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Metal, Meeples & Beer! @MetalMeepleBeer West Kelowna, British Columbia

1. Listen to Metal. 2. Drink Beer. 3. Play Board Games. Simple.

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@SimonParfitt This tweet is Certified Badss 🀘🍻🀘 @BoardGameGumbo Well that's good enough for me. I'm sold! 🀘🍻🀘 @BoardGameGumbo I've heard nothing but good things about this game and can't wait to get my hands on a copy. 🀘🍻🀘Playing a little post Thanksgiving Dinner #Pokemon with my boys. ( I got obliterated ) 🀘🍻🀘
@NshBoardgameGuy @RavensburgerNA @ProsperoHall Tried it at @SHUXshow last week and absolutely loved it (even though… @DracusSinn @StarlingGames Sounds like a plan 🀘🍻🀘 @DracusSinn @StarlingGames I pre-ordered it back in February and it finally arrived yesterday. Cant wait to dive into it 🀘🍻🀘 @SpyderMo
At long last... Everdell from @StarlingGames has arrived! So stoked to finally play this beauty 🀘🍻🀘 @seelivecapture @PubMeeple My favorite game of all time 🀘🍻🀘Just generated my own top 9 games using @PubMeeple 🀘🍻🀘 @BCboardgamers @PubMeeple Nice! We actually won a copy of Adrenaline at @terminalcitycon in the spring and haven’…
@boardsalive @Linsaebear @Philosocopter @GTGamesLLC @SpyderMo @boardgamesnite @cadieux Next week for sure !
@boardgamesnite For sure man. I also need to get feedback from @SpyderMo and @cadieux before I go any further.Well, we made another breakthrough while playtesting my design last night. I believe it is around 90% complete at t… @SpyderMo @RainCityGameYVR Keep it rollin!Doing another play test of my game design tonight. Really excited to get the small details dialled in. Then I can s…
@KatieAidley MTG 🀘🍻🀘 @DCrapuchettes @boardsalive He's alright. 😜
Well it's been one heck of a weekend here at @SHUXshow but it's time for us to head home. Thanks to @boardgamesnite… out Fireball Island from @RestorationGame Seems like good silly fun 🀘🍻🀘@SHUXshow #SHUX19 Out Hong Kong was just as good as I remembered. @AlexxPfister just can't miss. 🀘🍻🀘@SHUXshow #SHUX19… @OldBrentish @ElfCreekGames @SHUXshow Totally will! 🀘🍻🀘First game of the day is Black Out Hong Kong from @eggertspiele and @AlexxPfister I played this about a year ago… day at @SHUXshow 🀘🍻🀘#SHUX19 @TheBoardCurator @RavensburgerNA @SHUXshow That's awesome! We are hoping to take another crack at it today as well 🀘🍻🀘Taking a look at Cloudspire from @ChipTheoryGames for the first time. 🀘🍻🀘@SHUXshow #SHUX19 @SpyderMo I friggin loved that game. 🀘🍻🀘10 player We're Doomed! @breaking_games @SHUXshow #SHUX19 @boardsalive @messedupgames @boardgamesnite @boardgamesnite @PaulaDeming @moregamespls @CamperJohnson @BoardGameAcad I really liked it (even though we got our butts handed to us) how did you do? @RavensburgerNA @SHUXshow We were against Dracula, The Mummy, the Invisible Man, Frankenstein and The Bride. We alm… are taking another crack at We're Doomed! From @breaking_games and this time, I'm getting on the damn rocket! πŸ€˜β€¦ We just got our butts kicked in HORRIFIED from @RavensburgerNA This game is noooooot easy! Will play again… @ElfCreekGames @SHUXshow Game looks so great! Cant wait for our copy to arrive 🀘🍻🀘Time for some HORRIFIED from @RavensburgerNA Been looking forward to this one for a while 🀘🍻🀘 @SHUXshow #SHUX19 able to get in on a game of Two Rooms and a Boom for the first time. Really cool experience 🀘🍻🀘@SHUXshow #SHUX19
Trying out We're Doomed! From @breaking_games The world is about to end and we have 15 minutes to build a rocket… Men At Work from @PretzelGames_ for the 2nd time this weekend. I think this may be the best dexterity game… @LagrangeCalvert @pearlgames @SHUXshow Anytime my dude! Happy to meet ya 🀘🍻🀘Welp...we will be adding this beauty to our collection asap. Highly recommended. 🀘🍻🀘#BlackAngel @pearlgames… @SHUXshow #SHUX19Played a great game of KeyForge at the @FFGames booth and got a free deck! Cheers to the super friendly demo team πŸ€˜β€¦ out Black Angel from @pearlgames for the first time. Has a bit of a learning curve but really enjoying it so… @SpyderMo @Shux19 @boardsalive @boardgamesnite @messedupgames @dbeleznay Was one heck of a day! See ya in the morning 🀘🍻🀘Finished off the night with an epic game of Glyph Chess from @BluepiperS This game kicks some serious ass. We had… @DracusSinn to play Auztralia from @StrongholdGames for the first time. Looks super badass. 🀘🍻🀘 @SHUXshow #SHUX19 out The Mind from @Pandasaurusgame while we had dinner. 🀘🍻🀘 @SHUXshow #SHUX19 Silver and Gold from @Pandasaurusgame Super solid little card game. 🀘🍻🀘@SHUXshow #Shux19
