his collar reminding me of Chewie's bandolier. laptop doesn't charge if I don't plug the adapter into an outlet. @skeskali This is a good opportunity to start asking the cat for advice.Sadly, he quickly became a victim to the dogs of war. see this so often. *cries* @ZachWeiner @pzmyers Doesn't this fall into the same issues about a lifeform evolving a wheel and axle? You have to… @pzmyers @ZachWeiner This also suggests a potential way they developed. Might have started off with one ring for pa… would actually buy some pink clothes for the purpose of cosplaying Webby.Allergies plus cold sucks. @UrsulaV Hell is getting creative these days. @metrokitty There are gluesticks?Still don't get why @Twitter will overlay an icon to help add alt text to images while composing a tweet, but won't…
Retweeted by Kate Deibel @lldiedrich @SFdirewolf It might get funding and public infrastructure then.This is incredibly useful!
Retweeted by Kate Deibel @danielleabaum I have to be careful with jarred sauces to make sure I don't get surprise mushrooms. Not fun. @julieletchner I see what you did there... @yvonnezlam @RachelSchnepper @mchris4duke Thank you for sharing this recipe. It could definitely be a good basis fo… @danielleabaum Both. I'll admit to really liking the super artificial alfredo sauces from Ragu and Classico. I can…
But I also challenge you to do your own run of this. What are your thoughts? Maybe change it up to more than just I…, that's it. All answered and a bonus! Where am I absolutely wrong on my opinions? Did I miss a shape you love?… really like it, and will generally get it if I'm going for a classic cream sauce like alfredo. Fettuccine is grea… Linguine I got 19 likes so I guess I'll add the one I realized I neglected. Linguine is the thinner sibling to… for sauces, it's generally always been a good tomato sauce. I really like them in a spicy sauce, either arrabbia…, because it's pinched/rolled up, cavatelli can have a dense bite to it, so it's chewy and filling and make…