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MY GOD: Today’s numbers (March 28, 2020) for Rikers just released by Legal Aid Society. Outbreak spreading exponent…
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it’s a big news day for us at @GlowUpGames! Super proud to announce @insecurehbo: The Come Up Game, coming to mobil…
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“Type the year you turned 10 into GIF search”
A group of NY folks I trust coordinated a purchase of 10000 n95s (+ other PPE) from FDA-certified suppliers that wi…
Retweeted by Naomi Clark [暗悪直美] @ibogost what you're saying is that I need to get started on toddler-proofing @ibogost I'm the only person I know who doesn't have time! On top of remote teaching I've also got a 7-month old wh… @ibogost I was thinking of maybe writing all that up at some point, but I definitely figured we didn't have time in… wasn't expecting to extemporize about the relationship between Animal Crossing, 17th c. Japanese village debt sys…'re about to go full "cable news talking heads" style with an all-remote version of @NYUGameCenter Live feat. The…
@mcclure111 @tigershungry @simoncarless So if you pay back the debt, of course there is another favor and another d… @mcclure111 @tigershungry @simoncarless Enforcement of debt payment was not as common in that period, because it wa… @mcclure111 @tigershungry @simoncarless Yeah, it makes a lot of sense if you understand AC in context--at the end o… @snarksnarky Take good care of yourself!! We’re thinking of you. <3Whaaat it’s not even 3.5 years later and the baby I’m holding in the previous tweet just made this piece of geometr… conservative narrative that our only choices are A) "go back to work, many get sick, some will die but it's nec…
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in this critical moment neoliberals are doing everything they can to save their system. they are terrified and in a…
Retweeted by Naomi Clark [暗悪直美]Only kidding! One million is a really low estimate if churches had their usual attendance on Easter Sunday and aren… days = time elapsed before Easter to convert one corpse into one resurrected human 3 weeks = time elapsed after E… @flantz also, your new body is technically a car which has been repurposed to look like a body, which you only find… @thedextriarchy @flantz @charlesjpratt as a last resort, just get dizzy and throw up on him! @flantz "teleporting simulator" @flantz It turns out camera movement was mostly just good for making various people nauseous, aka “ilinx” (Caillois, 1958)This is a real piece in the Atlantic written in earnest. I guess next is "Would the 25th Amendment kick in if we ke… of these games would work just as erotically when played and portrayed through language alone, just saying --… special shoutout to @oh_theogony's game In the Clefts of the Rock, in which each player takes turns role-pla… a preview, @SharangBiswas describes each game in this thread. They're all great! I particularly enjoyed… wrote the foreword for a very sweet and sticky compilation of erotic art games by various designers, which you ca… In Transit is out TODAY on Steam and Itch! Simultaneously manage your two drones in 125 frantic, mind-melti…
Retweeted by Naomi Clark [暗悪直美] @radiatoryang yeah it really is a surprisingly close fit! @radiatoryang T-pose should probably become de rigeur in real-life hazing rituals now too, it's an improvement. Al…
We're going to try and continue Game Center Live from the virtual-diasporic @NYUGameCenter in a few days, so my bos… warned you. Rikers health staff warned you. And you did nothing. Now the virus is spreading like wildfire.…
Retweeted by Naomi Clark [暗悪直美] @radiatoryang @clarafv totally, it’s zusammenzuckenfreude @radiatoryang @clarafv the pledge of allegiance is inherently creepy, especially if you’ve never encountered a patr… @radiatoryang @clarafv I know you love the American reverence for saluting the flag with a pledge every morning! *scream*
@Sierra_OffLine 100%DOJ is using the coronavirus to ask for the right to lock people up without a trial.