Playing some Men At Work from @PretzelGames_ This game is an absolute blast 🀘🍻🀘@SHUXshow #SHUX19 enjoyed Copenhagen from @QueengamesUS Will be playing this a bunch this weekend 🀘🍻🀘 @SHUXshow #SHUX19 game of the weekend is Copenhagen from @QueengamesUS 🀘🍻🀘@SHUXshow #SHUX19 @thecampaignlog @Cephalofair @SHUXshow I seperated the information into a few different tweets 🀘🍻🀘New #Gloomhaven stand alone title should be available for fall 2020 @Cephalofair @SHUXshow #SHUX19 🀘🍻🀘 #Gloomhaven stand alone title will use the book as the board, reducing the amount of weight in the box and set… #Gloomhaven game will be a stand alone Campaign with 4 new characters that can be played on it's own, or can be… additional stand alone #Glomhaven campaign game coming from @Cephalofair 🀘🍻🀘 @SHUXshow #shux19 to listen to @Cephalofair talk #gloomhaven @SHUXshow #SHUX19 🀘🍻🀘's official. I'm a Rock-Hurling Giant 🀘🍻🀘@Asmodee_Canada's do this! 🀘🍻🀘@SHUXshow #SHUX19 here we come! 🀘🍻🀘@SHUXshow #SHUX19 #JokerMovie to see #JokerMovie 🀘🍻🀘 @terminalcitycon YES! 🀘🍻🀘 HECK YES! My order from @boardgamebliss arrived 1 day early! Just in time for @SHUXshow 🀘🍻🀘
@JaspeLoedm @SHUXshow @CMONGames @eric_lang Whaaaaat?! That's bonkers dude!Well, we had ourselves one heck of a night continuing the countdown to @SHUXshow with a WILD game of Blood Rage fro… @SHUXshow Cant. friggin. wait. 🀘🍻🀘 @BoardCover @BoardGameAcad ECLIPSE. 🀘🍻🀘 @SpyderMo @ShutUpShow to be the 451st 😎 on @BackerKit for Dwellings of Eldervale. Thanks @breaking_games
We continue our Countdown to @SHUXshow with another one of my all time favourites; Blood Rage from @eric_lang and… @JaspeLoedm I think I know 3 or 4 people that have this game and somehow i have managed to miss out on playing it e… @JaspeLoedm @SHUXshow @EditionsMatagot Yeah dude! It's in my top 10 of all time. I personally like it best at 2 pla… also had time for a couple games of Men At Work from @PretzelGames_ Easily one of our favourite dexterity game… Countdown to @SHUXshow continued by playing one of our all time favourites; Inis from @EditionsMatagot I thi… @sctmhl @SHUXshow We'll be there! 🀘🍻🀘
@tomsaunders89 @riversofnihil @BCInitiate @FleeceBristol @ATGFestival Rivers of Nihil are friggin insane live. Wher… @itbboardgames Heck yes! 🀘🍻🀘We continued our Countdown to @SHUXshow by trying out Irish Gauge from @Capstone_Games with @boardgamesnite Its a… @KatieAidley
@ProZD EclipseHey everyone! There is a new episode from @boardsalive Check it out! (I may have made an appearance) 🀘🍻🀘 a heck of a night playing Container from @MercuryGamesInc with @boardgamesnite and Curt. We usually play wit… @beardedrogue @BearShamanProbs Some of my current favourites: Betraying the martyrs Neck of the woods Hallowed Cat… insert from @MeepleRealty is so friggin badass. Thanks again to my friends at @MercuryGamesInc for the hook up… @JaspeLoedm @CMONGames I haven't taken the plunge into Arcadia Quest yet but really excited for when that day comes…
We are continuing on with our Countdown to @SHUXshow later tonight with one of our favorites; Container from… had time to try out Theives Den from @_dailymagic_ This was a quick, fun game with some cool mechanics and lo… a heck of a night talking about Pax Pamir from @wehrlegig on the latest episode of the @boardsalive Podcast. Th…
@tim_virnig I spent 15 years managing a Wholesale Nursery. Now im City Parks and Public Works 🀘🍻🀘 @TyBurtonSmith You better believe it! 😜 @1_2_3Kid They are never too young to start! My boys are only 6 and 4 and they wipe the floor with my sorry butt 🀘🍻🀘Playing a little after dinner Pokemon with my boys. 🀘🍻🀘
@cardboardwolf @boardsalive @boardgamesnite @colewehrle @wehrlegig We played again 🀘🍻🀘Had a heck of a night playing two 5-player games of Pax Pamir with @boardsalive @messedupgames @cadieux and…