Retweeted by Naomi Clark [暗悪直美] @lnaturale @xuhulk the important thing to understand is that Tom Nook is not only spiriting away human children to… proper order to introduce Animal Crossing to little kids is to watch Pom Poko first so they understand the back…
@caudelac @Acrozatarim @BronwynSparrow Also by Emily Care Boss
This article charts an actionable path for the left beyond this electoral cycle. The state of emergency exposes and…
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@godatplay @GeraldVoorhees My only thought is to try and get headsets to people, even on loan somehow. Trying to ge… @GeraldVoorhees Our conclusion has been that gathering people for playtesting goes against social distancing practi… @GeraldVoorhees I'll certainly let you know if there are any breakthroughs; the real proof is in the doingCOVID RELIEF FUND! We have created a gofundme to raise money for a relief fund for workers impacted by COVID in the…
Retweeted by Naomi Clark [暗悪直美] @MituK @tinysubversions @BRKeogh this is what happens to siblings once you're no longer in one room with bunkbeds @ibogost we talked about that too! mostly in the context of "Zoom could be recording this and selling it for ads right now" @michelmcbride @ibogost @bfod it's because we kept talking about how we shouldn't be touching our faces, tbh @tinysubversions @BRKeogh frank if you read this, mitu took the screenshot not menothing to see here, just 88 game designers in a zoom meeting talking about how to playtest in a plague year
@lizardengland @zoyander is it possible, do you think, to play sea of thieves where one person is basically just st… IS A PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY It is outrageous that ICE is still requiring Immigrants to show up at ICE offices…
Retweeted by Naomi Clark [暗悪直美]i'm amazed that we live in a world where this may have actually happened last weekend, endorse Trump (with a manly hug and a round of the ol' spit-in-your-mouth!)See also @philippawarr's thread for more suggestions, HT @mtrc of great answers in replies! I'll just add that if you're looking for a free online chatroom-game for 3-6 frie…’s offices in Pittsburgh were a ghost town yesterday - except for several dozen subcontracted workers who Goo…
Retweeted by Naomi Clark [暗悪直美]Time to coin the term "guillotine bait?" While people at supermarkets hoard toilet paper and canned food, ultra-wea… @aroraaki Definitely considered by many to be an underappreciated gem, so you never know! @aroraaki Of course!Hey games twitter: what are your favorite small-scale multiplayer online games for times of social distancing?on a more serious note, the way public health is being handled in this country is so slipshod that most other count… response is too little, too late. travel to this continent from europe should have been restricted... [checks…
@adult_witch This is not that different than with a little kid, TBH-- ids are huge disease vectors, and the advice… @adult_witch Argh the CDC info is confusingly (and therefore irresponsibly) phrased. No reports of animals carrying… @molleindustria fair enough, but i was so buoyed by your hopeful tone[extremely Žižek voice] What is this not also but every human's constant appeal to the Big Other, desiring the se…
Retweeted by Naomi Clark [暗悪直美]In case it’s not clear: future in politics and public life, not future as a human being. (Although these days, we s… @MsPackyetti Uh oh, did I inadvertently do a Chuck Schumer? Future in politics, I probably should have said.Make Biden’s younger handlers afraid for their future if they stick to the moderate path. (And see thread on not gi… @molleindustria Can I dislike the disease havoc part and still appreciate the positive aspects of a downturn and a…
ugh sorry but as soon as it became obvious what Devs is about I could not help but groan loudly and had no choice b… @radiatoryang wait, i have a new idea. what if we start a zoom meeting, and then we broadcast it onto a twitch channel @adult_witch @radiatoryang I have taken this matter directly to our institution's highest court, which is a slack c… @radiatoryang @adult_witch what the heck, how did you get a pdf? i didn't even get a pdf
Me, switching my classes to online.
Retweeted by Naomi Clark [暗悪直美] @LiterallyAKing Thanks for checking my work! @CornetTheory Spoiler: on page five, the five-year old author contemplated how it could go on infinitely and suddenly felt tired @jmarquiso I think the clinical term is “a weirdo”
@Aldowyn oh yeah I was five or six, few people that age want to go to sleep @PunkrawkBbob oh my god I forgot about that, you’re right! @DylanNelkin 100% true @Aldowyn yeah that’s why I started writing it down in a notebook!“wow I’m surprised you didn’t grow up to be a mathematician!” no no, you misunderstand. I only liked ADDING numbers… wait, there’s more where that came from some scans of everything I wrote in my diary during kindergarten @radiatoryang you'd just need the right collaborator, by which i mean a shitballs-amazing writerThe interesting lesson from this is in the follow-up tweet: the same exact % of negative sentiment is of course per…
If you really need a frame for this in terms of race I’d suggest “the United States drives its workers towards deat… you think of the phrase “white working class” there’s clearly a disturbing trend in how many non-college-d… @flantz Show everyone lots of things (default)
AI so good at meme Need no longer for human meme @IanSchreiber Chris Hecker & Chaim Gingold? @whatsubon pretty sure you’re correct on this
I have many feelings about the electoral cycle. One hasn’t changed through, & never will. Politicians should never…
Retweeted by Naomi Clark [暗悪直美] @ibogost I thought “tell me about your mother” was still the traditional joke opening line @decafjedi [monty python voice] why it’s downright disrespectful!pure escapism... if anything real gets in, vomiting ensues